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Dr. Martin Sr.: This is Dr. Martin Sr., and once again, going to be solo today as we ... I think you will this topic rather interesting, and [00:00:30] I think, again, that we are on number 197 in terms of numbering podcasts.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Today, I want to talk to you about the new meatless craze, that's what I'm going to call it. The new meatless craze. What I've been noticing, especially in the last few months, is that all the big chains in Canada and the United States are coming out with what we [00:01:00] call meat substitutes.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Listen, I do not want to offend my vegetarian or vegan friends, and that's fine. If you want to do that, you know the way I think, and at the Martin Clinic I work with thousands of vegetarians, and thousands of vegans on a yearly basis. I tell them the truth. I've got a PhD in clinical nutrition, so I am always talking [00:01:30] about the science of food, okay?

Dr. Martin Sr.: What bothers me is this meatless craze. That is where the food industry, I mean, they're not stupid. The food industry, they are in it for, primarily, not to make you healthy, guys, but to feed you. They're in it for follow the money, okay? Just understand that, I do question [00:02:00] their motives of the food industry, because it has nothing to do with science, and it certainly has nothing to do with your health.

Dr. Martin Sr.: As a matter of fact, I believe what the big chains are coming out with today, meatless burgers, and meatless sausages, and meatless plant-based substitutes for meat, by the way, is a crazy. The reason I say that is because you should avoid these like the plague. [00:02:30] These are made in the laboratory foods.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Listen, meat is meat and plants are plants. If you know me, and you know my history, and you know the way that we think at the Martin Clinic, we are big proponents of two kingdoms. You have the animal kingdom, and you have the plant kingdom. I believe that ... I'm a believer, so I'm just going to tell you that. I'm a big believer in God, I'm a [00:03:00] big believer in the Bible, and I believe that we have been given both kingdoms to eat, the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

Dr. Martin Sr.: As a scientist, as a food scientist, I know that to be true because there are certain things that are found in the animal kingdom that are not in the plant kingdom. I'll get to that in a minute.

Dr. Martin Sr.: I really want to talk to you about these highly industrialized [00:03:30] meat substitutes that you should avoid like the plague. There's nothing good in it. When you look at it, and you think about why these are coming out ... Look it, there's a lot, especially in the younger generation, the climate is important to them, animals are important to them, and I get it, okay?

Dr. Martin Sr.: I try not to be a dinosaur, [00:04:00] even though in technology ... This is why when I fly solo doing these podcasts, Dr. Martin Sr., my son is, I cal a genius in technology. It's amazing to me how he was always interested in it, even as a kid, even when the first computers came out. Tony Jr., Doc Jr., is an expert at it. [00:04:30] He could have worked for Steve Jobs, he could've worked for, and was way ahead of the curve when you look at all these companies, the computers and whatever. I'm ignorant, guys, I'm ignorant.

Dr. Martin Sr.: I try and keep up to date on what's happening in the world. I really look at trends, and I look at ... I'm very interested in what's happening in the psychology [00:05:00] of young people, I'm fascinated by it. You know what? I want to be a doctor that is on top of things. I see a huge, huge trend today in vegetarianism and veganism. I don't agree with it, necessarily, but I understand it. I'm not from another planet, I really understand it, and I'm trying to be very understanding.

Dr. Martin Sr.: I get a lot of, [00:05:30] especially young girls, come in, and they primarily came in because they've got major hormonal issues. Either bad periods, and their menses is all over the place, they've got acne and whatever, and I'm talking to them about hormones. I never, never, never let a patient leave my office without talking about food, I never do it. I just want you to know, if you ever come to see me, you are going to get a sermon on food. [00:06:00] If I find out, and I usually know within five seconds that someone is a vegetarian or a vegan, and they're doing it for ... They think it's science, but they do it more for their belief system. I get it, okay? I understand, they're being taught the climate is changing, we've got to take care of our environment. You love animals, animals [00:06:30] are number one on the hit parade, so we shouldn't eat animals.

Dr. Martin Sr.: I had a young girl in my office not long ago, said to me, "Doc, I don't eat anything with eyes. If they have eyeballs, I don't eat it."

Dr. Martin Sr.: Okay, I get it. But, for heaven's sakes, I'm not against you living on plants. I don't agree with it, but I'm going to tell you what to do about it, and you need to understand you need to substitute, [00:07:00] you need to take supplements, and you've got no choice. If you decide to be a vegetarian, or you decide to be a vegan, you need to be on supplements the rest of your life. It's just as simple as that. Don't fool yourself, that's just the truth.

Dr. Martin Sr.: When it comes to these meat substitutes, I can't stand it because they're made in the lab. You don't grow [00:07:30] a meat substitute in the field. They are terrible foods. A lot of people today, and rightfully so, the food is GMO, it's GMO. It's genetically modified wheat, but you know what, guys? At least it's grown in the field! Wheat is still grown in the field, but when you have meat substitutes, it's grown in the lab. [00:08:00] These are industrialized, you could run your car on them, oils, seed oils. Canola oil and whatever, and they're industrialized. They are very, very high in carbohydrate, and not all protein guys, not all protein. I know you get protein from the plant kingdom, but not all protein is the same. 20 grams of protein [00:08:30] in the plant kingdom is not equivalent to 20 grams of protein in the animal kingdom. They're not the same thing. The animal protein, science, facts, is much more bio-available. Your cells love that protein that comes from the animal kingdom.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Listen, this is why I try, and if I can convince people [00:09:00] ... My patients, I try to convince them that I know those things had eyeballs at one time, but there are nutrients in the animal kingdom that are not found in the plant kingdom. For Heaven's sakes, please, stay away from the industrialized meat substitutes that are brought to you now by the food industry, [00:09:30] and they've already arrived at the theatre near you. They are found at, I don't know if McDonald's has come out with it yet, but I know that Burger King, and I know that our Canadian Tim Horton's have come out with that. A lot of substitutes. I think I even saw it the other day at Harvey's.

Dr. Martin Sr.: You know what? One of the mistakes that scientists make in my opinion, food scientists make, is that [00:10:00] they blame meat for what the bun does. The sandwich, it's not the meat in the sandwich that will give you ... They always say, Google it and you'll see, well, red meat is associated with high levels of cancer.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Well, I'll tell you, every study that has ever shown that can easily be debunked because they are always studies that are done on questionnaires. Okay, what did you eat last week? [00:10:30] What did you eat three months ago? What did you eat a year ago? Gee, I can't remember what I had last night, never mind I can remember what I had a week ago! They blame bacon, they blame bacon, and they blame eggs for what the sugars are doing. That's brought to you by the cereal companies. It's Kellogg, and others, that are ... They're blaming butter [00:11:00] for what margarine does.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Guys, look, I'm passionate about it, but I just want to emphasize that. Again, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, just understand here's what you're missing that is only found in the plant kingdom, okay? The profile of amino acids that are the building blocks of your body, that come from proteins in your diet, are essential, and you just don't [00:11:30] get certain amino acids in the vegetable or plant kingdom. They're just not there, okay? Popeye did not get strong by plants. Popeye lied to us because he said he was eating spinach, and I'm not saying spinach is no good for you. What I am saying is that you don't get the profile of amino acids in spinach than you get [00:12:00] ... What Popeye was really eating was meat, and he gave credit to spinach when he should have been giving credit to steak. They both start with an S, but they're two completely different foods.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Bring me a steak, folks, and bring me the best plants that you can eat. Most people will pick broccoli, or spinach, or whatever. Again, I'm not saying it's not good for you, of course it's good for you. [00:12:30] What I'm saying is, it ain't meat! It ain't meat! You need to substitute.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Here are some of the things that I want you to think about that you will need to substitute with if you're only eating from the plant kingdom. Remember, there's two kingdoms. If you're eating plants, and plants only, then if you're a vegetarian, you might have a bit of dairy, right? You're going to have [00:13:00] vegetarians can eat eggs, which is great. They can eat cheese. I don't know if they do, but they can. Vegans will have no dairy. To me, that's a mistake, and you need to substitute these foods, especially if you are vegan. Now, if you're a vegetarian, there's two things that you're missing, and vegan for sure.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Heme iron, heme iron, I call it heme iron. Tony Jr. says it's [00:13:30] heme iron. H-E-M-E. I like the Hemi engine in the Dodge truck, so I say heme iron, or heme iron, and he says heme iron. Okay, so we have an argument over that, but I'm right, as usual.

Dr. Martin Sr.: You don't get the bio-available iron that you need from the plant kingdom, it's not in there, guys. You can get iron, and I know that. You can have black strap molasses [00:14:00] and get some iron in there, but you're not getting heme, or heme, iron. It's just not in there, you need to eat it in red meat. It's not found even in chicken, and I know that you ladies love chicken. Chicken is good because it's a protein, but it's not red meat.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Secondly, B12. One of the biggest tragedies in the world today, in my opinion is the lack of B12. Now, you guys know me, if I was [00:14:30] to pick two vitamins that I could go into every senior home, and give to every vegetarian and every vegan that I know, I would give you B12. Why?

Dr. Martin Sr.: B12 is not in the plant kingdom. The amount of B12 for you vegetarians that eat eggs, the amount of B12 in eggs is not enough to feed a mouse. Mice cannot live off of [00:15:00] the B12 that is found in eggs. Eggs are wonderful, you know me. If you want to look at a video that I did online, Facebook video that I did that has received, I think it's 260 thousand views, is the video I did on eggs. I love eggs! I eat eggs. You can eat 100 eggs a week, [00:15:30] and it would only be good for you.

Dr. Martin Sr.: One of the things that you're missing if you're a vegan, or a vegetarian is heme iron, heme iron, B12. For sure, for sure, for sure, and you need to substitute those. You absolutely need to substitute those two nutrients because your brain will shrink without B12. Your red blood cells will never be normal. The count might be normal, but you will never [00:16:00] have normal, full of hemoglobin red blood cells without heme, or heme iron.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Here's another thing only found in the animal kingdom. I'm going to shock you. Cholesterol! Cholesterol has been made the boogeyman by the pharmaceutical and the food industry. You know the two big conglomerates in society today, especially in the Western world, [00:16:30] is the Big Food industry, and the Big Pharmaceutical industry. They work hand-in-hand.

Dr. Martin Sr.: I think I read something the other day that was interesting. For every Congressmen, Senator, in the United States Senate ... I love American politics, it's always interesting to me. That for every Congressmen, and there're hundreds of them, I can't remember how many Senators. There're hundreds [00:17:00] of Senators, and hundreds and hundreds of Congressmen in the Federal government in Washington. Do you know that for every one of them, there are two lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry? I'm sure it would be very similar to the food industry. Paid lobbyists, two for every Congressmen and Senator that is in [00:17:30] the US government. They lobby, lobby, lobby, lobby to keep the lies alive.

Dr. Martin Sr.: One of the biggest lies from the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, and they've made kazillions of dollars over it, is the lie about cholesterol. Listen, your body doesn't work without cholesterol. As a matter of fact, God doesn't trust you enough to eat enough cholesterol, that 85% of your cholesterol is made in your liver. Did you know [00:18:00] that? Yes. Cholesterol, only 15% comes ... If you don't eat 15% of your cholesterol from food, guess what happens? Your body will make more. Oh, Doc, my cholesterol is going up! I said, because you're not eating enough cholesterol, that's why your cholesterol is going up! You want your good cholesterol to go up, and if you don't eat it, your body will [00:18:30] make more, the bad LBL cholesterol. You need to eat cholesterol.

Dr. Martin Sr.: If someone calls you fat head, take it as a compliment. You need cholesterol, your brain is made up of cholesterol. Your brain is made up of high DHA oil. Guess where you get DHA oil, which is, again, something that you will be low in if you're a vegetarian or a vegan? It's the Omega-3 DHA. DHA is only found in the [00:19:00] animal kingdom. It is not found in plants. Plants are wonderful, but you do not get DHA, and you don't get cholesterol. Your body can't live without cholesterol, cholesterol is FedEx on the highways of your blood vessels. Blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming the police because they're at the crime scene. They're not the bad guys. Of course cholesterol is going to be in your blood stream, [00:19:30] it's FedEx. It's delivering your hormones. You need a delivery, and cholesterol makes up your cell wall, cholesterol makes up your hormones. Your body can't live without cholesterol. Would you get away from the fact that cholesterol is the boogeyman? It's not the boogeyman.

Dr. Martin Sr.: There's been a whole class of medication, statin drugs, and I get it asked every [00:20:00] day, every day, every day, every day, as much as I preach it. I've been preaching it for so many years, I sound like a broken record, but cholesterol is not at the root of heart disease. Did you hear me? It's not at the root of heart disease. You can have 100 eggs a week, and eat bacon and eggs, and cheese, and you will not make dangerous cholesterol. The bad fat [00:20:30] in your body is triglycerides, not cholesterol. Did you hear me? It's triglycerides.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Triglycerides come from sugar. To my vegan friends, and my wonderful vegetarian friends, listen to me. You need cholesterol. If you don't eat animal products, at least get [00:21:00] the DHA in your body. You need to take ... Some of my vegetarian friends will have fish, but fish got eyeballs! Fish have eyeballs. I know, I know. I get excited.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Here's a couple of other things, here's some things that are not found in any significant amount at all, not enough for a mouse, and that is CoQ10, your heart. You want to have a strong heart? [00:21:30] Eat more cholesterol! Eat more eggs, meat and cheese!

Dr. Martin Sr.: Do you know what glutathione is? Glutathione is a master antioxidant. Your body needs glutathione, your body makes glutathione from eggs, meat and cheese. It's like Velcro in your bloodstream, taking out the toxins. Glutathione, you'll never have a healthy immune system without glutathione. [00:22:00] You need glutathione.

Dr. Martin Sr.: You need L-Arginine, you need L-Carnitine, you need glycine. Your immune system, again, is another one that doesn't work, and this is why I love bone broth.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Guys, listen. You need to understand, stay away from those food substitutes, made in the laboratory foods, like meatless. Oh, it drives me insane, [00:22:30] meatless craze.

Dr. Martin Sr.: I just want to end this podcast by talking about five signs that you're not getting enough of the things that I talked to you about. Okay? Five signs ... Oh, maybe six. Let's just talk about this.

Dr. Martin Sr.: If you don't get enough B12, if you don't get enough heme iron, if you don't get enough CoQ10, glutathione, the carnitine, the L-Arginine, the glycine that I talked to you about, the cholesterol that [00:23:00] you need, you are going to have brittle hair and nails. These are signs.

Dr. Martin Sr.: You're going to be sarcopenic, which is you're going to be more frail. It's going to be harder for you to build muscle, you're going to be weaker.

Dr. Martin Sr.: You'll be more susceptible to all, not only the cold, but the flu bugs and everything else because the animal protein are the building blocks, those amino [00:23:30] acids, for your antibodies. Your immunity, you need these.

Dr. Martin Sr.: So, just understand that. If you're losing muscle, these are signs that you're in trouble already, and you need to make sure you're using some substitutes like bone broth, or whatever, to get all of your collagen. Protein, the best protein in the [00:24:00] world is collagen. Your bones!

Dr. Martin Sr.: Your bones, like osteoporosis, is another sign that you're not getting enough protein. Your bones are made up ... people think of calcium. Calcium is so stinking overrated, guys, because it's not calcium, it's protein! Protein, protein, protein is the king! There are certain proteins that are better than other proteins.

Dr. Martin Sr.: So, sarcopenia, [00:24:30] and bone, why do we see so much today, osteoporosis? It's because people are cutting back on their proteins, [inaudible 00:24:40]. Even for kidney disease, I hear that all the time. I hear that at least once a day in my office. Oh, Doc, my doctor said to cut back on protein because my kidneys.

Dr. Martin Sr.: It's not protein, it's sugar! It's sugar! You got it? [00:25:00] Okay.

Dr. Martin Sr.: Thanks for listening. See you next time.

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