999. Get The Truth and Never Sell It


As we near the end of 2022 and usher in a new year, many people are making resolutions they are unlikely to keep. Instead of making resolutions, Dr. Martin urges listeners to get the truth and never sell it!


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. How are you? looking forward to another live this morning? Let's do some New Year's resolutions. Tomorrow is gonna be question and answer. So let's do New Year's resolutions in our last session of this year, 2022. Why not? I'm well aware, okay. Being in the health industry for as long as I've been, I'm well aware of people sort of making resolutions a big time of the year for that. And you know, it's the reason the gyms are full in January and empty. Like if you notice on TV, a lot of the commercials around this time of the year, and they will be for the first couple of weeks of January, are gonna be about weight loss. So that's why gyms, they know when to advertise. They advertise at this time of the year. They're big part of their budgets are this time of the year, you know, weight loss, this kind of thing. 

Why do you think the gyms are full in January and empty in February? It's one of my sayings. And the reason :≥¬is because people make New Year's resolutions, but they have trouble keeping them. And today what I wanna do is be more philosophical in the sense of let's keep our resolution. Okay? And secondly, I don't want you to be confused, so I'm not gonna make it complicated, but I think it's important that we go down this road again just for our thinking. Now, let me bring to you, I got a lot of favorite verses in the Bible, but one of my favorites is found in the book of Proverbs. Okay? It's easy to remember because it's in chapter 23 and it's first 23. And it says that Get the truth and never sell it; get wisdom and discipline. Okay? So this is sort of my life verse for me, A life verse. 

Do you like it? Get the truth. Never som hold on to it then get wisdom and discipline. This is really, really earth shattering as far as resolutions. It is. Now let me explain. First of all, get the truth. Okay? Get the truth. Now you guys notice something about me. I'm like a dog on the bull. I don't let go of it. I've been very consistent and I've told you this and I will tell you you over and over and over again. I'm not a carnivore, I'm not a vegetarian, I'm not a vegan. I'm a Nu Travo. I'm into nutrition, nutritional truth. Now, even yesterday on our Martin Clinic private Facebook group, someone put an article up and said, I'm confused, I'm confused. And the reason they use the word confused is because there's conflicting messages. And it's usually not always, but it's usually whenever someone has used that terminology, I'm confused, is because they hear me, Dr. 

Martin, on one side and then they hear day after day after day after day, that cholesterol is the boogeyman. That meat is bad for you. Eggs eat in limited amounts and certainly get rid of cheese cuz it's fattening and it's dairy and dairy's no good. So you have one side and then you have the other. And listen, you know I've told you this before. Jesus said to enter through the narrow gate for why is the gate. And broad is the road that leads to destruction. Now, that's spiritually okay, but I use that. And on this side, it's a wide gate and it's a broad road. And there are many on that road because it's been drummed into them from almost birth cholesterol is bad, the sun is bad, red meat is no good for you. It's going to give you a heart attack or it'll give you a cancer and it's bad, bad, bad. 

And you've gotta keep your cholesterol down. And this is on the broad road. And there's many people on there, including every dietician that I've ever met just about even my people. When I say my people, you know what I call my guru friends who are very smart people, okay? So they're not stupid, but they got duped. This is the duped side, okay? And guys, I'm doubling down. I'm tripling down, I'm quadrupling down. I mean it. And on this side, they're looking for love in all the wrong places, they're blaming the wrong things. So when I say get the truth, come over to this side, get the truth, and never sell it. Get wisdom and get disciplined. Now look over here on the narrow side. You and I, you're going to get propaganda thrown at you 24 and seven if you understand that. Let's go up over top and understand what do we see here? 

This is very important guys. What do we see? What is influencing this? Okay, what's influencing the broad road? What is influencing it? The pharmaceutical industry. Now, again guys, I'm not dismissing pharmaceuticals, okay? Don't put me in a lineup of people that say no drugs at any time, no surgery at any time. Don't put me in that category, okay? Cuz I'm not in that category. I believe in medicine. I believe in emergency medicine, which is really medicine. Where medicine is good at is if you get hit by a bus or you have a raging infection, what they're no good at is prevention. We don't have a healthcare system. We have a disease care system. And as long as the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, as long as they influence the world, the way they do medicine, the way they do, well, good luck with these people over here coming to our narrow road to help. 

They find it very difficult because in medical training, medical training, it's all cholesterol is bad. You see, their prevention is, oh, you've got high blood pressure and here's a pill, you've got cholesterol problems, here's a pill, you got this, that, and the other thing. Here's a pill. And I wrote this in my new book, sun Steak and Steel. I wrote this. I wrote this statement. Medicine knows nothing about food and big food knows nothing about health, and they don't care. Is it all bad people over on this side? Of course not. Of course not good people that have been duped. So I always tell you guys, get the truth and never sell. It's gonna be hard because you're going to be a top by your own family, your own friends. You're going to get a top because you're going against the grain. 

You're like a Salmon, you're swimming upstream. You're not going downstream with the rest of them. You're going upstream and you're disturbing people because when they watch you eat steak, they think cholesterol, they think heart attack. They think cancer. Instead of the culprit, the real culprit being sugar and crappy carbs and crappy oils. You guys know better get the truth and never sell them, okay? And when I'm talking about New Year's resolutions, you and I are going to be even more resolved to stay on the narrow path, okay? We're gonna be more resolved to stay on the narrow path, okay? Because you understand the forces over here. You get it? Don't be confused by it. Okay? I'm sure today or tomorrow or whatever, very soon, especially new people that come on and join the Martin Clinic Facebook group are, join our thinking and join our emails. 

And we just keep pumping out the truth, guys. It's the truth. And so our our resolution is going to be, let's stick to the plan. Let's stick to the plan. Are we going to be perfect? Probably not, probably not. But generally we know what direction we want to go in for our health. We understand we're not confused. We understand that saturated fat over here, saturated fat, all they can visualize saturated fat, found in eggs, meat and cheese. It's saturated. They go saturated. That's bad. Fat makes you fat and fat gives you cholesterol and fat clogs up your arteries and fat. But they don't understand guys. They really don't. It's not science, it's science fiction. It's science fiction, saturated fat. It's satisfied fat. It's in nature. It's the way God intended for you to eat. Because fat doesn't make you fat. Saturated fat is where you have all your fat soluble vitamins. 

It's satisfactory. Let me explain that a little bit. When you look at a unsaturated fat, what does that even mean? Well, your molecules, your fat molecules in a saturated fat like steak, they're not missing anything. All their molecules are there. It's complete. It's a complete fat. Instead of looking at a saturated dripping fat, like make some bacon, guys, you're cooking it and you see that oil there. What is that? Well, that's saturated fat. And of course every guru just about, and everybody looks at that fat and goes, yikes, that's a terrible fat butter. Ugh, butter. Look at it. Look at how yellow it is. Doesn't that  look like cholesterol? Isn't that what's gonna clog up my arteries? Uh, no. It's the opposite. You know what it does to your arteries? It makes your arteries slippery the way they should be. Think of your blood vessels like a Teflon pan. 

Okay? You know what Teflon is, right? You remember when they used to advertise Teflon? Oh, it doesn't stick. Nothing sticks to it. Well, that's the way you want your blood vessels to be. The best oil for that is saturated fat. It don't stick. I used to tell people, take so much oil that you slide out of rooms, be it resolved for the year 2023, that we are going to live on saturated fat eggs. Here's the broad road. They tell you eggs. Now eat the egg whites, but don't eat the yolk. The yolk. Look at the fat and the yolk and it, it's because they've been brainwashed 24 hours a day. Bad, bad, bad, fat. But they got it upside down, guys. Saturated fat is a satisfied fat. It has all of the ring of atoms in the molecule. It's not missing anything, therefore it can't be destroyed by free radicals. 

You see, when you get an unsaturated fact, it's missing a molecule. It's subject to free radical damage, big time. And I'm telling you folks, there is nothing. And let me say it again, nothing, nothing bad about saturated fat. There's nothing bad about it. It's where your vitamins are. It can't be destroyed by heat. It can't be destroyed by heat. Heat brings free radicals to unsaturated. This is why I want you to cook with butter, are lad never use those crappy oils because the second you put heat to them, you know what happens to them. They're damaged by free radicals, they're oxidized. That's not good for you. But again, please don't be confused. Don't wait for the world to tell you how to eat. Don't wait for that. Don't wait for her. I'm not optimistic, guys. I tell you that all the time. I'm a very optimistic person, okay? 

When you see me, I'm a happy guy. I'm rarely ever down, okay? I don't get down very much. I don't, okay? And my outlook is, look, if Linda listens, I'm after Linda. But if they don't wanna listen, I don't talk to people very much, okay? That don't listen. You're over here. You're on the broad road. You're eating wrong because you've been taught wrong. You're scared of the cholesterol, you're scared of sun. You know how many people are scared of the sun? But I'll preach to them. But if they don't listen, I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for them. I don't just keep screaming at people. I don't do that. Okay? I'm not saying it's necessarily wasting my time, but you know what, Linda? Listen. If you don't listen, you know what the definition, by the way, if you wanna know, again, I'm being a little spiritual this morning, okay? I don't apologize for it. It's who I am. But let me say this. If you read the book of Proverbs, and I recommend you guys do it cause it's God's wisdom. Now listen, you know what the definition of a fool is? A biblical definition of a fool. They don't listen. They can't be taught. They're set in their ways and they can't be taught. It's not the truth. You get the truth and hold onto it. Get the truth and never sell. Hold onto it on the other side. 

Voices come. Okay? Voices come from the big pharma, big food, food. Don't care about your health. The food industry, guys, there's about eight left of them. There's eight big companies left in the food industry. They own it all, okay? From Coca-Cola to Pepsi Cola to Nestle's and a few others. And they bought up everybody else and they influenced, you got over 30,000 items in the grocery store. I remember a good friend of mine growing up, Polish, his parents came from Poland, okay? Communist Poland at the time. And they got outta Dodge and they came to Canada. I'll never forget my good buddy, his mom telling me when they came and saw the grocery stores, now you're talking about the early 1950s when they saw the grocery stores in Canada. They thought it was propaganda. There was too many items in it. They were used to having a couple of things on the grocery store shelves, and that's it. 

They thought it was all propaganda. But it is propaganda today, you got 30,000 items, more than 30,000 items in the average grocery store, and very little of it is any good for you at all. The second you get away from the produce, the second you get away from eggs and meat and cheese and fruits and vegetables, you got the food industry. That's not on your side, my friend. So you and I need to be resolved. We got the truth. We're not gonna sell. My resolution is okay. I wanna be healthy as much as it depends on me, okay? Listen, there are no guarantees in life. I understand that. And I don't care. See this face, see it. I'm getting older Okay? I'm well aware of that. I'm well aware of it. I just have to look at pictures. 10 years ago or 15 years ago, or 20 years ago or whatever. 

Hey, you're not gonna completely stop the aging, okay? When people tell me, doc, my grandmother lived till she was 105, and so am I, and I go, you know what? That was by the grace of God, that wasn't your grandmother. Okay? And that means I'm gonna live till I'm a hundred. You know how many people tell me that I wanna live till I'm 105? Eh? Well, good luck with that, okay? And I'm not saying you shouldn't want to live till 105, but I wanna be healthy. I'm not looking at quantity of years, okay? I'm not. If you guys understand my philosophy, and this is a philosophical discussion, I'm not into quantity, I'm into quality. That's me. I'm into quality. As much as it depends on me, I'm going to try and be as healthy as I can. Okay? And I'm going to age, but I don't want to age rapidly.

And I want a very strong immune system. I want a very strong digestive system. I want a very, very sharp brain. Those are my resolutions. I'm gonna do everything I can. And the thing that I can control is what I put in my mouth every day. And I'm telling you my friend, listen to me. There is nothing better to put in your mouth every day. There's nothing on the planet better than a piece of meat, especially red meat. Nothing. Eggs, nothing. And dairy don't get dairy. Switch dairy. Don't drink milk unless you have a cow in the backyard. Don't drink milk if you have to use it. A little bit of cream because cream is milk 70 years ago you want whole milk? Fat, fat, fat. Saturated fat and milk. That's where your vitamins are. When the sun is out, get out in the sun. 

Let your eyeballs see the sun. Don't put sunglasses on for about 20 minute. Get the sun even in the middle of winter. Now, you're not gonna get vitamin D from the sun in the middle of winter. And that's why I'm big on some things. And one of the vitamins I'm big on is vitamin D. I'm sorry. You're just not gonna be healthy without vitamin D. There's no exceptions to that, in my opinion. You need to have good levels of vitamin D. So are you and I resolved? Are we resolved? We got the truth and we're gonna hold onto it. Are you resolved? I am. 

Okay. Did you notice I didn't even once talk about coffee this morning, I meant to, but we don't have time because I could tell you about coffee, be resolved to drink coffee and you tea drinkers. Okay. I hear you. But teas not as good as coffee, but it's good. And you can have some fruits and vegetables. Just don't live on them. They're not meant to be lived on. So welcome guys to the narrow road. Welcome to the narrow road. You're going to hear it. And it's not always gonna be pleasant because you're going to hear the voices on the other side, but I don't want you to be confused anymore. Don't be confused. Cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, never, ever, ever, ever causes heart disease. Just doesn't get the truth and never sell it. Get wisdom. Be street smart and get discipline. You need discipline. Not easy to live on the narrow road, that to be discipline, but discipline's good for every aspect of your life. Okay? So be disciplined. It's worth it. It is. It's worth it, guys. Okay. Enough pontificating this morning. I love preaching, by the way. I love you guys. And when I say that, I mean it. I mean it. Okay? On our last show of 2022. Wow. Hard to believe, huh? Hard to believe. Okay guys, we love you dearly. And I mean it. I mean it. Okay, talk to you soon. 

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