995. New Studies on Vitamin D


Dr. Martin has always been a big proponent of vitamin D. He sees it as something your body needs and an important biomarker of your overall health. Join Dr. Martin as he looks at two new studies on vitamin D!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another program and uh, good to be with you this morning. We appreciate you guys more than you know. Let me bring you two studies on vitamin D. I got a couple of things. We'll do a little bit of, I think a Pandora's box. We're gonna open up some studies today. We'll see what, how many we get to, but I gotta start with two on vitamin D, two brand new studies on vitamin D. Anybody that tells you that vitamin D is only for bones, run, run, they don't know what they're talking about. And I just love all this research that's coming out on vitamin D. How good it is for you, how important of a biomarker. See, I look at vitamin D differently because I see it as, well first of all, it's a hormone and you need it, your body needs it. 

And the more they study vitamin D I really appreciate the research that's going on in the world on Vitamin D. Two new studies came out one on rheumatoid arthritis, okay, autoimmune. Now if you've heard me over the years, I'm a huge, huge, huge guy on leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky joints, leaky gut, leaky skin, anything on the skin, leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky gut, leaky sinuses, okay? Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. The body turns on itself, the immune system is overreacting. Okay, but here's a new study on vitamin D. People with rheumatoid arthritis, they could have prevented it. This is what they're saying. I didn't say this, they said this in the research. It looks like if you have good levels of vitamin D in your blood, we call that Dihydroxy 25. If you have good levels of vitamin D in your blood, you're not going to get rheumatoid arthritis according to research. 

It prevents, and one of my big pet peeves, it's so hard to change thinking, isn't it? It is. It's hard to change thinking. It's hard to change training when it's indoctrinated into into medical schools. And it's hard to change that. And I scream from the rooftops because like I've been telling you for so long, vitamin D to most physicians, not all, I have colleague physicians that are huge on therapeutic vitamin D, okay? I mean that and ones that have done research on vitamin D and they love vitamin D, they understand its importance. But most physicians, like I said, you learn in medical school vitamin D bones and it's all they think of and they're so worried about toxicity of vitamin D because it's a fat soluble vitamin. So here's what they learn in medical school, okay? Vitamin D is for your bones only. Secondly, vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin along with vitamin A along with vitamin E and along with vitamin K, it's ADEK, A, D, E K. 

Okay? You learn that in medical school. Oh, it's fat soluble. So what does that mean to a doctor? I'll tell you what it means to me in a minute. Here's what it means to most doctors who, that's what it means. Fat soluble means your body hold onto it, your body can store it. Therefore it becomes a boogeyman. Rather than looking at the importance of it, rather than looking at all the studies, read the literature, it's more than incredible. Well, I'll tell you something folks. If you knew the honest of God truth about just vitamin D and the virus, I've talked to you many, many, many times above it where they tried to silence me, there's a war on vitamin D and they showed just through the vi, if your vitamin D levels were at a certain amount, not crazy high, but at a optimized level, you weren't going to the hospital with the virus guys, there'll always be viruses around and you and know the importance of vitamin D. 

Why? Because you are a human solar panel. And one thing for sure, your T-cells, your navy seals, the ones that when they see a virus and when they see a bacteria or when they even see a cancer cell, they're the first responders. They're the ones that come outta your lymphatic system first, your T-cells. And guess what? They charged their batteries with <laugh> yesterday. I saw I guess in Canada, by 20 26, 1 fifth of all the cars being sold have to have a battery in them. You don't want to get me going because I don't know what we're gonna do in Northern Ontario when it's 40 below. Okay, <laugh>.

Anyway, don't get me going on that. All I'm saying is you understand you gotta charge up a battery, right? You're gonna have to have charging stations everywhere and you're going to charge up batteries in cars. But your body, your T-cells, your navy seals coming outta your lymphatic system, which is your immune system, you gotta plug in to vitamin D, the sun, you're a solar panel and your vitamin D levels are extremely important. Now, that might be boring to you guys cuz I talk about it so much. But the new study says when your vitamin D levels are optimized, optimize, you are not going to get rheumatoid arthritis. Wow. 

Wow. That's important guys. Again, there's a war on vitamin D, so don't expect you are gonna see that study. There's no money in vitamin D, nobody's getting rich on vitamin D. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent vitamin D, therefore there's a war on vitamin D. And generally, like I said, if you understand the thinking, do not wait for your physician to be on board. They don't understand it. Plus they don't even wanna test it. Why do you want your vitamin D levels tested for? I'm not worried about your bones. Why do you wanna get it tested? It costs the government money. Ooh.

And our geniuses, I don't know about the other provinces, but in Ontario won't even pay for vitamin D unless you're a postmenopausal woman that the doctor's worried about your bone quality, they won't even pay for it. You gotta pay for it. And I don't mind even paying for it if a doctor would recommend it, Hey, let's do your vitamin D levels, but you're gonna have to pay for it, okay? But it's crazy guys. That is one of the most important blood tests that you can get. And the more they study it, the more they realize rheumatoid arthritis. Yeah, yeah. In terms of prevention. Yeah. Now let me bring you another one. The other study that came out okay on vitamin D and I went, wow, if your vitamin D levels are optimized now we'll talk about those numbers in a minute. 

It helps to prevent, listen, not only rheumatoid arthritis, but on the same day another study came out of Europe on vitamin D and glucose metabolism, metabolic syndrome, low levels of vitamin D, your chances of diabetes are increased good levels of vitamin D, your risk of metabolic syndrome is reduced. Holy moly, you mean your blood sugar goes down with good levels of vitamin D. Now guys, listen, okay. You know my overarching principal, you can never out supplement a bad diet. I start guys even before vitamin D. Listen to what I'm saying. I start in the kitchen. Where do you start with your health in the kitchen? Not with a supplement. You don't start with that. Do I love supplements? You bet your boots, I love supplements. But you never can out supplement a bad diet. You can't. But isn't this interesting? Even your metabolic syndrome, blood sugar levels are helped by vitamin D, my friend, my friend. 

You know that you understand that. And the world will hide that research I guarantee you because there's no money in it. There's no money in it. And it's not gonna be taught to your doctors, it won't be taught. But at least if you understand that well then you take care of yourself before you can help anybody else help yourself. When someone tells me my doctor, right? I wouldn't take a supplement of vitamin D I said, okay, how much sun are you getting? I'd rather you get it from the sun. I'd rather you get vitamin D from the sun. But you live in Norton, Ontario. Well good luck with that and and you go to Florida. But listen, 90% of Floridians Amazonians are low in vitamin D and they got no excuse. They need a spanking on their bum bums because the sun is the boogeyman. 

Even if they go out in the sun, they lather on sunblock sunscreen cancer in a tube. I call it don't get me going cancer in a tube. Here's what Dr. Martin learned in chemistry in high school. First of all, I almost blew out true story. I almost blew up her lab <laugh> in chemistry because I was fooling around. You know what teenagers are like and I was mixing stuff and when I mixed it, it wasn't bad till I put the heat to it. I put on the bunsen burner. I almost blew the lab up soon as I put heat on it. What do you think happens with sunscreen? You're putting heat to a chemical and you know the big recall of the F D A even has recalled almost every sunscreen why they said it, I didn't even say it. I can produce cancer. 

Yeah, well they're not even talking when added with heat. They're just saying put it on your skin. Yeah, but put the heat to it. You don't mix chemicals with heat Anyways, I know I got excited. Okay, isn't that interesting about the two studies on vitamin D preventing rheumatoid arthritis? Hey guys, one thing about autoimmune and you know what? You don't even have to believe me. Just Google it. Google it. Low vitamin D in ms. Low vitamin D in MS patients didn't Google it. That was well established. If you were north of, is it the 37th? I can't even remember what number it was. I always say Kansas. Okay <laugh>, okay Kansas. So all my friends from Kansas, you're the line. Okay, go. Go east and west and anything north of Kansas, you're in deep trouble in the wintertime you need to supplement with vitamin D. And you know what most people need to supplement cuz they don't get the sun. 

And even if they have the sun, they don't get out in the sun. Your body is a human solar panel. You know like people they often contact me with, uh, you know they already have cancer. Dr. Martin, what would you do? Well, one thing I'd make sure is now if you have to, you pay for that test and find out what your vitamin D levels are because your immune system not gonna work. If you want your body to be a cancer fighting machine, you need to turn on the vitamin D. Maam, look, I'm not that complicated. Vitamin D and I've been preaching it, preaching it for 50 years. I was right, the world was wrong. Don't ever use chemicals on your skin and then add the heat to it. Don't do it. Don't do it. I'll get a lot of pushback on that. Too bad. 

So sad I tell that to my grandchildren. Too bad. So sad. Your granddad <laugh>. Okay now let me take a deep breath cuz I wanna bring you part two <laugh>, okay, because that was on vitamin D two studies, brand new rheumatoid arthritis down your risks go down with increased vitamin D two metabolic syndrome. Even your blood sugar will be better if you have better levels of vitamin D. That is a terrific study. It's significant because vitamin D is antiinflammatory, vitamin D is anti cancer, vitamin D is anti aging. Vitamin D is anti everything you can think of from A to Z or Z or whatever you wanna use as the last letter of the alphabet. <laugh>. Okay, protective, protective, protective. I got another study but I wonder if I should get into it. No, I'm probably gonna wait. Let's finish up on vitamin D. Let's talk about numbers in vitamin D. 

Now when you get vitamin D levels, okay, in the US Canadian measurements and American measurements are different, okay? Our numbers in Canada should be the way they measure two and a half times more than the American number. So when I say 60, okay, and that is where I like vitamin D in the United States. 60 and up 60 to a hundred. Okay, well what is that? Think of it. Okay, so what you're looking at is 180 in Canada to two 50. Those are ideal numbers. 80 to 90% of the population. This is just a fact my friend are know where near those numbers. When vitamin D is not optimized, you're in doo do. It's as simple as that. Your body needs vitamin D. Yes, I would rather you get it from the sun. But starting in just about September, I talked to a lady the other day, okay about vitamin D because she got diagnosed with cancer and she was telling me the amount she was taking. 

I said, well that's for a mouse. Are you a mouse? She said, no, I don't think so. I said, well you're taking a about as much vitamin D as a mouse niece. Are you kidding me? And remember the numbers on vitamin D? It was bad math, bad math. Lots of people have died because of bad math. Yeah, when they used to calculate vitamin D numbers, they used bad mouth. That's a fact. I'm not kidding you. I'm gonna tell you how old I am. You know that when I studied nutrition and we did a whole segment on vitamin D, okay? And I already understood that what I was gonna be taught was a medical line. You have to remember <laugh>, the Martin clinic was a hundred years old <laugh> in 2011. My grandfather was light years ahead of time and uh, my dad and the vitamin D, you know, we didn't look at it like the boogeyman. 

We understood the, the importance of it. And I knew that even when I was getting my training and when they taught me stuff, I, you know, it's not that I didn't listen, I listened. But uh, I said that that's not right. I mean they're talking about this scary cat, vitamin D story, scared of two things. Don't go in the sun. You're gonna get cancer from the sun. You know what they found out? Cancer from the sun. It's the opposite. You know who gets melanoma? People that don't go in the sun. Yep. Now don't burn. Nobody says go burn in the sun in 20 minutes you get 10,000 IUs. How can that be bad for you? 10,000 IUs Doc you're gonna die. No, in 20 minutes you get 10,000 IUs. 

What? Without sunscreen and when you can't get in the sun, <laugh>, you need to supplement. Now here's the rules in Canada, I can't tell you cuz I'm not in practice. I can't tell you how much vitamin D to take. I can't, here's what the rules are for me. I can tell you what I take every day. Okay? I take between eight and 10,000. I use a day in the winter time. If I get enough sun, I'd rather get it from the sun. But I supplement. And I was telling this lady getting back to the story of a cancer. I said, that's your first line of defense. Cancer loves sugar and hates steak, cancer, sugar and hates steak and cancer hates the sun. Hates it. Cancer hates vitamin D. Cancer hates it. So what do you do? Well you better be vitamin D and please my friend, find out what your vitamin D levels are. 

And like I said, I like it to be in the 60 to a hundred range in the United States of America and in Canada. Somewhere between 180 and two 50 and 90% and more of the pop more than that are not even anywhere near those numbers. They're not. And they don't test, they won't test you, but they don't understand the significance of it. Boy, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, isn't it? Here we have something as inexpensive as vitamin D. They come out with these studies and I'm bipolar in a lot of ways cuz I'm very happy of the studies and I'm very ooh, upset because no one's listening. No one's listening. 

I mean, you guys are listening. Why do you think in my new book, sun, I started with it. Sun Steak and Steel <laugh>. I'll try and give you an update. I'm waiting for the publisher to tell me <laugh> when that's coming up. I did my part, okay. I was having nothing but fun today. Okay? Nah, sometimes I get a little uptight. Okay? I do, I'm glad I don't have one of those watches that tells me to breathe. I don't want one of those. Okay guys, you know what tomorrow is, tomorrow is question and answer. Friday. Yeah. One of our favorite days, right? Okay, you got your questions in? Are you guys, I think most of you are, are you part of our private Facebook group? You haven't joined? Why not join? What a community get ready for our big January the second reset. Jamboree. <laugh>. Okay, we're gonna do the reset together. I'm saying January 2nd. Okay. But maybe we'll do the ninth. I don't know. We'll figure it. Okay. Okay guys. We love you dearly and I mean that. I, I, when I say that guys, I mean it. I mean it. Okay, well talk to you soon. 

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