989. The War on Red Meat


There’s a war going on against meat. Red meat in particular has become vilified in recent years. Do a search on red meat and cancer and you’ll see article after article saying that there’s a connection. Dr. Martin says it’s not true and explains why in today’s episode.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day as you get your notices. Now, yesterday a lot of you missed it because I did an afternoon session. What I did yesterday, I talked about the war on vitamin D because someone can, and listen, you are allowed guys to come in on our private Facebook group. It's a private group. But if you are part of it and we want you to be part of it, you can pontificate on there, okay? You can put your opinions, you can. It's, it's it. As long as two things, okay? One, when you put your opinion on there, okay? Be nice <laugh>, okay? Be nice. That's important. Okay? Two, understand that you put something there, okay? And if I see it, and if I think it's not right, I'm gonna push back a little bit, okay? 

Because I'm very opinionated. If you haven't figured that out, no, but seriously guys, okay? And and the reason I'm saying that, okay, and again, we invite people, what my job is here is to educate. I'm giving you generally, because I think you would all agree with it. It's very controversial because I come at it in a different way. Am I right? I think so. Okay. My background is the clinical nutrition. And I'm gonna talk to you mostly about food and obviously about health. But I'm very opinionated and people sometimes come on the Facebook or whatever and say I'm confused. Okay? Or someone posted the other day and Monday, I think, but I, yeah, I'm gonna say Monday that uh, vitamin D is very dangerous. And look guys, you post that and you're going to get pushback cuz I've been studying and recommending vitamin D for almost 50 years now.

I'm a big guy on vitamin D. And at one time I was part of a council that looked at all the research on vitamin D, funded research on vitamin D. And I just did it in my practice because I find it to be one of the most important biomarkers there is. Everybody needs vitamin D and you're a human solar panel. I've said that we actually have a new term that we use throughout the pandemic and we called it Bioderma. The importance. And the more they study about a new study just came up, new study just came up. Two new studies just came out on vitamin D one. The higher your levels of vitamin D are in your brain, remember your solar panel, you got up in your brain too. The higher your levels in your brain, the smarter you are. Cognitive function goes up. You're a human solar panel.

Okay, two, a second study on vitamin D. Immune again, they just showed if you have all cause mortality for cancer and heart disease, people who have optimized levels of vitamin D, here's a study, actually have a fighter against heart disease and cancer. The two biggest killers in our society. You think that's significant? It's more than significant. But like I said yesterday, there's a war on vitamin D. So that'll come out as a podcast next week. So if you missed it yesterday, okay, listen to the podcast on The Doctor Is In, the War on vitamin D. And I tell you why, I tell you why it's not true. I mean what they're saying about vitamin D. But today I'm going to talk to you about another war that's going on. Now again, it's in a response to what was put in our private Facebook group. And again, we invite you.

And there was someone there yesterday or maybe the day before that said, I'm confused. I'm looking up diets and cancer. And almost everyone, with the exception of Dr. Martin, and maybe there's a few others, are telling people to avoid red meat. Okay? And I pontificated on there. Now, most of you <laugh>, when you saw that post, uh, you were in there saying what I would say, okay, but let me it down again and tell you why there's a war on red meat. Why there's a war on red meat. And I really write about this in my new book, Sun, Steak and Steel. Okay? I write about it, the war. Now, why is red meat so vilified? Why is I, I'm a history guy. I loved history even in high school, <laugh>, I did. I was a history guy. I like to go back, especially in medicine and study, okay?

And look at history because you can learn a lot from history, okay? You can learn a lot from history. And I think you guys would admit, if you've listened to me for any length of time, I'm big, big, big on why? So why is there a war on red meat? Okay? Now there's a war on meat in general, but red meat in particular is vilified today. Like nobody's business go on Netflix and it's one after another, after another. Google, why is red meat so bad for you? Google red meat and cancer and you will get one article after another, after another, after another. And I'm telling you, it ain't true, it's not true. But there's a war. And if you understand that, it's really important. So let me give you a history again, none of this is new to you. There's repetition. You have to understand where did the war on red meat start? It actually started in the 18 hundreds, okay? Well over a hundred years ago.

And there's a fellow by the name of Dr. Kellogg who was a vegetarian. And I don't want to get into details, but he, even in a religious fashion thought that red meat was terrible. Well actually any animal product, but especially red meat was no good for him. He was a medical doctor, wasn't stupid, but he had a bias. And he was so convinced that he invented cereal, okay? Because he just believed that red meat was so bad for you, you needed to eat cereal. So he actually created cereal. Dr. Kellogg, who hasn't heard of Kellogg's? Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Kellogg's Rice, crispies, Kellogg's, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. Special King. You just gotta understand this guys, that very few, especially in the medical field, knew anything about food. And Dr. Kelloggs wasn't stupid. And what he did is that they infiltrated all the teaching on nutrition.

Cuz there wasn't much. First of all, look at the history. I've studied it many a time. There was very few guys like me around that had any background in nutrition and they actually started, Dr. Kellogg started the dietician's profession, okay? And they influenced every decision that was made on food. And thus you had your mantra. Fiber, fiber, fiber and red meat is bad for you. Okay? That's a fact. That's a fact. Then in the 1950s you had another, what I call serial killer. Now I don't mean cereal, with a C, I mean serial killer with an S. Because in my opinion, Dr. Kellogg's has killed, he didn't mean to, millions of people. And then we had a fellow by the name of Ancel Keys. One guy, one guy who turned nutrition on its head after the president of the United States had a heart attack. His name was President Dwight Eisenhower.

He was playing golf, dropped, had a heart attack, didn't die. But in the news for the first time it was mentioned that cholesterol was the problem with the president of the United States. His cholesterol was high. Therefore that's what causes heart disease. Never talked about smoking at all. The fact that the president was smoking four packs of cigarettes a day. But that didn't come into the equation. And my friend listened to me. Listen Linda, the rest is history. The cholesterol hoax started in 1955 by 1965. And so Keys one man was on the front of Time magazine. He was so influential to every medical school, every dietician that ever lived and even in my PhD studies in nutrition influenced my studies. And it was this red meat. Bad, bad, bad. Why cholesterol?

And between those two serial killers, my friend, we have today more heart disease than ever. Yep. We have more cancer than ever. And they were looking for love in all the wrong places. You don't get sick from a lack of fiber. The reason they put a heart on the box of cereals like cheers is cuz if you eat that stuff, you are going to get a heart attack. There is absolutely nothing better for you to eat. Let me say it again. There is absolutely nothing better for you to eat than steak. Well liver, yeah, but I don't like liver. Okay? I had to undo the teaching that came out of the 18 hundreds, 1920s, whatever, on fiber, fiber, fiber. And anything else was bad for you. You need cereal. And then cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol. It's bad, bad, bad news. And they preached it and taught it until the cows came home.

And what's happened, you have a complete generation, two generations and now three generations. My parents' generation, my generation, my kids', generation oh four and my grandchildren's generation, they're believing the lie on red meat. And that's why it's confusing. I don't blame you guys for being confused about that because like I said, Google a hundred sites and they will tell you that red meat causes cancer. Red meat's no good for you. Red meat is devoid of fiber, red meat is blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Don't eat bacon, have our cereal. And guys, I've been telling you this for as long. I listen <laugh> before you, some of you know this, I had a radio show for 20 years before podcasting, okay? Who would've thought I'd be doing a podcast? <laugh>. I was a radio guy.

I used to preach it way back then. I haven't changed my tune at all. I sing from the same song sheet over and over and over again because I want you, I am trying to convince you of what the truth is. But if you look back at history and you understand that, wow, wow. But I'm not holding my breath, I'm not holding my breath. That I am going to change medical thinking, dietician thinking. And even some of my guru friends that are PhDs in nutrition, okay? They drink the go aid my friend, they drink the cooling. And I have been saying for 50 years, even though I was taught differently, that cholesterol is not the boogeyman. Cholesterol is important. Your body only makes 85% of it cuz God don't trust you. You better provide the other 15. And people that die young die cause they don't have cholesterol, they don't have enough of it.

If cholesterol lowering was the key to heart disease, we are the one that were already because people bought it, hook, line, and sinker. But guess what guys? It doesn't work cuz it ain't true. And when it comes to cancer, it's not true either. Now let me give you a little bit more background, okay? Just a little bit because I watched this. So do you understand the history now? Okay, why is there a war on red meat? Okay, it's mainly from Dr. Kellogg's and Dr. Keys. Got it. Okay. The other now has turned into a war of propaganda on climate cows fart. They're affecting CO2 <laugh>. Guys, I'm sorry. That is the craziest thing I ever heard in my life. Honestly. Do you really believe that? Those poor cows, okay, so it's climate and I call it the climate religion. And I, do you think that we're gonna win the war on that? Nah, I'm not optimistic because they're not stupid. Who did they go after? They didn't go after old farts like me. They go after kids in school and they indoctrinate them. Meat is bad, meat is bad, it's bad for you and it's bad for the environment. And they teach little kids. And then you got a pile of tree huggers. And you know, I love young people. If I didn't hear this 50 times in my practice, doc, I don't eat anything with eyeballs. If they got eyeballs, I can't eat that. I said, uh, I got eyeballs. I want you to look into mine.

You've been indoctrinated, okay? Cows eat grass so you don't have to, you know how many times I said that cows are meant to eat grass and salad so you don't have to. And they'd look at me like, what? Yeah, a cow is meant to be a vegan, so you don't have to be, okay, that was me. So one, go back in history. Two, why is there a war on red meat? Because of the environment, the climate. Okay, does it make sense to you? Eh, don't make no sense, but doesn't matter. It's the mantra. It's the narrative of today. No wonder it's so confusing. How can red meat Dr. Martin be good for you? When everybody's telling me, everybody's telling me it's not good for me. Okay, got it. And the third one is animal elevation. What do I mean by that? Well, it's part of the indoctrination.

Animals are higher on the food chain than people are, you know, higher on the food chain than people are. I don't know if you saw this or not, came out the other day, I can't even remember the guy's name. Karl Schwab or whatever his name is. He's part of the, uh, world Health Organization and the world Council on whatever. And somehow unelected, he tells everybody what to do and what to eat. And anyway, uh, he said, I think we're gonna have to get rid of pets, but they're really, really hard on climate. I said, you know what, you better not go there. You can get rid of people and people will maybe agree with you, but you better not get rid of pets. That now people are gonna go crazy. Now look guys, you love your pet. Good for you. All I'm saying is it's another reason that there's a war on red meat.

People elevate the animal kingdom above human beings. Now let me just say this because I've had been talking for a long time this morning on the war on steak, but we're on steak, okay? It's not true. I listened to a podcast the other day. It was interesting to me. I'm a hockey guy. I love hockey, I love baseball even more <laugh>. Okay? But I was listening to a hockey podcast and they had a vegan on there who used to be in the N H L. And his name is George Laroque and he's a vegan, okay? And on the podcast he was talking about hockey, but then they talked with the host, they talked about, oh, George, you're a vegan. Yeah. And I see you, you take supplements. And he said, oh yeah, I have to. I'm a vegan and therefore vegans have to take B12. Hello?

Doesn't that tell you something? If you're a vegan, you need to supplement with B12 cuz you don't get B12 in plants. Folks, listen to me. I'm not a carnivore and people accuse me of that. I'm not a carnivore, I'm avo, I'm into nutrition. And when you don't eat red meat, listen Linda, you need B12. You don't get it in the plant kingdom. But because medicine, and they, they weren't always like this. They weren't always like this. I'm old enough to tell you that almost every doctor in the 1950s and in the 1960s was trained on the importance of B12 they were trained on. But today, uh, you know, doctors, B12, B12, <inaudible>, you don't need B12. Your B12 is normal, you know? But guys, when they measure B12, low and high, B12, like there's eternity between them, okay? And when you don't understand the importance of B12, George La Rock did, because he said, I'm gotta take B12 every day.

I don't get it. Being a vegan. Well, that should be your first clue that once you're teaching isn't right, you're missing an essential vitamin. If you have to take a supplement of B12 because you're not getting it, that ought to be a clue. It's not in the plant kingdom. But I'll tell you why plants are elevated today because plants, the plant, kingdom, fruits and vegetables, are they good? Absolutely they're good. So I'm not a carnivore, guys. Fruits and vegetables are good, okay? They are, but you're not meant to live on them. You're not. First of all, they have no cholesterol. There's no cholesterol in the plant kingdom. It's not in there. Well, that's a good thing, isn't it, doc? No, that's a bad thing. That's why you do not live on plants. You're not meant to. God gave you a gallbladder. Remember why You don't need a gallbladder for broccoli. You need a gallbladder for steak, you need a gallbladder for eggs, you need a gallbladder for cheese. That's why you have a gallbladder. And even if you lose it, your body will still produce bile. And you need bile for eggs, meat and cheese. You don't need bile for plants. You know your stomach acidity, you're different from all other mammals. <laugh>

You are a human being, has unbelievable acidity. Very, very high acidity in their stomach. Yep. You got high, high acidity in your stomach is a furnace, my friend. And the reason is not because you're eating broccoli. You don't need a high furnace for broccoli. You need a real good furnace for red meat to break it down, to get the nutrients out of it. You're built that way, my friend. You're built to eat steak. You're built to eat steak. And you know, and then I, then I hear the argument because you're gonna hear it. Well doc, there's hormones in me. There is chemicals in me, friend. I tell you, even if you have a garden in your backyard, and I hope you do. Good for you. I love that it's good for you. I yada, yada, yada, yada yada. It's good. Okay? So don't come and tell me.

And Dr. Martin hates my garden. I don't hate your garden. I think it's a great thing. But when you say it's fully organic, it's never fully organic. If you don't think plastic or other chemicals or whatever, or in the environment or in the soil, in the water, whatever, we, we just don't live in a perfect world. I wish we did. We don't. So don't say, well, you know, red meat, nah, it's got this, it's got nitrates, it's got this, it's bad. It's stroke hormones and this and that. You got that everywhere, my friend in the environment and it's in our food chain and good luck trying to get it out. Okay? You got extra money to eat organic. I applaud you. I applaud you, but you're not chemical free. That is an impossibility in our day and age. It's just impossible. You can't, okay? You can try and be a purist, but good luck with that. You're just not going to be, you have to understand that. Okay? 

Okay. <laugh> I'm breathing, I'm excited. I worked out this morning talking. See my tongue gotta work up. Okay guys, I love you guys. I, I gotta tell you, you put up with my shenanigans and I appreciate that. Okay? I appreciate that. I'm giving you the other side and, uh, share this, you, you know, a vegan or vegetarian friend or whatever this is. Share it my friend with them and get 'em to listen to the podcast, The Doctor Is In podcast. Thanks for making it the number one health show in Canada. Okay? You guys done that. Number one health podcast in Canada, we appreciate that. Okay, now tomorrow off, I'm traveling tomorrow. Okay? Did you like my Christmas tree in the background there? Okay, <laugh>, I put the lights on, okay, <laugh>, if it's too bright, let me know. Um, traveling tomorrow Friday, question and answer Friday. Okay? So, uh, don't look at, don't look for me tomorrow. I won't be at least, you know, God willing, I'm traveling. Okay guys, we love you dearly, talk to you soon!

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