963. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Granuloma
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Oil of oregano for kids
  • Milk thistle for the liver
  • Pelvic pain in men
  • Arthritis in the knee
  • Lowering of triglycerides
  • Cultured Oil
  • Alpha-gal syndrome
  • Chelation


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. How are ya? Hope you're having a great start to your day. Looking forward to our question and answer Friday. Always fun for me at least. 

Okay, guys, let's get going. The first question is from Kathy. What do you do about granuloma? And you layer, let you, that's a skin condition. Let me just give you overarching principles about the skin. Whenever you see anything on your skin, anything, think of your gut. Your skin is an organ, it's a large organ, but there's nothing. The connection between the gut and the skin is probably the greatest connection. Cause you know me, I'm big on leaky gut, leaky lungs, leaky gut, leaky joints, leaky gut, leaky sinuses, leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky gut. Well, whenever you see something on the skin, almost invariably it comes originally from the gut. If you don't fix the gut, you don't fix the big bubble. You've gotta fix the gut. 

So I'm big on causes. So what causes leaky gut? The number one cause of leaky gut is antibiotics. Okay, antibiotics. And again, I'm not against antibiotics. It's just that the problem with them is they wipe out good bacteria. And when that happens, and it can be years later, you get oftentimes problems on the skin from psoriasis to eczema, whatever. It's always, always leaky gut to start. I'm not saying there are no other issues. Hormones can have an issue with things like that. The thyroid gland can have an issue with the skin. But you start with the gut, fix the gut, and you fix the gut. By broad-spectrum probiotics, you fix the leaky gut, you tighten up the junctions so that nothing leaks into the bloodstream. You have to tighten up the junctions. How does that happen? Get the friendly bacteria to be the big army inside The good guys, they'll knit together. 

Don't feed yeast because that's an invasive species that gets into the bloodstream and spreads to the skin. You gotta, don't feed it. Don't feed the bears, no sugar. A lot of times you eliminate the crappy carbs, You get rid of all the garbage in your diet and you fix the leaky gut. Doesn't happen overnight, but you better fix leaky gut. Okay, so thanks for the question, Kathy. 

Gene, what do you think of hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Well, look, it's not my specialty, but I can tell you that I know for wound healing people that have been in burns and severe burns, as far as I've heard of it in terms of even cancer therapy and whatever, it's just not my expertise. But I certainly wouldn't be against it and wound healing and even joints. Now I'm just commenting on what I can read. But I know about wound healing because that's been going on for a lot of years. Severe burns and that kind of thing would be good. 

Okay, Sie, Is it okay to give a four year old oil of oregano? Yeah, but, how to give it? I saw the other day that you can get 'em in gummies. Now, I haven't tasted them. Okay, But I love all, I love oregano. You guys know that, So if you can somehow administer it to a four year old, because it's like buckleys. It tastes bad, but it really works, right? The problem with oil of oregano is how to admit it, that's why I always love the sprays, but it's strong. It's spray and pray. Now let me answer another question about oil of oregano. Okay? Because somebody else asked the question. 

Ta look, let me just get to it, Nancy, since Oil of a oregano is great for killing bacteria and viruses, yep, does it affect healthy bacteria in your mouth? Now Nancy, thanks for the question. Cuz we talked about that in one of our newsletters this week, didn't we? Mouthwash, okay, mouthwash. The problem with mouthwash, especially if it's alcohol-based or whatever, is it destroys, they even advertise this 99% of all germs. You don't wanna do that. You don't wanna wipe out all of the germs. Because first of all, not all germs are bad. Not all bacteria are bad. There are good guys. And look, we're made to live around bacteria. That's why I'm always against over cleaning. And look, oil of oregano is God's gift for antibiotic, a natural anti-viral. Natural antifungal. Natural, okay? It's an antioxidant, natural, and in nature. When you think something that's in nature, like oil of oregano, it kills the bad guys, not the good guys. Yeah, it doesn't wipe out 99.9% of your bacteria. It is a gift. It's a gift of God. I'm telling you. And it doesn't wipe out this. This is why we put oil of oregano in our digestive enzyme because we're going after the small intestine, A fungal overgrowth, It's a fungus. Okay? I know they say bacterial, but it's really a fungus, but doesn't matter. Oil of oregano differentiates between the good, bad and ugly bacteria. 

Guys, I've shown this over the years. I've said it consistently. Look, if you get hit by a truck and you're in the hospital and for infection purposes, they're giving you antibiotics. Listen, that's what antibiotics do. They can save your life. Now, oil of oregano is a natural antibiotic that destroys bad guys, but not good guys. That's why you can use it every day. That's why you can use it even orally. You can brush your teeth. That's what I like to do with oil of oregano. I spray oil of oregano on my toothbrush. Or you can put a drop of oil of oregano on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. You're not killing all the good guys. That is so important. That's why when you go into your kitchen and you look at the chemical cleaners that they have, most of them will say, kills 99% of all bacteria. Well, you know what? It's wiping out the good with the bad. That's what antibiotics do. They 

wipe out the good with the bad. You're throwing the baby out with the bath water. And that's why it can come back to bite you later. And this is why I talk about leaky gut, leaky skin, leaky gut, leaky lungs and sinuses and all these things. Your body has a protective layer of bacteria. Don't destroy it. Don't destroy it from your head to your toes, Okay? 

Your gut is the place where you have the most bacteria. Okay? So, all right, now there's just nothing negative about it. The only problem is, is it taste awful? It's not easy to take in a lot of ways. So for a four year old, if you can somehow administer it, then for sure it's good for them. For sure it is. 

Now, Colette, what are Dr. Martin's thoughts on milk thistle for the liver? Well, listen, I like milk thistle. I got no problem with it. But when you talk about the Costco parking lot, the liver, what goes wrong with the liver? Fatty liver, When your liver enzymes are up, when your liver is not doing its job, when your liver is not creating the amount of triglycerides, the low amount of triglycerides, the high amount of hdl, your liver is gum up. How does your liver get gum up with fat? It's the diet. So you can do milk thistle. I got no problem with it, but better yet, do the reset. 

The reset empties your liver. Okay? The reset empties your liver. When you choose the right fuels, your liver will empty itself. When your liver empties itself, there are a couple of things that are going to happen. One, you're going to do better hormonally, because a lot of, especially the thyroid hormones are manufactured. The T4 to T3 is done in the liver. The other thing is that you are producing glutathione. Glutathione is God's gift of Velcro. It's Velcro. It travels through your bloodstream and it's looking for toxins. Again, glutathione, you need to have a clean liver for that to produce high levels of glutathione. I love glutathione. Not in a supplement, what your body produces. And the more eggs, meat and cheese you eat, the more you produce glutathione. 

So the liver is really important. If there's an organ, more important than your liver, really, I always joked about it because we called it the Rodney danger field of your organs. I mean, it's ugly. It gets no respect. But it's a big, big, big issue in our society today. Nothing has changed more than liver disease. Again, if you go back to the introduction in society of a certain sugar called high fructose corn syrup, I tell you, I've been screaming since the day it was put into foods. They switched to sugar. They didn't even think of the ramifications of it. They're killing people by fatty liver. How do you die slowly? Fatty liver? Because it's at the precursor to diabetes and insulin is the precursor. Insulin resistance is the precursor to cancer, to heart disease to Alzheimer's. Liver, liver, liver. Okay, liver. Good question. Thank you very much. 

Diane. Is there anything to be done for pelvic VAEs in men? Well, look, that makes a person much more susceptible to deep vein thrombosis. Okay? So it's like varicose veins in the pelvic area. Look, your body's smart. It will create collateral circulation, but I love our Navitol because it elevates your nitric oxide. Vitamin D elevates your nitric oxide. You wanna keep your circulation. So I do, I'm high on dha. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. Okay, Thank you for the question. Okay, I've read that low levels of vitamin D three and B12 could be the cost. Well look, vitamin D, we just talked about a B12 possibly. Okay? B12 is important for nitric oxide too. Good questions. 

Rita. My right knee is making a clicking. So it's talking to you. Well, look, don't worry about the clicking sound. Worry about the health of your joints. Rita. Okay, I have arthritis in the knee. Damaged cartilage. Any suggestion? Well, keep your joints lubricated. You need lubrication? Okay? Why do you think I love collagen so much? Okay, I love bone breath. Why do I love bone breath so much? Because it's got collagen protein and that is collagen really helps lubricate your joints. So does high dha. Look, you should be taking so much oil, Rita, that you're sliding out of room butter is oil high. DHA is oil, okay? Oil, Oil, oil. And bacon is oil. Lubricate those joints and lubricate your skin. You need an oil change. Use the right oils, okay? You need an oil change. I'm big on changing your oil. I don't know much about my car, but I know I need to do an oil change. Okay? 

My grandson's a mechanic. You know what he told me? Grandpa, you know what happens to your oil? No. I said, I have no idea. I said, Why do I have to change it? See, I asked questions, not that I understand anything about my car. He said, Grandpa, you need to change the oil. Why? I said, Why? Tell me why. He says, Cause your oil loses its viscosity 

and you're gonna damage your engine. He said, You can run outta gas. I mean you get stranded. Don't be stupid, don't run outta gas. But he said that won't damage anything. But he said, If you don't change your oil, you're gonna damage your engine. I said, Okay. I got the memo off to get my oil changed every, what is it? 3000 miles, 5,000 Canadian kilometers. I don't know exactly when, but I do it. Okay folks, change your oil. Oil is important. If you're on margarine, here's the memo. Get off of it. It's killing you. It's the wrong oil. Change your oil. Lubricate your joints. But bacon oil, bacon's got the same as all of one. Okay? You got all of oil ole acid. What makes olive oil so good? Olive oil's a good oil. A good cold pressed olive oil is good for you. A hundred percent So is bacon. It's got the same oil. Yeah, it's ole acid folks. Hey folks, that's the truth, huh? Dr. Martin, what about the nitrates in bacon? Who cares? There are nitrates in vegetables. Nobody talks about those. Okay, so Rita, you know what to do for your clicking cell.

Beverly, If you lower your triglycerides, does your HDL cholesterol always go up? Okay. Or is it that having HDL allows your body to remove the triglycerides? Thanks for the question. It's always good to go over this. When you do the reset and you empty your liver, okay, Triglycerides go down. Okay? And okay, 99% of the time, and I mean triglycerides go down, HDL goes up, okay? HDL goes up. It's a teeter-totter. Most people, because they have some form of fatty liver and metabolic syndrome, 

their HDL is down here and their triglycerides are up here. Very dangerous. No, good for you. And you need to change that. That's why when you send me your blood work, please, some people just send me their triglycerides. Don't do that. Send me your triglycerides with your hdl. It's the ratio. Because I wanna see, because a lot of people I'm telling you are upside down. They got low HDL and high triglycerides. That is very dangerous. 

Doctors, unfortunately, Okay, just gonna say it. They've been so programmed. You have to understand, I'm an old guy, okay? You have to understand in school, if you were in school in the sixties, or early seventies, cholesterol, even though the world was getting stupid, medicine hadn't got stupid yet. Cholesterol, you need, Cholesterol wasn't the boogeyman yet. They talked about triglycerides. But all of a sudden, and I mean it was like a paradigm shift occurred in medicine. And when the big pharma invented statin drugs in cooperation with big food, the cereal company, cholesterol, Ah, cholesterol, bad cholesterol, the boogeyman cholesterol, scary, scary, scary. It's clogging up your arteries. And then the whole world went for it. They forgot all their biochemistry. They even made something up. You know what? They made up ldl, They made it up. They made it a bad guy. You know why? Because they got a drug that they could lower it. 

I'm gonna hammer down your cholesterol. You gotta get guys, 99.9% of medicine, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists, whatever. They still talk about cholesterol. You can't get it under their head. You need high cholesterol. You wanna live longer. Yeah. Well then elevate your cholesterol. God doesn't trust you. I always tell people that God doesn't trust you. What? Well, God makes 85% of your cholesterol. You're responsible for 15%. Do your part in each state. But guys, I'm telling you from the get-go, it drove me crazy. It's not science. Nobody dies of a heart attack from cholesterol. It's like blaming the firemen because they're at the scene of a fire. Of course, they are. They're the good guys. A policeman is at the crime scene. Hello? Yeah, of course, a policeman's at the crime scene. They're not the bad guys. Cholesterol is your friend. If you insist on keeping it low, you're going to be in, do do. You're going to be in trouble because you need cholesterol. 

Your hormones didn't even work. You see, one of the biggest things, and I know I'm getting off on a tangent, but give me a minute, ladies, listen Linda, please. When they started pushing fat free, Fat free, okay? Patients used to come and say to me, I'm eating fat free. How come it's not working for me? I said, Because you're not supposed to be eating fat free. I want you to be a fat head. Please. If I call you fat head, take it as a compliment. You need fat and you need cholesterol. And cholesterol is only found in the animal kingdom. There is no cholesterol in plants. 

None. Zero not. Does that make plants no good? No plants are all right. But you can't ever convince me that cholesterol is bad because it's in the animal kingdom. And God wants you to eat eggs, cholesterol, meat, cholesterol and cheese, cholesterol. Eat your 15% and God will do the rest. Okay, So did you like my little tangent?  Can't even remember why I went down that path. Oh, Beverly. Yeah. Bev was asking about HDL and triglycerides. 

Okay, now there's the odd person, okay? I don't call them weird anymore because I've been told that's not right to call people weird. So I call them unique. You're unique cuz there's been the odd person said, Doc, my triglycerides went up. Hey, you're weird. No, I mean you're unique. God gave you fingerprints and yours are different than everybody else's on the plan. So in a way, we're all unique, aren't we? Right? Okay. But some are just more unique than others. I would tell certain patients in the office, Don't donate your body to science. You'll confuse them. Okay? Some people didn't appreciate my sense of humour. Look, I had to make my day enjoyable. I said I love people and I love my practice. But some people say, Tell me Doc, you're not funny. Who said you were funny? I said, Well, I have to laugh with my own jokes if you don't, Okay, Good question Beverly.

Donna, what do you think about culture and oil? I like it. Fermented oil. Yeah. I got no problem with it. I love oil. The right oil, okay, The bad oil are vegetable oils. Those are terrible oils because they were made for your car, not for you. Okay? They can run jumbo jet sum. Okay? So when you see those clear oils in the middle aisles of your grocery store, avoid like the plague. Those are terrible oils. They will create an inflammatory response in your body. And one thing is when you get on the reset, you're not on any of those oils from cookies to whatever they make in the middle aisles of your grocery store. Those are terrible, terrible oils. Okay, Good question Lynn. 

Don, what do you think of Alpha Gal syndrome? Well, it's rare. Okay? If you have that, you gotta avoid red meat. I feel sorry for you again, it pretty well makes you unique. I mean, alpha, you know how many times I've seen that in 46 years of practice? Once you just gotta be careful. It's the way. And by the way, that's usually autoimmune. It's an autoimmune disorder. 

Lin, what causes excess ear wax? Well, look, there can be some people who just make more wax than others. The worst thing you do don't like, just pound it down better if it's bothering you to get it cleaned up. And there are a couple of ways you can do that and do it safely. Be careful that you need a certain amount of wax. But when you get too much, and at the end of the day, a lot of times what happens in the middle ear is something again that I link back to the gut folks. Hypos was right, all diseases. He said start in the gut. Imagine saying that 2000 years ago, like smart is a whip, right? And I'm big on the gut and the bacteria in there and the war that goes on. And usually, when you get excess ear wax, I see that as being part of a fungal infection that you don't really think so much. But it starts in the gut. 

A Lucy's asking this question about autoimmune. Any autoimmune is leaky gut. Any of them. I never saw a patient in my office from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Crohn's, lupus, ms, you name the autoimmune, Sjogren's. Even the thyroid graves starts in the back. Fix the gut, change the diet, get on the reset. Change your fuel. Change your gut. What a difference it makes my friend.

Terry, iodine sensitivities, while you, you know, some people, again, this is rare, but some people just with iodine, be very careful. Okay? I like iodine because your thyroid doesn't work without it. But neither does it work without your selenium. I've always said that iodine, I like iodine. I like iodine. But you better have selenium with it. Okay? So sensitivities, be very careful then don't eat kelp or whatever where you'd have more iodine. Okay, Terry.

Annette, what are my thoughts on chelation? I like chelation. Probiotics. Did you know that if you have a good broad spectrum probiotic, you know what keate means? The word means it bites off. It bites off more than you can chew. See, chelation. After World War ii, the Canadian and American governments got together because of lead poisoning. All these soldiers were touching this ammunition all the time. They had lead poisoning a lot of them. And so the governments put their heads together and developed a solution. A vinegar like solution. It was called E D T A. Okay? And E D T A actually chelated, okay, bid off the lead. The best chelator by the way is your liver. When it's empty, when your liver's doing its job, it's a natural chelator because glutathione is a natural cator. I used to in my practice days have had E D T A because E D T A, you can get that 

intravenously and to chelate heavy metals outta the body. But if you do a broad spectrum probiotic and empty your liver chelating heavy metals under your body, cuz one of the ways heavy metals is transported in your body is by yeast fungus. Hey we're back to the gut again. That's how you get mercury up to the brain. That's how you get lead in the brain. How does lead get up into the brain, past the blood brain barrier? Yeast. It's a transport. That's why I'm so big guys on leaky gut and that fungus yeast can, the albicans invading. It's an invasive species. And that's why I'm so big on don't feed the bears, don't give it sugar cuz it makes yeast grow. And the more yeast grows, the more it transports heavy metals.

Listen, you and I are all exposed to heavy metals. Okay, good luck. If you think you're not gonna be exposed to heavy metals in this day, high fructose corn syrup has mercury in it. Yeah,they don't tell you that, but it does. But if your body's in good working order, it'll chelate it out of there. And like I say, liver and gut go together. Okay? Thanks for the question. We appreciate it. 

Sharon, Post menopause. Sharon, I feel for it. I get horrible hot flashes, Moods feel like a zombie. I do have hash motives, but no one knows what its do you? Yep. Okay, now Sharon, look at my faith. Okay, see me? I'm the man. So what do men know? Not much. What do we know about horrors? Not much. But I tell you what I do know 100% for sure. Sure. Okay. You got horrors.  I'm postmenopausal. How can that happen? You're still a woman. You're a woman, okay? And women are complicated. You got ovaries that complicate the universe. Okay? It makes the stars unline themselves. It makes the planets get outta line. Cuz ladies, listen, some women, they have menopause. They pray for 

menopause that they are so tired of hormones and they pray for. And I say, be careful what you pray for. Be careful what you wish for because it doesn't matter how old you are, ladies, if you are out of balance, I know 80 year old women that still get hotflashes. What? Yep. Cause you're still a woman. You're not making the hormones. Oh, by the way, Dr.Martin, you don't know what you're talking about. What? I had a complete hysterectomy. Do you think that you don't, That God hasn't given you planned? B, Your adrenals make hormones. When you get menopausal and postmenopause, you think you're not making any hormones at all. Of course, you are. You're just not making as much. But the key is balance. You know how I talked about that? Teeter-totter. It's always a balance between estrogen and progesterone. And when you're out of balance, the key for a woman is balance. Men. Thank God we don't have horrors. We couldn't take it. We're big babies and we could never have a baby. So when you see in the news that men can get pregnant it's stupid. Cause God said, Nah man, they're big babies. They could never have a baby. And they could never have horror hormones. They wouldn't know what to do. They'd shoot themselves. 

I was always a woman's doctor, okay? Because I measured horrors. And if I could only get to the medical profession to teach them that they'd rather put you on an antidepressant. If You're depressed. You're depressed. Of course, I'm depressed. I don't good what you think. If you had hormones talk, you'd be depressed too. Don't put me on an antidepressant and fix my problem. You gotta stop getting too excited here. Okay, Sharon. There's hope. 

Okay, Peggy. If insulin is supposed to remove all sugar from the bloodstream away, how does it manage to get to the brain? Okay, now Peggy, good question. You're thinking along with me. I like that insulin doesn't take all your sugar outta your bloodstream, okay? You don't need a lot of sugar, you hardly need any at all. If your body needs sugar, it doesn't really need it. Because if your brain needs sugar, your body will turn steak into some sugar. I like the way you're thinking, cuz you're thinking, well it's, it's getting, Yeah, it's parking. Believe me, the insulin is a traffic cop. Out, out, out, out, out, out. But if you empty your five liters of blood, you'll be left with less than a teaspoon. So there's a little bit

that's left in there, that's for use right away. If headquarters calls for a little bit of sugar, it'll call for it right away. But it'll take it from steak. Better to get your sugar from steak and eggs and cheese. Not that it's added, it's just that your body knows what to do to get fuel right away. And the best fuel for your brain is not sugarat all. It's actually fat. Your brain operates better on fat. Okay? Thanks for the question. 

I think this is the last one, Deb. I would like to know if both raw garlic and onions can trigger esophageal intestinal reflux. I guess. Look, you gotta figure that out, Deb. I mean, if you eat raw garlic and onions, don't call your friends over. You're gonna blow them away with your breath. I used to have patients come in and they'd tell me about, Hey doc, I take raw garlic. It's good for me. Yeah, I can tell you take <laugh>. Okay. Was I against it? Of course not. It's good for you. But if it bothers you, well you gotta figure that out, okay? Cause most people don't get bothered by that. Most people don't. And if you have some kind of reflux, usually it won't bother you, but it might. Then you gotta figure that out. Okay?Everybody's different. Okay? Sugar will cause reflux more than anything else. 

I'm breathing. Okay. Did you guys have fun today? Cause I did. Okay. Have I told you lately that I love you? I haven't. Okay. I do. Thank you guys. We appreciate you guys so much. We're looking forward to another great week coming up next week. And you got questions. Don't be shy. If you want me to have a look at your blood work, don't be shy. We're happy to do it. Okay? I'll just make some comments. We love you guys and we'll talk to you soon. 

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