901. Fatty Eyes


You may be surprised to know that our eyes are made up of 93% DHA. Nutrition, what we eat, plays an important role in the health of our eyes. 

Dr. Martin reminds listeners that DHA omega-3 is only found in the animal kingdom. Fish may be a good source of DHA, but steak is even better. Dr. Martin prefers you to eat your DHA and only rely on supplements as a secondary source.

Join Dr. Martin as he discusses why it’s good to have fatty eyes in today’s episode!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Okay guys. You know what happened yesterday? I went to the optometrist yesterday. Okay. And, uh, it been a couple of years, the good news as the optometrist looked in my eyes <laugh> I said, Hey doc, what do you see in there? You see any, uh, gray matter in the back there, any brain left? Of course I was teasing, but happy to report my prescription hasn't changed and the eyes are good. The eyes are good. And, you know, look, I used to look into people's eyes all the time, not just with this, not just looking into their eyes, cuz I used to, you can tell a lot by the eyes, but I used to like examining the eye and looking inside what I was looking at was blood vessels. Okay. So I took on a picture of the eye. This is my old atlas.

Every once in a while, I'd bring this out. Of course the optometry looking at all of this, right? One of the big things is looking at the, uh, retina and looking at the blood supply. And uh, even before the examination, the doc is asking about whether I I've got any history of diabetes or whatever, and I got a lot of family history of it, but so far so good. And you know what, at the end of the day, the discussion, cuz I like to educate, you know, optometrists recommend, you know, routine and, and better care routine and things like that to help with the eyes. And I reminded her yesterday. One of the biggest things in the eye is fat, but she knew that the lipid membrane and you know, the retina fat, fat, fat, do you know that? 93%. Okay. So 93% just gonna show you the eye again. Okay. 93% of this, your eyes are made up of what DHA 93% of your eyes is DHA.

What? Yeah. If someone calls you fatty eyes, nobody's ever called me that they've called me meathead, but nobody ever called me fatty eyes, but I wish they would because your eyes need fat and especially DHA. Now you probably didn't know that. Well, a little discussion that we had yesterday was on fat because the doc was asking me why at my age, I have good eyes healthy and look, you can do everything right. And the guarantees in life. But if you understand nutrition and it's a fact on the body, we talk about the brain all the time. Your brain is fat DHA. Now think about this for a minute. Why in the world would someone tell you not to eat DHA? And by the way, in case you're wondering DHA, omega three, which is essential for your eyes comes from the animal kingdom. DHA, omega three is not found in plans.

I'm sorry. It's not now every couple of weeks, you know, you don't see it. You don't think about it, but you're always replacing cells in your retina every two weeks. You really get a new eyeball. <laugh> what yeah you do. You don't see it. One of the things with aging. Okay? One of the things that happens in aging is obviously you don't replace at the same level you do. When you're a kid, as you get older, it's part of the aging process, everything deteriorates, okay? It's the second law of thermodynamics. Second law of thermodynamics is things deteriorate. You know, I'm not big on evolution. <laugh> I'm not okay because things deteriorate. Everything goes in that downward trajectory. As we age it deteriorates that's normal, but you wanna slow that down as much as possible. And guys, I'm telling you for two reasons, you want to eat steak because you can eat fish too.

But what has more DHA than fish steak? Yep. Steak has more DHA. Why do you think I love it so much. You need fatty eyes now. Where is fat back? Okay. Let's take out. Okay. Just for those who are gonna listen to this on the podcast, I'm gonna take some fat here. And I wanna talk about that. Now what you're seeing in front of you is five pounds of fat. When someone tells you, you only lost five pounds. Oh Dr. Martin, I didn't lose much weight. I lost five pounds. Ooh, look at the size. This is a foot long. And about six inches thick of five pounds of fat. Now this kind of fat in your organs, you don't want, you don't want this kind of fat in your belly. You don't want this kind of fat around your liver. You don't want this kind of fat around your heart.

Okay? So we need to differentiate. This is unhealthy fat. And how did you get it? Well, I'm gonna tell you how you get unhealthy fat. You don't get unhealthy fat from eating fat. What? No, you don't, you don't get this kind of fat from eating fat around your organs. You get it when you eat sugar and crappy carbohydrates. And I'll tell you the worst thing for this kind of fat, dangerous fat is when you drink sugar. When you drink fruit toast, never drink fruit toast. You got the message. Don't drink it. Worst thing you could do. You wanna eat a fruit? You go ahead. You got my blessing. If you're a diabetic, eh, not so much.

You wanna eat a fruit, eat a fruit. You wanna eat an apple, okay? You want some berries, okay? But don't drink them. Now you can put a few berries in a smoothie. You can do that, but don't go to the mall and order a fruit smoothie that is gonna turn into this a big blob effect. And it'll go directly. First of all, to your liver. And when the Costco parking lot gets full of fat, you're in trouble. Cuz the body will make more and more and more and more and more. It needs parking space for your sugar, especially fructose high fructose corn syrup, the absolute curse in the food industry. And they put it in every soda, they put it in drinks. They put it in energy drinks. They put it in all sorts of nonsense and don't touch it guys, please. So there is unhealthy fat. Absolutely, but it doesn't come from fat that you eat unless you're eating the wrong fat, which is made by seed oils.

So called vegetable oils. The oils that you could run your car on, they're full of omega six, not omega three. You can get plants and get some omega three. I'm not saying you can't eat that, but that's not. DHA. DHA comes from the animal kingdom and I'm telling you, coming to a theater near you is the world. And people that sort of run the world are trying to run meat off the planet. They want you to eat crickets and soy, those hormone disruptors. Guys, you need DHA. You want healthy eyes because for two reasons, one, remember what I said, your eye is made up of DHA, 93% of it and optometrists and ophthalmologist and whatever, just at the end of it, that ever looks into people's eyes. They don't think about that.

Uh, you rarely ever hear any kind of, uh, eye specialist telling you about DHA that they don't understand. It's not better carrot team that you need for your eyes. My friend, I know we were told that, eat your carrots, eat your carrots. It's good for your eyeballs. Uh, it's not bad for your eyeballs. I'm not saying it's bad, but there's something better. It's fat. And it's a specific fat. It's a DHA fat DHA means this place. Okay? It's a long, long, long chain, fatty acid. What does that mean? Well, DHA is absorbed better than any other fat. Why? Because it's long chain. Your body looks for it. Your body is fearfully. And then wonderfully made my friend. Do you don't think your body doesn't know that you need fat? Why do Eskimo? Okay. They Inuit. You read studies done a hundred years ago just about what do they eat? They blubber, they eat fat all day high DHA and they got healthy hearts and they got healthy brains. The only time that Inuit would have trouble is when they get introduced to our Western. You know, so-called Western diet, the north American diet devoid, almost of DHA oil, bad oil, bad eyes, good oil, good eyes, fatty eyes. Hey fatty eyes. How are you?

But if you got fat in the right places and that all has to do with food, fatty eyes, fatty brain. And let me tell you the other thing that fat does it not only replaces the DHA, your eyeballs made 93% DHA now. Secondly, okay. So one is replacement of cells. You're regenerating the eye. When you have DHA, you are regenerating your brain. If somebody asked me the other day, Dr. Martin, why do you put so much DHA in your omega? Three? Why do you have that made like that? What is it? I said, I'm telling you my friend. There's a reason for it. Then the reason is your body is looking for D a J. You think I just love steak cuz I love steak guys. That's true. I do love it. Let the eat plants so that you can eat steak full of DHA. <laugh> let the cow eat grass. Let the cow have salad. You want salad? Okay? The cow's eating it for you. And the result of that, you get the DHA in the meat. Okay? I want you to eat DHA.

Okay. The first reason is the regeneration, the brain. That's where you need fat. You need fat in the brain. Okay? Your brain's fat. Okay. That might be an insult to people, but it shouldn't be cuz your brain is fat because you see when people think of fat, they think of this big love. I'm showing you. That's what they think of when they think of fat. Oh, don't eat that. Where do you think cholesterol came from? Where did you think the whole hopes came from? All of it came from the serial killer of all times. Dr. Kelloggs and his buddy. Dr. Keys, the two guys Kelloggs. He didn't want you eating meat. He wanted you eating his cereal. An keys. Oh that cholesterol causes heart disease. Well the whole world went forth and people because they didn't understand how your body operates in nutrition. They said, well the yang, all fat is bad. See, see, look at this big blob. It's gotta be bad.

My friend, when you eat the right fat, that fact turns into oil and the oil that your body needs, your eyes need it. Your brain needs it. Your joints need it. Your heart needs it. Fat. Don't make you fat unless it's the bad fat and sugar. So the other reason, okay, so that's one is now you're getting fat to regenerate your brain. Regenerates your eyes regenerate. You get brand new eyes. <laugh> a brand new retina really about every couple of weeks, but it'll only come back based on what you're eating. So don't believe the nonsense about red meat. It's nonsense. It's nonsense. It's fake news. Now the other reason, that's your eyes love good oil, blood supply, blood supply, blood supply is everything. And you know, it's kind of interesting cuz I'm gonna show you a picture of the eye again and you see the, what they call the fundus of the eye.

See that picture up here. Now again, if you're on the podcast, I'm showing a picture here. The blood supply, you see highway 4 0 7. There's the 4 0 3. There's the 4 0 1. You know what I'm getting at? When I go through Toronto. Okay. Toronto. When I go through Toronto, uh, so is thinking busy. Okay. I used to tell my patients, I can go home for lunch. You know? You know why? Well, I'm about four minutes away from home. Okay. On a bad day. Five. If I miss the light, if the light turns red before I get to it, I might have, it might take me five minutes to get home. Okay. That's the joy of living in Norton, Ontario. <laugh> when you live in Toronto, it takes you five minutes to get out of the building. Nevermind. Nevermind. Having to get home. Okay? Because I, you guys understand that. Now what I'm saying is your blood still apply to your organs, your brain, your eyeballs, your kidneys, blood, blood, blood, and your blood vessels.

DHA oil is the best thing to lubricate your blood vessels. That's why it's so good for the eye. It lubricates. It protects. I tell you guys often, okay, let me talk about my truck. You know what I know about it? Not much. I like it costs a lot of money to fill it up these days. Okay. But here's what I know. Get an oil change. And you know, I was talking to my grandson. He's a smart guy. Oh boy. Oh boy. He's a heavy duty mechanic and smart as a whip. Okay. He didn't get any of that mechanic stuff from this side of the family. My like me <laugh> I said, Devin, you didn't get it from me. Not even announce him. But I said, Deb, tell me about oil. Why do I have to get my oil changed in my truck? And he said something interesting to me cuz I was thinking dirty oil.

Okay. And that's probably part of it. But he said the biggest thing is viscosity. I know what that means. The thickness of the oil. It, it, he says it breaks down, see oil breaks down. And uh, I mean, you don't ever wanna run out of oil in an engine, but you want that viscosity of the oil. That's what D H A does better than any other thing. The viscosity of the oil in your vehicle protects the engine viscosity of oil in your body protects your blood vessel. That's why fat, my friend. That is why fat is so important. And you need to eat it in your diet.

I tell people I eat steak every day. Just about, and I have fish every day. You do? Yeah. In a capsule. No, I wish I liked it, but cuz otherwise I would eat it. And I know you're gonna say I'm a big baby. Ah, yeah, I get that. So guys, I only need these glasses. I wear them all the time, but I need 'em to read. Well, I'm always reading. I'm so used to having my glasses on. I need glasses to read and some of you out there got better eyes than I do, but I was happy that the optometry said, Hey man, your eyes are fantastic and they haven't gone downhill. <laugh> at all. I was very happy to hear that. I was very happy to hear that what I'm doing is working. I mean, you know, at the end of the day, think about this. Okay. People ask me, okay doc, why did you, why do you make your own supplements? Well, I'll tell you why I was in practice. I needed to get results. People came to see me exhausted heart disease, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, blah blah, blah, blah. You name the symptom. I had to get results.

And for me, this is key. It's key results. That's all I want results. You know what I was saying to the doctor said, you know, what's really good for your eyes, doc, uh, carrots. They're not bad. You know, what's Ben think carrots, you know what I said, coffee, coffee. What? Coffee's good for the blood vessels, the polyphenols, the thousand, uh, phytonutrients that are in coffee. They're good for your eyes. Better than just be care, routine and routine. I'm not against that stuff. I'm not. Wow. So I didn't know that. I thought you weren't supposed to drink a lot of coffee. Well, I said fake news, fake news. So you understand that guys, do you understand it?

You wanna regenerate your eyes with fat, the right fat animal fat. You wanna protect your blood vessels. The worst thing for your blood vessels is sugar. Sugar destroys your blood vessels rapidly. That's why you need insulin. Insulin's job. It's the, the policeman at Christmas at the Costco <laugh> to be busy at Costco, they gotta direct traffic. One thing insulin does guys is get sugar outta your bloodstream. Your body's smart that people insist on. You know about 35, 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Unbelievable. And insulin says, okay, if you insist on eating sugar, I can't let you stay in the bloodstream. And I told you time and time and time again, you can have 20 donuts, please don't do it. But you could 20 of 'em. You're going to make a boatload of sugar from that. You can drink a soda. You're gonna get a boatload of sugar from that. But I'm gonna tell you what your body will do. Your body will take that sugar and get it outta your bloodstream. It can't stay there. And your pancreas, your beta cells release insulin and insulin says, Hey, you sugar out. Follow me, come here. And I'm gonna park you someplace else. That's what insulin does.

And we have a whole really new in a lot of ways. This social experiment, this food experiment since Dr. Kelloggs and Dr. Keys, the serial killers, this whole experiment, uh, don't eat fat and fat mate, you know, cut up. You gotta have lean meat, eat lean hamburger, lean, lean. I go for a steak. That's got the most fat on it and I eat it because they got food wrong. They were wrong. Kelloggs did it on purpose keys, man, I don't know if he did it on purpose or not. Kelloggs did it on purpose. He wanted everyone to get away from animal products.

And so what did we have people every day, eating and drinking boatloads of sugar. Your insulin goes crazy. Cuz it's got a job to do out out out of the blood vessel. Sugar destroys blood vessels rapidly. And if you don't believe that you ask a diabetic, I'm gonna tell you something a diabetic. Never unless they get it under control and I'm not talking. Medication will end poorly. And even today here we are in 2022 and diabetics are told, ah, you need carbs. You know, you need a balance diet. That is the craziest teaching. It's the craziest science that you've ever heard is telling a diabetic to eat something or drink something like ensure or orange juice. That's the worst stupidity they're allergic to it. If you're a diabetic or a prediabetic, you're allergic to it. Why would you eat it? Why would you drink it?

I am. My doctor said, oh, change doctors. I don't wanna get too excited. Okay guys, <laugh> I'm stopping now. Okay. What's Friday question and answer. So let's get our questions in guys. I really appreciate the fact that you are telling your friends and telling your family about our podcast. The doctors in podcast, people are downloading that in record numbers. Thank you very much. We appreciate that. Get the word out guide because you always hear the other side. Don't worry about the other side. They're gonna tell you balance and you need, you know, you need a balanced diet and red meats. No good for you all on the other side guys. And so we're gonna give you the right side, the truth guys about food. So share with your friend. Now look, they gotta make decisions on their own, but most people, they have no idea what they have no idea how to eat. Right?

Okay. So share the Facebook page, get people to join our private Facebook group. What a community we have in there. Did you see the little picture of my great grandson in there? <laugh> that these so cute? Oh, you know what the problem with being a great grandparent is you never get at 'em those kids <laugh>, you know, you're in the back of the bus trying to get through the grandparents to get, I can understand that I'm a grandparent too. If I have known grandchildren and that much fun way to add 'em first, man. I love my grandchildren and my great ones, but it's not easy. I got three great grandchildren and man. Oh man. They're so cute. Okay guys, we love you. We'll talk to you soon.

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