883. A Metabolic Mess


A statistic that Dr. Martin based his last book on is that 88% of the population has some form of metabolic syndrome. That means only 12% of the population is considered healthy. This is significant because metabolic syndrome opens the door to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes and autoimmune.

A new study from Tufts University is saying the situation is worse than we thought. It’s reporting that only 7% of the population is metabolically healthy. It means that out of 15 people, 14 of them have some form of metabolic syndrome!

Join Dr. Martin as he unpacks this study and explains why we’re in such a metabolic mess!


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Back on. Good to be with you this morning, back from our holiday and ready to go, guys, this is very significant. I actually wrote about it in our book. The metabolic reset that studies confirmed in north America. And you know what the figure was? 88% of the population had some form of metabolic syndrome. Okay? So that came out. I think it was, I'm gonna say about 2018. It was shocking. Well, it didn't shock me so much, but it was shocking when you think of it overall 88% of population, that means only 12% are on the narrow road. That leads to good health. Cause if you got any form of metabolic syndrome, you're in do do why? Because metabolic syndrome is the key to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's diabetes and autoimmune. The five mean killers in our society today, all come from metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, belly fat, high, low HDL. I like to add elevated uric acid levels. These are all signs of metabolic syndrome.

 Now you can't get metabolic syndrome without having insulin resistance. It's at the root of all of it. High circulating insulin guys. That is so key. If you get that, you're in the 1% of people that look at food, being responsible for our health medicine, big pharma and big food. Don't want you to know this. They don't want you to know it, but you guys know it. Insulin is a food problem. You never have to worry about insulin. If you are eating the right thing, you never have to insulin resistance. Now did you think that was the headline today? It's not. 

Here's the headline new research out coming out of Tufts university. Here's the headline. It's worse than we thought. What it's worse than we thought, because we were at 88%, right? 88%. That means only 12% of the population are really healthy metabolically, but it's worse than we thought. 22 brand new statistics coming outta Tufts university. Let me quote, because here's what they said.  I'm only repeating what they said. It's worse than we thought only 7% of the population are metabolically healthy. Only 7%. It's crazy. You know what? That means? 14 outta 15 people have poor baseline health, 93%. 

It's crazy. It's worse than we thought. I can't be optimistic about the future of our society. When you see statistics like this and repetition, repetition, repetition, but we're not getting the memo. I don't wanna be political, but sometimes you just gotta say what the truth is. We're so focused on the climate that we're missing the elephant in the room, what will cost our society? What will kill people with these chronic diseases is not the climate it's food. It's insulin resistance. When your body says enough is enough. And if you don't stop, you are on a broad road that leads to destruction at the end is cancer. Cardiovascular disease at the end of the road is Alzheimer's remember guys, Alzheimer's look there's other factors, small percentage, the environment. I get all that, you know, we live in a polluted world for sure. 

I was reading. I think I have it here. Let me just make a comment on it because I don't wanna forget something that came out the other day. And it was 80% of the population. 80% of the population have Roundup, Ugh. In their urine, 80% of the population in north America, when they do a urine sample, they found Roundup, are you kidding me? That is a pesticide and 80% of them. We pee it. It's in our urine. So we already know that the environment is affecting our health, but it's still guys. You can't even get away from it. Even if you try, I mean, where are you gonna go with Elon Musk to the moon? It'd be nice to get rid of all this stuff, but we probably won't. And that's a topic for another day, how to protect ourselves. I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna tell you how to protect yourselves from Roundup and any other chemical and Xeno estrogens. I'm gonna show you how to block it. I'm gonna show you what to do to give yourself every chance so that the environment of these plastics and round up and all these other herbicides and pesticides and all these things, guys, good luck. The moral of that story. 80% it's in our urine for heaven's sakes. The only way it gets in your urine is if it's in your tissue, but guys, I'm coming back to this 93%. 

It's not 88. It's 93. So between 2018 and 2022, we've gone downhill metabolic syndrome. Didn't get better. It got worse. It's worse. Now in 2022 than in 2018, no improvement. It went downhill. And guys that is a frightening, frightening statistic because all the tea in China is not going to pay for the future of our healthcare system. First of all, we don't even have a healthcare system. We have a disease care system and all the tea in China is not gonna pay for it. You know what? It's already a disaster. Our hospitals are full cancer treatment. You know, unfortunately medicine has focused in on treatment of cancer. I'm not against that. You decide what you wanna do. If you get cancer, what I'm trying to teach you is how to prevent it. Doc, I've got stage four cancer. Well do everything you can. 

I'm gonna give you some protocols, things that I developed over the years, but can I tell you honestly, I wish you'd have never got that. And look, I'm not telling you there are any guarantees in this life. As far as your health, you don't guaranteed to be healthy, but you might be healthy as a horse and walk across the street and get hit by a bus. I mean, you can't control everything in life. I just talked to you about the environment. If you live on planet earth, you're gonna be exposed to chemicals. You're going to be exposed to pesticides and herbicides. And it's everywhere. It's in the food chain. It's everywhere. You don't live in a perfect world, but this program is all about. Let's put everything on our side. Let's get out of the 93%. Let's get onto the 7% of healthy people, metabolically. And actually guys, there's a way to measure it. 

If you look at your blood work, the one I forgot earlier is A1C. That's the one I like that is measuring glycated hemoglobin. That's what it means. What's that mean? Well, you know what? Sugar does. Sugar attaches itself to the middle of your red blood cells, where your hemoglobin is. Okay? Every time you breathe, your red blood cells, we're going through your lungs. And the middle part of your red blood cell is called hemoglobin. You know what hemoglobin does? It's like Velcro. It sticks to oxygen. Can't live without oxygen. You can't live without oxygen. So your red blood cells, every time you breathe, goes by your lungs picks up oxygen. It sticks to the hemoglobin. Okay? You got that. That's what your lungs do. That's what red blood cells do. But do you know what A1C is? When you eat sugar, you know what sugar does it attaches to red blood cells just like oxygen. 

Does it stay in your blood and you can measure it. It's called A1C. I like that better than your glucose levels. If your A1C is over 5.4, 5.4 or over you're in Dodo, you're in trouble. Now your doctor might tell you, oh, that's normal. Nah, it's not really because A1C over that number, even try and get it lower than that is a sign that you've developed. Insulin resistance and insulin resistance. My friend is at the root of metabolic syndrome and 93% of the population have metabolic syndrome. You know how my expression, I like to say it they're on the Titanic. They're on the Titanic. Some of them have already hit the iceberg and some of them are going to hit the iceberg. I know I simplify things, but my friends it's the truth. 

It's food were carboholics. And here we are in a very advanced society in 2022 advanced look at the technology, look around the world. Holy moly. Can't get over technology. I'm an old goat. You know, I mean, I can hardly understand what's going on here. I am doing podcasts. If you'd have told me 20 years ago or less 10 years ago that I wouldn't be doing my radio show anymore, that I would hit all around the world, which you couldn't do by radio. What you can do by podcast. I would've said you're crazy that ain't gonna happen. But folks with all the advancements in technology, the world is backwards. When it comes to food it's backwards, there was an agenda. It started when I was a little boy, that fat made you fat and cholesterol was bad for you. It was an agenda. It was nonsense. It was never true. And guess what has happened today? We have been on a failed experiment, a human experiment. And you know what? Sometimes you do an experiment and it's failing you. Stop. 

Stop for over a half a century. We have been on a failed experiment in food. We got the food pyramid upside down people today. They rail against meat. They rail against eggs. They rail against dairy and they tell you it's no good. It's no good for the environment. It's no good for you. It makes you a fat. It gives you a cholesterol. It's gonna hurt your heart. Red meat causes cancer and LA yada, yada, yada, it's all a propaganda nonsense. There's not an ounce of science to it. When someone says follow the science, they're usually saying follow the money. That's what they're really seen. And guys, I know I get excited. I know I'm a loud I know all that. Hasn't been the first time I've been told that, but unbelievable guys, unbelievable guys. This is the one of the most frightening statistics that you will ever read. It's absolutely incredible. 

And the solution is right before us. Like I said, you can't control everything in life, but you can sure. Control what you put in your mouth every day. You sure can control your food choices. I didn't say that was easy. By the way, CR world operates on marketing. What do they do? They market. You just gotta understand. I told you this many, a times. If you go in behind the scenes, go behind the scenes by try and bring you there. You've got big pharma. You think they're not powerful people. They're more than powerful. They have four lobbyists for every Senator in Congressman, in Washington. For everyone. They lobby lobby, lobby lobby. I've talked to politicians. I have over the years. And they said, well, I'm not a doctor. I don't know. Well, I think, you know, before you make big decisions, maybe you should educate yourself. 

You don't have to be a doctor. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out when someone's lying to you just don't accept everything that people say. I don't even want you to accept everything that I say. I don't want you to do that. I want you to be a be, you know what it means to be a be, do you know what that is? Well, the apostle Paul said it. He said, I appreciated the people in be because they didn't take my word for it. What I was saying, they looked it up to make sure I was following the Bible and the new Testament hadn't been written yet. But that's what it means to be a be, I want you guys to be a be, don't take everything at face value because the world's into marketing. They're fantastic at it. 

Bill gates is not a scientist, but he has an agenda. I'm not even saying he is a bad man. I'm not saying that. I don't know what his motives are. He probably thinks he's right. He's gonna save the world by eliminating a lot of people. He's gonna save the plan. And some of us have to go, I guess, cuz he is gonna feed us crickets, now is that true? A statement or not? He's buying up all the farmland. Apparently they want you to no longer eat meat. The folks you got a gallbladder for a reason. You're meant to eat meat. That's why God gave you a gallbladder. So as simple as that, a cow doesn't have a gallbladder cause a cow doesn't eat meat. 

Rabbits don't have a gallbladder and they live on salad. But the world today, see, you know, it's part of the agenda. Don't eat meat. Don't eat eggs, have a few, but not many. And certainly don't have any dairy. Don't eat cheese, cheese, fattening, cheese got calories, cheese got cholesterol. Yeah. Well the only place to get cholesterol is from the animal kingdom. You can't get cholesterol from plants. You need cholesterol. They told you avoid this sun. They told you avoid cholesterol. They told you to avoid salt, right? They used to tell you to avoid coffee. Hang on. Yeah. Coffee BA for you. Oh, there's a new study on coffee. I'll bring it out. Now. Maybe tomorrow folks I'm telling you. I can believe it. These terrible statistics, but I wish it weren't. So I wish it wasn't true. And people are walking around with blinders on because they don't know how to eat. 

They've been lied to oh doc, everything in moderation, doc, everything in moderation. Ooh, that gives me a splitting headache anyway. Okay. Okay guys. So tomorrow, is it gonna be question and answer Friday? I don't know because we did question and answer Monday. Did we? Yeah, we did Monday and then I was off for a few days, Tuesday and Wednesday. So we'll see if I don't have enough questions. I got a lot of studies that have come out that I want to talk about. So we'll see. Okay. Little housekeeping. I haven't talked about this for a bit. Do you get our emails? Okay. If you don't go to the Martinclinic.com, get our emails, join the almost a hundred thousand people that get our emails a hundred thousand. They're very educational. Okay. That's one. So if you're not getting them, you sign up Martinclinic.com. Okay. For those of your friends and family or whatever, they can't watch the live Facebook, get them to download. The doctor is in podcast on their favorite device. You go on podcast. Okay. On your smart device, just put in the doctor is in and then just click on it and you can download it. And then you get all the new ones when they come out. Okay. Don't ask me anymore detail than that because I'm a dinosaur. Okay guys. So have I told you lately that I love you? I haven't. Well, I do. Okay. So we'll see you soon. 

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