881. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Prebiotic fiber
  • Swollen feet
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Reversing of neuropathies
  • Time release vitamins
  • Oil of oregano
  • Lactic acid build-up


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Good to have you on with us this morning and we're ready to go. And it's gonna be question and answer Friday. So here we go.

The first one, Cheryl, what is in inulin and what does Dr. Martin think of it inulin is a fiber it's characterized as a prebiotic. Meaning a prebiotic is sort of like a fertilizer for friendly bacteria. Now let me give you my take on prebiotics. There's a big talk about prebiotics and probiotics. Can't survive without prebiotics or whatever. Look, not that I don't believe in prebiotics, but they get a lot of ink. And couple of years ago, especially, it seemed like week after week after week in health news, that we're talking about prebiotics, prebiotics, prebiotics. Now, listen, you know what I think about probiotics, but the best prebiotic, in my opinion, when you feed your microbiome, not within you, look you wanna take inland. 

I got no problem with that. You wanna take it, but the healthiest prebiotic what your microbiome, what your friendly bacteria thrives under is eggs, meat, and cheese. Those are the best prebiotics. And I'll tell you why. When you feed your microbiome fuel. Remember we talked about this yesterday, the best fuel when you feed your body the best fuel. When you stay away from sugars, high fructose corn syrup, when you stay away from those crappy oils, those are what I call artificial foods. 

You know what? High fructose corn syrup, your body doesn't even know what that is. You think that doesn't mess up your microbiome. You better believe it does. When you take vegetable oil, they call vegetable oils. They're far from vegetables. They're synthetic oils that you can run your car on fully synthetic, from crackers to whatever, even put it in breads and things in the middle aisles of your grocery store. 

They're made with bad, fat, bad oils. Your body doesn't even know what that is. Now. What happens that destroys your microbiome. So you wanna feed your microbiome, your friendly bacteria. They thrive with eggs, meat, and cheese. They don't thrive with fiber. They don't thrive with fiber. Your body wasn't meant to live on fiber. I'm not saying you could never have it, of course, but that was all marketing. All. You need your all brand, cause you're not gonna go to the bathroom. So folks feed your friendly bacteria. Look, if you wanna use insulin, uh, okay, good for you. My experience is if you don't feed your bacteria and sugar and those crappy oils, your microbiome will thrive. Okay? Good question. Thank you, Cheryl. 

El, what makes your feet swell? While a lot of things you could be dehydrated. That'll make your feet swell. You could have congestive heart failure. That'll make your feet swell. You can have kidney stress where your body is losing electrolytes and you are getting edema that can make your feet swell. Low levels of potassium, low levels of magnesium electrolytes that can make your feet swell. So we see a lot of things. You can be on medications that can make your feet swell. If you've got poorer circulation, this is why I'm big on compression sock that can make your feet swell. If you don't have good micro circulation in your legs, a lot of people don't. So it's very common and from poor circulation to electrolytes, to congestive heart failure, cuz your body can't pump your heart's pump is not strong enough. And those are all things that can do that. Okay. So thanks for the question.

Jenny, what does Dr. Martin think of doing a food sensitivity test? Well, listen, I used to tell people in the office, this is true story. Ask my girls, give me $600. And I used to have the kits right in my office, give me 600 bucks. I'll take a sample of your blood. I'll send it to these labs. And you know what happens? You'll get a report back. I get $200 back from the lab. I said, you wanna gimme 600 bucks. 200 of it is for me. And 400 is for the lab. And I look, if you wanna do it, do it. If you wanna spend the money, do it. But here's what I like better, the best food sensitivity test that I've ever found. And I actually used to tell my patients, this do doctor, mom, test, you know, your kid or you know, your own body, do the elimination test. Uh, I wonder if cheese is bothering me. Well, the only way to really know is to eliminate it, then reintroduce it and see how you feel. 

You know, a lot of people, you know, do I have a gluten intolerance? I used to say in the office, that's my stop. Gluten schmoo okay, because you got leaky gut, you got microbiome is upside down. Yeah. It's not gluten unless you have celiac. And even then I used to be able to help people with celiac. I'd fix their microbiome. I'd fix their gut. So do the elimination, test yourself. That's what I would recommend. Jenny, not listen if you want. I'm not against those tests. But sometimes when your gut is really messed up, I've had patients that have done the test and they come back and they're hypersensitive to everything. Like, everything's off the chart. They said, doc, what am I going to eat? I said, well, you gotta take that test with a little bit of a grain of salt because I said your gut is so messed up. Your microbiome is so messed up. You know, I talked to you the other day about barcodes. Remember that? Remember the barcode, every cell in your body's got a barcode. When food comes into your body, it's got a barcode. 

And when you have any kind of autoimmune, your body says, oh, that's got the wrong barcode to it. And it rejects it. And your body starts to go after it. Instead of accepting it as being normal, you mess up your barcode. When you got leaky gut leaky gut is at the root of every autoimmune leaky gut is at the root of every allergy food sensitivities. I often tell people you're not fully allergic to something. You are hypersensitive when you fix that first, you are going to do better. So Jenny, thanks for the question. It allowed me to pontificate this morning. 

This is from someone we don't know because we don't have the name. Why would someone cramp up? Well, usually if you get a lot of cramps and I'm one to get cramps, I really do. Like if I don't drink enough water, I cramp up. When I think about my own body and I know my body, well, I should. I'm 70 years old. You know, like I should know my own body, right? And I dehydrate very quickly. Now dehydration, I've explained this in the past. Make sure you're drinking enough. Water, 64 ounces for my American friends and two liters of water for my Canadian friends. That's the sweet spot for water. Drink water. Nothing else is water. Make sure you're getting water. That's one. Now the other thing is salt. You cry salt. Your blood is full of salt. You need salt, salt. Isn't a bad guy. It really isn't. Salt is only the bad guy in the presence of a lack of water. So let me repeat that. Salt is only the bad guy. It'll only elevate your blood pressure salt. If you're not drinking water, you got that. Get the memo. 

That's really important. You need water and you need salt. Your body is made of salt. You're gonna cry salt. You ever cry and you got salty tears. If someone calls you salty, take it as a compliment. You wanna be salty. That's why I like a little pinch of, of salt in your water. Himalaya salt has 84 trace minerals. And some of you out there, we talked about this the other day, need magnesium. Some of you out there need to take a supplement of magnesium. Some of you might need to take a supplement of potassium if you're cramping up so much, and that can happen by the way, you can get cramps. When you go into ketosis, when your body is switching fuels, you know, some people find, and it's not because it's a lack of potassium per say. It really isn't. It's your body changing fuels. 

And you might have to add more salt. You might even have to add some more magnesium. A lot of people are very low in magnesium, but there are no magnesium anymore in the soil. There're very little on account of it's not in fertilizers and all the pesticides and the herbicides and all these things. They strip away the minerals in the soil. They're not there like they used to be. Okay. So you miss out. So it's a very, very good question. And if you're getting cramping, you gotta look at all of the above. Okay? Thanks for the question. 

Carlos neuropathies, can they be reversed? I have I've reversed neuropathies. Look. What is very common is neuropathies. Very common. Come with diabetes when their sugar is high, that is destructive to blood vessels and blood vessels. Supply nerves and neuropathy is very common in people that have trouble with their sugars. 

People that have insulin problem because at the end of the day, that's what it is. It's an insulin problem. Can they be reversed? Well, they can be surely helped. Now. Here's another thing that I found neuropathies. Come when you are low in B12, 80% of the population is low in B12, 80%. They don't get enough B12. For many reasons. One, we're not eating as much red meat as we used to. We're buying the lie of veganism and vegetarianism at the expense of meat. You know what bothered me? Can I tell you something that bothered me in the news? Please answer this question for me. Why would anyone go against farmers? 

They feed us. Why would we bite the hand? That feeds us? I can't understand it. Are you kidding me? They wanna eliminate farms. I've never heard stuff so stupid in all my life. Listen, you know me? I'm the farmer's best friend. Farmers send me checks. Cause I defend you till the cows come home. Honestly, folks, apparently even the Canadian government is talking about reducing farming. Are you kidding me? But guys wanna see why we see so much neuropathy is because when you don't eat red meat, where B12 is found, B12 is a neurological vitamin. And when you eat meat, you're getting all your B vitamins, including B12. You don't get B12 in chicken by the way. So eat your fish salmon cuz you get B12 and eat your steak. Vitamin S okay. Vitamin S absolutely. Very, very good question. And you'll be surprised if you get your insulin under control. That's why the reset, how many people have found that their neuropathy got a lot, lot better. So Carlos, as far as reversing, I don't like to use that word. I like to put it into remission. That's what I really like. 

Maryanne, what is your opinion on time release vitamins.  Listen, let me just say this Maryanne. Okay. So you might be new to the program and you might not be, but let me repeat what I repeat all the time. I'm a big, big guy on eating your vitamins first. Okay? Like you're gonna get all your B vitamins. You know, if you eat meat, although age meat and cheese have all the B vitamins and if it's red meat, you're gonna get B12. So I've never been big on supplementing so much with the B vitamins, mind you. I do put it in our blood boost. Okay. For a reason, cuz these people are so low usually. And you know, a lot of times with anemia, lot of patients, former patients, whatever that were on cancer therapy or on chemotherapy and their appetite and for whatever reason, their blood was very low. And I wanted to build blood. Well, I put them on a chelated vitamin. Anyway, I don't wanna get into that so much, but the question is Maryanne time release, eh, you know, a good vitamin is time released in a sense that, you know, look at probiotics. 

For example, our probiotics are empirically coded and that sort of gets them into the gut and they're released pretty quickly. But time released. What is the advantage of that? Eh, I don't know. I just want them to be very bio available Maryanne. That's what I aim for. Not so much the time release. 

Okay. Linda, what happens to your body when you go back to crappy carbs and still eat high fats? Well, it's not good. Now listen, let me get around this question, Linda, cuz I think I know where you're coming from. Okay. When you do the recent 30 days, no carbs, no sugars, whatever. Okay. 30 days. 

One of the reasons that I get you into 30 days, the main reason is to get you out of resistance to actually at the cellular level change yourselves. So they're now much more sensitive to insulin instead of them going. I hate you insulin. Okay. So that's the primary reason of the reset. Okay. Now the other reason for the reset it's past the 21 day, mark, why do I go past 21 days? Well, insulin resistance. You can fix it two. It's a habit for me. When you go past 21 days, I used to tell people, listen, give me 30 days of your life. You need to trust me for 30 days. You ready to do that? Cuz I knew if they get past the 21 days, they're gonna form a habit. They got rid of their sugar and they got rid of their sugar craves. They realized how good they feel. 

And the idea with that is once you have a crappy meal after your body loves the new fuel, it's the new you, it loves it. You give it a crappy meal and your body goes, why did you do that to me? I don't like that stuff. You know how many thousands of people told me that thousands? And I mean that well I knew enough about human psychology. I always tell Dr. McEwen, the professor of psychology at the university of Tennessee. I used to tell her I learned enough psychology just to be dangerous in university. But here's what I learned. Takes three weeks to form a habit now to get back to your question, okay? If you get sidetracked and you go back to the way you used to eat, here's what I recommend for one week. Go back on the reset. You'll set your body straight again. 

Linda, you have to understand. Look when you do the reset, you have completely changed your body, but you have to have good habits. Like it's like I went to the gym, I got real strong. And then I, you know that I'm not gonna do it anymore. No. The idea is this is the three DS of Dr. Murphy. Okay. This has sort of been my model for a lot of years. Desire, determination and discipline. Discipline. That third D is every day in the trenches of life. You have to make the right choices. No one can do it for you. You must do it yourself. It's the determination of the heart saying, look at me. I'm 70 years old. I just want to tell you about me. Okay? From personal experience, my name is Tony and I'm a Carbaholic I don't try and fool myself. I don't like, oh Tony, you look so good. 

You can eat anything you want, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don't listen to that. I listen to me, Tony, you're a Carbaholic you married an Italian. You love pasta. I do. I love bread. I can live on bread, but you know what? I can't get away with it. I told you the story in the past, I started jogging when nobody jogged, you know why? Because my dad started jogging. We didn't even call it jogging. I said, dad, what are you doing? Running? The only people that run are when the police are chasing you in 1967, are the police chasing you? You know what I mean? Like running, what are you running for? But my dad, I'm telling you. I learned from him and I've been doing it ever since I've worked out and now I don't run. Like I used to, but I walk and I do weights. 

I wanna stay strong. See it's all discipline Linda it's discipline. It's every day in the trenches. When all the voices are saying, oh Linda, you can do it. You can eat whatever you feel like. And you know, eat in moderation. I hate that. I hate that. I hate that when I hear, oh, just eating in moderation. No, it gives me a triple migraine. When I hear people talking like that, that's coming to you from the food industry. Just eat in moderation. You'll be fine.

Oh Noel, can you make your own oil of oregano? Well, for sure you could now don't ask me. Okay. Don't ask me, you know how much I love oil of oregano I'm sure you could, but don't ask me how to do it. I don't know. I've been talking about oil of oregano for so long. There's another thing farmers owe me money and oil of oregano owe me money for all the advertising. 

I give them. Okay. 20 years on, on the radio, I had oil of oregano people that were selling supplements to the pharmacies reps and said, you know what, doc, in your area, in Northern Ontario, the highest sales per capita of oil of oregano in north America. Did you know that? I said, well, yeah, I didn't know that, but no wonder. That's all I talk about. Oil of oregano. I love it. There's not a better spice in the world. Antibiotic antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine, anti anti anti oil of oregano. I haven't found a spice that is as good as oil of oregano, not just me and clinical experience. Okay. Thanks Noel. I guess you could make your own go on our private Facebook group, Noel and ask the question. Maybe there's people that have done that on our group. 

Okay. Janice, what causes muscle to burn? When exercising it's called lactic acid. Your body is building up lactic acid. It'll burn and that's actually good for you. It's actually good for you. Get strong guys. Tony junior and I were talking about this this morning muscles. What a biomarker for your body, for your health muscles. Now you don't have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. You don't but be strong. It's not just for your bones. It's for your brain. It's for your heart. It's for your testosterone men. Ladies it's for your hormones. Get strong. We can't emphasize it enough. 

Okay guys. Have I told you that? I'd love you? I did. Well. I'm telling you again. Thank you guys for making this program so successful. If it wasn't for you, where would we be today? It's you guys. It is. Thank you for listening. We're gonna talk to you soon and we love you dearly. 

Announcer: You've reached the end of another. Doctor is end podcast with your hosts, Dr. Martin, junior and senior. Be sure to catch our next episode and thanks for listening.


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