880. The Microbiome & Toxins


Glyphosate is a broad spectrum herbicide used in agricultural weed control. There have been lawsuits against the maker of the chemical because it ends up in our food.

An interesting study is showing how glyphosate doesn’t end up in the actual meat of animal, but instead in what they produce. So, it may show up in the milk or eggs, but not the animal itself. Dr. Martin says this is a big win for the animal kingdom!

How do these toxins avoid getting in the flesh of the animal? It’s their gut, the microbiome, that deals with the toxins. Dr. Martin explains further in today’s episode!


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Dr. Martin: Good morning, everyone. How are ya now guys, let me just give you a couple of things this morning. More of a little bit of a hodgepodge, this was my dear friend Theo sent me this this morning. Okay. So sometimes you guys even send me studies that I haven't seen. This is on glyphosate. You know what glyphosate is? It's a broad spectrum pesticide, and there's actually been some lawsuits against these things that have affected because pesticides end up in our food, but listen to this, this is really good. And Diago sent this to me this morning and I said, I gotta pontificate on this for a minute or two. They actually did a study on the use of glyphosate. And whether it ends up in eggs, meat, and cheese, I mean, this would be perfect for the reset. 

They wanna know if any of this stuff, we often hear don't eat meat because of all the hormones and the pesticides and whatever. But here's the good news. The news is that and need get to study on glyphosate. It doesn't end up in the food when you're eating animal foods. You know why this is a big win, big win for the animal kingdom. Because once those pesticides get into the cow, the chicken, their gut gets rid of it because of their microbiome. Yeah. And listen, I'm just reading the study here. Okay. So here's the bottom line that says, so glyphosate does not bioaccumulate in mammal a very interesting experiment. They were actually fed this stuff. Dairy cows were fed this stuff. It doesn't end up in the meat. It doesn't end up in the milk. It doesn't end up in the cheese. Isn't that something it's how nature takes care of things. 

I guess a cow having four stomachs is a good thing. Isn't it? You know, the intestine full of bacteria. So bacteria's on our side. So now I'm going to even double down even more. Why you should be eating eggs, meat, and cheese. I saw last night, I kind of laugh. You know, someone asking the question on the private Facebook group. What about the reset? Why is it just eggs, meat, and cheese? Why can't it be something else? Well, I almost got on there and said, well, if you want something else, you're gonna have to go to another site. I'm sorry. I'm not apologizing, but I'm, I'm sorry that you don't understand. Okay. Any who? Very, very important guys, eggs, meat, and cheese. Now I gotta respond to something else because it just makes me think of the private Facebook group. I think this happened last week or the week before where someone and listen, look, we get tens of thousands on there. 

Okay. We've got over 10,000 members there on that private Facebook group over that. So look, we're always gonna get comments and look, if you keep it reasonable, man, nobody's gonna have an issue with it. And we got a great community there. And, and 99% of the time, I don't even have to answer. You guys answer the questions, but someone put this on and they were disappointed in their weight loss. They were disappointed in the weight loss on the reset. Well, I could have shown them at least a thousand. If not more people who've done the reset where their weight loss was incredible. But I had to remind that person, like I usually don't do it, but I did have to respond because they were saying, I think the comment was the jokes on us, right? Well, there was no joke. First of all, your metabolic health is not a joke. 

And the joke is, you know, it's almost like someone twisted your arm to do the reset and you didn't get the results of it. Well, that would be a bad joke, but understand this. Okay. When I talk about metabolic health, what does that mean? By the way, what does metabolic health mean? Because this is a metabolic reset. 30 days. There's a reason for it. Why isn't it doc, 21 days? Why isn't it just one week? Why, why, why? Why? Well, there's a reason now, if you've read the book, you get those reasons that it's a 30 day program. There's a reason for it because it takes that amount of time to reset your metabolism, your metabolic health, to reset it, all of it in 30 days, it'll reset your metabolic health in 30 days. And the reason it does that is because it fixes number one. 

The thing that I was after I explained it in the first chapter of the book, I'm aiming at your metabolic health. And to do that, you must fix insulin resistance or another word for it. High circulating insulin. You gotta fix that. That my friend takes 30 days of no carbs and no sugars, no crappy oils and no sugar takes 30 days for insulin resistance. Now, when you fix insulin, you will fix your weight, the right weight, because insulin is a growth hormone. In the book I use an illustration. Fat is behind bars in a jail. You know who the jail guard is, insulin. Because as long as you have insulin circulating through your bloodstream, it is a fat storing hormone. You got that insulin is a fat storing hormone. So I don't have time on the Facebook page to explain everything. 99% of people are very happy. 

You get one person and look, you know, this is the place to pontificate. Why doc didn't I lose weight? You know, why is that? But it wasn't a joke. It wasn't that I was joking. It wasn't that you were playing Russian roulette. This has got clinical scientific backing with tens of thousands of people. Even before I wrote the book, I did all the blood work. We did clinical findings it's to get rid of insulin resistance. And why is that important? Because 88% of the population, not according to me, according to the CDC, 88% of the population have a form of metabolic dysfunction, metabolic syndrome. And so you can take shots. It's open to scrutiny. You can take shots at it, but you're not gonna be able to undo the science behind it. It really does work because when you lower your insulin, when you get rid of insulin resistance, when your cells at the cellular level change, and they will, I don't care if you're part of the 88% or you're 88 years old, it doesn't matter. 

If you change fuels, your body will respond to it. Your body really was made for high octane fuel. When people out there insist on eating carbohydrates, especially the crappy carbs, bread, pasta, rice cereals, sugar sweets, pastries, juice, milk. When they insist on consuming those things and they live on bread and noodles, like a lot of kids do and crappy cereals, all cereals are crappy. That doesn't mean they make you go to the bathroom. It means they're crappy, cuz they're no good for you. Okay? Huh? Come on. It's oatmeal. I don't care. Oats are for horses and you ain't a horse, so you wanna fix your metabolic syndrome and we can measure that. We can measure it because you can measure your A1C. You can measure your triglycerides. You can measure your cholesterol, your good cholesterol, all cholesterol is good. 

HDL is the one I'm looking for. If you wanna show me your LDL, show it to me. I don't care. I want cholesterol to be high. I want your triglycerides to be low. That's how you know, you're fixing your insulin resistance, A1C down. I like it below 5.4. I want your triglycerides to be low. I want your good cholesterol HDL to be high. That's how it works. And I want you to lower your belly. Fat belly fat is dangerous fat. Okay. So I took an exception last week I had to, I had to go in and you guys were defending it. So that's fine. Thank you very much. You were defending it. Okay. You know, all I've seen is, is that this is such a big problem in the world today. It's a major, major issue in our world today, 88% of the population. And nobody's doing anything about it. 

And the other one is to look at your blood pressure. That's part of metabolic syndrome, metabolic. You know what? That means, how your body uses energy and you can't have energy without eating, right. You're going to eat anyways. You might as well eat the right thing. And again, and again, and again, I will double down. I will triple down. I will, whatever down I need to get people's attention. The best fuels in the world are found in the animal kingdom and not in crickets. Ooh, in Canada. They want us to start eating crickets. I'm not kidding you. I guess it's protein. I guess it's animal. You know, some days I think my head's gonna explode Tony junior and I were talking yesterday. Honestly, when you get guys like bill gates and others that are trying to get you to eat their crappy meatless, it's funny. Why do vegetarians or vegans want to eat soy? It's beyond me. Yeah. I like hamburgers. Soy hamburgers. Ooh. Why do you wanna eat that stuff? You couldn't feed that to your dog, your dog. Wouldn't like it. Why are you feeding that to your kids? 

I'm telling you guys, the world has gone crazy. I am not even a little bit optimistic. I'm not that I'm gonna be able to change it. I wish I could. I wish there was voices out there. Screaming, telling people were being duped were being duped, were being duped. But here's what I do. As long as I have a platform, the doctor is in. I am going to tell you and remind you that you, at least you are going to know the truth and the truth will set you free. And you can tell your friends, you can tell your family. You can tell other people they might not listen, but you know, and again, I bring you back to the metabolic reset the way your body uses energy. That's metabolism, metabolic your metabolic health. It's what your body does with food. 

Look, guys, there's a lot of things you can't control in your life. You can, right? You can be the healthiest person on the planet and walk across the street. And some bimbo hits you cause they weren't looking or whatever you can't control everything, but you can control what goes into your gas tank. And I don't mean in your part, what goes into your gas tank inside your body? You get to decide what fuel you will use. You get to decide that nobody has to decide that for you. You get to decide what you're going to put in. And if you put in the animal kingdom, now I'm not saying never have veggies. I'm not saying never have fruit. Fruit are God's candies. Don't live on them. You're not meant to live on them. Did you see the story out of Florida last week? Where a couple were sentenced because their child died as a vegan. 

Children are not meant to be vegans. They're not, you can't get all your vitamins. You can't get all your minerals. You can't get all your amino acids. You can't don't fool yourself. A couple in Florida was actually sentenced to long term prison because they wouldn't feed their child. Any animal products. That's a fact you can Google it. If you don't believe me, you need dairy. Don't ditch, dairy, switch, dairy. Remember cows. If you got a cow in the backyard, even if they're eating spray grass with pesticides, even if they're eating that, guess what? It doesn't even end up in the cream. I don't want you drinking milk. Unless you got that cow in that backyard that you're milking in the day. You need animal products. I'm doubling down on it. Okay. I'm doubling down. So if I respond and I'm doing it in a public way today, well, doc, I didn't lose weight in the 30 days. 

Okay? But I'll tell you one thing you did. You fixed your insulin resistance. Now you might have to keep going. You might have been so messed up metabolically that you have to keep going. I would know that if I could look at your blood work, what are your triglycerides? What is your HDL? What is your A1C? What's your blood pressure? Like? These are important things for me to look at because you can't fool your blood work. Well, certainly not. When it comes to your metabolic health and the point I make, it's not just weight. When you have high circulating insulin or insulin resistance, you are in big do do, because you are now on the road. The broad road that leads to destruction. Okay? That's what happens. You're on the broad road that leads to destruction. Your levels of insulin. When they're up, you create a storm in your body that makes you more susceptible to cancer, heart disease. Alzheimer's diabetes.

Obviously, those are the big killers in our society. And yesterday I talked to you about autoimmune folks. That is why we are in such big trouble today because people insist on putting the wrong fuel in their gas tank. I told you the story before, and I'll repeat it. I literally had a car with a turbo engine. I can't even remember what year it was 2005 or whatever. I remember when I bought it, the guy told me don't you put 87 in there. I mean, that's a long time ago, guys. It's almost 20 years ago. The guy said, look, this is a little sports car. It's a beautiful car. It's got a powerful engine and you're gonna be a teenager again, doc. But don't put the wrong fuel in there. And I don't know anything about a car. It just looked nice. 

It was cherry red. And he said, listen, it's meant for super unleaded. Don't put the cheap gas in there. Go find a gas station with 93 or 94 octane. Not even 91 for this car. Oh, okay. You got it. I got it. I got the memo. I didn't fully understand it, but I got the memo from the guy that sold me. The car, put the best stuff in there. Okay. He said, otherwise you're gonna ruin your engine. It's not good for your engine. 

Okay. Folks. That's the same analogy that I use for your metabolic syndrome. Guys. Get your insulin down. You do that by lowering your carbohydrates and sugars. Eliminate them is even better for 30 days. Again, I'm not telling you to do it forever. Although some people do with great success. And I'll just tell you, I have found over the years, there's nothing better for you. You name me the eating program. You name me the diet. All of it. I've studied nothing better than this. Okay guys, we love you. We'll talk to you soon. 

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