874. Plant vs. Animal Protein


Dr. Martin likes to share with listeners the news behind the news, the stories the mainstream media is unlikely to report on. Case in point this new study talking about the difference between plant and animal protein.

The study looked at the absorption of protein from plants versus that of chicken. What they found was that the body absorbed the protein from chicken better than the plant protein.

Protein is king. It's the king of the castle and when it comes to the nutrients we need. Why not choose the one your body absorbs better?


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Dr. Martin: Good morning, everyone. Hope you're having a great start to your week. Hope you had a great weekend as we start another week here over our lives. Now what we're gonna do this morning, we got, three or four stories that I've been following articles from different sources and different topics a little bit. So we'll do a little bit of a hodgepodge Monday, if that's all right with you. I think you'll find it. Interesting. I want to talk about this one that came up first and then we'll talk about it. This is a study actually, that was done on protein intake. I don't know if you saw it or not. I don't know if it made any kind of mainstream media. I doubt it, but it talks about the difference between the absorption of plant protein and animal protein. 

And guys, you know, where I stand on that, but this is confirming what I've been saying all along. Okay. Protein is king. It's the king of the castle. When it comes to a nutrient that you need now, listen, you need protein and you need fat. Do you really need carbohydrates? Well, technically, no, but I'm not an advocate for never eating any carbohydrates. Well, good luck with them. You know, most people like, you know, they talk to me about a carnivore diet or whatever, and look it, I'm trying to be reasonable. That's why I like the 30 day program where you're not having anything from the plant kingdom and you're not having carbohydrates and you're not having any sugars, but there's a reason for that. And metabolically, we're trying to fix insulin resistance. That's the overarching principle of the reset and it's very effective and it works. Now let's get back to this study. What they did is they take the plant protein and compared it to chicken, not to steak and you know what they found out. They found out that the body absorbs the protein from chicken better than the meatless burger. 

I'm glad they did the study. Why didn't they ask me? I could have told you that without a study because your body ADOS protein and it especially adores animal protein in eggs, meat, and cheese fish, your body adores it. So if someone tells you, well, you shouldn't be eating that stuff. You won't hear that on this program ever. Your body takes it in better. It just simple as that your body takes it in better. And what does that mean? What is the significance of that? If your body absorbs protein from the animal kingdom better than the plant kingdom? Well, that's significant. That's significant for energy. That is significant for weight loss. That is significant for your overall health guys. Let me say this again so that you fully understand it's not calories. 

It's not calories, calories don't count them. Cause they don't count. Don't count calories. If they don't count, they don't count. They really don't count. And the reason in the weight loss industry they've used it for as long as I can remember. And it's led to yo-yo dieting people, counting calories. It's the worst thing you can do. And you know me what I've been telling you, repeat, repeat, repeat. It's the quality of fuel that counts your body is looking for high octane fuel. Now, if you were to go to the gas station today, I kinda laughed because I saw something on, I don't know if it was face folk or where I saw it. It tells you to wear a mask to the gas station, not to put over your nose and mouth, but to put it over your eyes. So you don't see the meter running, you gotta mortgage your house to fill up your tank. 

They said, put a mask on so you don't see it. But guys, you want high octane. You don't want 87. Plant protein is 87 octane. I would tell you to get to 99% octane from food jet fuel, go to the airport, have a look at the planes. And they're getting filled up with jet fuel, not what you put in your gas tank. It's fuel, but it's a much higher octane fuel. And that guys is so significant. And here we have a study that will never make mainstream news. At least I don't think so telling you that the bioavailability of animal protein is higher than plant protein. Hello? I've been saying that for a long time, it's fuel and every cell in your body has mitochondria. Okay? You probably learned this in high school. Every cell in your body has mitochondria battery packs. They release ATP. 

You take in fuel, your body breaks it down. Absorb gets into the bloodstream. It's being delivered to your cells from your brain to your toes. Your cells take it in. And the manufacturing plant in there, the mitochondria spit out ATP as energy. But guys, what goes in must come out is really important to understand. Now, listen, your body, which is fearfully and wonderfully made your body will use whatever fuel you've given. It will. It'll use it. We've talked about the brain is the headquarters. It's the federal government. It takes 25% of anything you eat. If you eat sugar, it goes, okay. I want 25% of that because I'm the boss. Give me your taxes right off the top. Have you ever been on payroll? 

And you're making so many dollars an hour, but when you get your paycheck and now today it's usually deposited right into your bank account. But whatever you see the deductions, like what? You know, you're making so much an hour, but then there are deductions, right? And the federal tax, whether you're in Canada or the United States, they take their chunk, right? They take their chunk of that for your own. Good. They say anyway, I don't wanna get into that. What I am saying, whatever fuel you decide to give your body. I mean, your body will use it, but the production of ATP, the energy that you will produce will be directly proportional to what you eat. And I try and teach that. I've been trying to teach that for 50 years. And that's why, you know, you see all my books behind me there. 

I always talk about protein as being king. It's the king of a castle and carbs. Other dirty RAs and protein, especially from animal sources. Guys. This is science. It's not propaganda. If you wanna have plant protein, go for it. But you can't convince me, nor will you convince your body that that's better for you than animal protein. Cause that's the real king. It's the king in nutrient density. That's the king and your body thrives on it. Think about this for a look at how God in nature, put food together. When I always say eggs, meat and cheese, EMC, EMC, EMC, eggs. What do you got? Fat and protein. Any carbs and eggs? Eh, nah, meat, fat and protein, cheese, fat and protein. That is the way you're supposed to eat fat. Cause fat's not bad for you unless you're eating the bad fat. Fat's not bad. Fat is excellent in nature. It's excellent. Surrounded by protein. 

Even when you're eating blubber, there's protein in there. It's high fat, but that don't make it fat. It doesn't make bad cholesterol. No, it doesn't never has never will. That's why the Inuit. Don't get heart attacks. They only get heart attacks when they eat our food and the disaster guys, that's coming well, it's already here, but gonna get worse because it's not science. It's not the science of food. It's the propaganda of food. And they're aiming. They're aiming at our young people.

You probably get tired of hearing me say it. But when I read an article like I written over the weekend, I'm just doubling down on what I've been telling you. If you want good metabolic health, if you don't wanna be in the 88% of the population that has poor metabolic health, if you don't wanna be in the segment of the population that is obese. If you don't wanna be in big segments of the population that are diabetic are pre 90% of the population is prediabetic. They are, come with me.

Let's go to a local mall. I always tell you that. And observe, look at people, look at the size of people. I call it diabetes, whether they're a diabetic or not, doesn't mean they're not on the broad road leading to destruction. They are, you can be skinny as a rake and be on the broad road that leads to destruction. Metabolically. Some people have an enormous ability to store fat and some people don't and yet they're triglycerides and their HDL are upside down and they could be skinny as a rake because metabolically, they're very unwell. They're eating the wrong food. You don't get away with it. Don't people think, well, I get away with it. My uncle lived till he was 99 and he smoked cigars, drank and ate whatever. He felt like folks that wasn't because he was metabolically healthy. That was because of the grace of God. People tell me about their genetics. I talked to a lady on the weekend. My parents lived till in the nineties. Yeah, but your parents lived in a different world than you do your parents. Weren't carbos like we are. Your parents weren't consuming near 200 pounds of sugar a year. 

And it's by the grace of God. I don't negate that. But I'm telling you, we live in a different world today. The world's changed and you can see the thinking of the world when it wants you to eat meatless foods, full of soy. And they want us to eat grasshoppers. Now am I just overreacting? When I see what the world is doing, bill gates flies around on his private jets buying up, apparently all the farmland and is telling us to eat those meatless burgers. No more steak and grasshoppers. Is it just me? Am I crazy? I've been called worse. Does it make any sense to you? 

What happened to common sense? I can't get over it. Your body was made for animal protein. Your body will thrive with animal protein in fat. It will thrive because of the density of the nutrients you need about 20 micronutrients for your body to use the best fuel. That's why, when you have guys a steak, I mean, it's got all the vitamins in there. It's very packed in minerals. People think, well, where am I gonna get my potassium steak? Well, yeah, but this has got more potassium. You know, bananas got more potassium than the steak, uh, a stake. Uh, not really. I'll tell you why. How much are you absorbing? How much is bio available? How does your body take in nutrients? That's the key. The key is what your body thrives on now. I like bananas. OK. I like them personally. I like bananas, but don't eat bananas for potassium. Eat a steak. I love bananas. When I was a kid, you give me peanut butter and a banana. I was a happy puppy. 

Peanut butter banana. I didn't even need the bread. My mother got mad at me. Do you have to have so much peanut butter and bananas? My mother would tell me that. OK. But guys, bananas tastes good, but the nutrient density. And then again, my reason for saying it more today than ever before is because of the world in which we live we're carbos we're carbos our world has gone carb crazy. It's not that I'm against bananas. I'm telling people today don't live on them. They're too stinking. Sweet. How many M and Ms is equivalent to eating a banana. Is it 49 or I can't remember. 49 or 59. M and Ms. That's what your body thinks. That's how sweet bananas are it tastes good though. I'll give them that. And I'm not saying you can never have one. Okay? I'm not all I'm saying is from a nutritional standpoint, when it comes to fuel, you can't beat the animal kingdom. Now I just talked to you about peanut butter. I like peanut butter. I do. I like it. I'm not gonna tell you. I don't like it. I like it. But you can't live on that. 

It's the plant protein and fat the stuff on the shelves in the grocery stores. Mine were terrible stuff. I mean the ones with the icing sugar and the high fructose corn syrup and it's own garbage.  Sure. It tastes good. Don't eat that stuff. If you're gonna have peanut butter, have a natural peanut butter or an almond butter, uh, almond butter. I don't like almond butter. Somebody said to me, doc, what about almond butter? I don't like it. It's probably better than peanut butter, but it don't taste better. 

To me. The moral of the story plant protein is not as vile available, meaning it doesn't get absorbed. The way animal protein gets absorbed. It's all about the fuel. And guys, this is key. This is one of the reasons I talk about this so much because you know, get on our private Facebook group. Well, what are you gonna read about? Well, Dr. Martin, I've been on the reset and I only lost five pounds. 

Now where's my five pounds. You see it in behind my right shoulder there. You see that five pounds of fat on Dr. Martin. I only lost five pounds, but you wanna see how big it is. You know how much five pounds of fat is? It's huge, but healthy weight loss, healthy weight loss is never, never, never calories. It's never calories. It's nutrients. And when you change fuels, when you go from carbohydrates to nutrient dense food, I'll put up the reset against any other weight loss, even though it was never ever formulated for weight loss, weight loss is a benefit. It was never the goal. I know millions out there. They make weight loss, their goal, but it's much better that you be healthy metabolically. And then the weight will come off, let your cells at the cellular level, let them get the fuel that they really, really love. 

Let them supercharge themselves with high octane fuel and watch how your body responds. It's incredible because your body is really not looking for a quick fix. If your body's looking for a quick fix, it's because you have become an addict to a quick fix. When you're eating the wrong fuel, your cells will scream at you. Give me more. I just burned that up so fast. I just had a carb meal or a carb snack, and it went in nanoseconds. I used the illustration again and again, and again, pretend you're a wood burning stove or a fireplace put paper in there. Okay? Not a bad idea. Maybe to start your fire, but you want to burn logs. 

They're slow burning. When it comes to energy and weight loss and metabolic health, your cells need to change fuels. As I look down the path of the future, I'm not a prophet nor the son of one, but it scares the life out of me because what's happening to the young generation, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren they're being indoctrinated to use bad fuels for the sake of the environment and yada yada, yada, they're being lied to. It's not true. And it's amazing. The amount of pressure put on in school, on TV, on Netflix or whatever to eat only from the plant kingdom. It's insanity. 88% of the population are unwell metabolically, 88%. Can you imagine? 

And they talked about a balanced diet, a balanced diet. Now guys, you can't have a balanced diet living on the plant kingdom. You just can't anyhow. Okay. I'll stop pontificating for today. Okay guys, we got a great week coming up. Okay. I didn't even get to these other stories now. We'll bring them to you. Okay. We'll bring them to you. I mean, their stuff here blows me away because they're finally saying it anyway. We'll talk about that. I just wedded your appetite. I hope. Okay. So you gotta tell your friends, you gotta tell everybody, you know, to join the private Facebook group. You gotta tell everyone, you know, to download the doctors in podcasts, to their favorite smart device. I was showing a few people on the weekend, how to download it. I was shocked at myself, a dinosaur showing people how they could download the doctors in podcast. I was showing other dinosaurs. Young people. You don't have to show. 'em just tell 'em there's a podcast. You can download it. They know that. Okay, guys, we love you. And we'll talk to you soon. 

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