805. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Repairing sun damaged skin
  • Alkaline water
  • Teeth whitening
  • High MPV
  • Goat’s milk on the Reset
  • Psoriasis
  • How Candida leaves the body
  • Hyperthyroid
  • Essential Tremors & caffeine
  • Coffee enemas


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Question and answer Friday. Okay, let's get to the questions guys. Okay. Colette, white spots on the skin from sun damage. Colette, is it reversible? I've seen it reversible. I've seen it reversible. Look, anything on the skin, Colette, start inside out. Okay? Start inside out. It's amazing what happens when you clean up your diet, number one. Skin is an organ. It's the visible organ, it's the one you see. If you want to work on your organs, you're working on the inside. Well, the skin, you got to work inside out. If you want to rejuvenate skin, I love collagen. Okay. And bone broth, very, very good for the skin. Vitamin D is very good for skin, VitDerma.

Even though you got sun damage, what they call sun damage, you still need sun. You need VitDerma. I like probiotics. They really make a difference because your microbiome in the gut and your microbiome in your skin is very good. And I would add to that Navitol and the reason that we have it inside and out, like Navitol helps to regenerate the skin. And ReVera is our skin product, formulated by the Martin Clinic. Very good, very good stuff. I use ReVera all the time. It's so good for you. Okay, so good question, Colette.

Yvonne, "What does Dr. Martin feel about alkaline water?" Well, don't spend any money. You want to make your water alkaline, put some, I like a little pinch of Himalayan salt. It'll bring the pH right up of your water. Now, guys you can buy machines. You can get water and spend a lot of money on that. Look, I'm not big on that. If you got a lot of money, you want to put it in alkaline water, it's pH is nine. I wouldn't other with that. Okay. But a little pinch of salt. Anytime you put minerals in water, you're going to elevate its pH. And that's why spring water, is if you got a well that's spring and your pH is already high.

And then when it tells you it cures this from coughs, colds to pimples on your nose, don't believe that. Okay? No. Do I like water? You guys know me and water. I love water. You need water. It's essential. Your body's like planet earth, it's 70 to 75% water. You've got 60,000 miles of blood vessels. You need water to get your blood moving. Now, if you're going to drink out of a tap, that's where I'm a little bit negative on water. It's still better to drink that water than not to drink any water at all. And nothing else is water but water. But to go out and buy alkaline water and it fixes this and it fixes that, guys, nah. Just drink water.

And look, filter your water. I am big on filtering. Get the impurities out, get all the chemicals out of water, the contaminants out of water as much as you can. But listen, you need two liters of water a day. Filter your water. And then I would add a little bit, like if you're drinking out of the top, filter it. A lot of people have refrigerators that have a filter in there. Okay, no problem. I would elevate the pH a little bit by putting a little bit of salt in it. And I like that little pinch of Himalayan salt. Okay? Is it worth using Yvonne? Okay.

"Do you think it's possible to get teeth white at an older age?," Sylvia says. Like these? You can brush your teeth with baking soda, I guess. The other question would be, should I be using these chemical teeth whiteners? Well, be careful about that. And if you do use it, then I would be rinsing with a probiotic. Make sure you get the bacteria back in your mouth. You need that friendly bacteria. Okay, Sylvia? I probably didn't answer your question, Sylvia. But I don't know what the answer is in terms of maybe it's better. We get feedback people, "Oh, this is the way you make your teeth white." Okay? I try and take care of mine.

Okay. MPV. Christine's asking about the high MPV and that's the volume of the red blood cell. Now, is it a concern? Well, look, I used to see it all the time when I did blood work. It usually means the bigger the red blood cell, the less oxygen, believe it or not that it was carrying. Okay, even though red blood cells carry hemoglobin, right? They have hemoglobin in the middle of the red blood cell, which is every time you breathe, you do that, your red blood cells go by your lungs and pick up oxygen because they have hemoglobin. Now the larger the cell, believe it or not, the less volume of oxygen it will carry. So on its own, it doesn't mean nothing to me, I'm not too concerned about it. But when I see other things will with it, low levels of B12, for example, which make red blood cells, then it could be a problem. On its own, I never worried about it, Christine, too much.

Ron. This is funny, Ron. Did you mean it as a joke? Look what he says. "If you have a goat in the backyard, can we drink that on the reset?" Because I usually say if you have a cow in the backyard, drink milk. Otherwise, don't drink milk. And yeah, you can have goat's milk, for sure, if you got a goat in the backyard. Yeah, Ron. Do you have a goat in your backyard? Okay. Yeah, goat milk is good.

Look, you know me? I will not move off of this. If you want to drink a little bit of goat's milk or full fat cow's milk, well go for it. But you don't need that. Why are you drinking milk in the first place? Yeah, I get it, you want a little bit of cream in your coffee or whatever? Drink water, not milk. Okay? Unless you have a cow or a goat in the backyard. And even then, maybe have a glass. I want you to drink water and coffee. Got it? Water, two liters a day, minimum 64 ounces for my American friends, and coffee. You can put goat's milk in Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. Okay. Good question.

Colette, this is a good question. If psoriasis is caused by an autoimmune disease, which it is, can diet alone make to it go away. No, but you'll never get rid of it unless you change your diet. Autoimmune starts in the gut, all autoimmune is leaky gut. All of it. It starts in the gut. You better fix that. Part of fixing that, when you have autoimmune, you got to yeast infection, fungal, candida 100%. I never seen a case of psoriasis without that. Never. So, what do you do? Well, don't feed the bears. Don't give them sugar. Make sure that you are taking in a broad spectrum probiotic. This could take you a year. No sugar. Get rid of it. Nada. None. Okay? No sugar. And you've changed the gut. Very, very, very important. Okay? Okay. You can't get rid of it on its own with just diet. You need the broad spectrum probiotics. I would use the candida cleanse if you have autoimmune too, because I guarantee.

And somebody asked another question, let me just see. Okay, Andrea, it's right underneath it. Can you explain the process of how candida leaves the body? First of all, it will never leave the body if you feed it. Okay? So Andrea, don't feed it. That's why we had stickers put on the fridge with my face on it. Don't feed the bears, and I meant it. That is so essential. I'm going to bring you probably next week, when we talk about cancer, and I want to talk to you about fungus. Get rid of it. It's yeast, it's the invading army. When your microbiome isn't balanced between good and bad bacteria, there's the invasion of the third arm. Okay?

How does it leave your body? Well, if you don't feed it, you will get a die off. Certain probiotics help kill yeast. Okay? I like L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus. Rhamnosus and reuteri are two strains of probiotic that specifically go after candida. And then when they die, what happened? Well, your body knows how to detox itself. Your body can detox itself. It's one of the reasons you have lymphatic system. It's the sewage system. It's the drainage system. Once candida is dying, your body rids yourself of it. Okay? And that's why your blood supply, that's why water's important because that helps to wash, get rid of. It detoxes your liver, it detoxes your kidneys. This is the process by which your body will get rid of candida albicans. Okay? So thanks for the question Colette and Andrea.

Danielle, "I take three probiotics, had a tooth and UTI. Wondering if being on the reset just for two weeks would have same effect?" Look Danielle, that question's not coming to me clearly. So just the way it's written, what else is recommended? Well, look, I'm not sure what you're saying. If just being on the reset for two weeks would have the same effect as the four weeks. Well, it'll help. It's not the 30 days that I recommend because remember, why is the reset 30 days and not 14 days or 15 days? If you do 15 days of the reset, is it good for you? Absolutely. Why? Well it'll empty your liver, right? Empty's your liver. Lots of good changes are going to happen in a couple of weeks. So it's really good for you. Very good for your immune system. It's very good for everything.

It's just better when you go 30 days. Why? Because I want you to get rid of insulin resistance. And insulin resistance generally takes 30 days to get rid of it so that the cellular level, your cells are no longer resisting insulin. It's really key to the reset. Okay? Because people are thinking weight loss when I'm thinking insulin. At the end of the day, when you fix your insulin, you will fix your weight loss. You will.

What was I saying, even yesterday, I think about obesity? Obesity is a hormonal problem. It's an insulin problem. It's a leptin problem, and they go together. Leptin, your body tells you when it's full. So at the end of the day, I would double up. If you've gone through, Danielle, a UTI, a tooth infection, double up your probiotics. I would go to six for about 10 days, especially if you've been taking an antibiotic. Okay? So double up your probiotics. Oil of oregano, the best antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. I love oil of oregano. Okay? So that's what I recommend Danielle. Okay?

Diane says, "Do you have a supplement if you cannot have dairy?" Well listen, yes, because if you can't take dairy, do you mean Diane, that you can't even eat cheese? And some people can't. What is a supplement that you would be missing if you're not eating enough cheese or butter? Vitamin K2. Now, do you need a supplement of vitamin K2 if you're not taking any butter and you can't take dairy? Diane, I would ask you those questions because people sometimes, when they think dairy, they're only thinking milk. They have no problem with cheese and they have no trouble with butter, but they lump all dairy.

And this is one of the problems, by the way, with gurus out there. You got to get rid of dairy. Dairy's bad, dairy's a sin, dairy is this. And you know me, don't ditch the dairy, switch it. Don't drink milk unless you're like Ron, who has a goat in the backyard. But what I'm saying is guys, dairy is very good for you. Don't ditch it, switch it. Now, if you're a person that can't have butter, you mean you can't butter on your steak, Diane? If you can't, I feel sorry for you. Look, I love vitamin K2. I'd rather you eat it. I put vitamin K2 in my vitamin D, in perfect proportions. So do I like vitamin K2? Essential.

Now, the other thing that's in dairy is CLA, conjugated linoleic acid. I like that too. That's why I encourage butter and I encourage cheese. Okay? Because it's got conjugated linoleic acid, which is a very healthy fat. Okay? It's a very healthy fat. But you don't have to take a supplement of it. Okay? You don't. But the vitamin you really would be missing is K2 if you can't take any dairy. So get on our vitamin D. And if you can eat butter, then have it in butter. Butter up everything, butter cup. Okay.

Jennifer. Hyperthyroid. Yeah, I don't talk about hyper. But you know what, Jennifer, let me say this. The thyroid, whether it's low or high is a puppet. The thyroid doesn't act on its own. It just doesn't. It's got too many strings attached to it. It's a puppet. So in hyperthyroid, where your heart is racing and you're often sweating, you can get diarrhea, your metabolism is going at 100 miles an hour. In hyperthyroid, oftentimes it's autoimmune. Okay? You got to start with the gut, your conversion of T4 to T3 is out of whack. And look, it depends on where you're at. You might need meds to start. But at the end of the day, when you do the reset, it's essential the reset, because it helps to fix your hormones. Your hormones. And again, gut, gut, gut probiotics, very important.

People don't realize the connection between the thyroid and the gut. Your brain health and your thyroid. Okay? Remember, two main portions of your brain that you should be concerned about, your hypothalamus, brain. Lay off the sugar, makes a big difference. Secondly, get high DHA because it regenerates the brain, the hypothalamus and the hippocampus, memory center on the brain. Take care of the brain. It helps with the thyroid. Liver, empty the liver. There's a big conversion that takes place between T4 and T3 in the liver. Make sure you're getting enough cholesterol in your diet. I can't handle it when people talk about, "I got at a lower by cholesterol." Yeah, if you want to die young, lower your cholesterol.

Okay? Very good questions. Okay. Let me just get back to some more. Joe, he's 88 years old. Essential tremors. Okay. Suggested avoid coffee. No caffeine. Well, you know what, Joe, you got to figure that out. Caffeine might bother you and if it does, drink it decaf. You can still have your coffee. You still get the benefits of coffee with a decaffeinated coffee. Make sure it's water, what they call Swiss water process. That means it's naturally filtrated. And look, decaf is good. I got to have a decaf at night. I'm a creature of habit. Okay? Dr. Martin, see the face? Four cups of coffee a day. Why did I get to that? Because I like it. It's good for you. Okay? Because I saw people the other day on our private Facebook group arguing about coffee.

I take that personally. Because someone said, "Dr. Martin calls it vitamin C. Is he being facetious? Is he just pulling our leg?" And I think the question was because they wanted to take vitamin C with iron. Well, I'll tell you something. If you take a coffee, coffee is a million times better than the other vitamin C. Okay? Why? Because vitamin C, for example, look, I don't want to get negative. But vitamin C, you know what it looks like? It's molecular structure looks just like sugar. And people think they need vitamin C as a supplement. I have never ever agreed with that. Not that I'm against it as much as you can... Look, I always tell the, a story of Jacques Cartier. Remember, his part of Canadian history, 25 of his men before they got to the St. Lawrence, coming from France, died of scurvy, a lack of vitamin C. You know how he got cured? Pine bark.

It was shocking to researchers. Like what's in pine bark extract? That's the story of Navitol. It's a polyphenol. It's better than vitamin C. Okay? So if you want to eat an orange, I got no problem with that. Don't drink it, eat it. But if you drink a coffee, you're going to get 1,000 times more phytonutrients in a coffee than you will with a tablet of vitamin C. I'm sorry, it's the truth. It's the truth. And remember, I've been saying this for 50 years. When everybody was telling me I was crazier than two hoot owls. "Coffee, bad. It's acidic," and blah, blah, blah. And then research, 150 studies at least are coming up, coffee is anti-cancer, coffee is anti-diabetes. You drink a coffee, okay, I just finished. You drink a coffee before a meal, it acts like Metformin. It lowers your insulin response. It just goes on and on and on and on.

So I wasn't being facetious. The First Nations in the st. fleuve saint-laurent did not give Jacques Cartier an orange. They didn't have oranges, I'm sure. They gave him a pine bark tea. Okay. I feel sorry for people that like tea more than coffee, that's just me. Tea's good, but it's not coffee. It isn't. It's not as powerful. They made a tea with pine bark. And actually, you know what happened? Jacques Cartier wrote it down in his annals. And there was a guy by the name of Jacques Masquelier, who I met one time, actually, over in France, when I did a seminar there. I was invited to present at a seminar in France.

I met Dr. Masquelier. He's passed away now. This was 30 years ago. He did the research on pine bark extract. He couldn't get over it because he was studying, he was from France, but he was studying at the University of Quebec. And he was reading the annals of Jacques Cartier, and he was talking about pine bark extract. He said, "Well, what the heck is in that stuff?" He went back to France and he started studying it. And he found out, holy moly, that stuff is good. Okay? I wasn't joking. Joe, okay, what about the essential tremor? Joe, like I said, one thing that I would do, Joe, you make sure you take so much high DHA, you're sliding out of rooms. That really helps. The other thing that really helps is B12. Make sure you're ticking B12, because that helps the brain. Okay?

And then he wants to know about pseudogout. Well, I'm going to do a whole show on gout. Okay? I've done it before, but I'm going to do it again. Okay? What can help with mesenteric artery syndrome? Well, that's a very dangerous condition and it can be caused by severe weight loss and certain medications. Nothing naturally is going to help with that. You usually need surgery. Okay?

Valerie, "Can you let B12 melt in your mouth?" Yeah. "And not under your tongue." Yeah, it's better under the tongue, but it's still good. Let it melt in your mouth. What if you chomp on the rest of B12, little pieces, will it still absorb it? Look, the idea with the mouth and letting it melt is so that it doesn't go down to the digestive tract. Little wee pieces you chomp on, who cares. Not going to affect it. Is it okay to eat 30, 40 minutes after or before taking B12? It don't matter at all. Take it with or without food. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It's not going through your digestive tract. Remember, it's melting in your mouth. We call it sublingual B12.

Okay, Jerry, "How can I fix my wet eyes?" Well, if you've got wet eyes for years now, you've got dry eyes. Believe it or not, it's an overcompensation. And the best thing that I found is a combination of Navitol and high DHA. Really makes a difference with the eyes, especially in this day and age with smartphones and iPads. And that blue light really does have with effect on the eyes.

Carol, what do I think about coffee enemas? Well, I like them. It goes right through the portal vein into the liver. Sure. I got no problem with a coffee enema. Look, and Maurine's asking, because this goes along with Carol's question. "Are colon cleansers okay to do by hygienists?" I'm not big on that. Coffee enema is to deliver into the liver, for example, glutathione. I don't like colonics or colon cleanses. I'm not big on that because people have this idea, I think it's not the right idea, you got to wash away all your garbage in your intestine.

Now listen, your large intestine is where garbage should be. Okay? And you don't want that clean as a whistle. What you want is enough friendly bacteria in them. You want probiotics. You need bacteria. There's going to be lots of bacteria there, gazillions of them. But you don't want to be sitting there forever, and that's why I'm a big guy on water, water. Water. Clean it yourself. I'm not big on an artificial cleanse of the colon. You're washing away good stuff too. I'm not big on that. Okay? I'm not big on it. I know what it is. I'm not encouraging it, Maurine. Okay?

Ronin, "My son's doctor has indicated his potassium is too high." Well ordinarily, there's something going on. He's got kidney problems. Potassium, high potassium is he could be drinking too much alcohol. It's kidney, on certain medications or he's severely dehydrated. A lot of people are dehydrated and they don't it. They don't know it. Low potassium or high potassium can be dehydration. The kidneys really reflect that. And like I said, about 80% of the population, they're dehydrated. They don't know. "Well doc, I'm not thirsty." Yeah, but it's not just that, it's electrolytes too. And when you are a carboholic, oftentimes your body is getting rid of potassium and it's getting rid of magnesium. Okay? So change the diet.

Okay. Patty, "What is the omega rule?" Can I take omega-3, D3 mix, or do you have a balance of omega? Nah, look, don't even worry about Omega-6. Never worry about omega-6. You're already getting too much omega-6. The ratio should be about three to one. Okay? Omega-6 to 3. It's about 30 to one right now because of all the people eating processed foods, vegetable oil, very high on omega-6. Those are industrial oils, by the way. Fast foods, it really messes up that ratio. That is why, and I even mentioned this yesterday, you got a kid that you know they're not eating right, one of the ways to mitigate a bad diet is high DHA. It's been proven. It helps to mitigate. Now, I'm not telling anybody to have a bad diet. But you know what kids are like or whatever. At least give them high DHA because it helps to change that ratio and it helps to mitigate a bad sugar diet or crappy carbohydrate diet. Okay? It really helps.

Calcium deposits in the face, cheek bone. Judy. Well, you could be low in vitamin K2 because vitamin K2 puts calcium where it belongs, in the bone. Well, the cheek bone. You could be low in vitamin K2. It's possible. Okay? Lexi's asking, "What causes low CO2?" Well look, CO2 can be low volume, oxygen volume. It could be caused by diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis, cancer, kidneys, Addison's. What else? Addison's is too much cortisol and where you have an adrenal disease, that's Addison's. There's a lot of things that could cause it. You need to get that checked out.

Henna. Retention cysts and sinus can be cured by the candida cleanse. Well look, recurring sinuses are often candida. They're a yeast, they're a fungus. Fungus loves moisture. It's a cousin to mold. Where do you get mold and moisture? Lungs, sinuses. You can get fungus, of course, in the brain. Candida cleanse really helps, but don't feed the bears. Don't feed the bears. Don't give it sugar. You can't out supplement a bad diet. You got to change the diet.

Basal cell sarcoma, Elizabeth. "On my face twice now. What causes this?" Well usually, basal cell carcinoma is caused by someone that doesn't get enough VitDerma. Very sensitive skin for some people. Basal cell is not the dangerous cancer. But nonetheless, people that get skin cancer, they talk about too much sun. It's the opposite. And too much sugar. It really glycates your skin. And glycation really takes the collagen, the elasticity and the resiliency in your skin. Okay? So take care of your skin from inside out. I talked about it earlier in the program, Elizabeth.

Nancy, "If chemo depletes your NAD, do you need to take a supplement of this?" No. Eat it. You know where you get NAD? Steak, fish. Okay. Eggs, meat and cheese will take care of it. You don't need a supplement.

And Noalin, okay, last question. Is it good to give blood? Well, it's good to give blood. You're going to save somebody's life. Physically, what does it do? Well look, if you have a high iron, hemochromatosis, then yeah, go get blood. It'll save somebody's life. Wonderful. It's funny because medicine 100 years ago, it's probably even longer than that, they used to say, "You know how we're going to fix things? We take the blood out of the body." They should have read the Bible. The life of the flesh is in the blood. You don't take blood out, you put blood in. But if you're going to give blood, because it's a good idea. You can use that blood to save somebody's life. Now they give blood.

The effects of modern medicine, wonderful. You save your life. You get car accident, your spleen ruptures, you better get to a transfusion real quick, of blood. Somebody donated that, in your blood type. Wonderful. Like I said, they should have read the Bible. They wouldn't have been taking blood out because they used to do bloodletting. "Take the poison out, let's take your blood out." No, no, no. Okay? They went wrong. Noalin, thank you very much for the questions.

Okay guys. Monday morning program. Okay? Get back to some regularity, I hope, in the next little bit. Guys, you have any questions for next Friday, send them in. Okay? We love you guys and we'll talk very soon.

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