726. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Ridding body of Candida toxins
  • Causes of a swollen colon
  • Oxidized cholesterol
  • Ketones and Candida
  • Synthetic vitamin D3
  • Tanning beds
  • Reversing coronary disease
  • Tumours and calcification in breast
  • Specific testing for systemic yeast
  • DHA and CoQ10 differences
  • Oxygen desaturation


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. Once again, welcome to another Live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Question and Answer Friday, so we always look forward to that. Okay, first question... Brenda. "How to get rid of all the toxins when candida dies off." So if you're doing a Reset and you haven't fed those bears, remember yeast needs to be fed. Don't feed the bears. They want sugar. They'll call your name. A lot of sugar cravings is the fact that you have an overgrowth of candida in your body. And some people actually experience what they call a die off when they are taking probiotics or candida formula or whatever, plus they're not feeding the bears and the yeast dies off. That's one of the things that we are aiming for on the Reset, because when you don't feed it, when you don't feed candida or yeast, you're helping it to die off.

Some people actually feel unwell, usually lasts a day or two, if they get a die off. Actually that's a medical term for yeast dying off. The question is how to rid the body of all toxins. Well, look, your body will do it. Keep your liver clean. You see, the biggest detoxer in your body is your liver. The reason for that, when you go to bed at night, your liver works the night shift. It cleans your blood. It detoxifies your body. The problem is, if your liver is all gummed up, you're not going to detoxify like you should. And so the idea is keep your liver clean. If you eat a low carb diet and on the Reset a no carb diet, you're cleaning your liver, and when your liver is clean, it will produce a substance glutathione and glutathione is Velcro. It's like Velcro. As the blood filters through the liver, the glutathione will, like Velcro, attach itself to toxins, including candida.

Of course you do that through the bowel to some extent too, when you're detoxifying through there. But the idea is keep your sugar down. Not only are you not feeding candida, you are helping it to die, plus you're emptying your liver. The biggest thing is your liver. When you're drinking a lot of water, kidneys flush out, okay? Water is essential and only water is water. One of your greatest detoxers is drinking water. Your kidneys are like Niagara Falls. You want to constantly get toxins out of your body. Drink water, keep your liver clean, don't feed the bears and your body will detox. That's why we love probiotics. There are certain strains of probiotics that help to detox the body too. So there you go. Good question. Thank you for that, Brenda. 

Barb. "Can you talk about a swollen colon?" Well, again, Barb, you got 26 feet of colon. Swollen can be is it in the upper part? Is it in the small intestine? We call that SIFO, small intestine fungus overgrowth, which I believe it is. That will give you bloating. That will give you inflammation, but you can get that in the large intestine too from diverticulosis on the left side usually of your transverse colon on the way out to the anus. That can become swollen. And there's several reasons for it. You know, me, I think fiber is overrated. I think a lot of people take too much fiber and they irritate their gut. That can cause irritable bowel too, because they think they're rabbits or cows. You know, grass is meant for cows and rabbits. You're not a rabbit. 

We bought the lie, fiber, fiber, fiber, and that came guys, I can tell you I watched it happen, it came from the serial companies. Fiber, it's the key, it's the key. Fiber's the key to your health. It will lower your cholesterol. Why do you want to lower your cholesterol for? This fat free diet that's been around for 50 years, "Let's eat fat free instead of eating butter, let's eat margarine and all this kind of stuff." Folks, those are hydrogenated oils. They irritate your gut big time, over a period of time. They're artificial. They're not natural. The other thing that will swell your colon oftentimes is when you're feeding the bad guys, you're feeding the bears, and that's why we take you off all sugars on the Reset. No sugar. We want that gut to have a holiday. I know I'm sending your pancreas to Hawaii on a holiday for 30 days, but your gut gets a huge rest, too. 

It's amazing how people don't realize how much fiber they're consuming, how much sugar they consume. When they call something insoluble fiber, that means your body can't use it for nutrition. It's insoluble. Doesn't break down. So what happens, you think you win a prize if you have a large stool. There's no prize for that. You win, you’re first place, you got a large stool. What's that got to do with your health? Nothing, nothing. Now I'm not telling you to be constipated, but drink water, drink water. One of the best things for your gut is water. But there's a lot of reasons for swelling, IBS. I think I'll do a little bit of a teaching again on irritable bowel syndrome in the next few days. There's a new study that came out. So, that was from Barb. 

Monica said she's reading on the internet, and guys you got the internet, read. I like that. I really do, but don't believe everything there. So just use your “concombre”, and that's French for your noggin up here. Use the common sense God gave you. Question. Question me. That's why we have Question and Answers. I am going to answer your questions. I don't shy away from that. So here's what Monica read on the internet. "Oxidized cholesterol may be more dangerous than having high LDL. Wondering what your thought is?” Well, I don't care about high LDL, because that's not dangerous. It's not. I don't even look at your LDL. You want to send me your blood work? I'm happy to look at. You know what I'm looking at? I'm looking at triglycerides and I'm looking at your HDL. I don't care about your oxidized cholesterol. I don't care about your total cholesterol. I don't care about non HDL cholesterol. I don't care about any of that. I don't. 

And Monica, this is not personal. I love you, and I mean it. I don't care. The internet cares. The pharmaceutical companies care. But I don't care. And I can tell you that we have been fighting a losing battle in heart disease, a terrible, terrible... You know what? If the success rate of statin drugs, which are cholesterol lowering medications, they should be, in my opinion, off the market. Why? Colossal failure. Colossal failure. They haven't even put a dent in heart disease. And all this talk in the last 18 months about COVID and all this and that, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus. But in the meantime, every day, every day, every day, thousands are dying of heart disease in North America. Thousands are dying every day of cancer. Every day. 

And you know what, it sort of got put on the back burner because... and it always bothered me. And you know that, I've been consistent about it. Because heart disease, we're losing the war on heart disease. We're losing the war on cancer. The war on cancer, we're getting shut out. There's more cancer today than there ever was. There's more heart disease today than there ever was. And the reason is we are looking for love in all the wrong places. The pharmaceutical companies have hijacked the medicine. It's cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol. If it was cholesterol, our heart disease would almost be completely eradicated, but it's worse than ever. Statistically, it's worse than ever. Because lowering your cholesterol, oxidized or LDL or whatever, I'm sorry, it's not true. It's not true. 

So Monica, I tell you, when you eat low carbs, when you get your sugars out of your diet, you are going to lower your triglycerides. When you eat eggs, meat, and cheese, you are going to elevate your HDL. Those are your FedEx trucks, Amazon trucks, whatever trucks you like on the highways of your blood vessels, which hitch their wagon to triglycerides. That's what's dangerous in your bloodstream, not oxidized cholesterol. What's dangerous in your bloodstreams are fat balls. Three of them. Made from your liver when your suitcase, or the Costco parking lot, is full of carbs and sugars. Seems simple, but I can tell you, Monica, you know more about nutrition if you understand what I just preached to you than 99% of the population. I have no expectation that the world is going to change anytime soon. 

They put something in their croft like cholesterol and good luck trying to change people's mind. And in all due respect to physicians, they bought the lie. They bought the lie of society. You say a lie long enough and people just believe it. It must be true, must be true, must be true. Cholesterol's bad. Cholesterol's bad. Cholesterol's bad. Cholesterol's bad. Don't eat butter. Don't eat bacon and eggs. Don't eat... Look at all the fat. Look at all the fat. Look at that fat. That gets into your blood vessels and clogs up your blood vessels. No, it don't. No, it don't. That's not what clogs up your blood vessels. But guys, I'm telling you, 99% population, hook, line and sinker, believe the cholesterol lie. 

They put a heart on cereal boxes like Cheerios and whatever, and I agree they should put a heart on it because if you eat that stuff you will get a heart attack because you are producing triglycerides. Cheerios equals high triglycerides. "Oh, Dr. Martin, I got to have my oatmeal." No, you don't. What you do if you want to have a heart attack. Inuit, our northern nation, they don't get heart attacks until they eat McDonald's and our cereal. The breakfast of champions guys is not cereal, it's bacon and eggs without the toast. Without the toast. Anyways, Monica, I appreciate the question, I do. It gives me a chance to reiterate, strengthen, give you the other side of the equation and I'm happy to do it. I won't change my mind on it. I won't be silenced on it. The proof in the pudding is, like I said, look at our heart disease today. It's worse than ever, worse than ever. That's just the fact. Okay?

Wendy. "Do ketones and being in ketosis feed candida?" Just the opposite. Okay? Just the opposite. Ketosis is when your body's burning fat fuel and not carbs as fuel. You got three macros. You got carbs, you got protein and you got fat. Those are what we call macros, and when your body is burning protein for fuel, the king, and fat... Protein and fat make you healthy. Carbs, not so much. So when you go into ketosis, it means your body is burning ketones. It's a different fuel and, no, candida hates ketones. Because you can't feed it. It needs sugar. It needs those crappy carbohydrates to feed them. It's just, just, just the opposite. Very good question. No, Wendy.

Kelly's asking, "What do you do when you're highly allergic to cobalt?" I never thought of it. I don't know. Where would cobalt be? Where would you get it? I've got to look it up, in food. I don't. Cobalt, I've never heard of it. Kelly, honest to God, you know what, I was in private practice almost 47 years, and I never heard of anyone being allergic to cobalt. But I'm going to Google it and look it up. I'm sorry. I just saw this now. So I don't want to give you a stupid answer, Kelly, because it's probably a very good question. I just never heard of it. You got a fingerprint Kelly. It makes you unique. I don't use the word weird anymore. People come after me for that. But you're unique. I never heard of cobalt, allergic to cobalt. And if you are, where is that found? I mean in terms of what do you have to avoid? I've got to Google it seriously. Okay, I'll Google it after. 

Ann. "An article said that most D3 is synthetic." No, most D2 is synthetic. D3 a natural vitamin D. D3 is the one you want to take. And if you look on the shelves of any health food store or whatever, and what we use at the clinic, is a natural vitamin D. It's not synthetic. And of course we put vitamin K2 in ours because that's important. Somebody asking the question later on and we'll come to that when I get there, if I go down there now I might never come back, because I saw that question. 

But another question that Deborah is asking, wondering about tanning beds. Well, I've asked that before. I'd be very careful about tanning beds. Like at one time... I think they're probably better today, but I'd be very careful. It's not a natural way. If you're extremely low in vitamin D and you want to go take a couple of sessions on a tanning bed, you make sure that they are certified and that the radiation that you're taking there is safe. I've just never been really high on those things, I haven't. You're better off to top up your D hydroxy, vitamin D, by taking a supplement. You can't get into VitDerma. You can't get out in sun. And we talked about that yesterday for the production of melatonin. You need to take vitamin D. This is the time of the year that the vast majority of people, vast, I mean 90%, I'm confident when I say that, they do not have optimized levels of vitamin D. 

And that, my friend, is the tragedy of all tragedies. Because if there's anything more important than vitamin D, if there's anything more important than vitamin D, I'd like to know, because there isn't. And yet the world again would be concentrating on cholesterol. They're concentrating on the virus. But they don't talk about your immune system. They won't talk about it. And what helps your immune system the most? You're a human solar panel and your T-cells won't be activated properly without vitamin D, your Navy SEALS that go after viruses and bacteria. It's incredible to me, not surprising but incredible, that the world is gone stupid. Can I say that? The world is gone stupid. You're almost not even allowed to talk about, well, let's build up everybody's immune system. Why don't we do that? 

I actually answered someone yesterday because it was a physician saying that in an article, "Gee, natural immunity really works." And I said, "Hello, doc? Hello? Are you kidding me? Have you just discovered that your body actually has an immune system?" It's meant to fight bacteria and viruses. You know, guys, we're always going to have viruses. You think you're going to live in a world... well, you can't live in a world without viruses. What are you going to do? Put yourself in a bubble the rest of your life? Is it really worth living if you can never... Ahh, I'm going to live in fear the rest of my life. Guys, we have an immune system. Make sure it's working. "It'll never work. It doesn't work." Guys, it doesn't work properly without optimized levels of vitamin D. This has been one of the most important medical advances, is the importance of vitamin D and it's being suppressed. The truth, which will set you free, has been suppressed. And that is why Dr. Martin here gets a migraine, has his blood pressure rising. When I see the nonsense of our world, politicians, the government, medicine drives me crazy. Okay, I'm sorry. 

Okay, Monica. Okay, sorry. "Would like to know your thoughts on a product, SmartFresh, that keeps fruits in warehouses up to 12 months. I don't think much of it, I'm sure. I haven't looked it up, but I'm telling you if it does that, it's synthetic. I guarantee you that. I'll Google that, too. But if you're asking off the top of my head, I would say, Monica, I'm not a big fan, sorry. 

Colette. "Is coronary artery disease reversible?" Yes, it's reversible. It depends. It depends on you. It depends on your diet. There's nothing that is more important than what you put in your mouth every day, because your body is unbelievable. And even if you've got hardening of the arteries, your body will regenerate. You've got to give it the best tools possible to regenerate and the best tool possible to regenerate is food. In heart disease, in coronary heart disease, I love K2. Why do I love K2? Because K2 takes calcium out of your arteries and puts them in your teeth and in your bones where they belong. Calcium does not belong in your bloodstream, just like sugar. Calcium's good for you. 

Come with me for a minute in your mind and I'm going to tell you, I'm a big believer in God. You guys know that, I think. If you don't, I am. I'm not apologetic for that. But if you look what God gave you in food, think about this for a minute, you do not get calcium in food without K2 in nature. So when you eat a piece of cheese, because I read the other day or it might have been on the Question and Answer the other night, I can't remember, but "Ah, cheese, it can't be good for you." Yeah. Cheese curds especially have the highest source of vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is put in nature with calcium. So when you eat cheese or you eat butter, the vitamin K2 takes the calcium that's in the butter, that's in the cheese and some meat and it brings it, it takes calcium, the K2 in it takes it to your bones. 

And this is why for 50 years, guys, I have been screaming. 50. When this whole thing about cereal, this whole thing about eating low fat, this whole thing about let's be rabbits instead of carnivores, I was screaming. I've always screamed against it, because you have to understand that in nature, God gives it to you so that your arteries won't harden when you eat steak or eggs, because it's got vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is only found in the animal kingdom. It's not found in the plant kingdom. K1 is in plants. K2 is in eggs, meat, and cheese. Why do you think I'm so big on them? Because it's nature's perfect food. It's got calcium. You need calcium. But you don't want calcium in your bloodstream. You take a calcium supplement, it's in your bloodstream without K2. You want it in your teeth. You want it in your bones. I've been screaming about that for so long. 

I shake my head when I see people, "Oh, that's bad for you. Animal red meat. That is so bad for you. Red meat, it's got cholesterol. Look at the fat on the red meat." Eat it all. Why would you want to eat lean meat? That's chicken. I'm only teasing. But you better eat the skin on the chicken, because that's where you get your fat and vitamin K2 is a fat soluble vitamin. It's there in perfection in your animal kingdom foods. I'm going to say it and I'm going to say it and I'm going to say it again and again. That's how your body operates. One of the reasons we see so much heart disease today is because of our obsession with cholesterol and lowering it, when it's the best thing you can eat is your cholesterol in the animal kingdom. Because it's only found in animals. Isn't that amazing? Cholesterol is only found in animals. Vitamin K2 is only found in the animal kingdom, in dairy, in eggs and in meat. Hello? Hello? How could that be bad for y'all? 

It doesn't make any sense. It's propaganda. It's not science. Follow the science. No, follow the political science. Now we got a guy like Bill Gates buying up all the farms apparently in America to get us off meat. I'm glad I'm 70 years old, I'm telling you. They're not going after you as much to change your mind. They're going after my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren. They're not stupid. They indoctrinate in school. "See the little eyeballs on those cows, don't touch them. Don't eat those things. They're no good for you." I'm telling you guys, sorry. 

Doug. "Will ganglions go away?" Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. They're usually not a problem, Doug. Sometimes ganglions have to be taken in surgery, taken off, because they can hinder a joint or a sebaceous cyst and it gets infected and you've got to take it off. But generally, some go away. Some go away. Take a Bible out and hit them. That's how we used to get rid of ganglions. 

Okay, Sharon. Sharon, look, it's hard for me to answer this question because you're asking me something personal. "I'm a diabetic on a pump on the Reset for three months and notice half the day I do not need the pump, and sometimes I guess I do." Well, you've got to figure that out, Sharon, for yourself. I mean how you feel and watch your blood sugars. Ordinarily, in most people, when they do the Reset, they actually put diabetes into remission. You're never cured. I don't like the word cured, "I cured you of diabetes." Nah, you put into remission. So now it becomes a lifestyle. Eat that way. If you're a diabetic, here's the rule of thumb. If you're a diabetic, you have an allergy. If you're a diabetic, you have an allergy to carbs. You and carbs don't get along. Just put that in your gray matter up there and don't let anybody deceive you. 

You and carbs don't get along. It's as simple as that. And then you've got to figure out because some people, they might need still a little bit of insulin. It depends on how much damage was done to your pancreas, but generally the Reset, and that's where it started. Like I tell you that in the book, I tell you how I got started on the Reset, it was to put diabetics into remission. It started with that. Then I found out, oh yeah, look what it does for inflammation. Look what it does for autoimmune. Look what it does for all these chronic diseases, Alzheimer's and dementia and all of these. It's unbelievable. I'll put it up against any eating program in the world. Because before I wrote that book folks, we had thousands and thousands and thousands of people that did the Reset. 30 days to change your life, to change your habits, to take you out of insulin resistance, take you out of metabolic syndrome, empty your liver, take down inflammation, lower your CRP, get your triglycerides down and your HDL up, lower your blood pressure. I'm telling you. Good question, Sharon, but specifically you've got to just monitor that. See how you feel and monitor that. 

Mark. "I have a 73-year-old cousin that every day at different times breaks out in really bad sweats. She..." Okay, it's a she. "Is she still in menopause?" Okay. Women and horror-mones. Whenever one sweats too much, or they break into a sweat several times a day or whatever for almost no reason, the first thing that I look at is low levels of vitamin D. It's a sign that you have low levels of vitamin D. So find that out, find that out. That's the first thing. Now there may be hormones, even at 73. I've seen estrogen, progesterone imbalance even in the 80s. Women, you've got horror-mones. They only become horror-mones when they're unbalanced. And you know, body temperature could be the thyroid. There's a lot of things, but generally I want you to check your vitamin D levels because that's the first thing that comes to my mind and my experience. 

Nancy. "Can you find out if tumors and calcification in the breast are the same?" They're not the same. Calcification in breast tissue is usually when... How do you know you even have that? Is usually on a mammogram and they're benign. But I always say they can be precancerous calcifications. They're not the same as a tumor, but I believe that a tumor starts with calcification. So if someone on a mammogram, and I'm not telling you to go get your mammograms every day or whatever, I'm not saying that, all I'm saying is calcification in breast tissue is a sign, in my opinion, my experience, that you're heading... Remember what I showed you, and I don't even have my pen with me right now. The tip of a ballpoint pen, the tip of it, takes five years for cancer to grow to that size. It starts so small you couldn't feel that in your breast tissue, ladies, if your life depended on it. And it's picking up as estrogen and it's picking up insulin on its way to becoming a tumor. So, stop it. Block the estrogen, stop the insulin. You know how to do that. Lower your carbohydrates. 

Pauline. "Is there a specific test for systemic yeast?" Well, live cell microscopy. I used to see yeast every day. If you're sniffling all the time, postnasal drip, oftentimes sort of an unexplained cough and things like that, on your skin, look at your skin. There was a saliva test. I was never big on that for yeast. I used to like to look at it under a microscope, but doctors ain't going to test you for yeast. They just won't do it. 

"How do you get vitamin D if you're allergic to the sun?" Samantha. And that was Nancy asking about the breast tissue and Pauline asking about yeast. Samantha, well then take it. There's some people that they don't do well in the sun. Either they have lupus or whatever. And I feel sorry for you, but that's alright. You've got to take vitamin D as a supplement. You have no choice. VitDerma is the best way to get vitamin D, but if you got any allergy to it or you live in Canada at this time of the year, even when the sun's out, you're not walking around in your shorts or short sleeves, right? So you're not getting vitamin D. You're getting melatonin. In the middle of winter you get melatonin if it's sunny out, but you're not getting vitamin D. So that's why I'm big on the supplement of vitamin D when you need it. Good question.

Colette. "Is DHA the same as CoQ10?” No, CoQ10, your body makes CoQ10 when you eat meat. Tony Jr. and I talked about this the other day. One of the big reasons we see so much atrial fib and so much congestive heart failure is that heart is a muscle and it needs CoQ10 and it needs a specific one. If you're going to take it as a supplement, make sure it's ubiquinol and not ubiquinone. Ubiquinone is CoQ10, but your body doesn't absorb it. If you're going to take a supplement of CoQ10, make sure it's ubiquinol, O-L at the end. And you know how to get CoQ10 the best way? Eat steak. Vitamin S. There's nothing better for CoQ10. But DHA is in the animal kingdom DHA is in steak. DHA, the very specific DHA, it is the longer chain fatty acid. And guess where it's found? It's found in the animal kingdom. Fish, steak. Plants have omega-3, ALA. Dairy has omega-3, CLA. CLA is good. Problem with plants, they often have high omega-6, and that disrupts your balance between omega-6 and omega-3. That's why I'm big on the animal kingdom. I am Mr. Animal Kingdom. 

And Darlene. "What causes oxygen desaturation? Well, desaturation would be anemia. Your red blood cells. It could from the bone marrow. That's where your red blood cells are made, and your spleen. And if you're anemic, there's different types of anemia, low B12 will give you low oxygen. Low iron will give you low oxygen. This is what causes oxygen desaturation. You need B12. Where is B12? Where's it found? Red meat. It's not in chicken. So make sure. And that's why we're big even on supplementing B12, and B12 is a finicky vitamin anyways, but it's the biggest cause of desaturation of your oxygen levels. Thanks for the questions.

Okay, guys. Friday we always go a little bit over time because we get so many questions, I want to hit them all. We appreciate all those questions. We appreciate you guys. We love you guys. I say that, but I mean it. The other thing is did you get your Christmas gifts yet? Get the Reset. Makes a great gift guys. It's easy reading. I'm not complicated. I'm a simple man. I try and write simple so that people understand what I'm saying. I try and make it clear. We love you dearly, talk to you soon.

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