717. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Sugar and estrogen in dairy
  • Hyperbaric therapy
  • Beans and slow digesting carbs
  • Bioavailability of protein
  • Talking to kids about nutrition
  • Infrared saunas
  • Dry mouth on The Reset
  • Segmented sleep patterns
  • Tick bites
  • Male libido on The Reset
  • Carrageenan

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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. And once again, welcome to another Live this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day. We got Question and Answer Thursday. Good questions, by the way. We really appreciate it. Lucy, your first one up this morning. “Why are you not concerned about sugar and estrogen in dairy?” Now, Lucy, I think you misunderstand. Here's my motto with dairy, don't ditch dairy, switch it. So, when it comes to dairy, I limit to what? Cheese and cream, not milk. The things you're talking about, lactose, there's very little lactose in cheese. Very little. Not worth talking about. Not enough for a mouse. 

And estrogen, well, there's no estrogen per se in dairy. Now, if the cows are being given chemicals and they're eating things that would bring up their estrogen, but the cow self and the milk itself is not. But I'm not big on milk, so I think you misunderstood what I've been saying. Don't ditch the dairy, but switch it. If you have a cow in the backyard, you drink all the milk you want. I'm trying to keep you out of grocery store milk. If you're going to eat yogurt, plain. I'd rather you make your own. Yuck! Okay, but plain Greek. I don't even want that really on The Reset. I mean, you could do it. But good question, Lucy. You're thinking I want that. I want you to question what I'm coming.

Denuta, “What do I think about hyperbaric therapy?” Well, I've read about it. I like it in terms of wound healing and things like that, even fractures apparently, they heal faster, but it's not really my area of expertise. And then you ask specifically about sleep issues. I have no idea. I don't know. I just got to tell you that I don't know. I'd never heard of that for sleeping. I know it brings in extra oxygen, but that wouldn't replace... I don't think. Like you see, even with sleep apnea, sleep apnea is caused not by a lack of oxygen. That's a symptom going up to the brain. It's a fat tongue. Fatty tongue. Fatty liver. Fatty tongue. You actually shrink the size of your tongue not by stop talking. I got a big tongue, I talk lots, but by getting your insulin resistance down. This is why I talk about this on The Reset. It's very good for sleep apnea. By the way, when I was in school in the 70s, sleep apnea, what was that? I mean it. Not that people didn't have any trouble sleeping. There was sleeping pills in the 1970s, but it wasn't sleep apnea. People didn't have trouble really with their insulin. I mean, diabetics did. But the world's changed. We live in a completely different world. 

Joanne, “Wondering your thoughts on beans? The article I read said that these are slow digesting carbs.” Yeah, but they're still carbs and they're full of lectins. And I'm not telling you, you could never have beans or peas. But if you got any trouble with your digestive tract, I'd tell you to stay away from that. But as far as, “Oh, they're a better carb.” Eh, I got trouble with that. And again, it's not on The Reset. You know that. You want to have some beans and some peas and you digest them well and you're metabolically in good shape. Yeah, go for it. Don't live on them. You see, that's one of the problems I got because I was reading an article yesterday and this guy was a vegetarian, a vegan, as a matter of fact, and beans, beans, beans for your protein. I mean, I shake my head in disbelief.

When you look at the bioavailability of protein in the plant kingdom versus the animal kingdom, there's no comparison. The bioavailability of protein from animal, eggs, meat, and cheese, is 10 times that of plant protein. So if you're relying on plant protein to get strong, protein is king. Remember that. I got trouble with plant protein. I'm not saying never have it. I'm just saying don't rely on it. Your body wasn't made for that. Your body wasn't made to live on beans. And you know me, with fiber’s overrated. You don't get a big prize at the end if you have a big poop. Somebody gives you a winning prize. Nah. To me, it's overrated. It came from the cereal companies. Fiber. Fiber. Fiber. And a lot of people became carboholics because they were trying to get their fiber in during the day and start their day with cereal and oatmeal. "Dr. Martin, oatmeal is so good for you." Eh, I don't know who told you that, but that ain't true. That ain't true. Bacon and eggs are a hundred times better than oatmeal for you, a hundred times better, without the toast. 

Again, good questions. I want you thinking. I want you questioning me. I got no problem. That's why we're having Question and Answer Thursday today. But question and answer once a week, I got no problem. You lay it on there. I'm going to give you what I think, and I want you to be a Berean. You know what a Berean was? Well, they were people. The Apostle Paul talked about them. He said they were more noble than those people at Thessalonika because they searched the scripture to see if I was telling the truth or not. You guys got to do your searching. You're going to hear a lot of gurus have the same credentials as me, and you're going to hear conflicting information. That's why people have often said, "I am confused, Dr. Martin." Well, I tell them, "Don't be confused. I want you to follow the science." 

You want to look at bioavailability of protein? There's no comparison. Omega-3 from animal sources, it's 60% more bioavailable than plant source of omega-3. I'm not saying omega-3 from plants are no good. I'm not saying that. I'm just telling you, you can't make DHA from them. DHA comes from the animal kingdom, and your body loves DHA because your brain is made up of DHA. Someone calls you fat head, you take it as a compliment. And living fat-free, like we are. That's the craziest thing in the world. Fat-free anything is crazy. It's craziness. Your body needs fat and it needs protein. And if you never had another carb in your lifetime, you'd live fine. 

Okay, let's get back to those questions. Good question, Joanne. Okay, and you know, you're saying, well it improves your blood sugar in diabetics. I tell diabetics, I wouldn't touch that stuff. They have an allergy to carbs, even if they're... Yeah, they're slow digesting, but they're still carbohydrates. Diabetics have an allergy to carbs. Get rid of the cat. You know that story, right? I told a lady, "You got allergies to what?" She says, "My cat." I said, "Get rid of it." "Oh, Dr. Martin, I can't. I love that cat." I said, "I know, but it don't love you." 

Okay, now, Erin, “I would love to hear what he,” speaking of me, “suggests for talking to kids about nutrition.” Well, you know what? I'm going to tell you something, Erin. This has been my experience. Kids are very smart. They figure out their parents pretty quickly. If mommy and daddy are good eaters and you limit their crappy sugars and carbs, you limit them. I'm not telling you to leave the planet. Wean them. You got a baby, start right away. Water instead of juice. Water even instead of milk. They don't need milk. They need mummy's milk. And after that, give them water. Get them used to drinking water. I love watching little babies in their sippy cup and they got water in it. When you talk to kids, kids are smart. You know what? Sugar, junior, look, see what happens when you eat sugar. We're having pizza, but have the first piece. The second piece, just take the toppings and eat the toppings. Leave the crust there. Why? Because that turns into sugar and sugar isn't good for you. You don't need it. 

So Erin, it's an excellent question. I used to teach young kids when they come into me, ADD and ADHD and all sorts of cognitive issues, and I would give them nutrition 101. They weren't stupid. I said, "Are you sick and tired of not being able to focus, and you're always in trouble in school, or whatever? I said, "I can help you with that." I said, "You got to figure this out," and I teach them about sugar. If nothing else, just be careful. I'm not saying you can never have ice cream again in your lifetime.I don't do that to people, especially kids. Come on. But don't live on cookies. Don't live on ice cream. But mommy and daddy, you got to set the example and talk to them. It gets into their noggins. It really does. Like I said, kids are smart, and the best teaching is by example. 

Louise, “What are my thoughts on infrared saunas?” Well, everything I read about them is very good. I love sonnas, for my Finnish friends. Sorry. How do you say sauna? It's not sauna, it's sonna, isn't it? You say it right. I never do, but I love them. They're good for you. They're a great detoxer. The infrared ones have got great research on it, so yeah, I like it. I like the old fashioned ones too. It really gives you a good clean.

Angela, “Can The Reset cause dry mouth? Extremely dry?” Angela, yeah, your body's adopting, Angela. It doesn't cause dry mouth, but some people it can. Body’s changing. Try a little bit of electrolyte in your water. Make sure you're getting enough salt, because that's an issue as your body changes. Changes fuel. Things happening. All for good. But in the meantime, some people, they get that issue of dry mouth. I just tell them to try and add more salt to their diet. That really makes a difference.

Bebe, I think, or Bee bee, “Pendulaphobia,” isn't that a phobia of needles, isn't it? I think so. I seen that. I tell you, I've seen it because when you came into the clinic, I didn't do it, but my staff, Ginette and Nicole, will tell you. Some people were so scared of me, our clinic taking their blood. And some kids, man oh man, I mean, they just like... We had to sit on them to get blood out of them. I remember one time we had a kid come in with the grandma and the kid would not let my girls take blood and the poor grandma. I said to her, "Well, look, if I can't take that kid's blood, I can't see the patient because I'm not going to be able to give you any results. Give me permission to sit on him." I remember that anyway. Oh boy. Yeah, I've seen it. Would cortisol help? Yeah, it would probably calm you down. No quick fixes.

Thelma, “Would you know the iron range for women?” Well, look, Google it. I don't look at it. It's a little bit more complicated, because blood is complicated. I glance at it if things are flagged, but I don't rely on iron, ferritin. I like looking at B12 because B12 tells me more than iron does. You think they're not related, but they are. So, I can give you the numbers, but who cares? You can Google those numbers and see what is normal. But even then, I look at things differently. I'm a big guy on symptoms. How are you feeling? I could pick anemia out a mile away in people, women, if they were anemic. I used to look at under the eyes and I could look at their palette, their skin. I could tell. I said, "You're anemic," and then I take their blood. See, when you did the days of looking under that microscope that you see behind me, I mean, it's amazing. You pump up that blood 3,000 times. I mean the detail. I could see a lot of people, their numbers were normal, but their red blood cells were extra large. The bigger the red blood cell, the less oxygen they carry. I used to look at stuff like that. I don't want to avoid your question, Thelma, but I just got to tell you what I think. 

Carrie, “Restless legs at night.” Well, one of them is anemia. One of them is anemia and you're not eating enough steak. For a lot of people to get restless legs, the vitamin S, they don't have enough B12. Now, Magnesium sometimes, but restless legs compared to spastic legs, restless legs were like the ‘eebee geebees’ of your legs. You were trying to go to sleep, but your legs wouldn't let you. That's restless legs. And that's a lot of times is microcirculation. I had great results and still do with eating steak. Our Blood Boost sometimes I would give that and Navitol, because Navitol is tremendous for nitric oxide and relaxing your blood vessels to give you a better circulation in those legs. Microcirculation. Restless leg. 

Terri, “What would cause insulin and nerve problems in the eyes and legs if following a low carb, Dr. Martin suggested, lifestyle?” Well, look, Terri, it's a loaded question because I don't know everything that you're talking about, meaning that you're still having trouble with insulin, and yet you're living a low carb lifestyle. Is that what you're saying? You're still having neuropathy. Is that what you're saying? I need more detail, but to answer a generalized question, Rome wasn't built in a day. If you're still having trouble with insulin, and one way to find out, Terri, is to look at your triglycerides and your HDL. Again, there's more to it, so I need more detail to give you a more detailed answer. But generally, Rome wasn't built in a day. For some people, they do The Reset. Things are better. It's always a good idea to do it. And then you might need to repeat it. 

Tony Jr. likes this term. "Dad, carb tolerance." Okay? It's growing on me. And for some people, I think I mentioned it yesterday, some people, them and carbs don't get along at all. Like a diabetic, for example. But even if you're not a diabetic, some people, they just don't get along with carbs. They don't do well with carbs. And again, I emphasize, Terri, you don't need them. You don't. You need protein. You need fat and your body will take a piece of steak. And if it needs sugar, will turn that steak into sugar if need be. It's the other way around, guys. Your body does everything it can to get sugar out of your bloodstream. It hates it. It hates it. Don't give up, Terri. Don't give up. 

Michelle, “What is the best sleep pattern? Segmented sleep patterns. Have you heard of it?” Of course, I have heard of it. I don't think I'm going to exaggerate when I say this, tens of thousands of patients over the years with sleep problems. I became a sleep doctor in a lot of ways, because it's horror-mones, especially... We talked about the thyroid yesterday, how finicky it is. And one of the factors that we didn't develop too much at the end of the program yesterday, I talked to cortisol and its effect on sleep. That's why, like I'm a big guy, I love melatonin, but not as a supplement. I'm a big guy on getting it through sun. Your body makes melatonin. Very dark room and yes, segmented sleep. Look, that's a big issue today. Is it, what, 70% of the population, they don't sleep well? There's a lot of reasons for it, but stress, that's a huge one. You got to fix that. Good question. 

Mary, “I'm taking two DHA per day, on my second bottle. Still having memory issues.” Well, Mary, good question. But I'm going to tell you, you might want to up your dose. Are you eating well? Because remember, the memory center in the brain, the hippocampus, what's your diet like? Are you eating enough protein and fat? Are you cutting your carbs down big time? Because again, sugar just saturates the memory center of the brain. They don't call Alzheimer's type 3 diabetes for nothing. Exercise, vitamin E. Legs, legs, it's leg day, meaning it's brain day. Get your legs strong. Muscles make a big difference on memory. Vitamin D in the brain. But you're on the right track with DHA. I love DHA. You guys know that. And I'm never going to change my mind on it, because I've seen the tremendous results of it. It's always best to get at your memory early. Someone already has dementia, Alzheimer's, it's not easy. You can help, but... you know.

Gail, “What would the protocol be for a tick bite?” Well, I'm a big guy, immediately oil of oregano right on the spot, oil of oregano. I like the spray. You can put the drops on it, right on it. Natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. I'm a big guy right on there. Plus, internally probiotics and even a little mixing of a probiotic right on a bite is a real good idea. Take some of the powder. Make a little sab. You can use some coconut oil or whatever and put it right on there with the probiotic. Let those bacteria get at it. That's what I recommend. And of course, your immune system with your vitamin D and all this and that, you got to get that.

Nancy, “I'm recovering from COVID.” Well, that's good, because if you're recovering from it, you're going to have tremendous immunity. You built up antibodies right now that are really good. Nancy, “What supplements should I take to regain my health?” Well, vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D big time. Vitamin D. I'm a big guy on probiotics because that really helps the immune system. Eat your steak, vitamin S, because it gives you zinc. Drink your coffee because it gives you quercetin and you'll do well. You'll do well, Nancy, and cut out the sugars. 

“How many grams of sugars should I eat if I'm on low carb?” How about zero, Elizabeth? No, look, I don't give you a number because I'm not into numbers. I'm not into calories. How many grams of protein you should eat a day? Well, everybody's different. If you're eating the right fuel, you'll find out. Your body is so intelligent, it'll tell you. You find out when you change fuels and you're eating real good fuels. Your body is saying, "Man, I don't even need to eat right now because I'm not really hungry," because your body's burning the right fuel. Elizabeth, I can't go against my religion and give you numbers. Because if I give you numbers of grams, I don't really believe in that, so I'm not going to teach it. Who was asking me about the iron? I don't look at numbers. I'm sorry. I don't like those numbers. They don't mean much to me, and it's my experience and the way I operate. I'm weird. I admit it.

Jackie, “My friend wants to do The Reset and is concerned about her husband being on cholesterol meds and two stents.” Well, look, again, let's follow the science, what's important, what your friend's husband went through with the two stents and whether he had a heart attack or not, I don't know if you're saying that, two stents put in, how those arteries got clogged was not by cholesterol. Jackie, you got to understand that. I'm sorry. The bad guy is not cholesterol. It was triglycerides, fat balls from the diet. I want to reverse all that. The Reset is fantastic. I can prove it to people by before and after blood work. When you see triglycerides going down and HDL going up, because those are the two things I focus in on. If you want to focus in on LDL, but go ahead, but it's not science. It's not science. 

We put out an email today. 73% of people that ever had a heart attack, the cholesterol was normal. They're looking for love in all the wrong places. It had nothing to do with cholesterol. Made up by the pharmaceutical companies that were selling statin drugs. What a colossal failure. It's been a colossal failure. In 1980, I remember, the president of the American Heart Association, know what he said? We found a drug, man, that's going to eliminate heart disease. Didn't talk about food, just said a drug. How did that work out for you, world? Come on. Heart disease is... And it's been one of the biggest issues even in this virus thing, people that have pre-existing conditions. But they don't want to talk about that. It goes against the narrative. Look, I can only tell you the science. Get your triglycerides down, those go this way, and your HDL go this way up. One is down and the other is up. It's a teeter totter. 99% of the time will work together. If you bring your triglycerides down, your HDL goes up. Sometimes I've got to help people with HDL to go up and sometimes I've got to help them. DHA helps triglycerides. Exercise helps, but it's food primarily. Good question. 

Deborah, “MSM for pain.” Eh, I don't dismiss it. Okay? That was a big thing. I remember MSM, how many years? 25 years ago maybe. I mean, it was MSM, MSM, MSM for arthritis, and It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I never found it to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you want to try it and it works for you, okay, I got no problem with that, but it's not even in my Inflammation Formula because it didn't make the top eight. I have 8 anti-inflammatories, natural anti-inflammatories, in the inflammation formula, and MSM didn't make my top eight. That's why it's not in there. And again, I'm not dismissing it outright, but a lot of it was fluff and not the truth.

Mike, “Can being on The Reset negatively affect my male libido?” Not negativity, Mike, positivity. It's going to be positive, because in a man when they go on The Reset and they're eating a lot of vitamin S, it helps them to make a lot more vitamin T. It's not really a vitamin, testosterone. Men, you need testosterone. That's your primary armour. Ladies, yours is estrogen. Never worry about estrogen. You got a lot of it in this world. But testosterone, men, their testosterone can sink like the Titanic in a male. He's not active enough. He's not eating enough protein. He's not eating enough animal protein. He's not getting enough vitamin S, steak, steak, steak, steak, red meat, red meat. That's how you make testosterone. And get moving. Move. Mike, it's the opposite. It's the opposite. You need L-arginine for erectile dysfunction. You know how you get L-arginine and L-carnitine? Vitamin S, steak. Eat it. Yep, eat it. There's no L-arginine in plants. L-arginine helps to open your blood vessels in your privates. I don't want to give you too much detail.

Susana, “If you have candida or fungus, should you not eat mushrooms or whipped cream?” Well, wait a minute. I don't understand, Susana. Look, I'm not too worried about mushrooms. If you have candida, don't feed the bears sugar. The big thing you got to stay away from is sugar, because you're asking about a moldy environment too. But look, that can be their cousins. Candida and mold are cousins. I don't like you being exposed to mold. Outside, not near as bad. Inside, be very careful with that. But candida is a puppy on the inside of your body. Don't feed it. You need probiotics. Don't feed the bears. Don't feed candida. They're like teenagers that live on sugar. Don't feed it. That's the biggest thing, Susanna. 

“Does our body make progesterone?” Yeah, your body makes progesterone. Somebody asked this too. Elky is asking, how can you make estrogen or progesterone if you don't have ovaries? Because God gave you plan B. Have you heard of plan B? You get a total hysterectomy. Am I going to stop being a woman? No. God gives you plan B. Your adrenals start making progesterone and estrogen. Well, they do always a little bit, but your hormonal system has got a backup plan. It's a good question. Now, let me just get back to it for a second. I got to bring it back up. Yeah, your body does make it when you eat good food. Your body makes hormones. You know what you need for hormones more than anything else? Cholesterol. Why? Because cholesterol transports your hormones. If you don't have any trucks on the highways, you're going to have hormonal trouble. You need transporters, that's why cholesterol. 85% of your cholesterol is made in your liver.

God wants you to eat the other 15%. You eat the 15%. And remember, cholesterol is only found in the animal kingdom. I rest my case. I remember debating once in a public venue and I just rested my case. I said, "Well, if cholesterol is good for you, you can't live without it, and 85% of it is made in your liver, 15% you're responsible to eat, and if cholesterol is only found in the animal kingdom, how can being a vegetarian or a vegan be good for you? I rest my case. Explain that one to me, and then we'll talk about the amino acids. We'll talk about heme iron. We'll talk about bioavailability. We'll talk about all those things. We're going to discuss those things, but I want you to tell me how you are going to make up for your 15% if you don't eat animal products? I'm waiting." I rest my case. I know, guys. I might look like I'm crazy. He's crazy, because vegans and vegetarians think I'm crazy. But there's a method to my madness, guys. It's just the truth. Get the truth and never sell it. Get the truth and never sell it. Proverbs 23 and 23.

Dr. Martin, “Hashimoto's.” Well, Hashimoto's is an autoimmune. Anything autoimmune, Pauline, I always, always, always start with the gut. We talked about it yesterday, because for the thyroid, gut. Any autoimmune, from lupus to Crohn's, to ulcerative colitis, to MS, Parkinson's, better start with the gut and get rid of candida. Because with Hashimoto's, I can't think I ever seen an exception to it. You're full of yeast, candida, fungus. It's insidious. It's silent. It don't stay in the gut. It goes to different organs. It's deadly over a period of time. Get rid of it and don't feed it. “What is the best way to restore muscle mass in women?” Diet and exercise. Well, get your hormones too, right? You get those balanced. We talked about that yesterday. Good question. 

Rosa, I knew we were getting to yours. Rosa. We only have one more after this. “How bad is carrageenan?” That's a thickener, by the way they use cream. And again, Rosa, you know the answer to this. You, Rosa, I think I know you enough to tell you, go look for a cream without it. If you can't find it, you can have 35% whipped cream with carrageenan. Why? Because remember what I've said. Number one, if you're on the Titanic, don't worry about the deck chairs. Turn it around. You have to understand, when I write the book, The Reset, when I gave it to 10,000 patients, I didn't talk to them about, “Oh, by the way, when I say 35% cream, it better not have anything else in it.” 

Now, if you get advanced, you fixed your metabolic syndrome and now you want to maintain it. If you can afford it or whatever, you can find a grocery store that carries the organic and the whatever, I like that stuff. Don't get me wrong. Don't get me wrong. When you have straightened your life out, then really if you want to get very specific, no additives. And by the way, you're never going to get to zero. Okay, please. People that tell me, "Oh doc, I grow my own food and I live on..." I said, "What planet do you think you're living on here, man?" Just air you breathe from Mount Everest to the placenta, there's plastic.

Well, good luck with that. You're never going to get rid of all the plastic. Rosa, understand, I'm a big picture guy. Give me the big picture. And like you, you're down the road. You know what I preach. So if you can find a better cream, find a better cream. But for people generally, I say, look, cream is better than milk. 35% cream. Make Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. Give it to your kids. It's the best thing. Since sliced bread. Sliced bread is not that good. You know what I mean, Rosa. I think you get it, and I appreciate the question. I'll answer it every time I see it. If you're on the Titanic, don't worry about the deck chairs. Avoid the icebergs. That's your big thing. And then you can get more detailed. Then you can get more detail. 

One more, “Does artichoke extract help cleanse the liver?” Fatima, look, I'm never that big on that. But what cleanses the liver is a reset. I don't care. You can take all the milk thistle and artichoke you want. But if you eat wrong, you're never going to cleanse your liver. Your liver is the storage site for fat, and you better get rid of that, and you better empty that. Milk thistle doesn't do that, and neither does the artichoke. It's not that it's not helpful, but you're not emptying your liver. You got to empty your liver for your liver to work at 100%. Okay? 

Now, guys, thank you very much. You're wonderful. Now, tomorrow we're not on. Okay? I'm traveling tomorrow. We're not on tomorrow, but we'll be back next week, Lord willing. You have any questions for me? Remember, we're going to answer your questions. Don't be shy. Put them up there. I want to answer these things. If you haven't got your Christmas presents yet, you know when they're saying they're back ordered, but the book's not back ordered. I just don't know of a better gift that you can give to a friend or a loved one. Let them read about it. You have no idea how many times a week I hear people saying, "Doc, I never heard of you or whatever, and somebody gave me your book. Man oh man, it made sense to me. I changed my life with your eating plan." Woohoo! I was happy about that. Love hearing. Okay. Love you, guys. Talk to you soon.

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