710. Failure to Launch


Growth only happens with a challenge, and challenge brings change. This is a saying Dr. Martin jotted down as it reminded him of the days in his clinic, trying to encourage patients to initiate change. He would challenge patients, encouraging growth and ultimately making change.

So many times, people fail to launch. They never start their journey, as half the battle is just getting started. When looking at doing the Reset, many people fail to start because they didn’t have a plan to succeed.

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin shares some strategies to help you get started with the Reset, and that can be applied to your wellness journey.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning, and hope you're having a great start to your day. There's a new study that came out on vitamin D. Guys, vitderma, it's incredible. It's incredible. And so I'll bring that to you tomorrow, because I just saw it and I haven't had a chance to unpack that study and just to break it down. But guys, I'm telling you, it's headlines. It's headlines. It's fascinating. Vitderma, new study. I mean, literally hot off the presses, because it came on the weekend, I think. It was actually presented in Warsaw, Poland. Yeah. Hot off the presses, guys, on a new study on vitderma. It will blow you away when we talk about this. Okay?

Now, a big part of my practice, okay, a big, big part of my practice, and I probably told you this a thousand times, but I just want to do a little bit of a teaching on this this morning, is motivation, okay? Because if you don't change... People need to be challenged to change, right? In my office, for example, when I saw people that were in deep trouble... I mean, obviously, most people didn't come because they wanted to, "Oh, you're Dr. Martin. I'd like to meet you." Nah, they didn't come for that. You know, they had problems and they wanted those problems fixed, and of course, right? You know, Ginette and Nicole would tell you, they worked with me for years, that a lot of people, I could sense that, "Oh, doc, I thought you were going to give me a pill. I don't want to change." They didn't really say it like that. They didn't say "I don't want to change," but you can almost tell. I could read people and I could tell they weren't buying it. Like, "Nah, you're over dramatic," or whatever, right? And for me, I'm a big guy on change.

What was I reading this morning here? I just want to... I kind of like this. Here's a statement that I read this morning and I just jotted it down, "Growth only happens with a challenge. Challenge brings change." I like that. Without change, we're going to deteriorate and we're going to deteriorate physically, mentally, and spiritually. Okay, so that's the quote I read, "Growth only happens with challenge. Challenge brings change." That's what I used to do. I used to challenge people, challenge them. Give them the problem, "Here's your problem," and then I would challenge them to fix it. I never sent a patient home ever without a dietary change. Sometimes supplements, but I never sent a patient home that I can remember without some kind of change. So, I challenge them. Growth only happens with challenge. Challenge brings change, and without change we're going to deteriorate. Okay?

And so, I always try and make the case with just about everybody. We live in a world that is devoid of nutrients. Most food... Because people are eating crappy carbohydrates and that, and I know maybe you get tired of hearing about diet, but guys, that is your foundation of change. The foundation of change is your diet more than anything else. Yeah, exercise, but you can't out-exercise… Listen to what I'm going to say, you can't out-exercise a bad diet. You can't. You can't out-supplement a bad diet. You can't out-medicate a bad diet. You just can't. And so, I'm a big guy and I always was on motivating people to change. I do that too, even spiritually, to change. Okay?

But I just want to give you some tips. I'm just going to go over some of the ways that I would motivate. Like I said, the other day I was talking to a friend and I was teaching him the reset. I was explaining it to him and I said, "I promise you, I'm going to give you a copy of my book." You're never a prophet in your hometown. People kind of laugh about it. The Reset is such a popular book, but a lot of people, "What are you talking about again?" A lot of people in my hometown, Sudbury, they don't even know what I'm talking about. And the key to change is to start. One of the biggest things, one of the biggest things, and I knew it in my office, the biggest thing was motivating people to start. One of the things that will crash is a failure to launch. You need a start. You know, I remember with my diabetic patients, I'd say, "Listen, man, you're going home and you're going to start tomorrow. Day one's tomorrow. Not next week, tomorrow. I want you to start."

People, they get so depressed and so down. We talked about depression yesterday, the Netflix syndrome. People are caught, guys, listen to me, people today, more than ever, are caught in a rut. They're in a rut. They're depressed. The numbers just show it. It's incredible. And diets have gone by the wayside. The gyms were... Okay, I'm talking about Ontario, okay? I'm telling you, even today, right throughout the pandemic, it always bothered me because gyms were closed. That drove me crazy. The very thing that was needed. I've always said to you, "Quit focusing on the virus." There's always going to be viruses, always. And you know me, I always talk about the immune system. I don't care, no matter what, you still... Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. You need an immune system.

Your immune system needs to work, and we emphasize that. One of them is vitamin E, exercise, but people are in a rut. The Netflix syndrome, people have put on weight. I mean, the average is... What are they saying in Canada? Something like between 11 and 29 pounds, or like... it's incredible. We were big already, but here we go, and the unintended consequences are incredible, what's going to come up. So again, let me say this, a failure to launch. Start. Have a start date on the reset. I like when people come into the private Facebook group and tell others they're starting tomorrow, or whatever they're saying. So now, "I'm going to start. Any tips?" "Yeah. The tips are, keep going. Accountability, it's good." If you put your name in there and actually… Look, you're a private person, I get that, but you need accountability. You see, in my office, people were accountable because we followed up. I tell people, "Look, your life's going to change, man. I'm challenging you, but it's going to change." And they were happier in a sense that because I was going to keep them accountable to it. Hey, listen, if you put your trust in me, I'll keep you accountable to it. There's going to be some great changes occurring, but you got to start, so the key is starting. Hey, guys, I can't emphasize again how important the reset is.

There was a study that came out. I read another study and maybe I'll spend time on it in the next little bit, another study with when you change your diet. It came out in New Zealand and I haven't even unpacked it yet. I just saw the headline. A headline out of New Zealand is, "Even with people that have Alzheimer's, if you can change their diet," not easy, you can imagine, but early Alzheimer's, they change their diet, "there's some real big improvements." Guys, let's be honest. Food's everything. In medicine, food is nothing, but food is everything. You want a lifestyle change? The biggest thing that sidetracks that is a failure to launch. So, get started.

Persistence, persistent, be persistent. Look, guys, nothing is ever going to be perfect. The reason that I set up a 30-day program, why did I make it 30 days? Well, there was a lot of reasons. The main reason for the 30 days, it takes just about 30 days, especially if you've been a carboholic, sugar lover and whatever, it takes 30 days for your cells to become insulin sensitive. Do you know what I mean by that? The problem we talk about every day is insulin resistance. Your cells, at the cellular level, your cells, it's almost like they develop a coating and your cells are resistant to insulin. They hate it. Don't come near me.

But insulin is a pesky neighbor. They're going to come by no matter what. If you insist on eating carbohydrates and sugars, then insulin has a job to do. I teach you that, teach you that, teach you that. Insulin has a job to do. It'll come by the cells, because it has to open up the cells to let sugar be stored. Okay? It's going to come by. It takes approximately 21 to 30 days to change that, to get rid of insulin resistance at the cellular level. Now, right from day one, things will get better, but you want to implement the change, and what a change it is. So, number one, you need to start.

Number two, you need persistence, because we read it all the time in the group. I used to see it all the time in the office too. And that is, "Doc, man, I don't feel good on day two and day three" or day six or, "Ugh, I didn't think it was going to be that hard." Now remember, I've never said that reset is easy. I've never said that. It's simple. People can't get over the simplicity.

I had a doctor yesterday send an email. They sent an email to us, "What is Dr. Martin's credentials that he would have such a drastic..." I can't even remember what it was. It was like, "a crazy diet." Well, you know what? I know I'm going against the grain, guys. I know that. I've been on the planet a long time. This goes against the grain. It's not easy, though. It's not easy going without carbohydrates for 30 days. It's not easy to go without sugar for 30 days. It's very difficult, very difficult. But you need to start and you need persistence. Persistence. You get a day or two that, "Ugh, doc, I'm lightheaded even." You are changing fuels. Your body is going through a dramatic change, and the old you is hanging on. It doesn't like change. It will like it, but you got to get to it first. You got to get to that change. Okay?

So again, it's not easy. Let's be honest. This is just an observation of life. Anything worthwhile, anything worthwhile is not easy, right? You don't get a successful business without being a hard worker. It doesn't happen by osmosis. You don't get a successful marriage without hard work, true or false? Come on. You want to raise kids? It's hard work, right? It's every day. No days off. Mom, did you ever get any days off? "No, not really." Yeah. Is it worth it? Of course, it's worth it. And you see, for me, that's really important. That's really important. Look, you're going to lower your carbohydrates.

Every study, I can show you study after study, thousands of them, your foundation is food, and when you change fuels, when you go to eggs, meat, and cheese... Even yesterday, there are people come on the group and they go, "Well, calories are important." They believe that. No, they're not. It's not calories. It's fuel. There's difference. Not all calories are the same. That is the food industry that taught you, like, oh, you go to a restaurant even, and they'll have it in brackets, a lot of restaurants, how many calories you're eating in that meal, right? Yeah, but that's the food industry, guys. That's not reality. That's not how your body operates. It depends on what fuel.

Last night I actually was standing outside with an open fireplace and there was some people standing outside and it was a cool evening and it was a real nice evening, and they had a fire going, and I was standing there. Now, some of those people didn't know me. Otherwise, I would've started preaching. I would've showed them an illustration from that open pit fire. It was beautiful. They were not burning paper. They weren't. They weren't burning even twigs. You know what they were burning? Had a beautiful fire, nice heat, dark. Get the scenery? They were burning logs. They were burning logs, and they were just burning and burning and burning.

And guys, when I talk to you about eggs, meat, and cheese, the reason I do it is because they're logs on the fire. They are logs. It's fuel for you to burn energy. When you eat, you're getting energy from food. If you insist on eating carbohydrates and sugar, your energy will be high calorie, but it doesn't matter. It will just burn off like you would not believe. You're not going to get the proper fuel from them. It's instant. Yeah, you get a little buzz, but it's not going to last.

See, any change, guys, is worthwhile. It's a change. You don't want to have a failure to launch. Do it. You got problems, do it. You got inflammation, do it, because what insulin does... You use that pancreas, secreting insulin. I'm showing a ball point pen. It's the size of your pancreas. It releases insulin. But the amount determined... How much insulin you use is determined by how much carbs you're eating, and the least amount of insulin that you use, the better it is for your body. Choose better fuels. Persistence, anything worthwhile, keep going. And here's another important tip. Always see the end. Look towards the end. I'm big, big, big on goals. Okay? Look at the end result. It's a challenge, but you know, I'm determined man. You know me in the three Ds, desire, that's good. Ah, determination. I'm going to finish. I'm going to finish. I need to finish. See the end. I'm big on that.

I remember reading a story about a guy in the concentration camp in World War II. He was a Jew. I think it was in Warsaw. I think it was in Poland. He was in a concentration camp, and he wrote this, that what kept him alive? What kept him alive was he was looking... In his mind, he said, "My goal is I'm going to live so that I can tell people what happened in the concentration camps." He said, "My goal," and he said, "That was such a burning desire that I was going to live so that I could tell people the atrocities of what happened here." He said, "I was determined to live." He said, "That's what kept me going," because he said, "It would've been so easy to give up. The conditions were so bad and people just lost hope. They gave up." I use that as a motivation for people. You've got to see the end.

I remember in school, in the '70s, and the first day the dean comes up to us and says, "50% of you will not graduate." 50%, so half. It's exactly what happened, by the way, too. We started, what, 150 students, and half of them didn't make it. We graduated 75. And I remember, I remember, I'm telling you like it was yesterday. I mean, that was a challenge to me. I looked on one side of me and then the other. I didn't know these guys, these gals, and I said, "Well, I'm graduating." I don't know care about the other people. I don't know them, but I can tell you, as for me... There's a verse in the Bible that says, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." And I said, "As for me, I'm going to graduate." You see, again, it's determination, desire, determination.

And guys, listen, if you have a bad day, never lose sight of your goal. Okay? It's your birthday. Okay? Because you know me, I want to teach lifestyle. It's your birthday, and you want to have a piece of cake. You know what, guys? Don't die over that. You know what I mean? If you go backwards one day, I'd rather you not do it during the 30 days, because this is really important for all the reasons that we talked about.

One of my goals in the reset is to get you into a lifestyle after, and I'll tell you, almost 99% of the people, I mean this, 99% of the people that do the reset, six months, a year later, two years later, are still eating a low-carb lifestyle. They might have repeated the reset, but very few. They don't go off that wagon. They might have a couple of days where they're not eating as good, but it's amazing.

See, one of the things that I want people to do is get into a lifestyle of low-carb eating, not no carbs. So after the 30 days, it's not no carbs anymore, but it's amazing what you do, even with your taste buds. When you're not consuming sugar, your body changes. It enjoys the new fuel. And then when you have a crappy day, "Ugh, I don't feel so good," yeah, your body's screaming at you. It's saying, "Why are you doing that to me? Why are you doing that to me? I liked it when you were eating no carbs."

So, it's amazing. Your body, once it changes fuel, guys, it's incredible. It's incredible. So, lifestyle changes. Don't have a failure to launch. If this is speaking to you this morning, then let us know that you're ready to start the reset. We'll pump your tires up. You get in that private Facebook group, it'll pump your tires up, because people are just like you. And you know, they put their struggles and they put their emotions and they put their things in and we encourage one another. We provoke one another to keep going. It's worth it. Okay.

Tomorrow we're going to look at that vitamin D study. It's an analysis. Unreal guys. Unreal, vitderma. Okay? Friday's question and answer, and are you a member of the private Facebook group? Invite your friends and family. We love to have them join us. Are you getting our newsletters? We send out today the fabulous five supplements that we like. We sent out the webinar that we did, what, a couple of weeks ago, where we had thousands on with us. It was incredible. Thank you for that. Okay? The Reset book, it's available, okay? Tell your friends. Tell your friends. Give them a gift. Give them the gift that they can change their life. Okay, love you guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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