675. Hormones or Horror-mones?


If you’ve followed Dr. Martin for any length of time, you’ll know he refers to women’s hormones as horror-mones. When your levels of estrogen and progesterone go out of balance, “you become too much of a woman,” says Dr. Martin.

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin teaches about the importance of estrogen and your thyroid gland. When you are estrogen dominant, your thyroid slows down. This opens the door to a variety of issues such as fatigue, weakness, weight gain, and even hair loss. Your thyroid is your metabolism, your gas pedal, and ladies, you must fix that first!

Dr. Martin also discusses some foods that women need to be avoiding. The worst offender is soy, and Dr. Martin urges women to avoid it like the plague!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone and, once again, welcome to another Facebook Live. We sure appreciate everyone coming on. Hope you're having a great start to your day. What we're going to talk about today, this is a huge problem, but I'm going to give you the symptoms and then I'm going to ask you to guess what the problem is here. Guess what the problem is here. So let me give you some of the symptoms: painful periods; painful breasts; sugar cravings; water retention; mood swings; weight gain; acne; PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. Okay, what's the problem? Think along with me, what's the problem there. So you women that are menopausal, you might remember this. If you had any of these symptoms, what caused those symptoms? Let me see on the screen here if any. Metabolism. Yep. Yeah, for sure. Laura, you got it; high estrogen. You're too much of a woman. Horror-mones. 

Now, the reason I bring this up, the reason I want to bring it up is when you have high estrogen... this can happen in men too. They don't really get symptoms, but high estrogen in men is very dangerous because it has a major effect on their prostate and when I used to do this testing in our office. Oftentimes at the age of 50, men had more estrogen than their wives. Now, you have to understand this. When you have estrogen dominance... It's everything to do with balance. This is where medicine makes a huge mistake because when you get into menopausal years, they measure estrogen. Okay, I don't like that because I think they're missing the point. "Oh, your estrogen is going down." Of course, it's going down. You're into menopause or you're perimenopausal, of course, your estrogen is going down. But that's not the key. It's not the key to feeling good. It's not the key. The key is balance between estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen and progesterone. 

Now, where am I going to go with this, this morning? I want to transfer what we just talked about, too much estrogen in either a perimenopausal woman or in an ovulating woman at any age. Heavy periods, don't feel good, mood swings, and all these kinds of things that hormone do. But what I really want to focus in on is the importance of estrogen and your thyroid gland. Ladies, when you have all of these symptoms and you're in trouble, you know what you're going to have when you have an imbalance there, when you have an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone? It will slow your thyroid down because when you have estrogen dominant, it's the dominant one, even though it's coming down, but it's dominant over progesterone. That slows the thyroid down. 

When you slow the thyroid down, you get fatigue. You can get weakness. You can get sensitivity to cold. You can get constipation. You can get weight gain. You can get dry skin. You can get hair loss. Your eyebrows can start thinning out. You get muscle cramps and mood, depression so often. This is why... I just hate to be negative about medicine, but they miss this so much. It's really a crime against humanity, but more specifically, it's a crime against womanhood. So often in my practice here, I would have to teach hormones, Horror-mones 101. "Because, doc, my doctor says everything is good." Well, first of all, I'm not big on testing blood levels of estrogen or progesterone. The issue with estrogen is when it is dominant, it's not the blood that becomes... It's in the tissue and estrogen, when it is dominant, it really messes up a woman. It really does. It's all balanced because its primary thing that it will bother, the organ it will bother the most... Yeah, I can bother the ovaries and you can get heavy periods, and a lot of women get endometriosis or just very unwell. 

But if you're anywhere near menopause or perimenopause or whatever, it slows the thyroid down, and your thyroid is your gas pedal. Your thyroid is your metabolism, ladies. You look at food and you gain weight. It's what bothers me in society today because women get bigger today than ever before. But a lot of times it's not just food. There's two growth hormones, remember that. Two; insulin and estrogen. We have all this extra estrogen in the world today. Phytoestrogens, xenoestrogens. Phytoestrogens. You know why... Look, let me just say something food-wise. One of the worst things, ladies, that you can eat is soy. Avoid like the plague. If you want to give me a migraine, instant, bring me into the grocery store or let me watch a commercial on TV or bring me to a restaurant and you see a meatless burger. I get an instant migraine. That is cancer in a patty. Cancer in a Patty. It is soy. Soy is a phytoestrogen. Listen to this: 59,000%. I don't know who calculated this. Soy has 59,000% more phytoestrogens, which is mimicking estrogen, than meat, real meat, vitamin S: steak. 59,000%. When I read that, I just... "Okay. Somebody's got too much time on their heads to calculate that." All I'm saying is, guys, ladies, ladies, you and soy, never. 

Somebody asked last Friday about our menopausal formula with soy isoflavone. That's different, 100% different, because it does not elevate your estrogen at all. It's an extract that actually balances your hormones. Anyway, guys, ladies, please. I've been screaming about veganism. I've been screaming about that for a long time. You guys must admit I'm consistent about that. One of the reasons, not the vegetables are not good for you. When someone says, "I'm a vegetarian," okay, well, good for you. I mean, if that's what you think, I think you're making a big booboo and I want to prove my case to you. But one of the things that is substituted for meat to get their protein is soy, and soy is going to elevate your estrogen. It's a phytoestrogen. Nevermind of all the plastics and the chemicals. Those are xenoestrogens. It's never a lack of estrogen, ladies. Never. There's too much of it. It will take your thyroid and slow it to a crawl. It's one of the reasons we see so much autoimmune like Hashimoto's. 

Because what estrogen does… I talked to you last week about your third eye. Now, this is not a flash test. Remember in school? The teacher come in to say, "Close your books, I'm going to test you right now." Ooh, I wasn't good at that. I tell you, I was a crammer. Just give me 24 hours' notice and I could cram like nobody's business, but I didn't like teachers that came into the classroom and... "Close your books, we're going to test." Now, last week, I mentioned a gland in your brain that is called your third eye. So I'm not going to give you a marks. It's sort of a test, but I'm not marking it. What was that name of that gland? Pineal, you got it. You guys are so smart. Put your hand up, I'm giving you a high five. Good for you. High five. I tried to go give somebody a high five the other day and they're so... ooh, this new world we're in, oh. I'm a hugger. I want to high-five people and hug people and they don't let me. Oh, I go crazy. 

Anyway, the pineal gland. The pineal. That's your third eye. We talked about that, and how sugar glycates it, hardens it, ages it. Remember that? Remember that? When you get sunlight, it goes to your third eye in your brain and makes melatonin. Do you remember that? Now, your thyroid also relies a lot on your thymus gland. You know where your thymus is? Point to the middle of your breast bone, and it's just in behind there, your thymus. One of the problems with estrogen, it can affect your immunity too, because your thymus is really important for delivering part of your immunity. One of them though is autoimmune because a lot of your B-cells... you know how we often talk about T-cells? T-cells come out of your lymphatics, but B-cells are made, in a lot of ways, from your thymus gland and estrogen plays with that in the wrong way when it's dominant. That's often why you get autoimmune, and you can get Hashimoto's, and your thyroid slows to a crawl and your hair starts thinning out and you look at food and you gain weight. 

Women are hard on themselves. They really are. They're looking for an easy fix. "Give me something, doc that's easy." No, this is tough because you're full of hormones. Ladies, you're complicated. We love you, but you're complicated. You got to love more moving parts than a man. A man, meh, they're easy. They get away with a lot till they don't. But ladies, you got to have balance. Your thyroid depends on it and there's so many things that can make that thyroid go wonky and one of them is soy. Soy. Don't touch it with a hundred foot pole. Please, stop. You know, ladies? Hummus. Ooh. When I see women, they like their hummus. It doesn't quite give me the headache that soy does, but almost. That dip. "Oh, I love my hummus." Stop. Don't eat that stuff, ladies, it's a phytoestrogen. It's a phytoestrogen, and it will play with your hormones, and you don't need more estrogen, ladies. You need balance. You don't need more estrogen. You got lots of estrogen. Believe me, even when it's coming down, don't matter. Don't give yourself any more estrogen. You're surrounded by estrogen 24 and 7. Every chemical in the universe, your body thinks, "Oh, that's estrogen. Come here. I like you."

So you don't need no phytoestrogen. That's one of the reasons I don't like sesame seeds. You know me, I've been consistent. Somebody said to me the other day... well, every day I see it on the Martin Clinic private Facebook group. Because every day there's a testimony or a question or whatever up there and they go, "I'm so confused." I know because you read other gurus or whatever and they tell you, "Well, don't touch flaxseed, ladies. Don't touch flaxseed." That's what they say. They're wrong and I am right. It's confusing, I guess, but you can't bring me off of that position and the reason is because my degree is in nutrition, and I'm telling you, what's in a flaxseed is a blocker of estrogen. It's called lignans, L-I-G-N-A-N-S. Lignans block extra estrogen, that's why I like them. 

Do I like seeds and nuts? If you're a squirrel, trying to get fat for the winter. Don't snack on seeds and nuts. It's not because of insulin so much. It's not that, but if you're already having trouble losing weight, don't do what the animals do. My grandson started teaching yesterday. First day as a teacher. I texted him because apparently, and Kim, you might know this, in Timmins there was a bear at his school yesterday and all I could think of... I was thinking of my grandson and those kids. But what I was thinking of, what do bears live on? They live on blueberries. When they want to get fat for the winter, they have fructose. So if you're trying to lose weight, stay away from fructose, God's candies, the fruit, like you can have a little bit, but don't have much, and stay away from seeds and nuts except flaxseed because that'll lower your estrogen. 

So women make big mistakes because they love their chicken and salad, and they avoid red meat. Now, I'm not talking about you guys because you guys know better, but I'm talking about the world out there. I watched this happen and develop for 40 years. This getting away from eggs, meat, and cheese and buying the nonsense of just the vegetable kingdom and sort of live over there. I've been consistent about that. It's wrong. I'll tell you, even for your thyroid, why it's wrong. Because your thyroid doesn't work properly without two main minerals. See that gland there? Thyroid. Well, I can't see it, but it's underneath here like a little butterfly shaped organ right here. Very important for your metabolism. It needs selenium and iodine, and it needs for the estrogen to be balanced, for this to work properly, your thyroid to work properly. Selenium, iodine. Where do you find that? In eggs, meat and cheese. Your thyroid loves zinc. You don't have to supplement zinc. Eat vitamin S. I can show you how your thyroid will get better when you eat right. 

I mean, hundreds and hundreds of women have given testimony how their thyroid gets better on The Reset. I'll tell you one thing, guys, can I tell you a little secret about zinc, too? You want zinc to be driven into your cells? Do you? Well drink coffee, the real vitamin C. It'll drive your zinc inside yourself so when you're eating steak to get your zinc, have some coffee. It'll drive that zinc inside your cells and your thyroid will go, "Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it," and lay off the soy and lay off the seeds except flaxseed. Eat more butter. How many years, years, and years... And I'm talking in generalities, women stayed away from butter, because they thought it made them fat. Women stayed away from butter because they thought it was cholesterol. But I know women, they weren't as worried about cholesterol as they were about their weight. Even today, the nonsense that fat makes you fat, it's wrong. It's not right. It's not true. 

If you want to get fat... I talked about this yesterday... what they give a mouse to fatten them up real quick? They give them rat chow. We call it rat chow. That's a donut, not butter. That's a donut, hydrogenated oil and carbohydrate. What a bad combo that is. When they were giving out donuts if you would go get your vaccine, I get a headache when I think about that. Donuts? I love donuts, but they don't love me and they don't love you. I can tell you that without even thinking about it. There's not a person in the world that benefits from a donut. In Canada, we're big on Tim Hortons or Starbucks or whatever. Have any of their muffins or whatever, and, "Oh, Dr. Martin, it's a carrot muffin." I don't care. It's made by hydrogenated oil, industrialized oil, and crappy sugar and it's a piece of cake. Okay? It's not really a muffin. It's just a glorified piece of cake that is used as rat chow to make mice get fat in a nanosecond and rats, too, and will make you fat.

I know women. Oh, I got to avoid butter, man because butter... Yeah, no, no, no, no. Butter is so good for you. See, that thyroid is really important that it works properly. So what you do is cut out all soy. No more soy. I wouldn't even have seed or nuts except flaxseed to block the extra estrogen. Eat meat and butter because butter has a lot of iodine and a lot of selenium. Butter, for your thyroid. "But doc, how do I get butter if I'm not eating bread?" Well, I cook with butter. I put butter on my steak. Ooh, it's good. It's really good. I love butter. Butter, of course, has vitamin K2. So too much estrogen really messes up the thyroid gland. Too many B-cells, that's how you get autoimmune and oftentimes the thyroid will go with it. You can get Sjogren's. You can get MS, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's. A lot of times it's horror-mones that are messed up. Messed up horror-mones since 1970. Women have fallen like ducks. There's very little iodine in the soil. That's why you need those animal kingdom products. When we got away from butter, what a crazy thing that was. What a crazy thing that was. 

When you have too much estrogen, by the way... Let me give you another no fun little news flash. When you have too much estrogen, guess what it does? It elevates your cortisol. What does cortisol do? Well, it can mess up your circadian rhythm. You see, cortisol should be high in the morning and low at night. It follows your circadian rhythm and cortisol goes up. Your stress hormone is up and it'll wake you up. It can give you insomnia. Cortisol is really important from the conversion of T4 to T3, the little thyroid hormone that your thyroid needs to work properly. So you got too much estrogen equals too much cortisol equals slowing down of the thyroid gland. "Oh, my levels are normal, my thyroid." You got to go more by symptoms. You got to go more by symptoms. This is why I coined these things horror-mones, and it's amazing how many thousands of women, and I mean this, would literally start crying in my office. I see tears coming down their eyes. Thousands. 

You know why? Because I finally told them it wasn't all between their ears. Really, an antidepressant didn't do anything for you. It wasn't because you were depressed. Well, you might have gotten depressed, but I used to tell women, "Nah, we just checked your hormones and you got horror-mones," and they literally would tear up. Ask Nic or Ginette that worked with me for years. We had Kleenex tissue by the box load in our office. Finally, someone listening. Finally, someone put their finger on my problem. I said, "Well, it's hormones 101, my dear. Hormones 101." Where this got hijacked, by the way? Just to tell you, you got to go back into the 1970s. This got hijacked. The thyroid got hijacked. 

You know why? Because of labs, that's why. Labs. Physicians, and not all of them, but in general, when I make a general statement, physicians got hijacked by the laboratories because if the labs didn't come back with anything checked, they, "Hmm," and so often they put them on thyroxine or levothyroxine or whatever, and they were just putting a Band-Aid on it and a lot of times they went, "Nah, I'm not giving you a med because your labs are good." I got a little secret when I look at your labs. I'm not telling you. I try and keep some little secrets to myself. I'm sharing 99.9% of what I do with you, but I have a little secret when I look at your blood work. I have a little equation that I look at and I can pretty well tell a person without even knowing them, when I do a little calculation that I figured out over the years and I'm not telling you... Well, not today, anyway. 

Okay, now you guys have been great. You put up with my shenanigans and I appreciate it. Personally, I really do. You see 506 up on the screen. If you see it, I don't know if you see that or not, but when I close this off within about 10 minutes, it'll be about 1,400 people because you're sharing them and Facebook shares it because it's popular. So share this guys, and for those who can't watch live, you can share it. They can watch it anytime. The other way of listening to this is on the podcast, The Doctor Is In Podcast. Very popular and, again, all because of you guys. Now, I don't know if you heard the announcement yesterday, the Reset book is back in. It's back in stock, third print, and we appreciate that big time. So until the next time, we love you dearly. Talk to you soon.

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