662. The Vitamin D Hammer


You may have heard of therapeutic doses of medication being used on patients. Doctors would take an inexpensive medication, such as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, and give high doses to patients over a few days. The goal of therapeutics was to saturate your system and stage off any further spread of a viral or bacterial infection.

Dr. Martin says that doctors are no longer talking about therapeutics, and especially now. One such therapeutic is the ‘vitamin D hammer,’ where high doses of vitamin D are given to multiply your white blood cells. You’re essentially enlisting an army to ‘hammer’ whatever virus or parasite may be present in your bloodstream.

Listen to today’s episode to learn more about vitamin D – or as Dr. Martin likes to call it, VitDerma!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. This morning we're going to talk about vitamin D. I never talked about that before, and vitamin C, I've never talked about that either. But just some new studies I just had to bring to you and we'll pontificate a little bit on it. Okay? Now, this is for a viral infection, okay, this new research is showing. I know that at least a colleague of mine had tried this on, but this was more for bacterial pneumonia and I'm not sure if it was Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, but it's called a vitamin D hammer. A vitamin D hammer. What do I mean by that? High doses for a few days. Okay? Now, you guys might remember this, that when the President of the United States got sick with Covid, Donald Trump, when he got sick, there was no vaccines or whatever. Remember? That's what, about a year and a half ago? I can't remember. 

Anyway, when he got sick, the doctors used what they call therapeutics. Okay? So, they went with some very, very inexpensive medication, Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. These things are what they call therapeutics. Therapeutic means when you get sick, they give you this. Okay? And this is, to me is one of the biggest problems I have today is because they stopped talking about therapeutics. And this is a study on a therapeutic that I believe... I know for a fact, that the President of the United States, when he was sick, was given a hammer dose of vitamin D. He was surrounded by a team of doctors. You can imagine the President of the United States, he had, what, 10 doctors around him? But one thing I know for sure, because it was mentioned, is that he was given vitamin D. I know for a fact that afterwards, it was actually written, he was given a hammer of vitamin D. 

He wasn't given like take a drop of vitamin D or take 1000 IUs or whatever. Unfortunately today, vitamin D in most medical... And this is silly because all you have to do is read the literature. Most physicians, okay, and again I say it with respect, I do, most physicians they're taught vitamin D is for bones. I mean, it's not that they don't think vitamin D is important. They believe it's important for your bones. But guys, you are a human solar panel. Your white blood cells, your T-cells in particular, your macrophages, your T-cells, your Navy Seals, they need vitamin D in order to activate themselves, to operate. They see a bug... You see that microscope back there? You have no idea how many times I showed patients, I said, "You're fighting an infection.” You're probably fighting infection every day.

But sometimes you really saw it because you saw the cavalry of all the white blood cells. Go watch it on YouTube, a white blood cell chasing a bacteria or a parasite. Watch it, it's fun. Well, for me it was fun. I think my patients a lot of times thought how come when I go to a doctor's office I never see stuff like this? I said, "I'm looking at your white blood cells and I'm putting it up on that screen to show you how fascinating that is.” But what you can't see, even with powerful microscopes, is what vitamin D, VitDerma... Guys, I don't care what you do to protect yourself. You guys make that decision. What I am saying, I don't care what you do, you better be doing vitamin D.

This is so well-established. It is a crime against humanity that... Especially through these 18 months or more, it's a crime against humanity that we're not hearing more about therapeutics first of all, but especially the therapeutic vitamin D. The hammer, man, give it the hammer! Somebody was saying something the other day. I can't remember if it was on our private Facebook group or whatever, that vitamin D you've got to be careful. Yeah, yeah, but it's much more than just a vitamin. It’s a hormone. It's a therapeutic. And I know I'm preaching to you guys, you're the choir. You guys know this. But guys, I'm telling you, it drives me crazy when we have an inexpensive vitamin, inexpensive. Well, heck go out in the sun. And when there's no sun take vitamin D. By the way, our vitamin D is back with K2. Okay? We had to relabel it. I know, I don't want to get into it. 

But listen, your T-cells your Navy Seals, they know what to do, but you've got to help them. You've got to help them. If there's a virus or a bacteria coming into your body to invade the body, of course it's happening all day long, you're always fighting viruses and bacteria. But when they see a real onslaught, an aggressive virus come at them, the higher your vitamin D levels are, the better you do. It's as simple as that. It is an equation. It's like two plus two equals four. It doesn't change. It's not five, it's not three, two plus two equals four. And in therapeutics, high serum levels of vitamin D equals a good immune system, a good immune system. And listen to the studies. Okay? So now, I'm going to give you therapeutics that keep people out of the hospital, or if they're hospitalized, they won't die.

And it's right in nature, by people who study these things. I had all these years of clinical experience with vitamin D. Clinical experience with it. And you know what? You go down my list of things that I did... It wasn't exhaustive, guys. It wasn't an exhaustive list of therapeutics. You won't hear it from me. I'm well aware of every vitamin, but I always tell anyone who will listen. Some of them you eat, some of them I recommend as supplements, like vitamin D. And vitamin D you get some from food when you eat from the animal kingdom, otherwise you don't get it. If you're eating cereal and it says on the box it's enriched with vitamin D, you're not getting any vitamin D from that. Vitamin D, the best source is the sun, of course, it's the best source. You don't have to be butt naked, but you've got to have your arms exposed and your legs exposed to get vitamin D.

You don't get it through sunshine through the window. It doesn't give you vitamin D, it doesn't. It gives you melatonin, but it doesn't give you vitamin D. Okay? So it's a nice day, it's in the winter, it's 40 below, like it often is in Northern Ontario, but the sun's out. Yeah, it's nice. I like the sun, but you're not getting vitamin D from that. Okay? You're not. So here's the hammer, 50,000 international units a day. A day, 50,000. So many people, they're so scared of it. And look, I'm not telling you to do that without supervision, okay? I'm not. I'm not going to do that. I'm not telling you that. 

But guys, here's how therapeutics work with vitamin D. You've got a bad infection, you've got the viruses killing you. It's coming. It's in your lungs, you're unwell. I remember a friend, a colleague, that gave 50,000 units for seven days in a hospital to people that were intubated for bacterial pneumonia. It's unbelievable the results he got. The problem is they don't want to try anything. Oh, vitamin D, but guys, 50,000 international units a day for seven days hammered the virus. Those white blood cells were going crazy. They could see it and now they're do-do-do-do-do, the bugle's out and those Navy Seals are hammering the infection, hammering it. That's what therapeutics are. So when you hear that word therapeutics, and we don't hear about it so much because these therapeutics are available, they're not expensive. And nobody owns a patent on vitamin D, guys. That's one of the reasons you're not hearing about this important news. This is important news.

Here's another way they did it. 10,000 IUs three times a day for two to three days. So a little bit less dosage and results are dramatic. Complete resolution of symptoms in 48 to 72 hours. Complete resolution. If you get a cold, hammer it guys. If you feel something coming on, hammer it. We've discussed this I think probably more in emails than me, but the problem with vitamin D has been the miscalculation. Okay? Bad math. Now, I'm no good at math. I always tell my grandchildren, if grandpa had to be good at math to get out of high school, I'd be still in high school. And I've got a grandson... I kind of laugh, he's got his degree, he's a teacher and just graduated from teacher's college, and he's got two degrees. One in computer sciences. He didn't get that from grandpa, I can tell you that, and mathematics. I said to my grandson, "You didn't get that from grandpa." Thank God, I used to say, for calculators. I need a calculator. 

But what happened with vitamin D, what happened, this is years ago... What happened with vitamin D was bad math, but it stuck. When I graduated in 1974, do you know what the recommended amount of vitamin D was? 200 international units a day, 200. And then a few years after I graduated, it went to 400 international units a day. And I remember doctors like almost having a heart attack. Ooh, 400 international units a day? You're going to croak with too much vitamin D. And of course, I've always been big on vitamin D. I said, "For heaven's sakes, that's nothing." 400 international units of vitamin D is for mice. That's the amount mice need. But again, remember it was a miscalculation, bad math plus ignorance. Bad math and ignorance created a real deficiency in vitamin D. 

And then, the third thing happened. The lie, I call it the Johnson and Johnson lie of stay out of the sun you're going to get skin cancer and you need to put on sunscreen, brought to you by... I always see these things more as advertisement than truth. It wasn't true. I was screaming, "Don't lather up that chemical stuff on your skin." I almost blew up a lab one time in my chemistry class. I was fooling around. I'll put this in and put that in and this can go with that. And it was alright. It was bubbling. Oh, look at the bubbles. You know when it exploded? When I put the Bunsen burner on it, the heat. I pritnear killed myself and many others. 

Heat and chemicals don't go well together. And I used to scream that, "Don't put that stuff on your skin and then go out in the sun." And guess what they're doing now? Hello? I was right. I don't want to tell you I told you so, but they're recalling almost all sunscreens off the shelves. Why? Google it guys, I'm not making this up. There's a huge recall. There was another one yesterday. Bring those babies back in here, they're carcinogenic. You know what that means? They give you cancer. The worst thing you can do is put chemical on your skin and then go sit in the heat. Don't do that. And that created was a major deficiency in vitamin D. Bad math, only seeing vitamin D for bones, bad science and bad advice. Bad math, bad science, and bad advice. Don't go in the sun. If you do, you better put sunscreen on. Here is the UVA index today. You can't even listen to a forecast today and it tells you how damaging the sun is. True or false? Brought to you by Johnson and Johnson. I pick on them because they were the first ones out.

Okay? I mean, they made kazillions of dollars pushing sunscreen. Now I don't want you to burn. So, for the people that are listening to me this morning, are listening on a podcast, please, I've got a little wee asterisk to what I'm saying, a disclaimer. I don't want anybody to burn in the sun. Don't get too much sun, don't burn in the sun. Cover up, put your clothes on. Don't be scared to get t-shirts wet. I tell parents that, put a t-shirt on your kid if they're going to be in the pool all day or out on the lake. Put an old hat on them and let them swim with it. I don't know, cover up, don't burn. 

So vitamin D, there's several other studies. I ain't going to get to vitamin C this morning. Okay? I'm just going to stick to D, okay, because there's some great studies on coffee just come out. What's the true vitamin C? Coffee. We'll get to that. Let me finish up on vitamin D. Guys, it's not easy to do sometimes. Okay? Not easy to do. Can you please, please get your vitamin D, serum vitamin D levels, your D-hydroxy vitamin D... they can test it, get that done. I look for that all the time. Now sometimes, "I can't get it done. My doctor doesn't want me to do it." If you have to, say look, "I'll pay for it. Just let me see it." You should get that done once a year. Because a lot of people, they don't realize their serum levels of vitamin D is extremely low. What you want to do is optimize your vitamin D. Okay? You want to optimize it. 

Now, we have American numbers and we have Canadian numbers. In the United States, I like 60 or up, 60 to 100. As a matter of fact, I recommend for cancer patients to get their number around 100 in the United States. Okay? In Canada that equates to around 150. I like that number in Canada, 150 to 200, even a little bit higher. Okay? And if your vitamin D levels in your serum, in your blood, is too high, it's because your liver's not right, or your kidneys are not right. Okay? It's not because you're taking too much vitamin D. Look, the best way is sun on your skin, but that's not always possible. And even then, for some people they need to supplement. I supplement vitamin D in the fall. I supplement. You want your vitamin D to be optimized. 

Here's a study that was done on autoimmune disease, like Crohn's. Crohn's, I always tell people, you've got an autoimmune disease, numero uno, it's leaky gut. But here's what I found over the years and this study is confirming it. If you have any kind of autoimmune... It's well established with MS, right, it's well established, MS is a low vitamin D disorder but it starts with leaky gut. Optimize your vitamin D. Optimize it. And there's only a one way to know, okay, is with a blood test, to really know. Functional medicine doctors, they're always looking at vitamin D. They understand the importance of it. Okay? So autoimmune, vitamin D. 

I've talked to you in the past about breast cancer, vitamin D. Ladies, breast cancer, when you don't have enough vitamin D you get breast cancer because of too much estrogen, you're too much of a woman. Men get prostate cancer because they're too much of women. Okay? They've got too much womanly hormones compared to their testosterone. They don't have enough T. They've got low T, and one of the big factors in low T is low D. Low T equals low D. You see, the sun gives men testosterone. We're so uncomplicated compared to women. Okay?

But ladies, breast cancer, this is so well-established. It should be written in every medical journal. There is no money to be made in vitamin D. That's the problem. Do you think I wouldn't have loved to patent VitDerma? Get a patent on it. I'd love to get a patent on it, VitDerma. Folks, in my lifetime it's never going to happen in my opinion. There'll be such a turnaround that they'll look at a therapeutic like vitamin D and say, "Man, that is essential." Medicine has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical companies. It's hijacked and they're not letting go. They have a prisoner and they are not letting it go, man. 

In Canada, we had our health minister say that was fake news, vitamin D. Any study at all they tried to bring it up... well, they brought it up in the British Parliament. They were showing the members of parliament, the studies on vitamin D, at least they listened. I don't know if they did anything about it, but they listened. In Canada, it's fake news. You can't even talk about it. Oh, you know what? I don't know what to say when people won't even open their minds enough to even give me some information. Because even on our site, right, I mean there's people come in and go, "That Dr. Martin, he's crazier than two hoot owls." The eggs, meat and cheese, is there nothing else he ever talks about? Does he ever talk about anything else but eggs, meat, and cheese?" Not often. I don't mind. I got a thick skin. Question. Question me. I don't care, you can question. You can disagree. Hey, I'm bringing you information. I'm telling you what I see. I'm looking all day long for studies and I'm reading them, stuff that the mainstream media won't touch with a 100 foot pole because they're bought and paid for. I hate to be negative, but it's the reality of the world we live in. 

I tell people why can't we even listen to information? It doesn't always have to be true. You're smart. I always tell people, you're smart. God gave you a brain, use it. Discernment. That doesn't make any sense to me. Yeah, when I talk about vitamin D it's well established, guys, it's so well-established but it gets buried. Did you hear about the hammer treatment of therapeutics? Give a person the hammer of vitamin D? Did you hear about it? “Nah, I didn't hear about it, doc.” Yeah, I know. I know. Unless you have a venue like this. Okay. Any questions? Well, tomorrow's Question and Answer Friday. So if you have any questions, it's not too late, send them in. Okay? And our staff will give them to me and we'll talk about that. Always a popular program. And the Facebook group, I did a little posting on there last night. Did you see it? I don't do it much, but I did. I put the food pyramid with a big steak, vitamin S. I liked that. If you're not a member of the private Facebook group, join, get your family and friends to join. What a community. Okay? We appreciate all of your feedback. So give us feedback, guys, we love you for it. And we thank you for being part of our group and we enjoy it and we appreciate it very much. Okay? We'll talk to you soon.

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