659. Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Disorders


You may have never heard this said before, but diabetes is a food allergy. That’s right. Diabetics have an allergy to carbohydrates, says Dr. Martin.

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin again shares a recent study on insulin resistance. The 6-year study tested 200 participants for insulin resistance. The ones that had the highest insulin resistance were getting all the diseases. The ones with the lowest insulin resistance were getting none of them.

Dr. Martin again shares this study to show how insulin resistance plays a huge role in our health. When you become resistant to insulin, the door is opened to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s.

If you can only do one thing to improve your health, Dr. Martin urges you to cut the carbs. Doing that alone will greatly reduce your chances of developing a metabolic disorder.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone, and once again, welcome to another Live this morning. Hope you're having a good start to your week. Do you guys get our newsletter? We talked about this study... It's incredible. I saw it again on the weekend. Someone was commenting on this study and I just got to talk to you about it. I'm going to blow your socks off this morning when we emphasize food, food, food and disease. 

Okay, here's what this study talked about. It's a 6 year-long study and we've put it in the email, so let me just read it to you, because this is something you can control. So I just want to emphasize it again, one of the most important studies, because it's so relevant, it is so significant. 200 participants in this study followed for 6 years. So they were taking their blood sugar, but more importantly, they were taking their insulin. Now, they were measured for insulin resistance, the 200 participants, one group for the lowest insulin, the second on the average, and the other one had the highest insulin levels. Just insulin. Just insulin. Insulin resistance was measured, broken into three groups, and listen to this. The people in the lowest group of insulin resistance, they divide it into three: highest, average, and people with the lowest amount of insulin resistance.

What did they find? The one in the lowest, participants in the lowest insulin resistance, had, in 6 years, not one, nobody in the lowest group got cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or strokes. Not one of the participants that were in the lowest group of insulin resistance. The people in the highest group, they were the ones getting cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension. Some of them developed diabetes. You know what I've always said about this and I just say it to you right now, that diabetes is the last thing to happen. Insulin resistance is the first thing to happen; diabetes is the last thing to happen. Because, again, you guys know this, but I'm going to teach it again this morning, your body will do everything it can to keep you away from diabetes. Your body will do everything it can to keep you away from the official diagnosis of diabetes. 

Diabetes never comes first, guys. It always comes last. But, again, think of how significant it is because, guys, listen, insulin resistance, where your cells hate insulin. Insulin has worn out its welcome at the cellular level. Your cells are tired of it. Insulin comes around like a bad neighbor all the time, and the people who had the highest insulin resistance are the people that got all the diseases of modern day diseases. These are modern day diseases, guys, okay? There are still places in the world... I mean people die, but they usually died of what we call infection. I was reading a study the other day about tuberculosis. You want to talk about a real pandemic where millions and millions of people die still today of tuberculosis... And by the way, maybe I'll do a little teaching on this because it's starting to raise its ugly head in North America. But, generally, we had wiped out tuberculosis. Again, with wonderful medications like antibiotics. Modern medicine can be so wonderful, but people die of infection. The Inuit don't die of heart attacks. They don't know what that is. They don't get high blood pressure. They don't know what that is. They're not diabetic unless they eat our diet. 

The worst thing we've ever done to the First Nations. Indigenous people, the worst thing we ever did to them. I think I've told you this before, because I have done so many seminars to the First Nations. They like me. I'm a white man, but they liked me. I make them laugh. I said, "Listen, here's what the white man did to you. We took your land, and number two, we're killing you off. We're not worried about you, guys, because we're killing you off." They, "What?" "Well, you look what you're eating. You're eating the North American white man's diet. Since you introduced that diet, you're dying like flies because you, guys, are more susceptible to blood sugars." They look at me like, "Yeah, that makes sense." I said, "Yeah. You got to get back to eating the way you used to eat. Get back and live off the land. That's when you're healthy. Don't eat all that sugar and crappy carbs that we're giving you."

But, guys, listen, think about this for a minute. This study, 6 year-long, 200 participants, they tested them for insulin resistance, the ones that had the highest insulin resistance were getting all the diseases. The one in the lowest insulin resistance were getting none of them. None of them. Guys, I talked about this in the book, The Reset, it's food. It's food. Cancer, as we mentioned, I think it was last week. Cancer is a metabolic disease. I know, they want to… It's genetics. It's this. It's that. Don't worry about it. You just happen to be unlucky and you get cancer. Nothing you can do about it. But once you get it, I mean, watch medicine go into full attack mode. Chemo, radiation, surgery. Never ever do they talk about the diet, unless it's colon cancer and they'll tell you, "Well you didn’t eat need enough fiber. You should have more cereal." But just the opposite of that. "Oh, you've been eating a high fat diet. That's no good for you. Animal fat." Go to your plumber for advice. You're going to get better advice. 

I'm being facetious, but I'm not in a way because it frustrates me. They send you home with Ensure and Boost. But, guys, this study is telling us, it's telling us the problemo. What's the problem? It's insulin. Here's the good news. You're really fasting without fasting when you're eating eggs, meat, and cheese. Your insulin meter will hardly go off. Now, I'm not telling you not to ever eat a carbohydrate. I'm not, but you don't need one. You never need another carb in your life and you could live without it. Am I telling you to do that? No, I'm not telling you to do that. I'm just telling you what this study showed.

Heart disease, guys, is a modern day phenomenon. People just didn't get a heart attack. I'm sure there was some. Oh, I know what heart disease is, it's a lack of statins. It's cholesterol. I don't know if there's been a bigger hoax in medicine than the cholesterol myth because that's really what it is, it's a myth. It's a fairytale. It's not true. It can't be true. It can't because your body can't even live without cholesterol. There's no bad cholesterol, guys. There's bad triglycerides. Three fat balls, those are bad, but it has nothing to do with cholesterol. It has everything to do with sugar and crappy carbohydrates because that's what elevates your triglycerides. You want to have a heart attack? Elevate your triglycerides. As a matter of fact, you need to have high cholesterol. Why do you want to lower your cholesterol? 

I used to teach either in Toronto or Montreal or maybe it was COVID. Now, I think they fired me before this, before COVID, but I used to teach doctors. They have to take courses every year. I'm sure they're offering them online now. That's probably why I got fired. I'm trying to figure why they fired me. They haven't asked me back, but for years, I did the extended education and they get credits if they would show up for these all daylong courses and that's what they wanted because they wanted to compact it into a one day thing so that they could keep their licenses up. I would teach a Nutrition 101 course. I'm a tease, you guys know that, but boy, oh boy, did I go after them. I would always talk about the myths that they believe and one of them is cholesterol. I said, "I'd never seen anything like it. How you take biochemistry and got duped by cholesterol. You've got fooled."

Even then, I was talking about, you need to understand, heart disease is insulin. It's resistance to insulin, which creates inflammation in your blood vessels and creates havoc. It's not cholesterol. Blaming cholesterol for heart disease, like blaming police because they're at the crime scene. They're not the bad guys. Of course they're at the crime scene. You need cholesterol flowing through your blood vessels. So they say, "Oh, you got cholesterol in your blood vessels." Yeah, of course you do. You need it. They're trucks on the highways of your blood vessels taking away your TGs, your triglycerides. The higher your cholesterol, the more trucks you have on the highways, delivering hormones, ladies, horror-mones. They need to deliver them. Plus they hitch their wagons to your bad triglycerides, which is produced when your liver gets full. 

Oh, there was a study out on fatty liver. I made a note of it this morning. This is in the US of A. What happens in the USA comes to Canada. I'm talking about North Americans because we eat the same... crap. Listen to this... over a hundred million Americans, that's almost a third of their population, have fatty liver, and you get fatty liver, not from fat. You get it from sugar. The 200 stinking pounds that we consume, which drives your insulin to the roof, and then eventually you get insulin resistance. Your cells can't stand it. They resist and insulin says, "I don't care." Here's what insulin says in your body, guys. "If you insist on eating sugar and crappy carbs, I'm going to knock at your door cells and I have to do a job. I'm sorry. I'm going to be around. You insist on eating like that? I will knock at your door every day, cells, and you're going to get tired of me, but too bad, so sad." Eventually, what diabetes is, eventually… and remember, what I'm saying here. It's the last thing to happen. It's not the first thing. It's the last thing. But eventually, what happens at the cellular level, your cells, "You know what? I'm resisting, resisting, and insulin is…" 

I always use this description. Do you know that your pancreas is the size of a ballpoint pen? See this ballpoint pen? Okay. I remember doing a TV show one day and I was showing this. I said, "I brought a pen to show you the size of your pancreas. That's exactly, just about exactly, the size of your pancreas." Well, let me just show you… For the folks that are going to listen to this on a podcast, so on Facebook I'm showing, look it, there's still a fair amount of ink in here, okay? Diabetes is when you run out of ink. Your pancreas can't secrete enough insulin and so guess what they do? Now, you're a diabetic. You got too much sugar in your bloodstream because that's what insulin does. Remember, it's a traffic cop. It says, "Sugar, come here, come here, come here, come here. Can't park. Can't park in the blood. I need to put you inside cells, or the liver, or the muscles. Come here. I'm parking you. Out, out, out, out, out, out, and then I'm going to store, store, store, store, store." 

Sugar gets stored. Eventually, you run out. Your insulin, it's like that pen; it runs out of ink. And then you're now a type 2 diabetic, and the doctor says, "Okay." Never talk to  you about, "How about let's change your diet?" No. "Let's give you medication; Metformin, insulin," and a handful of other meds, Metformin being the number one choice of doctors. But it wouldn't even ever happened without food. Diabetes, last thing to happen, is an allergy. Diabetes is an allergy. What, doc? It's an allergy to carbs. Now, you heard this. I'm the first guy ever to call it an allergy. I think I've never read it anywhere else where it's called an allergy, but it is, it's an allergy. 

A diabetic has an allergy to carbohydrates. They can't process them anymore and every diabetic that I've had in my clinic, for the last 30 something years, every one of them, including the ones that didn't… "Oh, I'm not a diabetic." The most accurate test. We can do blood sugar and all that. I didn't care about that one so much. You know what I look for? Well, you had sugar in your urine, dear. When you have sugar in your urine, you're a diabetic, and you have an allergy. Get rid of the carbs. Don't negotiate. I won't negotiate with terrorists, I tell them that. How about a little bit of carbs? No, I said none. You want to turn the ship around? You've already hit the iceberg. You want to get in a lifeboat and turn around? I used to try and make it as simple as possible. I wanted people to understand it's food. It's food. 

So imagine this study, guys. This is incredible, incredible, incredible. It only confirms what I've been saying for a long time. Look, guys, you can cross the street today and get hit by a truck. It's possible, right? I tell people, "Look, you can't control everything in your life. It would be nice if you could, but you can't, okay?" I'm not a pessimist or anything like that, guys. I'm not. But that's just the fact. I'm a realist, Like, come on, you can't… "Doc, I'm going to live til I'm 120 because my aunt did, or my uncle who smoked and drank like a sailor lived til he was 104, and he was healthy as two horses." Yeah, well, good for him. That was by the grace of God. I always tell people that, that's the grace of God. Because we talk about threescore and 10, which I've hit. It's biblical talk, 70, and if by grace, 80. 

But there are things you can control. You can control the food in your mouth. It takes discipline. It's not easy, but don't you want to be on that one-third group? There was a huge reason for my reset, guys. A huge reason. It was to get you in that group where you're not using your pancreas. You're using it, but not much. But imagine a hundred million Americans, and I've talked to you in the past about young people, kids with non-alcoholic fatty liver, children. It's a scourge in society today. It really is, guys. I ain't telling you, you know me, I bust blood vessels. I can't get over how the world has so emphasized, it's gone crazy, over a virus and that's okay. But for heaven's sakes, what about food? What about food? What about lowering insulin? Get your insulin resistance down in 30 days, you reshape your cells. Your neighbor won't come knocking for 30 days. Insulin will not rap at the door of your cell walls because you change fuels at the cellular level. 

This study is showing you're going to lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obviously… Alzheimer’s. The big killers in our society today. That was my whole premise of my book, The Reset. I tried to explain as I went in, why. Why, doc? Why? Why eggs, meat, and cheese? Why? Because I want to lower your insulin resistance. If I lower insulin resistance, you get a cascade of benefits. Now, if you're not getting that email, because we go into some real good teaching on our emails, so make sure you're getting them. If you're not signed up for the emails, make sure you're signed up. Go to MartinClinic.com, I think. I know that's the right website. I just don't know, I think you can sign up there. Nic, tell us. Ginette, tell us. 

Okay, now great week coming up. So tell your friends, tell your family, get them to join the Live, if they can join live, or watch it after on Facebook, and sign up for automatic, automatic podcasts sent to your smartphone, your smart device. You can send it there automatically, The Doctor Is In Podcast. Thank you for making that, in Canada, number one. Thank you for making The Reset number one book in Canada. We appreciate that. And to my American friends, let's make it number one down there, too. Okay. I worked out this morning. I got so excited when I see good studies. It just drives me crazy when people are not listening. Ooh, okay. Guys, we love you so much. We really do. Thank you again for being such a great audience. I mean it. Okay, love you guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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