644. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Protein in the urine
  • Artichoke oil for liver
  • Glycemic index to limit carb intake
  • Burning mouth
  • Superbugs
  • Oil of oregano
  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Red light therapy
  • Fulvic acid
  • Costus powder

Tune in to hear Dr. Martin’s responses!


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Dr. Martin:  Well good morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. As we go into Question and Answer Friday, Carol, "Can Dr. Martin discuss protein in the urine." I sure can. When you have protein in your urine, it's a sign that your kidneys are stressed, and I must, must emphasize again. You do not get kidney stress from eating too much protein. That was always the translation in a medical mind, most of the time. Oh, you got protein in your urine. Your kidneys are being stressed. It must be because you're eating too much protein. No, you get protein in the urine because you're eating too much sugar, too many crappy carbohydrates. That's what stresses the kidney, not salt, it's sugar. It's not meat and eggs and protein. It's sugar. So whenever I saw protein in the urine, which I saw a thousand times a year in my practice, I would tell them to change their diet. It's the one way your body tells you that you're eating too much sugar with no exceptions. Don't fool yourself. Don't be deceived. For some people, they can get away with eating a few more carbs than others. Most people don't get away with it. Okay, so don't deceive yourself. 

Bobby, "Which is a better test, the CRP or the hs-CRP?" Well, I guess high sensitivity CRP would be a little bit better, Bobby, but what is CRP? C-Reactive Protein, what is it? It is an inflammation marker in your body. Oftentimes we talk about silent inflammation. You don't even know it's there. For a lot of people, they think of inflammation as pain and that's true. In a lot of ways, you can have pain or inflammation as fever, right? Yeah, that's true too. But CRP is out to measure the silent inflammation, inflammation created by, remember we talked about this, I think it was even yesterday, high circulating insulin, leaky gut, and the number one cause really of inflammation is free radical damage, oxidative damage, glycation. AGE glycation end products. These are things when you're eating too much sugar, it creates a lot of free radical damage, but high circulating insulin, one of its responses is inflammation. One way to measure it is CRP. I'll tell you, for me, when I look at blood work, I want your CRP to be under one because normal, anything under three, actually there's some of them go to six, but if you who are above one, you have silent inflammation, need to do something about it. First thing you do is change your diet, okay? Good question. 

Kathy, "If you have a cyst on your thyroid, how do you get rid of it?" Well don't feed it. Remember what your growth hormones are. What makes things grow? Insulin and estrogen, insulin and estrogen. Knock them down and if your thyroid is sluggish, the thyroid again, just to remind you. The thyroid never acts on its own. It's a puppet. It's got strings attached to it. The strings is often, in women especially, estrogen dominance. They have too much estrogen. When you have too much estrogen, you're not converting T4 to T3. If you have leaky gut, you don't convert T4 to T3 properly. T3 is the hormone that your thyroid needs. I mean, it needs the other ones. T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, calcitonin but T3 is the one that makes your thyroid work properly and there's a lot of factors to that. If you have fatty liver, that's why a diet is so important even for thyroid. You're not converting T4 to T3, okay? So this is really important. So what makes a fibroid or a tumor or a cyst grow? It'll grow when you give it insulin. It's a growth hormone. So is estrogen. If you don't have enough balance between estrogen and progesterone, estrogen makes things grow. Ladies, not only on your thyroid, breast tissue, breast tissue, be very careful, estrogen, estrogen, estrogen, estrogen, and insulin. 

Okay. Sharon, "I've been reading about the benefits of artichoke oil for liver. What does Dr. Martin's take?" Well, Sharon, I'm a simple guy and when it comes to the liver, there's no magic supplement. The liver does 600 things and it's one of your organs that can regenerate like nothing else. God gave you a liver and He helps you regenerate it. But you do that mostly with food, not supplements, okay? Like there are no real sup… Oh, this is a liver cleanse.The best liver cleanse is stop eating carbs because carbs are turned to fat in your liver and guess what attracts toxins in your liver? Fat. So I'm just showing you some fat here this morning. See that? That's a pound of fat by the way so the folks listening later on this podcast, I'm just showing one pound of fat here. If that fat gets into your liver, first of all, how does it get to your liver? Sugar. "Dr. Martin, I don't eat sugar. I just eat bread." That's sugar and when fat gets in the liver, this fat in the liver, I mean, besides the fact that will elevate your triglycerides and lower your HDL, this fat in your liver is going to start picking up much more toxins. Fat attracts toxins. So you don't fix your liver by taking a supplement. I mean, there's some things that's always good. I love probiotics and blah, blah, blah. They have an indirect effect on the liver. Absolutely. But, but, but empty the liver and the liver will take care of itself. How do you empty it? Lay off the carbohydrates. Man, oh man, I sound like a broken record. But good questions, that's all right. I want you to think along with me and if you want to take, Sharon, artichoke oil, I mean it's not going to hurt you. It's not going to hurt you. 

“Is K2 alone, how many micrograms a day?” Well, you can take up to about 45 milligrams a day. You see, I'm not big on taking K2 alone. If you know me, I put K2 in our vitamin D. There's a reason for it. It's perfectly proportioned to the amount of vitamin D you're taking. But I must reemphasize that K2 is meant to be taken in food. Food, cheese. Why don't I want you to ditch dairy because you need your cheese, cheese has vitamin K2. Don't ditch dairy because butter has vitamin K2. God put it in nature for you to eat. Don't avoid it. "Oh doc, I can't eat cheese." I feel sorry for you. Can you eat butter? "Oh yeah. I can have butter." Well then butter everything. Butter your steak, cook with butter because then you're going to get vitamin K2. If you want to take vitamin K2 as a supplement, the only time I recommended take it in proportion with our vitamin D. Look, I'd rather you eat. It's in nature. Eat it. Vitamin K2 is in nature. It's meant to be eaten. Some things, you know me and supplements. There's some I love, absolutely I do but there's some things I want you to eat. Get it in your food and if you can't, we'll just take vitamin D with the K2 because we proportioned it exactly what you need and it's the best K2 in a supplement, the MK7. Good question, Suzanne.

DB, "Would someone be able to use vegetables and fruits glycemic index to limit carb intake?" Yeah, they could. When you come out of the reset, I recommend the reset for everyone. Do it at least once a year, some are going to reset almost always exclusively. When you eat vegetables and fruit, remember this, okay, please. I'm not big on the glycemic index. I'm big on if it's in the ground like potatoes and things that are grown in ground, carrots and stuff like that, I'm not saying don't ever eat them. You got to really limit them because they're much more starchy. They're much more starchy and don't live on vegetables. I love the plant kingdom, but don't live on it. Don't live on it. Fruit, God's candies. Be careful. You know me? I'm big on berries. I really like berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, especially the blueberries in Northern Ontario, tremendous, those things are nuggets, but don't live on it. Don't live on. Now kids, they can have much more fruit, better that they have fruit than eat their cereal, for sure. But when you get older, you got any issues with insulin, don't live on bananas. Don't eat bananas. What are they? 49 M&M'S? Because your body doesn't know the difference. So that's what I don't like the glycemic index for because they tell, oh that's just a low... Your sugar don't go up, your sugar don't go up but your insulin goes up, big time. So I don't rely on that index and DB, if you want to learn that index and be careful with it, okay, I got no problem. Keep your serum insulin levels low.

Bonnie, "What do you do for burning mouth?" Well usually find the cause and generally, generally, and I want to do a teaching on B12 again, I think it's time. We'll do that next week if we have time next week. Burning mouth is usually a sign of low B12. Now you could have a fungus in the mouth. I've seen that too, but generally it's a sign that your B12 is low and listen, my B12 is normal according to my doctor. Guys, I like between 800 and 1200 for B12. A lot of people, they don't have optimized B12 and for some people, that will create symptoms like burning mouth syndrome. Okay, so Bonnie, good question. 

Gabriela, "What we suggest for friends with MRSA bugs?" Superbug, that's a superbug and very dangerous. Guys listen, we've been talking about this for a long time. Here is my protocol for superbugs because I aim at your immune system and if somebody picked up a superbug, the place that you pick up superbugs, usually, guess where? Hospital. C. Difficile, MRSA, the hospitals. Now listen, did I tell you not to go to the hospital? Of course not. What I'm telling you is there's more bugs in the hospital and the reason they're super bugs, don't forget this, is the overuse of antibiotics. It's the overuse of antibiotics... Now again, you know me, if this is your first time, let me just repeat what I say almost weekly. Antibiotics save your life. The greatest discovery of the 20th century were antibiotics. Wonderful. The problem is the double-edged sword of antibiotics, they're overused and bugs are intelligent. They develop a resistance, they become superbugs and you know what else makes a superbug? When you over clean, quit over cleaning everything.

When I go into a grocery store and I see those poor staff that spray down everything, they come near you at a restaurant. Here in Ontario, for the rest of the world, we're finally able, today, today's the day we can go back inside a restaurant, but you aren't taking your life into your hands. Why is that? Because they're going to come by a hundred times a day and spray with these disinfectants. I feel like grabbing those young ladies or whatever and saying, "Listen. Listen, Linda. You're going to kill yourself. Don't worry about the bug. Worry about all those chemicals. You're spraying." Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, and some people, I followed people into, where was I the other day? Every time they see a bottle of the hand sanitizers, I want to grab them.

You got cancer in a bottle. Oh, by the way, did you see Johnson & Johnson? I blame Johnson & Johnson for all of this. Did you see? Oh, they recalled their sunscreen. Why? Cancer-causing chemicals? Hello? You folks out there in Facebook land. Have you been hearing that from me for years now? Sunscreen, add sunscreen with heat. Oh, that's when you use sunscreen. It's when the sun is out, add heat to a chemical and you will often get a bad experience and a bad experiment. We're over cleaning. We got superbugs. You see, bugs have an intelligence. They're often smarter than human beings because we overdo everything. We're taking antibiotics when we don't need an antibiotic. I know women that have taken hundreds of antibiotics over the years for recurring urinary tract infection and I say, "Don't do that." You take an antibiotic to get rid of the symptoms.

I know what they said, "Oh you got to finish it, got to finish it." Who made up that rule? The pharmaceutical companies made up that rule. It wasn't based on science. Oh, finish it. You got to do it, oh, oh that infection. No, you know what happens when you finish it? You are encouraging superbugs. They'll develop a resistance to it. So again, please, don't misquote me. I'm not telling you not to take an antibiotic, take it properly and take probiotics so that you don't get a superbug. Let's get back to what you do. There's nothing that will build your immune system better than VitDerma. The sun. Vitamin D. If you can't get the sun, take a supplement. Oil of oregano. I don't care what you tell me about any other colloidal silver, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm telling you that there's not a better antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial in nature than oil of oregano. There isn't. I'm sorry. I tried them all and this is the best.

So people say, "Doc, you always say oil of oregano." I know and they owe me money. When I had my radio show. I'm telling you, even the people at the health food stores say, "Doc, you put oil of oregano on the radar. Everybody wants oil of oregano." I said, "I know, send me cheque." No, but it's just because I had such a good, I'm telling you, it's nothing better than that and it does not kill your good bacteria so don't listen to the nonsense. It only kills the bad guys. That is an antibiotic in nature, you see? There's nothing better, nothing stronger. So get your vitamin D, get your Viderma because it influences your T-cell and stay away from sugar. You want to put your T-cells, your Navy seals of your white blood cells to sleep? Have sugar and they'll have a siesta. Your white blood cells will go for a snooze. I've proven that to people. 

Debbie, "If you are outside for longer than 20 minutes, do you continue to get 10,000 IU?" Nope. Nope. And I actually did a teaching on this so if you want to go back in a podcast, I talked about the four ways you get vitamin D. One is from the sun. It's the best. VitDerma, it's the best. There's nothing better and if the truth be known, vitamin D does not fit the narrative. Because there's nobody making money on it and I hate to be negative, but we live in a world where social media, the media, pharmaceuticals and big foods, the conglomerates and their little puppet politicians lock step together and they don't want to hear about vitamin D. It is so established. I just don't know how many more studies you need to have and remember, when people do study on vitamin D, who's making money from that?

No one. So they don't have a lot of money, but I'm telling you and I know, I know I'm not talking about vaccines or whatever. I'm not, but vitamin D, if they would give that to everyone, would solve the problem, I'm just telling you, just with that, they would have solved the problem of this pandemic. That's how effective vitamin D is, but it's not going to wash. It's not going to fly. You guys understand how politics works, right? It makes me upset because you know what I don't like? I don't like to be duped. I don't and the world's being duped right now. It's a duping of the world. Guys, I don't care whether you get vaccines or not. That's your decision, it's not my decision. I'm not going to tell you one way or another what to do, but I am going to tell you what to do beyond that. You better get VitDerma because from cancer to viruses to your immune system, vitamin D is anti-inflammatory, it's a hormone and you're not going to get too much when you go in the sun because your body knows exactly how much you need. So again, I just repeat don't burn in the sun. You only need 20 minutes or so and as your skin gets more used to it, sunbathe longer. Just don't burn. Don't burn. And don't use sunscreen. People get mad at that. They don't like to hear that. No, cover up, put a hat on, put your shirt on, cover up, cover up your kids. Let them go in the water with a t-shirt. So it gets wet, who cares? No, really, don't let them burn, but they need vitamin D. Man, oh man, I'm uptight today. Jeepers. Okay, doc, cool down. 

“Does chemotherapy or radiation affect the microbiome of the gut?” Big time, big time. Every oncologist in the universe should be telling their patients to take probiotics, before, after, during whatever. It's essential, guys, essential. Yes, chemotherapy destroys like an antibio... Even worse will destroy all your microbiome and you need that for your immune system. Ohhh. 

Barbara, what do I think about the Zoomers food sensitivity tests? I like mommy sensitivity better. What do I mean by that? I used to tell my mothers, okay, be Doctor Mom. What do you mean that? I said, "You see your kid? You tell me what they're allergic to. Give me $600," I used to tell them this because I had kits in the office, food allergy kits. I said, "Give me 600 bucks. I'll take your blood today. You can send out your blood to the lab. I'll send it out for you." $600. Guess what? The lab gave me 200 back.

But you know what I used to say? And you ask the girls that worked with me if this is true. Why don't you be Doctor Mom? Guys, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what you're allergic to because sometimes if you got leaky gut, for example, every test is going to come back like, "Holy moly. I didn't know. I couldn't even eat blueberries because that went off the charts." Eh, nah, it's because you got leaky gut and you got antigens and histamine secreting for almost every food you eat because you got leaky gut. But a true allergy is you eat it and you go, "Mmm. You know what? I don't feel so good." Okay. There's clue number one or you eliminate it.

I used to tell my mamas, "Hey mom, go home. No milk for a week for the little one." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah." Then just see if they stop sniffling, stop having sore ears and runny noses all the time and whatever. It may be dairy and usually lactose or digestive trouble, lactose. Not found in cheese by the way. That's why I don't want you to ditch dairy. I want you to switch dairy. No, but you know what? Like the Zoomers test, you know what? I used to have the best labs in the world for food allergies but I didn't like them. I really didn't. If someone insisted on giving me $600, I said, "Okay, I surrender, give me 600 bucks and your blood's going out today, overnight to the lab. You'll get a full report and I get 200 bucks." That's the way it worked. Anyway. I shouldn't tell you inside secrets, right? 

Jocelyn, "What is Dr. Martin opinion on IGF-1 growth hormone in red meat." Bull. You know what, Joce? You have to understand. I come at this differently. We don't live in a perfect world, Joce. We just don't. For people that can afford organic and all this and that, wonderful for you. I really appreciate that, good for you and I say, if you can afford it, eat that way and free range eggs and organic this and organic that. When they say IGF-1 in red meat are... You know what? It's a growth hormone. So what's that mean? Is it bad for you? You see the point is, and again, I'm coming at this from my point of view, Joce, what am I saying? There is a world out there coming to a theater near you that wants to stop you from eating animal products, especially red meat.

They want to get rid of that. It's a big, big industry coming. The meatless craze. It's a craze. It's not science. If you want to eat that soy crap, cancer crap, well you go ahead. I wouldn't feed it to your dog. I really wouldn't. God put vitamins and minerals in the animal kingdom that are not found in the plant kingdom. To me, if you want to follow the science, guys, that's the science. So when you read about IGF-1. No, no, no. So I hope I answered your question. I admit I'm biased. I am very biased. I think I'm right. I'm convinced I'm right and I'm going to scream against vegetarianism and veganism. It's a religion folks. It's indoctrination and boy oh boy, it's going to get worse and worse and worse. I'm not optimistic. That's why I'm going after you guys as you as individuals, you're not going to get sucked into the nonsense, that's cancer, that makes your cancer grow. Sugar makes your cancer grow, Joce, sugar. Sugar makes your cancer grow. That's what makes your cancer grow. Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, not meat, meat, meat. Meat shrinks your cancer. How's that? 

"Can you use Swerve?" Elizabeth, after The Reset, sure you can. 

Bernice, "Why do I get crawling sensations all over all my body?" Could be parasites, could be. I got to do a session on parasites. I've been meaning to do that. It could be that Bernice. Could be a deficiency often again, B12, low vitamin D, those are the big ones. 

Cindy, "My children take probiotic, open up the capsule.” Excellent. Do it. It makes the absorption even better. Now we use veggie caps so they dissolve very rapidly and they're very good. No problem. 

Julie, MS, can I talk about it? Well, it's leaky gut. That's how it started. I always look at people that get autoimmune diseases and I classify Parkinson's as that. Look, I'm always looking what caused that and usually when someone gets MS or Parkinson's or Sjogren's or rheumatoid... It's a perfect storm, because people, they eat crap and they taken a lot of antibiotics in their lifetime and they're set up for a storm, but they don't go into the storm necessarily. But people that get MS or whatever, it is a storm, it's usually a perfect storm. Antibiotics, I'm going to just tell you what I saw over the years. Leaky gut due to antibiotics, usually high stress, always a stressful event in the life or a long period of stress that can trigger a lot of inflammation, it happens to hit up in the brain, the MS, the plaque, always, always, always leaky gut.

Now, one thing they found with MS, low vitamin D, low vitamin D, and that is a general thing through the population, people don't get enough vitamin D and we're going to see a lot more MS and we're seeing a lot more MS than we ever saw before. I'm telling you, and it's usually in women, not always in women, it's usually in women. They're canaries in the coal mine. It's a perfect storm. Very good question. Okay. Let me get going because I'll never get out of here. 

Red light therapy, Ana, not really my expertise. Hey, if you want it, curious about claims of... Well we've been talking, if you've been getting our emails about the mitochondria, we talked about how your mitochondria leak, the three leaks. Did you get our emails? If you don't get in our emails, you're missing out on some great teaching. So mitochondrias, those are your little battery packs within the cells. Does red light help them? I don't know. It's not my expertise, I can't say. I'm a food guy mostly and so unless I done it, Ana, unless I've seen the results of it, I don't want to promote it or whatever. I only promote what I know. If I don't know about it, I'd rather say I don't know about it, okay. 

Fulvic acid, you know, fulvic acid is found in the soil. Heather, look, it's a good question. I don't want to minimize the question. I really don't, but I'm looking at the big thing so when someone tells me about fulvic acid and it's in the soil, it's found in nature, well then it's found in food. I know that things get stripped away today and the world has changed and this, that, and the other thing but again, if you're going to take it as a supplement, if that's what you mean, I mean for me, nah. You're much better taking a Himalayan salt or whatever and you get your 84 minerals and not, and I'd rather, you take a Himalayan salt because you need salt, you cry salt, your blood is salt, your saliva is salt. If someone calls you salty, take it as a compliment. You need to be salty. 

Sophia, "Is it okay to take Navitol Ultra and Aspirin." Well if you're taking Aspirin, you're following your doctor's advice. Remember, I did a teaching on this a while back, I think I got almost a million views on it, on the Aspirin because this a couple of years ago, it's at least three years ago that I did a complete thing on Aspirin. If you're having a heart attack and someone can give you an Aspirin, that's a good idea. It really is and paramedics and that, they carry Aspirin with them to give to you, but to take it in prevention, the FDA years ago, at least three years ago said, "Don't do that because the risk outweigh the benefits." That's the FDA statement. That's not Dr. Martin's statement. I just taught about it. 

Navitol doesn't work the same way as Aspirin. It doesn't thin your blood per se. What it does is it elevates your nitric oxide. So it actually opens up your blood vessels. That's what Navitol does. I mean, it does other things and it helps with the mitochondria, but it opens up your blood vessels because it gives you nitric oxide. You'll see it advertised sometimes on American TV, the power of beets, you know what beats a beet? Pine bark. I see the advertisement and he goes, "Oh beets, they elevate your nitric oxide." Yeah, good for them. So does the sun. So does VitDerma. The reason I love Navitol is because I've been using it for 35 years. It is unreal.

Noel's asking about benfotiamine, you know what that is? That is a synthetic B1 and Noel, again, I have no experience with taking that synthetic B1. Do I like B1? Absolutely, I like B1. I like your B vitamins. I like a B-complex found in steak. Now, B12 is different and even though B12 is only found in red meat, B12, I often give that as a supplement, but the other B vitamins, you know what I tell people? Eat them, have vitamin S, steak and you're going to get all your B-complex, much more than the plants. Okay, Noel?

Carolyn, "Can you give a rant on wine?" Okay. They use glyphosate, and that's probably to spray that... Look, Carolyn, an overarching principle for me is good luck living in this world. If glyphosate don't eat you or bite you, plastic will bite you. I mean it's everywhere from Mount Everest to the placenta. You ain't getting away from it. Now, I'm not saying don't try, but I'm saying you're not going to get away from it. Now, what do I think about wine? Be careful. I always tell people that because I didn't know this happened about 30 years ago. I saw it change in my practice. All these women were drinking wine. Oh, they're working all day and I got to have a glass of wine at night. I mean, it calmed them down. They were, women, they work like dogs. I have nothing but respect for women, but I used to burst their little balloons when they come into the office. Be careful. You want to lose weight? You can't have wine at night.

You're paying me money to lose weight. I said, "You got to go home and stop drinking wine." "Oh doc, I need it." Okay. Look, there's some medicinal benefits. I get all that. I understand that but be careful. You know alcohol, there was a study that came out yesterday. I've got it here somewhere but I don't have time. Somebody remind me, I'll bring it to you like alcohol, mmm, it takes a direct route to your liver. We talked about high fructose corn syrup yesterday or the day before and I'm telling you, alcohol takes a direct route to the liver. Okay, couple more and we're out of here. 

Costus powder, Hannah, a root powder. It's an Indian powder. I like curcumin better. Okay. I use curcumin. I love curcumin better. Costas powder, you like it? Take it. Not going to hurt you. It's good for you. I just like curcumin, clinically, better. 

Rokaya, I hope I said that right? Okay, Rokaya, vitamin D in the sun. We talked about that. If you still need vitamin K2, what's the ratio? Well, again, and the sun will not allow you to build up your vitamin D3 too high. It just won't. It's not the way you do it. The only way you can really build your levels too high is if your kidneys are not working properly or your liver's not working properly so I've discussed that. I'd rather you eat your vitamin K2, I just emphasize that again but if you're going to take it in a supplement, we've got it in the perfect ratio in our vitamin D.

Now I talked, Wendy, about histamine intolerance, I don't want to get into it. 

Oh Gerald, "Should I do a biopsy?" I'm not going to tell you that, Gerald. I can't tell you that. All I know about prostate biopsies, you got to fix the problem. Don't feed the bears. The prostate will grow with insulin and estrogen. The same thing that gives you breast cancer in women gives prostate cancer in men. It's insulin, food, and estrogen, xenoestrogens, all the plastics, all the chemical sprays and the cleaner and air fresheners and all that garbage that they're using to get rid of the virus. Ooh. Okay. I got three more. I tell you what? I'm marking them down. I'm going to talk about them next week.

We'll be here forever. Okay, guys, I mean this. I love you guys. You don't know how much I appreciate you guys coming on every day, putting up with Dr. Martin. I get tired of myself every once in a while. No, but you guys are great. Share this. Share the information. Be a little disciple. I know a lot of you are and I, again, you have no idea how much I appreciate that. Okay. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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