627. What Is a Nutrivore?


Dr. Martin often gets asked if he’s a carnivore, and his response is that he’s actually a nutrivore! He’s big time into nutrients, and getting the proper nutrients. That’s why he created The Reset!

Many people wonder why Dr. Martin limits you to eggs, meat and cheese, and asks you to avoid fruits and vegetables while on The Reset. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin talks about The Reset diet and shares how we need to take care of ourselves as much as possible. There is so much we can’t control in our world, but things like what we eat, we can.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning. Hope you're having a good start to your day this morning. And thank you for the thousands that will join us either live or later today. A lot of people do that. And we thank you for that too. Somebody asked on Facebook the other day on our private Facebook group, “Dr. Martin, are you a carnivore?” No, I'm not. Carnivore meaning you live on meat, right? And no, I'm not. I certainly would lean that way, but I'm not a carnivore. I thought about it... Am I an omnivore, eat everything? Yeah. You know what I think I am? I'm a nutrivore. What do I mean by that? Well, I am big time into nutrients. When I created the Reset, and I've explained this to you many times, why did I choose eggs, meat, and cheese? Why? Why no vegetables? Why no fruit? And remember it's 30 days.

So am I against vegetables and fruits? Of course I'm not, okay. But there's a reason behind these choices but the biggest reason is nutrition. It's nutrition science. Because someone was on our Facebook page and asking about avocados. Can I have avocados on the Reset? Well, look, avocados are good. There's nothing wrong with an avocado. I don't mind them, but I mean, I don't go overboard. I'd rather have a berry, the berries or raspberries, or. Avocados are good. They got good fat. But I just want to give you an example of avocado which has a fat of ALA. Okay? It's not long chain fatty acid, it's a fatty acid. It has ALA. Is ALA good for you? Yes. For sure, it's good for you. And ALA will convert to omega-3 fatty acids.

But if you have fish, for example, or you have a steak, you get 300... Listen to what I'm going to say, 300 times more omega-3 in fish and a piece of steak than you do in an avocado. Now is avocado good? Yes. Is fish better? Yes. In terms of... I am a nutrivore. Nutrition. And the problem with our field... Okay, I'm talking about nutrition in general, alternative medicine, dieticians, health coaches. The problem is a lack of... I don't want to call it a lack of thinking, but it's going along with the crowd. Dr. Google, for example. Dr. Google. You Google stuff and you look at avocado and nine out of 10 practitioners would tell you, well, that's better than a piece of bacon, better for you. But that's not true, guys. It's not true.

And I know... Well, what about in meat? They have hormones... Well look, if you can afford to eat organic meat, organic vegetables I guess, even if you get vegetables and they're not organic, you got sprays, you got pesticides, you got herbicides. Like I always tell you, you can hardly get away from it. I mean, if you have your own garden outside, well, good for you. You have a cow in the backyard, well, good for you. But for the rest of us and you know me, I have to speak to the masses. You're better off with a piece of bacon than an avocado. You're just better off, nutrition wise, fat wise, oleic acid wise. Again, olive oil, good, excellent. Nothing wrong with it. But what makes all of olive oil so good is oleic acid. Everybody agrees with that. If you have any background at all in nutritional science, you'll say, oh yeah, oleic acid, that's why all the oil is so good. It's got polyphenol so it's very good. But so does bacon. Oh yeah, but bacon, it's got nitrates. Yeah, but so do vegetables.

So to answer the question, I'm big time into nutrition science without the fluff. I give you an example... diabetes, okay? It's such a major problem in society today. I can't tell you how bad it is guys. It really is, in my opinion, the worst of all epidemics. It is. We as a society became carboholics. Well-established. And we have paid an enormous price for that. When the virus came out, what did I scream? I screamed it from the rooftops and I've been consistent. For heaven sakes, we need to look at a couple of things that is going to impact our society much more. Let's build our immune system. Part of building the immune system is getting rid of metabolic syndrome. Anyone that's a diabetic is a carboholic. And some, I think I've explained this to you, for some alcoholics, they don't need much. They have a tendency. Them and alcohol don't get along. They become alcoholics very quickly for some.

And this is true with diabetics. Some people, they just do not process carbohydrates. But don't fool yourself guys. Don't get duped. Don't get duped because every carb is going to be turned into sugar. Diabetes is out of control. And what I'm seeing, looking into the future, if we don't get a hold of that. Guys, I don't care what your theory is on or what your thinking is or whatever. It's not the climate. It's not the climate. It's food. Because all the tea in China is not going to save us in the future with just diabetes. And it's worse than we think. Because when the world looks at diabetes, they wait till your blood sugars are completely out of control, right? They look at your A1C for example. And you know what? And I'm not against that. I like A1C. I've got no problem. Look, you send me your A1C, I'll tell you what I think and what science is showing.

I explained this a couple of weeks ago, that when you take an average, that's what A1C is. It's an average. The length of your red blood cell, hemoglobin A1C. What that is is that sugar attaches to that hemoglobin and that red blood cell can't get rid of the sugar anymore. So they measure that. And now they're finding ooh, if it's anything over, what is it? 4.7 or 4.8. You're on the Titanic. You're in trouble. 90%. Well, it's actually 88% of the population are in trouble with metabolic syndrome, which is diabetes. It's not diagnosed as diabetes because the last thing to go south will be your blood sugars, but you're already on the Titanic. You might be dancing. You might be listening to music on the Titanic, but you're on the Titanic.

This virus, 80% of the people that went into hospitals were obese. People that got sick. These are facts, guys. People that got sick had an underlying condition. And all of it was either blood pressure like hypertension, right? They were compromised because they already had metabolic syndrome. They had high triglycerides. They had low HDL almost invariably. Even the old people who were so susceptible to this virus. But guys, I'm a nutrivore, why? Because if they would have just opened their eyes and said, okay, now we need to push our population. It doesn't matter.

Example, India. Remember the Indian variant? They don't even talk about it anymore because India, the virus went down. But guys, the virus will come and go. There's going to be waves. There's going to be different variants. I'm telling you, even with vaccination, they'll always be around. We're always going to have to deal with viruses, but nobody is talking about the immune system. And I'm just going to say this guys, your immune system doesn't work properly if you have insulin resistance. And of course, vitamin D... We'll leave that over there for a minute because I want to stick to nutrition.

In India, I read a study this morning, up to 32% of children in India have fatty liver. Children, 32% have fatty liver. They're headed for disaster. Disaster because fatty liver is one of the first things that happens before you are officially diagnosed with diabetes. But if you have a fatty liver, you're a diabetic. It could be written on my forehead. Okay? For me personally. Because I'm not deceived. I know myself. You can't influence other people unless you understand yourself. You got to understand yourself. And me written on my forehead is my name is Tony and I'm a carboholic. I'm in remission. I'm a diabetic. I really am without the blood sugars. I know myself. So what do I do about that? Okay. I understand my weaknesses. I don't get away with it. I must discipline myself on a daily basis to say no. Hardest words in the English language, no. I can't eat like that.

But we missed an opportunity in this world. And this is what has been most frustrating to me. We missed an opportunity because we just refuse to look at, I mean, for heaven sakes, think about how stupid it is. And you know what? I guess I can change the world. I live in Ontario guys. I have written emails. I have sent messages to the premier, to the cabinet, to members of parliament and blah, blah, blah. All I've said to them is this, why are you closing gyms? Are you crazy? Was I offensive? No. But it's insanity. Why wouldn't you be encouraging vitamin E? Exercise. The gym should be like a hospital. You can never close them. Get encouraged.

And really, if the government was smart, if they were smart, and they're not, all governments. Because the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, I hate to be negative, and the big tech industry, they don't teach you this. They should give a credit on your tax. You go to the gym, you have to sign in, you get a tax credit. Why is that? Because you're going to get people healthier so that the next time a virus comes, which won't be long, you're going to be in much better condition to fight it. You have immunity, vitamin E. I've said to you why doesn't the government hand out vitamin D? It's so inexpensive. And they always test for antibodies and you know what? If you travel at all, you're going to get tested three times for the virus before you get on a plane. After you get on a plane, blah, blah, blah, testing, testing.

Can I ask a question? Why don't they test your serum Vitamin D levels? Why don't they just test that? Because here's what the world knows. They hide it. But here's what they know. If you have low levels of vitamin D, VitDerma, your risk of having an infection, a virus, whatever, is increased like about 90%. Nevermind what it does for cancer, but they don't even test it. You almost got to bring a doctor to the dentist and have their teeth drilled without anesthetic in order for them to test your vitamin D levels. Hello? Guys, this is why I scream from the rooftops. But guys, we should have learned a major lesson through this time.

Learn a lesson. World, learn a lesson. All the tea in China is not going to pay for the amount of diabetics. Listen to this. Since 1960 in the USA alone, diabetes has gone up 800%. My dad was a diabetic in the 1960s. When he came home to tell us I'm a diabetic, I looked at him like, dad, what are you talking about? What is that? But I'll tell you, my long history of eating low carbohydrates and preaching low carbohydrates has gone back to my father. He knew back then. I can't eat that stuff anymore. Me and carbs don't get along. What? I didn't even understand it. I was a teenager. But it has gone up 800% since 1960 and it's doubled again in the last 15 years. Guys, we're looking for love and all the wrong places.

So what did they do? Just a pet peeve of mine. They closed gyms, vitamin E. And by the way, I've taught you this before so I want you to remind yourself of this. When you exercise, especially resistant training. The reason I love resistance training, the most. I went for an hour long walk yesterday. Do I like walking? Yep. I love walking. But I know what's best in terms of exercise, it's not walking. It's not jogging. It's not aerobics. It's not. Now, they're good. Okay? So don't get me wrong. They're good. Move. Move. That's good. Better is resistant exercises. Why do I say that? Because when you do resistant exercises, you build muscle. Muscle. Why is that? Because it lowers insulin resistance. If you lower insulin resistance, you lower inflammation, you lower your risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and a bad immune system. In 15 to 20 minutes, get muscled up. Ladies, get muscled up. Don't let anybody tell you different.

And yoga is good. Do I like yoga? Yeah. I'm pretty stiff. Yoga is good. Okay. Take your little mat and do some yoga. I got no problem with that. But better is muscle. Get some weights, get bands, stretch, strong, resist, do resistant exercises. It will lower your insulin. Why is that? Because the bigger your bins are, the more storage you have in muscle, the better it is on your liver because your liver is a place where glycogen goes. It's fat from sugars being stored there. And when the liver is full, the suitcase is full, the Costco parking lot is full, your triglycerides are going to go up and your HDL are going to go down just about invariably and you're really a diabetic by them. You're a diabetic without the doctors telling you you're a diabetic. So put diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which is the same thing. Put them into remission. On my forehead, remission. And today's another day. Does it get easier? Yeah.

You know me and my forming habits, you need three weeks. I learned enough psychology in university to be dangerous, but I did learn a few things. In psychology 101, you know what I learned about human behavior? It takes 21 days to form a habit. I want you to form a habit. I want you to become a nutrivore, like me. Nutrition. At the top of the food chart are nutrients where all your vitamins and all your minerals and all your amino acids and all your best proteins and all your best fats, they're there. You understand that you're giving your body the best chance of not breaking down. It will, eventually. You can get hit by a truck walking on the sidewalk. Fate. You can't control everything in life.

I talked to you in the last few weeks about the environment and plastic and I get people you can't drink out of a plastic bottle and all that. Okay. Okay. Okay. I get it. But the environment I have less control of. Okay. I wish I had more control over it, but I have less control of it. Like I said, plastic is found on Mount Everest and the lowest levels of the sea. It's in the placenta. And folks I'm going to tell you something, there's a blood test to see if you have plastic inside of you. Prick your finger, if it comes out red, you got plastic. We're not going to get away from it. It's in the oceans. It's in the water streams. It's in the air. It's microscopic. We breathe it in. Even in Costa Rica. Yeah, but I live on a little island by myself. Well, good for you. Good for you. But for the rest of us, control guys what you can control. And I know you've learned this lesson because you're smart. You've learned a lesson and I don't care what the rest of the world is doing. I don't.

I feel sorry for people that don't understand how to take care of themselves or they refuse to understand. I feel sorry for the government who don't give two cahoots about nutrition. Let me finish with this thing. They were telling people, come and get the vaccine and how were they doing it? We'll give you donuts for a year. Close the gyms but we'll give you a donut. Oh, it's insanity. Close the gyms. Oh yeah. But doc, there was an outbreak in one gym. I know. I know. But so what? There's always going to be an outbreak. There'll always be outbreaks guys. It's going to be one thing, it'll be another thing. Viruses have been around forever and so have been bacteria. It's the soil. It's you. Take care of yourself as much as possible. It's a simple message. It's not complicated. Got it? Okay. 

Whew. We got some good studies coming. I read some good studies this week you know and I'm going to try and bring them to you. Today, do a good thing. Don't fill your liver up. Don't fill your liver up with crap. If you can get some vitamin E today, get some vitamin D, VitDerma. If you live in northern Ontario, it's sunny, beautiful day. Get out. Move. Strengthen. Really important. Okay? Lower your carbs. Don't fool yourself. Okay, we love you guys. And I mean it. 

The Reset, the book. It's really amazing. We love it. And thank you very much for just continuing to support that book. It's a lifestyle change guys. That's what I'm aiming for. It'll only take you 30 days to reset your life. It really does. Read the testimonies, it's incredible. It's a plan to succeed, not a plan to fail a plan to succeed, The Reset. Thank you very much. You guys did it. Okay? Share this. On Facebook if you share it, it really changes the demographics. I know a lot of you do. And a lot of people don't watch us live. They watch it on video or they get the Doctor Is In podcast on your smartphone. Okay? If you're not a member of the Martin Clinic Facebook group, please join us. What a great group. Even I post on there. Okay. We love you guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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