598. Dangers with a Lack of Sun


A recent study has shown that avoiding the sun is as detrimental as smoking. Yes, not going out in the sun is as healthy as smoking!

No doctor today is going to tell you that smoking is good for you. We know that smoking is 100% related to cancer. Still today one of the number one reasons people die if they smoke, is cancer.

In today’s episode, Dr. Martin unpacks this study and encourages listeners not to be confused by what they hear. Don’t be confused! The sun is good for you. You need the sun!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another Live. Hope you're having a great day. Now, let me read this study here in PubMed. Listen to this. Avoiding sun, avoiding the sun exposure, is the same as smoking. Did you hear what I said? Avoiding the sun is as detrimental as smoking. Now, listen, I don't think you could find one doctor in the universe that would tell you smoking is good for you. Unlike my parents who smoked and there was always smoke in our family. I remember playing hockey in Timmins in the old McIntyre Arena, where you could hardly see yourself, there was so much smoke in the arenas in the 1960s. But when my dad found out that smoking was bad, he read an article, I don't know... I can't remember exactly. I remember the day, but I don't remember exactly what he read, because he came home. He threw his cigarettes in the garbage can. He actually had a little bit of a ceremony and us kids gathered around, and my dad said, "You see these? You won't see them again. I quit." And he threw his package of Buckingham tip-less cigarettes. I didn't like his cigarettes, I like my mothers, Peter Jackson, because they had a filter. No, but it was a major thing of, "Dad, what are you doing?"

My dad smoked four packs of cigarettes every day. I don't know how he saw patients, just smoking. I think he actually gave cigarettes to his patients, because, "Oh, you got a cough. Maybe we could give you a cigarette, we'll clear that cough out." No but guys listen, is there anybody today that would say, "Oh, smoking's good for you?" Come on, come on. Just a little aside, the reason people smoke even today is they need their dopamine fix because when you get a little bit of that nicotine, you get a little bit of a rush. I always used to get a chuckle out of people at the hospital. In Northern Ontario we can hit 40 below here and they're outside with their IVs, carrying their IVs. They're in the little bus stop where they have a little covering and they're smoking. They're in the hospital, they're patients in the hospital, but they got to come out and get their dopamine fix. That's what happens with addicts, by the way, whether it be cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, or sugar. It goes to the feel-good center in the brain and you release a little bit of dopamine. 

But imagine what this study is saying. It's something that if you have followed me for any length of time, you know what I think about the sun, the sun... and now they're showing this study is showing that when you avoid the sun, you might as well be smoking, same effect. What we know is smoking, of course, is 100% related to cancer, still today one of the number one reasons people die is they smoke, of cancer. The only dent in cancer statistics, they've shot way back up again, the only dent in cancer statistics happened in the 1980s when people got the memo to stop smoking and you saw the decrease in cancer, but guess what? It came way back up again. I'm going to tell you why. Why did that come way back up again? Because of sugar. Sugar. Remember in 1982, the FDA approved the use of high fructose corn syrup, came even before that, I think it was in the '70s, and that has made us very unwell. So now they're showing, if you avoid the sun, you might as well be smoking. Well, holy smokes. No, but think about that.

I had a lady the other day and I appreciated because she was just frustrated, and I think it was on the private Facebook group, if I'm not mistaken. She was saying, "I'm so confused, I'm so confused." I told her, "Don't be confused. I'm right and they're wrong." She said, "Look all my life... " and it was really good because she started give us a description. Here's what she was confused about. "I was told to avoid the sun. It's going to give you skin cancer. You're going to age and you're going to get all wrinkly... The sun." For sure, if you do go in the sun, make sure you have sunscreen on. So she said, "Dr. Martin, I'm confused. You're telling me the opposite." Uh-huh and all throughout this pandemic, what did Dr. Martin say? "Get out in the sun. It's seasonal. It's seasonal."

Look, you can get a virus at any time of the year, but it's always worse when there's no sunlight. That is an absolute fact, absolute fact. I know people like to argue with that because it doesn't follow the narrative. We know another benefit of the sun. This is extremely important, is that when you have sunshine, you get on your skin, not only vitamin D guys. Yes, vitamin D is so good for you. Absolutely, Dr. Martin's favorite vitamin is vitamin D, but you also get nitric oxide. When you are in the sun and your skin gets some sun, you'll elevate your levels of nitric oxide. What does that do? That opens up your blood vessels. That's what the article is saying. The article is saying avoidance of the sun has the same detriments as smoking. 

People avoid the sun and people that do get the sun, lather themselves up with the chemicals to try and protect their skin from the UV radiation. I see these parents lathering up their kids, you're putting chemicals on the skin. Chemicals on the skin don't stay in the skin. Chemicals on the skin, especially if you add heat are going to get into your bloodstream. You want to deliver a medication? Put a patch on the skin. You can deliver nitrile glycerin. They're making it now, you can have a patch on your skin of insulin. A lot of medications are coming in the forms of a patch. Why is that? It doesn't have to go through your digestive track. It goes right into your bloodstream.

"I'm so confused, Dr. Martin." I love that lady. I said, "Don't be confused." I was told not to eat any red meat. Listen in Sudbury.com yesterday, Sudbury.com, how to switch to a vegetarian diet, how to switch. They interviewed a local dietician and said, "Oh yeah, well you know what?" It's a good idea to get away from eggs, meat, and cheese and especially that big boogeyman, red meat, the boogeyman." Like I've said to you guys, coming to a theater near you, they are going to vilify red meat. Red meat has really gotten a bad rap, and by a lot of my colleagues. I've never seen such nonsense as telling people, "We can help you to switch from an animal-based diet, to the plant kingdom, fruits and vegetables." It is absolute insanity on steroids.

Don't be confused. Don't be confused. The sun is good for you. Red meat is good for you. Cancer hates red meat, heart disease hates red meat. Diabetes hates red meat. Alzheimer's and dementia hates red meat. Don't be confused. That is science guys, it's not propaganda. Propaganda is like kids today, especially kids, that young generation. What is the most important problem in the whole world? What's the most important problem in the whole world? "The climate." They're indoctrinated. And animals, "You can't eat that." It's indoctrination, guys. It bothers me, I can't handle it.

No, but seriously. I can't handle it. It's lies. Liar, liar, pants on fire, lies. Don't be confused. Imagine, avoiding the sun. We're here in 2021 and we're finally getting studies, we're finally getting studies, that tell you better get in the sun. Now, don't go burning in the sun. Nobody's telling you to do that. Don't say I told you to burn. I never recommend that. Just a memo, just to give you a reminder, listen to this, this is just a fact guys. People who get melanoma, not basal cell carcinoma, not squamous cell carcinoma, but melanoma, a deadly cancer, are people 99% that work indoors and avoid the sun. The lower your levels of vitamin D, the more you're at risk from all cause mortality. It's like smoking. Well-established smoking. There's no benefit to smoking.

Remember, you don't have to go back past the 1950s and the 1940s. I was telling you about my dad, but you read Time Magazine in those days, or whatever magazines were popular. Life Magazine, remember that as a kid? They used to have doctors saying, "Seven out of 10 doctors choose Camel cigarettes for their health." I'm not kidding you, but they're not confused anymore, smoking is just... they know it, I mean, there's nothing good about smoking whatsoever. But don't be confused. If your doctor insists... Here's another one, don't be confused. Because this lady brought this up too. She said, "All my life... " that she could remember, "I was told to keep my cholesterol down. I need to get my cholesterol down." She said, "I'm so confused because when I listened to Dr. Martin, he's telling me I need to get my cholesterol up."

Don't be confused. Both statements can't be true. There's no such thing as bad cholesterol. They made cholesterol the boogeyman, boogeyman, the sun, cholesterol, the bogeyman. Boy, it's hard to undo that with people. I've said this, but I didn't make this up. Politicians made it up, keep lying and people will believe it. Just keep lying, say it often enough and people will believe. It's true, 100%. So the narrative is say it, say it, say it, say it. And then all of a sudden, yeah, it must be true. We go to the gas station and we pay more for gas because they say, "Well, we're saving the climate." Look, I don't want to get into that part of it. I'm just telling you, I don't buy it guys. I don't buy it. I'm a skeptic. Whatever comes out of a mouth of a politician, that's when you should be skeptical. I hate to be like that but they lie so often, I can't get over it.

There's no such thing as bad cholesterol. No such thing. "Oh and Dr. Martin, my LDL." Yeah but low density lipoprotein's not bad. You make it, it's a minor carrier because high density lipoprotein protein, HDL, is what hitches its wagons to your triglycerides in your bloodstreams and low density ones don't do it as well, but they're little small trucks on the blood vessels, in the blood vessels of your body. They're transporters, they're not bad guys. But as soon as medicine found a drug to hammer down cholesterol, they joined in with the food industry who were trying to sell cereals and guess what? The rest is history. We have now 99% of the population... You got to give them credit. You got to give pharmaceutical industry, give the food industry, give them credit for what they do well. You know what they do well? Marketing. "Cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol." 

Every day, every day, people send me their cholesterol numbers and a lot of them go, "Is that all there is? Dr. Martin, not talking about my total cholesterol. He's not talking about my LDL. He's not talking about my ratios." No, I'm not interested. You can't make me interested. Send me 50 pages, I don't care. You can't make me interested in something that's not true. It's fantasy island, it ain't true, guys. I want to see you with high cholesterol and low triglycerides. Don't be confused. What you have been taught, what has been hammered into the psyche of North Americans especially, stay on of the sun, cholesterol is bad. Cholesterol is bad. True or false? It's 100% true, but I'm telling you, don't be confused. Don't be confused. Then of course, cholesterol because of eggs, and they tell you cheese, and they... shocked, shocked.

You know how many people, they have to stop and read it again when they read on the private Facebook group, what are people talking about when they talk about The Reset? Eggs, meat, and cheese, "I am going to have a heart attack." You see? Well, you can see the five pounds there. This is one pounds of fat. But guys, this is what happens in people's minds when they think of cholesterol. They think this. They think this is clogging up their arteries, this yellow stuff. "That's cholesterol. Cholesterol makes you fat, but it also clogs up your arteries, Dr. Martin." No it don't. Cholesterol don't clog up your arteries. Sugar clogs up your arteries because sugar is going to be transferred in your body as triglycerides. It's food, it's sugars and crappy carbohydrates. Don't be confused. Don't be confused. You're going to have to undo your teaching in your head. You know how many people wanted to start the eggs, meat and cheese diet were told, even by their physicians, "You're going to have a heart attack. You're going to have a heart attack. That's a heart attack waiting to happen when you eat like that." No, just the opposite. Just the opposite. Don't be confused.

Eat frequently. Here's another one. Eat frequently. You need to eat several times a day. Brought to you by... Who could be behind that? Oh, the food companies. They're not stupid. Like I said, you got to give them credit. They're not stupid people. If you eat crappy carbohydrates, you're always going to be hungry. They'll say, "Well, yeah, but it's because you need to eat more frequently." That's why I love The Reset. Why? Fasting without fasting. You don't have to eat frequently if you eat the right foods. Go back and listen to the podcast on The Wood Stove. That was one of our most popular teachings. Go back, listen to it on your smartphone or on your device. Listen to that teaching again about what fuel you choose, it's going to make all the difference in the world in terms of your hunger. That's the problem today because people today, still today... Why do diets fail? It's always about lowering your calories. Keep your calories down. You keep your calories down, you're going to be hungry. So people starve to death on a diet. They're hungry but, "I'm going to do it, man." They lose weight, and guess what? It comes back with a vengeance because it didn't fix the problem. You must change fuels.

You know what they were saying in the United States, because of... You heard about it, the cyber attack and the big lines for gasoline and that. You know they said they were short on too? Jet fuel. Eggs, meat, and cheese is jet fuel, high octane stuff. You want to run your body properly, eat jet fuel... eggs, meat, and cheese. That's what it is. All your nutrients, all your vitamins, all your amino acids. Very high in protein, very high in fat. Very good fat, it's super fuel. Don't be confused. Don't be confused. That's what we're calling this today, don't be confused.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we are going to do a Question and Answer. So not too late, send in your questions. Okay, thank you again. I advertise this every day because you've made this book number one, The Reset. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We appreciate it, we do. If you haven't read that book, you got to read the book. Thank you for signing up for the Martin Clinic, private Facebook group. Tens and tens of thousands of people have done it. We thank you for that and we appreciate it. We love that community. Join there if you're not a member, or get your friends and family to do it. Okay? Love you guys, talk to you soon.

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