564. Your Immune System Needs Vitamin D


A scary statistic out of the United States – every 38 seconds, someone has a heart attack. Every 38 seconds! Continuing from yesterday’s episode about metabolic disease, Dr. Martin looks at the immune system, and how you are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made.

He explains how T cells are one of the important white blood cells. Their purpose is to seek out and destroy bacteria and viruses found in the blood. What makes your T cells more effective, causing them to take off? It’s vitamin D!

Dr. Martin talks about the importance of vitamin D and shares several things you can do to improve the response of your immune system. He also warns how sugar essentially puts your immune system asleep!

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Dr. Martin:  Good morning, everyone. Welcome again to another live. Hope you're having a great start to your day. So what we're going to do today is talk about your immune system. So we're going to talk about your immune system. Yesterday, what we did is we talked about metabolic syndrome and how that has a major effect on chronic diseases. Cancer, remember, yesterday? Every 38 seconds in the United States someone has a heart attack. Every 38 seconds. Unbelievable. We see a major increase in heart disease, in cancer. It's like we're losing a war, guys, on these things. We're losing a war on cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic diseases, Alzheimer's, diabetes, autoimmune. If you look at The Martin Clinic, we've been consistent about this, three seeds of disease. So at the forefront is high circulating insulin, leaky gut, free radical damage.

Now, let's talk about the response of the immune system. Now, yesterday I put up on the private Facebook Group ... so if you're not a member of the private Facebook Group... I showed you a white blood cell chasing... Now, look, this is not going to be great quality. Can't do it. Let me just get it and I'm just going to show you for a second or two, what I had posted, and I'll repost it today. Look at how your immune system works. I want to talk to you about that.

So Dr. McEwen, let's do this, this afternoon. You can go right on YouTube and look at a white blood cell chasing a bacteria in live blood. I used to do this all the time in the office. I'd show people. Sometimes it was like, we got to show like you wouldn't believe how white blood cells would chase a bacteria around the block. Okay, let me just say this about your immune system. You don't see it working, but it's there and it's incredible. You are, again, I'm going to say it for the millionth time, fearfully and wonderfully made. A good friend asked me to write an introduction to his book on evolution and I said, "Yeah, I'd be happy to do it." I'd tell you, like it takes more faith, guys, to believe that everything just happened by chance. You've got an immune system that when it sees a bacteria or a virus, it just happens to go after it. I don't know. That takes a lot of faith. I believe in a Creator that did that and I don't apologize for that.

So when you see your white blood cells, and that's what's happening, but I'm going to show you today how you can increase your activity of those white blood cells for chronic disease because your immune system has a huge effect. Not only just on viruses and bacteria, but of debris in your blood. It's always the white blood cells do the cleanup. They're like a Zamboni on a hockey rink. You've seen the Zamboni in between periods and it cleans that ice. That's what your white blood cells do. They not only chase bacteria and viruses, but they also mop up the debris. If you notice in the ... and, again, I will repost it. But if you notice, your blood, guys, your blood serum, if you see the white blood cells moving in that, one of the ways it will move, otherwise it gets stuck in very thick blood, you need Vitamin W: water. I can't emphasize enough how water plays a big, big part in your immune system.

People think water, what about coffee? Well, coffee is good. We'll talk about that in a minute. What about tea? That's good too. What about juice? No. We're going to explain that in a minute. No, but listen, you need water in your blood serum. They swim. Your white blood cells are swimmers. You need water for them to swim; otherwise, they get stuck. People don't realize the importance of water in the blood, never mind for heart disease and heart attacks and whatever. A lot of people are simply dehydrated. "Ah, Dr. Martin, I don't like water." Well, too bad. Suck it up, buttercup. You need water and only water is water. Only water is water. Water takes a beeline, guys, a beeline to your bloodstream. You need it. You got 60,000 miles of blood vessels, one and a half times around the equator. You need water. You have no idea.

I remember reading ... oh, I can't remember the fellow's name. He was an MD. He actually ... it's a fascinating book. I'm talking about it now, I should have looked that up. He was in a prison in Iran. He was an Iranian medical doctor. He was in a prison in Iran and, of course, he saw all these prisoners that were very unwell. You can imagine that the conditions were terrible, bacteria, viruses, malnutrition. Anyways, he actually wrote a book about his experiences. But what he asked the guards, like an experiment, "Give me water. If nothing else, give water to ..." because they were so dehydrated. You can read about this. I'll get it for you and post it for you just because I can't remember exactly the guy's name, but he posted this and he actually wrote about it and with great detail.

He just talked about the 50 things that water does. He saw these men who he was in prison with, including himself, improve to such an extent just with Vitamin W: water. Their immune system was better. Their moods were better. Their minds were better. Everything was better. I talked to you last week, water is more important in your gut than fiber is. Ooh, people, fiber, brought to you by the cereal company. "Oh, you need fiber. Otherwise, your gut's..." No, you don't. What's more important than fiber is water. You want to flush your gut? H2O, Vitamin W. So you got it. So water. Very important part of your immune system, a very important part on fighting chronic disease.

Now, you saw that little white blood cell. What makes white blood cells, especially your T-cells ... those are your Navy SEALs coming out of your lymphatic system ... what makes your white blood cells take off? Vitamin W? Yes. Even more important, vitamin D. Vitamin D. So your white blood cells, they have a little antenna for vitamin D and they won't work properly without vitamin D. So let me remind you, what's in the news for over a year, it should be absolutely ... They’re mandatory, like, guys, your nature, your body's immune system, your natural vaccine, your natural one to COVID and other virus. This has been proven. Guys, there's no doubt about it. You know me, I've been so consistent on vitamin D. You remember? I had a radio show for 20 years. Vitamin D. Vitamin D. "Dr. Martin, you're always talking about vitamin D." Yeah, and I always will.

The sun. The sun. Remember when I was in Florida last year when this whole thing started? I was so upset that they were closing the beaches. I said, I know why ... because there are virus, virus, virus, virus, virus. But why wasn't anybody talking about the immune system? You have an immune system. It needs water and it needs vitamin D. It's amazing. Of course, if you can't get in the sun, and this is why this was what I wanted, was everyone and the government, if they were honest, should have got involved and said, "Okay, we are going to give everyone that can't afford it vitamin D. Vitamin D. Someone said to me, "Ah, it's a good point. Dr. Martin, why, if it was just the sun, why did so many people die in Florida?" Because they don't go in the sun.

Floridians are notorious, especially the older generation, they're notorious, they're scared skinny of the sun brought to you by Johnson and Johnson: skin cancer, skin cancer, skin cancer. They got so scared skinny of skin cancer that they forgot that God put the sun up there. Like, you know this, nothing grows without the sun. Your immune system doesn't work properly. Why do Eskimos have a good immune system? Well, for several reasons, but they get vitamin D, guys. Not from the sun, they can't. They get it in their food. They're eating cod liver oil. So we live in the northern hemisphere, we got to take vitamin D for, I don't know, seven, eight months of the year, at least. A lot of people, they don't get in the sun. They work indoors all day. It is not their fault.

A lot of people, especially my generation and my parents' generation, man, oh, man, "Son, stay out of it. Sunscreen." I see these people and they get their kid in a spray. I understand, you don't want a sunburn. I get it. But you need vitamin D. Your white blood cells don't work properly without vitamin D. They have an antenna. They're looking for vitamin D. That's what makes your killer cells, your T-cells. That's what makes them so effective. Got it?

Now, what else are we talking about? What we're talking about. Let's be negative for a second. Again, I ain't going to go and get these little, little, little pictures. I just want to show you something as the illustration here comes. Okay, see? See the white blood cell moving. You know what'll stop a white blood cell in its tracks? Stops, when you eat sugar. Your white blood cells will stop in its tracks. This has been done, by the way, the same way you're looking at this live, I'm showing it to you on YouTube, this live video. I used to show this to patients. I was looking at my phone. I used to have some pictures, guys, if you've never seen white blood cells taking off after a bacteria, whatever, and they move everything out of the way. "Get out of the way, you red blood cells. I'm after a bacteria."

I used to tell these patients. I said, "Man, you got a good immune system. That's exactly what ..." and as it cleans up its debris and it's taking away those cancer cells and whatever. That's what your immune system. But, guys, when you eat sugar, all of that stops. You put your white blood cells to sleep for an hour. One teaspoon. Think of this. Kids are consuming between 26 to 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Don't give them Tropicana. It's like a Pepsi, about 14 teaspoons of sugar, and even milk. You know me, grocery store milk. You might as well give them Pepsi. Don't give them juice. Apple or orange. It kills their immune system. The immune system goes to sleep. Yep, that's what happens to your immune system. So on the positive side, you need water, you need vitamin D. On the negative side, food, man. Food. Sugar. Crappy carbs. It puts your white blood cells to sleep. Think of the major effect that has on your chronic disease.

Now let me give you a couple of other positive things. Now, don't laugh because some people think I'm not sure it's about this. You know what's in this cup? Coffee. Why is coffee so good for you? Why is it so good for your immune system? Oh, remember, Mr. Consistent, I've been consistent about this. When all my guru friends ... Okay, I love them dearly, I do. But they, "Ah, I don't drink coffee because it's acidic and it's not good for you and the caffeine," and uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. I heard it for so many years, and you ask anybody that used to follow me when I was doing my radio show for 20 years, a syndicated radio show, and I was Mr. Vitamin C. The real vitamin C is coffee. Why is that?

Well, coffee has a multitude, a multitude of flavonoids. What's that mean? Well, these are power-packed nutrients in coffee. Yep, right in your coffee. Don't ruin your coffee with sugar, by the way. You ruin all the effect of it if you put sugar in it. You can put cream. You can't put milk. You can put cream. I drank my coffee black. I have for years and years and years. It's just a habit. Form a habit of getting rid of your sugar. But coffee, not only has these multitude of polyphenols and all ... It is so complex, you have no idea. Guys, it is 100% good for you. It's better than vitamin C. People used to think I had two heads when I would say that. What do you mean better than vitamin? I said the other vitamin C, because coffee is the real vitamin C.

You know what coffee has? Quercetin, and through COVID, they were talking about when the former president of the United States got COVID, do you remember that? He had a team of doctors around him, but it was amazing. He got some ink, not as much as it needed to get, in my opinion, but they were giving the president of the United States vitamin D high doses. They weren't just giving him "Oh, here's 1,000 IUs." No, they were hammering him with vitamin D. They gave him quercetin. They should have just give him coffee. They were giving him zinc. Remember, vitamin D, quercetin that's found in coffee, probably the richest source of it ... zinc is found in ...? You guys should know this: vitamin S: steak. You can take a supplement of zinc if you want. I would rather you eat it. I'd rather you drink your quercetin and eat your zinc in steak. Steak has a high source of zinc. Zinc is good for your immune system because it goes in ... You know what zinc does? It drives into the virus. It drives itself into the virus and quercetin pushes it in even further, so when you're drinking coffee. Isn't that amazing?

So this is really significant, how do you take care of your immune system? Your innate immune system. Innate means it knows what to do, guys. It's part of you. Everybody has ... no, some people don't have as good as the immune system as others, but most of it is dependent on what they're eating and what they're drinking. Avoid sugar like the plague for chronic disease. Not only does it elevate your insulin, it puts your white blood cells to sleep. "You just gave me sugar. I'm going to bed. I'm tired." That's what your white blood cells do. Aren't you unbelievably made, guys? Your blood and your immune system depends on what you feed it. People just... they sort of live to eat. They don't think about what are they putting in their mouth. I used to talk to people in the office all the time and they go, "You're a carboholic." What? "I don't eat a lot of carbs." I said, "Oh yeah? What did you have for breakfast?" "Oh, I had cereal, man. It was oatmeal. I had bran flakes. I had all bran." I said, "Well, that's all carbs. It's going to be sugar in five seconds." "Dr. Martin, for breakfast I had a whole wheat bagel. It's whole wheat." It's going to be sugar in five seconds. You're putting your immune system to sleep. Nevermind what your immune system does for bacteria and viruses.

Okay, one more. So we talked to you about on the positive side, you need water; you need vitamin D; you need vitamin C, the real one, coffee; and vitamin S. By the way, when you're eating vitamin S you're also eating vitamin A . Vitamin A, guys. Vitamin A is not, let me repeat for all my wonderful vegan and vegetarian friends, vitamin A is not found in the plant kingdom. It's not there. "Oh, Dr. Martin, I am eating carrots." Well, good for you, but that's not vitamin A. That's a precursor. It's called beta-carotene. It's not vitamin A, guys. Vitamin A is pro-retinol A, and that is only found in the animal kingdom.

Why am I so big on eggs, meat, and cheese? Well, one of them is vitamin A. That's where it's found. Your immune system won't work properly without vitamin A. You go to the third world. You go where they don't get good nutrition and one of the things the Red Cross and other organizations like it, you know what they bring to the third world? Vitamin A. They don't get enough of it, and for a lot of it is for their blindness because their eyes don't develop properly without vitamin a. But vitamin A is important for your immune system. Remember, when I talked about ... go way back, we talked about I know they want you to wear a mask. The problem is, guys. I just got it. Let's be honest about it. A lot of it is the theater. You know that. Because look, unless you're wearing goggles and a mask, and even then, guys, you need the invisible mask.

The invisible mask is vitamin A because it protects your eyes from the bacteria or virus coming in there. Guys, a virus is so small. I showed you a picture of white blood cells going after bacteria, but viruses, you need an electron microscope even to see those little bumps. You need vitamin A. That's your mask. It's your mask. Put a mask on, I agree. Vitamin A mask. Eat your steak. Eat your cheese. Eat your eggs because that's where vitamin A is. I know a lot of people, "Oh, Dr. Martin, why eggs, meat and cheese? Why?" Well, I can give you a thousand reasons, but when we're talking about the immune system ... By the way, vitamin D3 is only found in the animal kingdom. Zinc is only found in the animal kingdom. You don't get zinc in plants. Well, you might get a little bit. That's for mice. It's not for humans.

Humans need the animal kingdom. I'm going to say it to you, and say it to you, and say it to you. I got the can’t help its. If I start to tell you not to eat eggs, meat, and cheese, come and get me and put me in a home, because I'm not thinking straight anymore. I'm sorry, some people are offended by me. I'm sorry. Remember, one of my key verses in the Bible, Galatians 4:16, "Have I become your enemy because I told you the truth?" I don't want to be your enemy, but I'm going to tell you the truth guys and I'm going to defend my position and preach it. I'm sorry. Well, I'm not really sorry, but I don't mean to be offensive. But some people, they're offended by it because they have an agenda. They want people not to eat meat. They don't want animals touched. God gave you a gallbladder, that's for fat, animal fat, eggs, meat, and cheese.

Okay, so we talked about the immune system. There's one other factor. It's a big factor. We'll talk about that, I think, tomorrow when we look at chronic diseases. I hope you enjoyed our little session today. Thank you very much. Give us feedback. Hey, we're happy. If you're not a member of The Martin Clinic private Facebook Group, please join us for that. Did you guys see? I got this. Okay, just to close it, this is the funniest thing that I've seen. I enjoyed it so much. Let me just see if I can find it for you. This was crazy.

Did you guys see this yesterday on the private? I think it was yesterday, okay? I'm just going to give you a second of it because I just ... It's Henry and Susie Zacharias. They made up a song. I give you just a second of this. It's hilarious. You know what? If it's not been posted, I'll post it again.


That was so... I just about died yesterday when I saw that, honestly. It was tremendous, that's so Martin Clinic: song on eggs, meat, and cheese. Oh, anyway, I know it's on that site, but I'll repost. It is so funny. Okay, good to have you on with us today. We love you, guys. Talk to you soon.

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