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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning. Hope you're having a wonderful day, a good start to it, as we get ready for another [00:00:30] program this morning, and looking forward to it. Let's just talk a little bit about the COVID that you're going to hear the word now, much more than just the virus. You're going to hear about the variant. "We have to be careful. The variant, the variant." What does that mean? Well, viruses, a hundred percent, for sure, are always going [00:01:00] to mutate. You learn that first day in medical school. Viruses, they're going to mutate. One of the reasons that you have, every year, the different vaccines for the flu shot, for example, is because of variants. In the summer, literally at the CDC, and I think they work with Health Canada and whatever, they decide or try and take an educated guess, really, as [00:01:30] to what's coming, what variant is coming. Then, they make a vaccine for it. The flu shot is always changing because of the variant.

The fact that we have a variant: don't be shocked by that. Sometimes the media plays that up. "Oh, we got a variant." No, but we knew we were going to have a variant, a hundred percent. You had to. It's a virus. You're going to have a variant. A lot of people are like, "What is that?" It's a new COVID. Well, [00:02:00] it's just what viruses do. We're going to talk this morning. I'm just going to do a basic review of what happens and just what you can do. I know you guys probably know most of this, but I'm going to reinforce it this morning.

Want to read you a quote from a journalist [00:02:30] by the name of James Melville. He said this, and I really like it. I just want to bring this out. He said, "COVID matters. Mental health matters. Business matters. Jobs matter. Kids' education matters. Loneliness and isolation matters. Health and fitness matters. Physical affection matters. Our freedom matters. All of it matters." [00:03:00] I like that. Everything matters. It's been difficult. It's been difficult on the world. This virus has really, really taken the stuffing out of us. It's affected people big time. But guys, I'm just going to give you a prediction. I don't know if we'll ever have a normal like it used to be. I hope so. I hope so, but I'm [00:03:30] not that optimistic about that because they'll always be variants. What James Melville is saying is we have to look at life holistically in a sense. We have to look at everything because everything matters.

It's the first time in my experience that I can think of, in medicine at least, where children were not put ahead of... I'm a grandparent. [00:04:00] I get in front of a bus for my grandchildren. They haven't lived life yet. It's their turn. They're at the plate. You know what? I'm not saying I'm not important. I'm not saying you're not important, but it's the first time, really, when you look at it, we didn't worry so much about what the kids were going to have to go through. That really bothered me. That was something that bothered me because kids are meant to interact with each other. [00:04:30] Anyway, I don't want to get into politics. I just want to tell you about the variant.

Now, people have been asking me about the vaccine. Well, here's the vaccine, what it does. When you get the vaccine, they're actually giving you and you a bit of the virus. It's almost like homeopathy. Give you a little bit so that your body creates what we call antibodies. That's [00:05:00] what it's meant to do is to create antibodies. That's a good thing. Antibodies are a good thing. Your body recognizes that "Oh, there's that virus again. I got an antibody, and it keeps it in check." That's the idea of a vaccine.

You got to make that decision. And you know what? The government might make it for us. You won't be able to go here, there, anyway. You won't get on a plane or whatever. That [00:05:30] may be coming, but that's not the point. I just want to talk about what happens. Here's the problem with the variant. The antibodies that you get for COVID-19 or whatever, they're not sure if it's going to give you the immunity they're expecting with a variant. I think what's going to happen, they're always going to have to change the vaccine. That's my opinion. I'm not sure about that, [00:06:00] like the flu shot. You're going to have to top it up probably every year.

Let's leave that aside for a minute. I just want to review what we know. Holistically, looking at it, and especially with you as an individual, your body, what do you do? We know enough now that this is really, really, really important. [00:06:30] What do you do? You can't control everything in life. We know that. Not everything is perfect. We know that. But what can you do? Well, one thing that we know for sure. It's come out and out and out and out. You know what it is? You better have good levels of vitamin D.

What are they showing? It's study after study. [00:07:00] The world is so difficult to get them to think holistically. Vitamin D! Vitamin D! Vitamin D! It's been proven. It decreases... What is it? The death. They did a big, big study in Spain. What they're showing is that the higher your levels of vitamin D, the better you do. [00:07:30] The higher your levels in your serum, what we call dihydroxy 25, your serum levels of vitamin D. When they went in if they were sick, they recovered so much faster. The amount of deaths, I think, it was 80% less. It's what we know. One of the biggest biomarkers for this virus is vitamin D. It's a bio-mark, [00:08:00] meaning that it's essential. Look, I scream from the mountaintops, "Vitamin D." You guys know me for that. I don't have to justify it to you. But it is so important. Vitamin D!

You make sure you and whoever you have influence on... Just want to move this a little bit. Whoever [00:08:30] you have influence on, you do it. You do it, and make sure that they're doing it. Vitamin D. Actually, it's a study that came out of Britain, the United Kingdom, talking about the variant. They're talking about the need in medical jargon. It's seen the need for T-cells to work [00:09:00] for lasting immunity. The need for T-cells to work for lasting immunity. They're not talking about the antibodies. The vaccine gives you antibodies. But what they're saying, for the variant, it's not the antibodies that you want. You want your T cells.

Your T cells are white blood cells that come out of your lymphatic system. They're Navy SEALs of your [00:09:30] immune system. They see a virus. It doesn't matter what it is. Doesn't matter what kind it is. They go, "Aha, I gotcha." They don't talk about this enough. It's always just the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus. But your immune system, that's the key. This article actually said it. Antibodies are wonderful. You can [00:10:00] create antibodies, and that's wonderful. But you need T cells because if a variant comes and your antibodies doesn't recognize it, your T cells will recognize it. That, "That don't belong here. We're going to fight you now." Your Navy SEALs. Your Navy seals do not work without vitamin D. They just don't. [00:10:30] They don't work. They don't work properly. They don't have the power without vitamin D. Vitamin D supercharges your T-cells. The key to all of this for you is your T-cells. For me, is my T-cells. Got it. Vitamin D.

Now, there are another fat-soluble vitamin. It's called vitamin A. Vitamin A ain't in carrots. [00:11:00] Because you think of carrots of vitamin A. Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. Pro-retinol A is essential for your immune system. We don't talk about it too much. But if you go into the third world, they're always giving vitamin A for their immunity, for their eyes too, of course. But they give pro-retinol A. They give vitamin A. You get vitamin A [00:11:30] in vitamin S: steak. You need good levels of fat-soluble vitamin D and vitamin A. You need zinc. What's that found him vitamin S: steak. You need selenium. It's something you don't hear a lot about, but selenium [00:12:00] is in eggs, meat, and cheese. Yeah, selenium. Your fat-soluble vitamins are in the animal kingdom.

Oh, I heard yesterday... Oh, you want me to get my blood pressure going? Bill Gates... Did you read the story? He said all the rich nations, Canada, United States, Europe, whatever: they're going to have to go to [00:12:30] a hundred percent fake meat. Oh! Did you hear that? I lose it, guys. I lose it. You know what? What did I tell you? I think it was last week, I said it. Coming to a theater near you. Fake meat. Are they going to outlaw meat? He said it for climate change. We're going to have to get used [00:13:00] to it. You'll get used to the taste. He said we'll make it even a little bit better. Ugh! Don't give that stuff to your dog. I tell you guys, these are powerful people. They're powerful people. It scares me.

It scares me when I think about that because your vitamins... You're not going to get vitamin A and vitamin D and zinc and selenium [00:13:30] in fake meat, which is going to be mostly made out of soy. I would tell anyone not to touch it with a thousand-foot bowl. When I see them in the grocery store, I said, "Why would you have that? When you can have the real thing?" Why would you go beyond meat? I know. I know. But it scares me, guys. It scares me. Who am I? [00:14:00] I got no power. But here's a guy running around the globe, and I'm sure he has good intentions. I don't know what his intentions are. I can't judge that. I don't know. I have maybe an opinion. But he probably thinks, "Hey, man. I'm saving the planet." But it's not science, guys. The last thing on God's earth we need is for people to eat more junk food. That's all that [00:14:30] is, guys. I don't care what you talk about. "Oh, it's soy. They've got protein in there." The protein in there, you can hardly absorb.

Your body knows better. They don't have the complete amino acids that your body needs. Guys, that will be a tragedy for your immune system. Now, most of these vitamins, I'm talking about vitamin A, and when I talk about zinc and when I talk about selenium, you eat these [00:15:00] things when you're in the animal kingdom. I know that offends people, but it's BS, guys, coming out of an agenda. I've warned you, and I'm telling you. He went on national TV and just announced it. "Well, we're just going to have to... the richer countries. We probably won't be able to stop them in Africa. If they got [00:15:30] a cow there, I guess we'll have to let them have some meat. But you know what? In the rich countries, we're just going to have to substitute because we're the ones creating climate change." That's what he said. Maybe you didn't see it. Man, that's scary, guys. I had scary to me. That's a bad movie coming.

Anyway, at least I know you guys aren't going to be fooled. [00:16:00] The world is going to be fooled. I'm telling you guys. The world will be fooled, and it drives me crazy. Here's what you need. You need your vitamin D. You need your vitamin S. You need your steak. That's where you're going to get those fat-soluble vitamins. That's where you're going to get your zinc. Eat your eggs, meat, and cheese for your immune system, for your T-cells to work. They got that antenna [00:16:30] for vitamin D. We all know that.

Now, on the other side of the equation, so what do you want to do? Vitamin D levels. You want your T-cell to be on the top of their game. They won't be without vitamin D. They won't be without vitamin A. They won't be without zinc. Again, but that's found in food. Just understand that. Vitamin [00:17:00] D, if you're not in the sun, you know what I think about that. You need to supplement with vitamin D because it's the sunshine vitamin. Good luck. Well, just about the whole North America in the last a little bit. Why I'm big on vitamin D... And you know what the Spanish studies showed with the virus? They were injecting, holy moly, about 300,000 IUs when they first went into the hospital and were [00:17:30] sick. These are mostly old people. Remember that.

Here they are giving them about two or 300,000 IUs. Did they drop dead from two or 300,000 IUs? No, they got better. I always hear "Dr. Martin, what about too much vitamin D?" Yeah, it can happen, but we're not all lined up in the waiting rooms in the emergency department because I know what the problem is. [00:18:00] You got too much vitamin D. No. They make vitamin D like they made the sun: the boogeyman. Guys, your immune system don't work without it. Drink coffee. How many times do I have to tell you that? Coffee has [inaudible 00:18:25]. It takes zinc, and it rams it inside yourselves [00:18:30] to protect you from the virus. It takes zinc that you're eating in your steak. Coffee! You guys always think I'm joking about coffee. I'm like, "Nah." It's great for you.

Let me finish the point because I said something, then I went down a rabbit trail, which is not unusual for me. But on the [00:19:00] bright side, on the good side, for your T cells, you need vitamin D. You need zinc. You need selenium. You need vitamin A blah-blah-blah. On this side is what you want to cut down. Listen, when you have sugar, your white blood cells sleep. Your T-cells go, "Ah, I'm tired. I'm going to bed," instead of fighting the virus. Guys, [00:19:30] ask Nick, ask Janette. One thing about blood was fascinating, especially if you had a dark-field microscope. You can watch white blood cells chasing bacteria. It was incredible. They literally would chase bacteria around. You need vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc, selenium for your white blood cells to chase. It revs up their engine. You want to stay [00:20:00] away from sugar because sugar puts your immune system to sleep. You got it?

It's not a matter of, "Oh, I'm going to take 50,000 IUs of vitamin D, and I'll be all right." No, the diet is key, guys. Positive: eggs, meat, and cheese. Negative: cut out the sugars and the crappy carbohydrates because [00:20:30] your immune system doesn't work properly when you feed yourself the wrong thing. Your white blood cells go, "Ha-ha." Guys, it's really important. You know this and teach your kids, your grandchildren. If they do nothing else, make them aware of the dangers of sugar, especially that crap, high fructose corn syrup. It's in everything today.

[00:21:00] What do we do? On the positive side and on the negative side, eliminate, eliminate. That's really important. We're talking about that variant. It's coming. It's already here in Canada. That's what they're worried about. The variant. It's almost like, "Oh-oh." But guys, don't be shocked by this. There was no doubt. That's why I screamed it from the start. " [00:21:30] Ah! There's always going to be viruses, guys. Always! We're not going to get away from it."

Lastly, let me finish with this. You cannot have a good immune system without... We talked about food, we talked about vitamins, without a good micro bio. Remember, [00:22:00] the war: the good, the bad, and the ugly. You know what? The ugly is yeast. I like that. Good, bad, and ugly. Good bacteria, bad bacteria, and yeast, fungus, the invading third army. If you allow that to take over your body, it will suppress your immune system. [00:22:30] Your gut! Your gut! Your gut! What did we talk about? Leaky gut, leaky, sinuses, leaky gut, leaky joints, leaky gut, leaky liver, leaky gut, leaky skin. We talked about all that. Leaky gut, leaky bladder, leaky gut, leaky private parts. Your gut! Your gut! Your gut! It's so important because the vast majority of your bacteria is in there, trillions, not billions, trillions [00:23:00] of bacteria.

There's a war going on. It's invisible. You don't see it, but you want that to be balanced. Food has a big thing. Don't feed the bears. You know me. Don't feed the yeast. Yeast needs food. Cancer needs food. Viruses need food. They love junk. Teenagers. What do you think they feed on junk. Sugar, [00:23:30] 200 pounds a year, the average North American is eating of that.

You know what they do too? You know what's one of the worst things you can do is drink sugar. It's worse. You have a soda on Dr. Martin, and I'm just having one Pepsi a day. That's 14 teaspoons of sugar that's going down the hatch in a hurry. Your body [00:24:00] can't even break it down. It is heading directly to feed your yeast, feed the bad army, and then off to the liver to do its damage. Oh, I get uptight. When I see someone drinking orange juice or apple juice, I go, "Ooh." "Yeah, but Dr. Martin, it's Tropicana. I don't care what Ana it is, it's rotten for you because [00:24:30] it's pure sugar. I'm not kidding you. It's the worst thing you can give a kid, Pepsi or orange juice, same difference. I think there's more sugar in orange juice. You can eat an orange, but you can't drink it. Huge difference inside your body, guys. Huge difference!

[00:25:00] Now that my blood pressure has risen, tomorrow, I'm going to be on in the morning again. Lord willing, be on in the morning. Private Facebook group, thank you for coming on. We really appreciate it. Thank you for inviting your friends. We really appreciate you tuning in every day. I know a lot of people are [00:25:30] watching this after because they can't watch it live in the morning. But they watch it later, or they get a podcast. You can invite your friends to download the podcasts. It can come automatically to their smartphone.

Again, guys, we just trying to get the message out. We appreciate that, with you guys being such good friends to the Martin Clinic. We mean that. Okay. We love you guys dearly. Talk to you soon.

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