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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone and once again welcome to another live, another week. This almost blew me away so I got [00:00:30] to read the headline first. And it's the first time, I mean this, that I've ever read it somewhere else. And I mean this, it's the first time. This is an article out of Scotland that I saw on the weekend, I think it was written at the end of last week. I'm going to read it to you and now we'll pontificate about it for a few minutes but I'm telling you I just about fell over.

[00:01:00] Red Meat Can Actually Protect Us From Cancer. Headline, Red Meat Can Actually Protect Us From Cancer. What? An article in Scotland. And like I said I just about fell over. I mean, I have been saying for years much to [00:01:30] the chagrin of my colleagues and any guru that's almost worth his salt or her salt will tell you don't eat red meat because it's cancer-causing. And you know me I've been saying it for as long as you've been following me and believe you me I said it a lot earlier than not. I've been saying consistently that we are wrong [00:02:00] when it comes to food for cancer. Steak, and cancer don't go together. Cancer hates steak headline from the Martin Clinic. There's nothing in steak that feeds cancer.

And it's not just a neutral food, it's not just a neutral food. Meaning that, okay, maybe it doesn't cause cancer [00:02:30] but this is the first time ever I've seen a headline, I mean it, that says "Red meat can actually help you to fight cancer." 100% true. And it goes against the grain. And I don't care, I don't. I've said it a million times cancer needs sugar, cancer needs fuel, [00:03:00] cancer cells need a fuel. And if you look at my protocol to fight cancer, one of them is you absolutely have zero, nada, none, no sugar at all. Don't feed it.

Again I always use the illustration of the [00:03:30] PET scan. The PET scan is a cancer tool. It's not for pets, it's a cancer tool. It's better than an MRI because it's specifically made for cancer and it only works when you give the patient radioactive glucose. Oh, must be a reason for that because glucose will go directly [00:04:00] to the cancer cells. You got cancer cells in your brain, you take a cup of radioactive glucose, they put you in the PET scan and your brain lights up like a Christmas tree.

Why is that? Because it's speeding the cancer. Cancer hates steak because it doesn't get fed. Why would you feed a beast? This is why and you know me I've been consistent. No, [00:04:30] no, no use. "Oh, Dr. Martin, it's green." I don't care if it's green, yellow, or pink, don't use it. There's going to be glucose in there, you're feeding cancer. Now, you can have the perfect smoothie with cream not milk. I'm going to tell you why in a minute. Cream not milk. You can have that. [00:05:00] And actually a very good one for cancer is adding flaxseed, this is where you add your flaxseed.

Why does Dr. Martin always talk about flaxseed? Because it blocks estrogen. There's two things that make things grow, grow, grow. What? Insulin and estrogen, they're growth hormones, must block. And this is why I love steak. [00:05:30] You don't need insulin when you eat steak but you always need a little bit of insulin, but you don't need much. And I always tell people, "Look, the problem is once you get cancer, for most people they have no appetite." They have no appetite and that's the problem. But in the meantime to prevent cancer and actually fight it, because what you're doing when you eat nutrient-dense [00:06:00] foods, nutrient-dense food, you're helping your immune system.

You see, your body is made to fight cancer. You and I, you and I, all of us, we fight cancer every day. You can't look at your cells on a daily basis. If you could it would probably scare you. You'll see cells that are damaged, [00:06:30] free radicals, oxidative damage, precancerous cells, you and I always fight that. You fight that every day. I've shown you 1000 times but I'm going to show you 1,001, I don't care. I always keep my pen to show you what cancer is like because I'm always teaching this. For cancer to get to the size of a tip of a ballpoint [00:07:00] pen it takes five years for cancer to grow like that. Do you think you would even know you have any kind of cancer if it takes that long? Cancer is slow.

You see, medicine, I understand it but I don't agree with it. Medicine is into detection. If that was the headline, medicine is into detection of cancer and the earlier the better. [00:07:30] Am I against that? No, but I'd much rather you prevent cancer, prevent it, don't feed it. First of all, it wants to be fed, don't feed it. It's looking for sugar, rapping sugar. It's like a teenager. Cancer cells are like teenagers, they're junk eaters.

No, but you know what that's like. You [00:08:00] ever had kids or whatever? I mean put a steak in front of them and then put a chocolate bar in front of them or ice cream, what do you think they're going to... Parents, you know this. Eat your steak then I'll give you some ice cream. You might give them a reward but you know what I'm saying. Cancer cells are looking for love in all the wrong places, they're looking for the wrong food. [00:08:30] They don't want nutrition, they want junk. I don't know how I can make it any simpler than that. They're looking for junk food. Feed me crap, I don't care, that's what I want. Because then I'm going to grow, grow, grow. See, steak is the opposite of that. It's so high in nutrition, I said it again a million times.

Bring me any... Okay, my wife will always remind me of [00:09:00] liver. Liver is number one, but it's not our number one on the Martin Clinic hit parade because I'm the one that makes up the head parade. Liver is there but it's not number one. I don't like liver, I like steak. Bring me any food, put it beside me, including fish and fish is good. Fish is wonderful. Salmon, [00:09:30] tremendous food. So you can put them up there, but bring me anything from the plant kingdom, which are good, it doesn't compare, it just doesn't.

Listen, I'm not a prophet nor the son of one. I've been wrong a lot of times when it comes to looking down into the future with COVID and everything. I never thought it would last this long, [00:10:00] but that's me. But can I tell you what's coming to a theater near you? They're going to tax red meat. I think it's going to happen. It's like if you would've told me 10 years ago that climate change was going to be number one on the hit parade for a lot of politicians and they're going to tax every time you heat your home or [00:10:30] fill up your car and they want to get rid of fossil fuels. Look, that's not my expertise so I don't want to pontificate on it.

But I think what's going to happen because of climate change, they're going to tax and then try and eliminate red meat because they believe it's part of the carbon footprint. [00:11:00] It scares me because there'll be even nutritionists, even the nutritionists I teach, I'm trying to get them to understand that it's not science, it's like a religion. Eating red meat is only good for you and I believe it's only good for the planet, [00:11:30] it's what is meant to be. But I think it's going to come. You're going to be taxed if you eat red meat, you're going to have to pay more with the idea and I think even a guy like Bill Gates said it. "We've got to eliminate that." Because again it's not good for the climate according to them and then it's not good for you.

And people just [00:12:00] accepted like it's science, it's not science. How can something be so full of nutrition, all of the nutrition really that you need? How can something that has B12 in it and almost nothing else has B12 in food and be bad for you? Oh, Dr. Doctor Martin, it's acidic." No, it's not. That's where it started with the cancer thing, [00:12:30] it turns your tissue acidic. You know many thousands of times I've heard that? No, it doesn't. It doesn't turn your body acidic.

If your body needs nutrition why would it be acidic? It's not acidic, steak isn't acidic. Your body knows exactly how to alkalize food. [00:13:00] It's nutrient-dense. It's nutrient-dense. Your body takes all of it, there's no waste. Take cuts that got some fat in it too. Look for the fatty steak, fatty Roseby. Look for the fat. Your body needs that, very high in fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A [00:13:30] which is good for your immune system. Vitamin D. See, vitamin D to some extent that's in the plant kingdom but that's for mice. Vitamin D is in the animal kingdom, vitamin D and vitamin A is in steak and it's in butter and it's in eggs and it's in cheese. And that's how you build your... You see, [00:14:00] a lot of times we just eat. And I love eating so I get it.

But we eat to satisfy our hunger. And most people, not you guys because you guys get it, but most people, they put very little effort into looking at whether a food is good for them or not. I've told you this a million times, you say a lie long enough, just say it, say it, [00:14:30] say it, and then it becomes part of, "Oh, must be true." So steak is no good for you because it's got fat and fat makes you fat, and fat clogs up your arteries. You know how many times I heard that?

When I was a boy in the 1960, the cereal companies, boom, boom, boom, [00:15:00] boom, don't eat bacon and eggs, don't eat bacon and eggs. Don't eat red meat, eat our cereal. Don't have any of that. Why? It'll clog your arteries. They show you fat and then they show you an artery and then they say, "You see the clogging? This equals this." It was never true, guys. You talk about a failed experiment. We've been on a failed [00:15:30] experiment for what? 60 years. People go to the grocery store and they're in the middle aisles and they're, "Oh, look at this cereal. Must be good." No, it's not. Just because the so-called experts said it was good doesn't make it good, it's crap. "Oh, Dr. Martin, a oatmeal." But don't put up oatmeal, you're feeding cancer [00:16:00] with oatmeal because it's going to turn to sugar rapidly.

I brought you a podcast one time what oatmeal does. It sends your blood sugars up to 21 in about five seconds. Now, then you got to secrete an enormous amount of insulin to stabilize your blood sugars again. Your body will do it but that doesn't make a good for your body. But you'll hear it, you're going to hear it, and I know you guys are thinking on your own [00:16:30] but I'm telling you it's coming, we're going to pay a tax. Coming to a theater near you we're going to pay a tax to eat red meat. It's insanity but it's coming, in my opinion. And there won't be enough pushback because oh, Bill Gates said it, must be true.

And then the government will say it and then it must be true. We got to save [00:17:00] the planet and this is not good for you anyways so we're going to talk to you. The poor farmers. We've got to get back to eating what's the farm makes. Cancer hates steak, you don't feed it. But it's not just that you're not feeding cancer it's that you building your immune system when you eat the right foods. What did I say? Sun, steak, and steel. [00:17:30] Do some exercise.

I was reading this and I think this goes along with it. This was another study, it's sort of a historical study. And one of the things that I did when I was studying for my PhD in nutrition was looking at the history of nutrition. It's always fascinating to go back even into the first century or whatever but even looking [00:18:00] at in the last 100 years it was incredible. This is just a stat that they were saying, "The obesity rates in 1890 was less than 3% of the population." In 1890, the obesity rates were less than 3%. Yeah, I mean, look at a movie, look at an old movie. Casablanca or whatever. [00:18:30] You don't even have to be that old. Look at a movie that was made in the 1960s or the 1970s, really. What did you see? Everybody was tiny, everybody was tiny. I mean, I was the odd person, I wasn't but you saw it.

I know you can't go to the malls. Remember in the old days when you could actually go and have lunch in the mall, have a coffee, and sit there and talk? [00:19:00] You know those days? Well, go to a mall and look at people today. Huge, huge difference. You know what it is today? It's over 45% of the population in North America is what they classify as obese. What happened? What happened? It was a lie, you see? I mean, in the 1890s, I mean, I wasn't there but we can assume that people [00:19:30] pretty well lived day-to-day when it came to food.

The farmers lived on a farm and if you didn't you picked up your food pretty well every day and everything was different. You were eating lots of meat and eggs and cheese. And the cereals came out in the early 1900s but they weren't even cereal. They might have a little bit of oats I guess, I [00:20:00] don't know. But look what's happened. Half of the population is obese and this is what we teach all the time, 88% of the population so half the population is obese but a lot of people don't realize obesity is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is metabolic syndrome which 88% of the population has characterized by high [00:20:30] insulin. Elevated insulin makes you very unwell.

That was the whole point of my book, The Reset. I was fixing 88% of the population. If they will do it, it'll fix it. And I find it still a little bit comical but a lot of people, and God bless them, they're doing The Reset to lose weight [00:21:00] because they're always frustrated by that, their weight, and I get it. I'm sympathetic. I'm a guy that has to fight my weight every day. Some people are they can eat whatever they want. Not me. I can't. I'm very sympathetic to people that are trying to lose weight, very sympathetic.

I have trouble with insulin. It's like alcohol, if you have trouble with [00:21:30] it you always have trouble with it. True or false? Of course. If you're an addict you'll only go into remission. But like I said, when I read, and thank you for joining the Martin Clinic Facebook group, you got to join that because that's where people are going back and forth and encouraging. Because some people are, "Oh, Dr. Martin, I haven't lost weight." You're a woman, first of all. You got a horde [00:22:00] of hormones but The Reset is meant to help that but you just got to give it some time, and it's the healthiest weight loss program on the planet, I'll put it up against anybody else's. And I say that and I mean it.

But I'm not aiming at that. Primarily what I'm aiming at is to get your insulin fixed. Insulin is a growth hormone [00:22:30] that makes cancer grow, grow grow, there's nothing like it. And estrogen too, but insulin is worse. Insulin is worse because you got to eat every day, you can't avoid it. You have to fix it, it's the biggest problem in society. It's bigger, I'm going to say it, it's bigger than COVID. Viruses will come and go but insulin is not coming and going.

In the 1890s, [00:23:00] they didn't have trouble with insulin. Not that there was no diabetes around, there was very view, but there was... Diabetes goes back to the... The first time I ever studied it is with the ancient Egyptians. Did you know that Egyptians 50% of the population are diabetic? A lot of people have trouble with diabetes. I can tell you about heart disease in the 1890s, almost non-existent, less than 10%. People [00:23:30] didn't run through the fields and die of a heart attack, they didn't. Just like the Inuit today, they don't run after seals and die of a heart attack, they just don't, no. They would one, yes. They don't have heart disease till they eat our food.

But it's really important to understand that. I've got such a good [00:24:00] service to look at most studies or even articles, anything on health the odd time somebody has to send me something but most of the time I've got it all ready because I'm watching, looking at every venue to get these studies. And I saw this article, I said, "Holy moly, why wouldn't that make headlines but it didn't?" Out of Scotland, I can imagine the pushback, the pushback [00:24:30] from nutritionists and dieticians and the medical field. "Oh, you're telling people to eat red meat steak? That can't be good for you." It actually is.

Okay. You guys are great and we appreciate it. The Martin Clinic Facebook group, join that. Bring your friends along, bring your family along. You [00:25:00] can bring a horse to water but you can't necessarily make them drink it but you can add some salt by putting them in the Martin Clinic Facebook group, we'll convince them. Okay, you guys are great. Love you guys, talk to you soon.

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