531. Should We Be Eating Dairy?

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Now, somebody was asking last night, and I get asked this a lot, so [00:00:30] let me just clarify with the Reset. Because yesterday someone put on there, "Can we have pork rinds?" And my general answer to that is no. Now if you have a little snack of pork rinds, it's not a terrible thing compared to other snacks. The reason that I say no, it's not a hard no, but it's a no, is because [00:01:00] what I want you to do ... You see, understand my reasoning Because a lot of people get what I'm doing on the Reset, and they're getting that confused with a low-carb diet. Which it is for sur, but again, you want to eat keto style, hey, go for it. Low-carb obviously.

[00:01:30] But the Reset is meant for a complete eradication really of metabolic syndrome. The reason I did it, gets your insulin down and pork rinds certainly not going to hurt you as far as insulin goes. But I'm looking at complete nutrition, because remember what I've always said to you is yes, carbs, sugars are down here. [00:02:00] But you're replacing them with high-density, high-value nutrition. And so you got 30 days to get through this and it's, like I said, it's simple, it's not easy.

If you absolutely ... You've got some pork rind, you might take a few, little bit like that, you're not going to come out of the Reset if you do it, it's just that ... I think a lot of people [00:02:30] still don't understand why the Reset. I get it, because a lot of people think, "Well, it's for weight-loss." That's a benefit, for 99% it's a benefit. But do you know that people that don't need to lose weight, they will benefit from the Reset because it won't become a weight-loss program for them, it will become a reset [00:03:00] for their metabolic syndrome.

So what am I aiming at? Let me just go over that before I get into today's teaching. What am I aiming at? Your pancreas, number one. Get insulin, we're sending your pancreas, remember, on a holiday for 30 days. Regenerating the pancreas, regenerating it. Number two, the liver, you're emptying [00:03:30] the liver. If you empty the liver, I'm hitting for the third thing. I'm lowering your triglycerides and we're upping your HDL. That's really significant, if you can lower your triglycerides ... Triglycerides are the problem with heart disease. It's triglycerides, it's not cholesterol. As a matter of fact, you want to elevate [00:04:00] your cholesterol.

This Reset aims specifically at two numbers, triglycerides low and HDL high. Yeah. And a lot of people, most people, don't even realize it because they never look at those numbers that they're upside down. Their triglycerides are higher and their HDL is lower. I want to fix that. [00:04:30] It's important to fix it. They're showing even that triglycerides have a huge, huge impact on your brain. A huge impact on your brain, nevermind just the heart. So we're aiming at that.

We're aiming at the gut. When you have the high-density, high-nutritional value foods from the animal kingdom, [00:05:00] you're actually helping to heal leaky gut. I'm aiming at that. So I'm aiming at your brain. Why? Because I'm going with a high-cholesterol food. Your brain is made up of cholesterol. Your cells are made up of cholesterol. Your eyeballs are made up of cholesterol. You need cholesterol. So just understand where I'm coming from, guys. So when you say [00:05:30] pork rinds, okay, it's pork. It's pork, it's sort of more of a snack, but there are not a lot of nutrition in there. So just understand that, because a lot of people, they don't understand where I'm coming from. I don't want to punish people. I'm not here to punish people. I want you to make this part of your lifestyle forever after that. We're changing habits.

So I [00:06:00] know I got to reprogram everybody. There was a lady on there the other day, I think in the private group, and she had so discouraged with the Reset. And I get it. She didn't feel fantastic, most people do. There's struggles, but most people do. But I had to remind her that, "Listen, the Reset, whether you feel it or not, [00:06:30] you have to trust the process. It is emptying your liver, guaranteed." It's going to empty your liver, because your parking lot, the Costco parking lot, will empty itself when you don't eat carbohydrates. It will work on your triglycerides, it will work on your HDL, it will work on your pancreas. And again, you might not feel it, [00:07:00] but don't rely on that. You have to trust the process.

So I just wanted to reinforce that. I love the feedback, you get into the Martin Clinic Facebook group and there's discussions there. And I like that. I want you to think, I want you to ask questions. I want you to question the process. I don't care if you question the process, but don't give up on the process. I'm telling [00:07:30] you, clinically I just know what happens. And like I said, I'll put that Reset up against any program that you can think of, including keto. Do I dislike keto? No, I don't. You can make it your lifestyle going forward after that, but keto will not do what the Reset will do. It just won't. It's not a [00:08:00] keto diet, it's keto lite, but it's not. It's a substitution, a group of foods for another. It's not calories.

Look, I don't care how many times I have to reinforce it, I'll just do it. Because again, there was some bad ink on the weekend on dairy. "Don't eat dairy," and, "Vegans don't eat dairy." Vegetarians [00:08:30] usually will have some dairy, but they put everything into a box and say, "It's not good for you." Well, I'm here to tell you that is completely untrue nutritionally. God has given us animal fat and protein from the animal kingdom, and he's given us the plant kingdom. You're to eat from both. Now for 30 days you don't, but generally you eat from both. [00:09:00] That's what you were meant to eat, from those two kingdoms, the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

Now in the animal kingdom, there's real important reasons that you want to eat from there. Do not avoid it if you want to be healthy, do not avoid it. You can convince yourself that you don't eat anything that's got eyeballs, that's not true and it's not right. And [00:09:30] again, you're entitled to your opinion. But I just want to tell you nutritionally, you're missing out. Now part of that kingdom, the animal kingdom, is the dairy kingdom. Now I fully understand that in this day and age, there are people that cannot consume dairy.

Now I like to separate dairy. You've heard it a million times out of my mouth, but [00:10:00] milk, nah. Because milk's not milk anymore, cream is milk. So when I say eggs, meat, and cheese, there's dairy there. And you can have cream, I actually encourage it. Now, if you have trouble digesting it, then don't eat it. Most people, once they do the Reset, they find they can eat cheese again. And some can't, I get it. [00:10:30] And I'm not trying to make you sick. I'm just trying to tell you there are nutrients in dairy that are not found anywhere else. One of them is CLA, conjugated linoleic acid. Wow, a big word.

But CLA is specific to dairy. CLA is cancer-fighting. Yes, cheese. [00:11:00] And the reason I say cheese is good, most people can eat cheese, even though a lot of people have trouble with lactose. Lactose is milk sugar, and a lot of people have trouble with lactose. And don't take a lactase and then drink milk. Lay off of it, eat cheese instead. And if you can have cream, have cream instead. Because you need butter, [00:11:30] butter is dairy. Butter has CLA, conjugated linoleic acid. Cheese has CLA, cream has CLA. It's a fatty acid specific to dairy that is so good for you, it is unbelievable. It helps ... Do you know that CLA was actually used [00:12:00] in supplements for weight-loss? Yeah. Dairy for weight-loss.

Now again, you know what I think of milk, unless you have a cow in the backyard. I'm not big on milk, milk the cow and drink the milk, I got no problem with that. Don't let it get to the grocery store. That's why I like cheese. Eat it, it's good for you. It's has [00:12:30] CLA. CLA is cancer-fighting. So when you get on the internet and it says, "Avoid animal products if you got cancer," ooh, I get an Excedrin headache when I hear that. I literally, I get a headache. My blood pressure goes up when I hear nonsense, "Oh, don't have animal products and you don't eat red meat and don't have dairy. Don't have dairy if you got [00:13:00] cancer." It's exactly what you should have.

Now again, please understand real milk is cream. Toughen up. No but seriously. So don't drink white Pepsi, I get that, you heard it first here. But CLA, CLA is found in dairy, cheese, butter. [00:13:30] You need CLA, it's actually helps to burn fat. CLA is a fat-burner. Imagine eating fat like CLA to burn fat, but that's how your body works because it's so low-carb. It's full and nutrient, this is what I want to teach you today. For those who are talking about, "Well, I need a snack." Well, snack on cheese. When you're [00:14:00] having your steak, once it's all done, take this much butter. And right at the end, I like searing my steaks. I like to sear it. Very high heat, sear it. And then at the end I take that butter, and a good chunk of it and I melt it over top of the stake. Oh, oh, oh, oh, [00:14:30] it is numero uno.

But I'm thinking nutrients, not only taste, nutrients for your brain, because of the butter or cheese, cream nutrients. Don't look at it like, "Oh, look at all the fat." [00:15:00] You see, that's what the world does, guys. That's what the world does. All they can see is fat. And in their head fat gives them cholesterol and fat clogs up your artery. That's all they could think of. And fat, "Oh, that feeds cancer." No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't. Your nutritional [00:15:30] antenaes at yourselves, they go, "Holy moly. Look at the fat coming. I love that stuff. Look at the cholesterol coming at me. Oh, I love it." That's what your body's screaming. Cancer cells hate dairy, they hate it. They love sugar, but they hate dairy. They hate butter.

[00:16:00] Now I've talked to you in the past many, many a time about the Rodney Dangerfield of vitamins, the one that gets no respect, and that's vitamin K2. It's not in salad, ladies. Vitamin K2 is in butter and it's in cheese. And vitamin K2 takes calcium out of your bloodstream, for heaven sakes. I love going to the restaurant and watching [00:16:30] women eating salad, and they bought the lie that that's better for them than the butter and cheese. They just bought it, "Must be true because it's fat-free." Vitamin K2, it's more important than K1. Got it? I know you guys know that, but I got to reinforce it, [00:17:00] because there's so much nonsense out there. It's nonsense. Vitamin K2, CLA, lecithin.

You know what lecithin is? Lecithin, you can get it in a supplement, but why do you want to get it in a supplement? All you got to do is eat butter and cheese and cream, you get lecithin. Lecithin is a fat that elevates your HDL, [00:17:30] your good cholesterol, lecithin. Why wouldn't you take it? Leucine, L-leucine, you know what it is? It's an amino acid. Guess where it's found? Butter and cheese. And guess what specifically ... It's good for a lot of things. You know what it's specifically good for, ladies? And I'm picking on you this morning, ladies, because I love you. [00:18:00] Leucine is found in butter and it's found in eggs too. Eggs, meat, and cheese, but mostly in eggs and cheese and butter.

And guess what leucine does, specifically? It prevents sarcopenia. You know what sarcopenia is, is when you don't have any muscles. When your muscles are [00:18:30] getting weak as you get older, you need leucine. You need L-leucine. You need vitamin K2. You need CLA. CLA, you need that. So don't fool yourself, you're only deluding yourself. You're only just fooling yourself if you think your body doesn't need these nutrients. [00:19:00] Guys, I didn't pick these foods for the Reset for nothing, honey. I know, I look crazy, but don't matter. I'm not crazy, I'm telling you. These are nutrient-dense foods. Don't avoid cheese. Well, somebody said, if they [inaudible 00:19:22] up, "I just eat too much cheese, doc. I get constipated." Well then, okay, I get that. Don't overdo it, my gosh.

[00:19:30] Guess what else is in butter and cheese? Copper, zinc. We talked about zinc, how important it is for your immune system. You find it in vitamin S steak, butter, and cheese. Copper and zinc. Selenium. Do you know that your thyroid does not work properly without two main nutrients? Ladies, who gets the most problem with their thyroid, men or women? [00:20:00] What's the answer? Women. Why? You're complicated, it's complicated for women. Why is that? Because you got ovaries, that's why. They're connected. Oh, complicated, it's complicated. But your thyroid, your metabolism does not work without selenium. Where do you find selenium? [00:20:30] Where do you find iodine? Butter and cheese. Butter and cheese. Cheese and butter, in cream. You have thyroid needs that, your thyroid wants animal products. Your body was designed to eat them, not to avoid them.

Yes. See how [00:21:00] nutrient-dense, leucine, fat-soluble vitamins. And we talked about this. Vitamin D is in the animal kingdom, D3 is in the animal kingdom. Now, unless you're eating cod liver oil every day, you're not going to get enough vitamin D without the sun or without supplement. That's just the way it is. But vitamin D is a fat-soluble, I don't even like to call it a vitamin. [00:21:30] That's what the world calls it, it's actually a hormone that your body can't live without, vitamin D.

But here's another one. Vitamin A that's on the Martin Clinic Alphabet, vitamin A. What is vitamin A? Your eyeballs, everybody knows that because you know what they think of? Carrots for their eyes. I hate to disappoint you, it's not that [00:22:00] carrots are no good, but carrots give you beta carotene. That's not vitamin A, it's a precursor to vitamin A. You know what vitamin A is? It's pro-retinol A found in butter and eggs and cream.

So what's better, carrots or butter or cheese? What's got more vitamin A? [00:22:30] You got your answer, it's butter and cheese. So when you get on the internet and you see, "I want to look at butter. When you melt butter, what does it look like? It looks like clogging of the arteries, it looks like that when you melt butter. Look at the fat, look at the wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa. I know, don't let your eyes deceive you. Sugar is what clogs your arteries. So just remember that.

I get [00:23:00] pretty excited. It's like I said, coming back to the Reset. You see why I do what I do? It's all based on facts, it really is based on facts. Clinical, not only clinical experience, but facts, clinical facts. It's the way it is. Give me a food, name any food, put it in front of me and I'll tell you what's in it, in terms of vitamins and minerals and amino acids and what's [00:23:30] it made up of. That's important guys, because there's so much nonsense. It's like an agenda today to get you away from the animal kingdom. "Oh, it's acidic." No, it's not. Dairy's not acidic, who told you that? It's not acidic, sugars is acidic. Your [00:24:00] crappy carbohydrates, they're acidic. Not dairy, not butter, that's not acidic. But you read stuff on the internet and you go, "Wow, what are they saying? That's not true. You don't want to eat any acidic animal foods if you have cancer."

And then they spew off, "Well, you should be juicing everything." I wouldn't do that. The only juicing [00:24:30] I allow you is not juicing, it's smoothing. It's not juicing, it's smoothing. Do a perfect smoothie with cream. That's an anticancer drink. It used to be in the Sudbury Cancer Center, they used to give it out. My smoothy, perfect smoothie, with flax seed. And I think one of the oncologists found out it was in the front, and some of the nurses that came to see me [00:25:00] as patients, they took it out of there. The oncologist was mad. Oh, they'd rather give you BOOST, because that'll boost your chances of cancer. Or Ensure, you want to ensure you're going to have cancer, then drink Ensure. Crap, crap. I hate to be negative. I'm going to go work out after this because I got to get my heart rate.

Okay, [00:25:30] guys, tomorrow night, Wednesday night, 6:00 PM Eastern, our webinar on Zoom. Thank God Tony Jr's around, because I wouldn't know where to start, wouldn't know what to do, but he does. And we're inviting you to join us tomorrow night, 6:00 PM. You're going to love it, I promise. Good teaching. You're going to get teaching you won't get elsewhere. [00:26:00] So join us if you can, 6:00 PM tomorrow. Don't ask me how to get on it. I know there was an email sent out today. If you don't get our emails, why aren't you getting our emails? Get them. Educational. The emails are tremendous. They are, guys, I mean it, lots of information in there.

Friday is Question and Answer. [00:26:30] Join our Martin Clinic Facebook, private group, get your friends and family to join too. Tell him about this show so that they hear the other side of it. Don't be shy, they might ... You know what? You can bring a horse to water, can't necessarily make them drink it, but you can add a little bit of salt and tell them that you really liked the program. We appreciate you guys, you have no idea. We appreciate it very much. Love you guys, [00:27:00] talk to you soon.

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