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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome again to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great day. [00:00:30] Okay. I want to talk about detoxing today. Okay. To be honest with you, I started thinking about this because somebody asked me the other day, "Doc, what about a detox? Can I do a detox?" And I was kind of thinking how little I've talked about detoxing. It's not because it's [00:01:00] not in my head. I probably haven't expressed it by saying, okay, here's how you do a detox. Okay.

Because when I created the Reset, one of its biggest things that it does, it detoxes you. And I'm going to show you why today. Not only with the Reset, but I'm going to mention five things that will [00:01:30] help you detoxify your body. I was just looking at my coffee percolator. Okay. And you probably have seen this, but on our machine, it has an automatic cleaning. So once it makes the coffee, the vitamin C, there's a little red light that comes on. It says it's self-cleaning. Okay. It's self-cleaning, [00:02:00] that's what it is.

So the coffee machine is made to clean itself, but so is your body, guys. Okay? So is your body, because a lot of people think, well, you know what? If I start just juicing and I drink green stuff that I hate, I'll do a detox. No. That's not a detox. Okay. So I'm not telling you, you can't drink green stuff, but it's not a detox. [00:02:30] Okay. That doesn't detox your body. That's an old wives' tale. [Tobiah 00:02:36] detox. Okay. All right. Kidney flush, for example. Now there are certain supplements that I really like and I'll talk to you about that this morning, that will help you with a detox, but your body self-cleans, your body does.

You're fearfully and wonderfully made. So your body [00:03:00] knows how to clean itself. I'm going to talk to you about that this morning. Okay? So this is a true detox. You don't have to take some bad tasting stuff to detox your body. It doesn't help. Your body is well able to take care of itself. So let's talk about five things that will detox your body. Okay? Five things where your body will go [00:03:30] into self-cleaning, just like my coffee machine. Okay.

So let me start with the best. I've got it number one on my list. When you sleep, when you sleep, you detox, the night shift comes in. You put your phone into airplane mode. What does that mean? No data is coming in, right? You can do [00:04:00] that. You can put your phone in airplane. You don't have to turn it off. You can still use it. Your body goes into airplane mode when you sleep. No data is coming in. The night shift comes in and does the cleanup, especially in the brain, when you sleep your body detoxes. When you don't sleep, your body doesn't detox.

And of [00:04:30] course, what are we finding out today? It's up to 70% of the population don't sleep and it's mostly women. And it has a lot to do with horrormones, too much cortisol. The brain don't shut off. When the brain don't shut off, the night shift can't come in. You know what we call that? The glial cells, you think of your lymphatics, [00:05:00] a hundred percent, the drainage system of your body, but your brain has its own lymphatics. They're called the lymphatics. The brain gets rid of the debris, gets rid of all the garbage when you sleep.

So everything goes into airplane mode. Do you like that illustration? It's what I'm thinking of. Because I think of my cell [00:05:30] phone, right? They tell you when you get on a plane, stop the data coming in, put it in airplane mode. You're sleeping, but you're not dead. There's no data coming in. So your body not only is resting, but it's cleaning itself. The brain, especially that is so important. I tell people all the time, I give sleep a vitamin, but S [00:06:00] is already taken, with state. I classify sleep as a vitamin. It's important.

And ladies, listen, if you don't sleep properly at night, can I give you a little reminder? Have a power nap during the day. Now, try not to go too long during the day, but there's nothing wrong with shutting yourself down because some people they're not sleeping well at night, the brain doesn't turn [00:06:30] off, but they find in the afternoon, they can have a siesta. Well, have a siesta.

You guys might think I'm crazy. But I think of things like this. Have you ever been to a major league baseball game? I wonder if we'll ever be able to go back and go to a sporting event ever again. Ooh, that bugs me, anyway. Have you ever been to an NHL game? [00:07:00] When they have a timeout in the NHL hockey, they come out and they do a quick cleanup of the ice, right? You see them skating. Then they skate real fast and they clean along the boards and they clean it up. And in major league baseball, they come running out to redo the infield. Have you ever seen that?

That's what happens when you have a siesta during the day, you actually [00:07:30] do a detox. Now it's not a major detox like nighttime. Your body runs on the circadian rhythm. It understands that you need to detox. It'll detox itself. You have a self-cleaning detox. And sleep, I'd put it sort of number one on the hit parade because that's when your body goes into airplane mode. No data's coming in, but your body regenerates [00:08:00] itself. Yeah. And really there's only two organs that work at night. I mean, the others are just, they're not getting any data at all, your brain headquarters and it's sleeping, it's resting. But the cleanup crew is in there.

It's like you see an office building. There we go again, I'm going to talk about something that we may not. Are people ever going to go back into office buildings? I was talking to my brother-in-law [00:08:30] the other day, wishing him a Merry Christmas. And he had me laughing because he's got a huge job in downtown Toronto with an insurance company. And in March, he switched companies and they gave him in one of the big towers, right downtown Toronto a corner office, looking out over downtown Toronto. And I mean, he would tell him about it, but [00:09:00] he's never been in it. Soon as he was supposed to go into his office, the virus came and he's never been in it. And he doesn't think he'll ever go in it. He's working from home, like a lot of people are.

So your brain headquarters, when you sleep it detoxes, takes all the debris out. You know the other place when you sleep, your liver works. [00:09:30] All the other organs have a good rest, but your liver works the night shift. It cleans while you sleep. It cleans while you sleep. So sleep is very, very important. One of the big things to get better sleep, it's the sun. But Dr. Martin, what about melatonin? Your body makes melatonin. Now, if [00:10:00] you find a supplement of melatonin works for you, I just find over the years, it has a shelf life melatonin in a supplement form I mean, but there's nothing like the sun.

Get the sun in your eyeballs and don't put sunglasses on. Not at first, try and go 20 or 30 minutes without sunglasses. It's where you make melatonin too, your eyeballs. Isn't it funny how the eyeballs work? Two little points. [00:10:30] One, sun rays come in. You make melatonin. And then when you go to bed at night, absolutely no light. You know when they tell you to wear a mask, I agree with that around your eyes.

Put a mask on. If you can't get your room pitch black and teach your kids pitch black, can you leave the door open a little bit of light, because I'm scared of the boogeyman? Don't be scared of the boogeyman, you need melatonin. [00:11:00] And melatonin only comes in at night. During the day with the sun, and at night when it's completely dark. See, your eyeballs they'll make melatonin. The lack of light actually helps. When you sleep, isn't your body unbelievable? It knows what to do. Unbelievable. Okay.

How do you do a detox? Sleep. Sleep. [00:11:30] I read a statistic yesterday. They did a study on 4,117, I remember 4,117 women. They were measuring their telomeres. You remember the thing about the wicks? It tells you how fast you age, they're attached to your DNA and the chromosomes. They're little candlelight wicks and the shorter your wicks, [00:12:00] the faster you're aging. They did 4,117 women. And the women that slept eight hours, they had a 12% increase in the length of their telomeres. So talk about anti-aging is sleeping, very important. And again, if you don't get your sleep at night, do everything you can to get that brain [00:12:30] turned off and get into airplane mode so that you detox. Then do it during the day and at least get the cleanup crew to come in for a short period during the day. So number one is sleep.

The second one is very key, change fuels. You want to detox, change fuels. When you eat [00:13:00] sugar and carbs. Oh Dr. Martin, it's whole wheat. I don't care. It's going to be sugar in five seconds. When you eat sugar and carbohydrates, it's dirty fuel. Go to the airport. Look at the trucks bringing fuel to those jets. Oh, Dr. Martin, [00:13:30] I want to save money. I'm going to use 87 octane. Yeah. Well, your car is made for that. Your car is made for that, but jets are not. Jets are made for jet fuel. You want to do a detox, use the right fuel.

Why do you think I emphasize all the time, eggs, and meat, and cheese, because it's airplane fuel. It's rocket fuel. [00:14:00] It's high octane. The cleaner the fuel, the more you detox because I'm aiming. You see, I don't maybe say the word detox like I should. Maybe I should say it more often. But when you empty the organ that is the most important when it comes to detoxification, I know your lungs [00:14:30] are important. Your kidneys are important, for sure, for sure. But there's no organ like your liver, your liver, which does 600 things by the way.

One of the things it does when it's clean is it produces glutathione. Glutathione is Velcro, like it will literally take away [00:15:00] the garbage out of your body. Your liver is key. Why do you think I aim at the liver with the Reset? The Reset empties your liver in six days, empties it. You know what fat does in the body, guys? One of the places your body absorbs toxins more than anything else is fat tissue. When you [00:15:30] see belly fat, that's the fat you can see on your body. It's hard to see. I mean, you can see other fat, but belly fat, that's where mercury. That's where lead. That's where cadmium. That's where all the toxins, even xenoestrogens, where do you think they accumulate? In fat tissue. Why do you think women get breast cancer? It's one of the keys. Estrogen, xenoestrogen, [00:16:00] fat attracts them.

So when you empty your liver of fat, glycogen, you empty it when you change fuels, when you change fuels. Don't burn dirty fuel. You got to eat the right things to give it the best fuel. You see when I say eggs, meat, and cheese. And by the way, you know what really cleans out [00:16:30] your liver, cholesterol, cholesterol. They're the dump trucks, clean out your liver. Cholesterol. Cholesterol is only found in the animal kingdom. Dr. Martin, that's all you talk about all the time. The animal kingdom, the animal kingdom. I'm sorry, but that's how you're made. I don't care what [00:17:00] the gurus say. I don't care.

Do I respect them? Yes, I respect them. But it's agenda driven, brought to you by the cereal companies. Cholesterol comes from animal products. Dr. Martin, I thought cheese made you fat. No, don't blame the cheese. The cheese are the good guy. Oh, melted cheese, [00:17:30] look at how fat it is. That must be really bad for you. Yeah, only because it's on top of the French fry. It's the French fries. The cheese is good for you. Just don't put them on French fries. You're negating the benefits of it, okay. So detox, sleep, change fuels, and you need animal fuel, [00:18:00] high octane, 99% rocket fuel.

Okay. Third, clean up leaky gut, leaky gut. Think about it. Okay. I'm just going to give you a little illustration again. Okay. See my hands locked together. No opening there. You have a barrier between [00:18:30] your gut and your blood. Your blood is supposed to be pristine. Nothing in your blood. No toxins, no lead, no mercury, whatever. No bad bacteria, no parasites, no feces, no yeast in your blood. It can be in your gut. Your gut, it's the sewage system. As long as it ends up in the toilet [00:19:00] and nothing gets past that mesh. It's locked together.

When you have a healthy gut and remember your little epithelial cells right along that just a little thin layer, but it keeps garbage out of your blood. But when you have leaky gut, if you take an antibiotic, you need to do a detox after, the second you take an antibiotic. [00:19:30] Again, you know me, sometimes you need an antibiotic, but please remember. I don't care who you are. You take an antibiotic for five days. You've wiped out all your good bacteria. Good, bad, and ugly are gone. But now you have leaky gut. It's no longer tight. You're getting this.

I'm exaggerating a little bit, but this is now [00:20:00] your gut blood barrier. Now micro sized food that should end up in, when it's not the nutrients, the garbage from the food is supposed to go into your stool and leave your body via the toilet. Now I don't want to ruin your breakfast, but you get poo micro sized. It can slip past that barrier. You want to do a detox, introduce [00:20:30] billions and billions and billions of friendly bacteria, leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky gut, leaky skin, leaky gut, leaky lungs, leaky gut, leaky liver, leaky gut, leaky kidneys, leaky gut, leaky joints. I mean leaky gut.

That's why when Hippocrates 2,000 years ago said that all disease starts in the gut, that guy was a genius, the father of medicine. And we're just [00:21:00] finally catching up to what he said. Now I don't know if he understood everything about the microbiome like we do today. You can drink all the green juice you want, that doesn't fix leaky gut. That doesn't fix leaky gut. I'm sorry. You got to rebuild that barrier. You got to put the border guards back to work. I never, never, never stop talking about, look, put me in a home, [00:21:30] I give you permission, if I stop talking about probiotics, because you know that something is wrong with me.

Guys, I ain't that complicated. I'm a simple guy. You want to do a detox? You better fix leaky gut, because I get asked this all the time. How long, doc? How long have you been a bad girl, or a bad guy, and eating garbage, and you got yeast coming out the wazoo? [00:22:00] That you have been a bad eater. You go by Laura C [Chords 00:22:06] And you want to do a Swan dive because you've got to have sugar. And you ladies, that got to have your wine, remember, alcohol goes right to your liver. Don't go past go like monopoly goes to your liver. Am I telling you not to ever, ever, ever have it? I'm not saying that. I'm just telling you what it does.

[00:22:30] And sugar, there's nothing that feeds yeast like sugar does, nothing that feeds yeast and that third army in your gut will get into your bloodstream. Yeast travels in the bloodstream, fungus. Well ladies, how does it get from your gut to your private parts? Ladies, you know what a yeast infection is? How does [00:23:00] it do that? Well, yeah, you get part of it. You get part of it because it's localized. But a lot of it travels through your blood. You know what they're finding out with Parkinson's? It's a fungal infection in the brain. It started in the gut with leaky gut. That's how your body works, guys. You want to do a detox?

Okay. Number four, vitamin E, exercise. You want to [00:23:30] detox, go and exercise. Yeah. Now you know me, you know me, I talk about this all the time. You can't out exercise a bad diet. Okay? So don't try because you can't. You got a bad diet you can't out exercise it. I know women, they're on a treadmill for an hour. If I go to the gym and I see a woman on there for an hour, I want to go talk to her. Get off. [00:24:00] You're going too long. You don't need to do that. Come with me. Let's lift some steel. My motto is sun, state, and steel, lift.

I'm not saying you can't do the treadmill, but don't go on the treadmill for an hour for heaven's sake. You're creating free radicals and you'll lead yourself even more. But vitamin E is exercise and exercise is a great detox. [00:24:30] Okay. Nothing negative about vitamin E. The Martin Clinic vitamin E. Okay. And the last one, and all the others do this too. There's a name called autophagy. I don't know how you pronounce it. A-U-T-O auto self, P-H-A-G-Y autophagy, [00:25:00] autophagy. I don't know. I don't care. It's self-cleaning.

You know when that happens, too? When you intermittent fast. When you shorten up your windows of eating, you actually initiate a detox. So if you stop eating at five o'clock at night or six o'clock at night, let's say, don't eat, got to go past 12 hours. So you got to go past that six o'clock marker [00:25:30] in the morning. I recommend you go farther, try and go to 8:00, try and go to 10:00, try and do 18 hours. Even if you do it two or three times a week. I know a lot of people, it didn't happen at first that easily, but they got it. And that is a way of detoxing.

Not only are you detoxing when you're sleeping, but when you don't eat, there's a lot of things that happen, [00:26:00] have to be activated when you eat. And a lot of times people, this is one of the biggest problems in digestive issues is that people eat too late and then they go to bed. Well, they'll go to bed, but you can't go too into airplane mode because your body's still digesting that food. For some, it takes four hours, three or four hours, five hours for some, their slow metabolism to digest.

Well, nothing gets [00:26:30] turned off. You might think you're sleeping, but you're not getting into a good restful sleep and doing a detox if your body is still, oh yeah, but I have to have a snack at 10 o'clock because I was watching a movie. Don't do that. If you do it, don't do it often. Got it. It's called autophagy, autophagy. I don't care. Okay. [00:27:00] Guys, little teaching today. Did you write this down? I'm a note taker, by the way, if you ever wonder how I study, I write. I'm an old fashioned guy. Just the way I operate. Okay.

So remember this week, shortened week, Thursday will be question and answer. So if you've got any questions, even on this topic, don't be shy. Ask the questions. I'll try and answer all the questions [00:27:30] on Thursday this week. Okay. So we love you guys very much. You know what, I just don't say that. Did I tell you last week that I'm a hugger? I wish I could give you a big hug for watching, for sharing. You guys have done this. Tony Junior and I, we often marvel at just how many thousands of like we're hitting about, 50, 60,000 [00:28:00] downloads a week. This is fantastic. It's because of you guys, you're sharing and you're telling other people. It's amazing. Okay. So thanks for doing that.

And the other thing, become a member of the Martin Clinic Facebook group. It's a private group, but I love it because you know what, there's a lot of times I go in there. I mean this, and somebody's asked the question [00:28:30] and our group has answered the question. I don't even have to do it. Now a lot of times the question comes to me, or I see it. I'll answer right there if I see it. But it's amazing how smart you guys are. Well, that's the whole idea of these things, isn't it? Educate, information so you can make wise choices. Okay. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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