469. Vitamin A And The Immune System

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Dr.Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. And welcome again to another Live here this morning, and hopefully you're having a great start to your day today. And good to be with you again [00:00:30] this morning. I think you'll enjoy our soon to be podcast too, and notice what I have on this morning. Here's my mask that I wear. For those who are going to listen to this on a podcast later, I'm showing my mask that goes up, covers over my nose. Why am I wearing that? Why am I wearing a mask, like everybody else? I have it on this morning because I want to talk to you this morning about vitamin A, [00:01:00] the invisible mask.

So let me just put on another mask, and just for a second, this is the mask that I sleep with. I highly recommend that too, by the way, unless you can get your room perfectly dark. I'm going to show you this just for a second. And again, for those watching on a podcast at a later date, I'm covering my eyes with a night mask, and [00:01:30] I can't even keep my other mask up now. Covering my nose and mouth with my mask that I wear when I go into a store.

Okay. Vitamin A. Vitamin A. Tony Junior put out an email this morning, some of you might have gotten it, on vitamin D and what they're showing with COVID and you need to get your vitamin D levels up. And you know us at the Martin Clinic. We're big on vitamin [00:02:00] D. Of course we are. But the Rodney Dangerfield is vitamin A, because you need vitamin A to have a good immune system. Let me just talk about the mask for a sec. Just give you my opinion. Folks, a mask that does this, covering your nose and your mouth, that's not going to do you much good. You better never touch [00:02:30] your eyes. So actually, if we have to wear a mask, I guess the shield is better. But the point I'm trying to make is it's much better to have an invisible mask.

You know, what I can't handle about this whole thing, is nobody talks about your immune system. And isn't it interesting, when the president got sick with COVID, they pumped him full [00:03:00] of vitamin D. It's not like the doctors don't know it. Guys, you'd have to leave the planet not to know about the importance of vitamin D in the last eight months. They've shown it over and over and over and over again in these studies. But I want to tell you something. Vitamin A is equally important. It's your invisible shield. [00:03:30] Now, when most people, and this is just around the board, when most people think of vitamin A, and this is the way we're trained in North America and nowhere else, really, is we think of carrots. Even as kids, right? Eat your carrots because it's good for your eyes. But beta-carotene that [00:04:00] you get from carrots is good for you. I like beta-carotene. But beta-carotene, remember, is not vitamin A. It's a precursor to vitamin A. What happens is that beta-carotene has to be converted to vitamin A in your liver. That's a big problem today.

Anyone, and [00:04:30] now they're saying, what, 50% of kids, 50% of the population have fatty liver. They don't even know it. If you have fatty liver because you're a carboholic, you're not even converting beta-carotene into vitamin A. It happens in the liver. If you have a sluggish thyroid, it's a big issue. You're not converting beta-carotene [00:05:00] into vitamin A. This is why I love vitamin S, steak. Where do you find vitamin A? You should eat your vitamin A.

Today, people are very, very low in vitamin A. It's across the board. It's like we've become a Third World country. Go back 20, 30, 40, 50 years, [00:05:30] even longer than that. Whenever people ministered, doctors, nurses, when they minister, when they bring relief in the Third World countries, Africa, like the Biafrans and people that don't get enough food, they would bring them vitamin A. They didn't bring them carrots. They would bring supplements of vitamin A.

[00:06:00] Now the Third World, they have more vitamin A than we do here in North America because they're smart enough to supplement with it. And we in North America never think of taking vitamin A. Because unless you're deficient, I'm trying to think of the last time, and I mean this, the last time I ever heard [00:06:30] of a doctor recommending vitamin A. I can't remember. Maybe it happened, but I don't remember. It's the Rodney Dangerfield. It's your invisible mask. Your T cells need vitamin D. That's well-established. But your T cells need vitamin A. What are your T cells? They're your Navy SEALs of your white blood cells. See, invisible shield. [00:07:00] Vitamin A helps your thyroid.

Again, can I just repeat, repeat, repeat? Eggs, meat and cheese is where you find vitamin A, and fish. Cod liver oil. They used to give us as kids vitamin A because they gave us cod liver oil. Now, they weren't giving it for the immune system. They were giving it because of rickets because cod liver oil has vitamin D and vitamin [00:07:30] A. But as long as you're eating steak and you're eating eggs and you're eating cheese, you don't have to take vitamin A as a supplement. But you can understand why I'm saying this because every second day, it seems, I have to pontificate on the dangers of our diet in North America because of people becoming vegetarians and vegans. [00:08:00] They don't get enough vitamin A.

It's well-established. Vitamin A and the immune system. Because like I said, go back a hundred years and go to the Third World, 50 years to the Third World. First thing they were bringing over there was vitamin A because people were very deficient in it. Kids had conjunctivitis, blindness. Vitamin A, your eyes. Here's what you need [00:08:30] for your eyes. Vitamin O, omega-3, high DHA oil. You need vitamin A for your eyes. And I'm not saying beta-carotene's no good. I am telling you that it's not vitamin A. It's a precursor to vitamin A. You need Pro-Retinol A, because vitamin A is a fat-soluble [00:09:00] vitamin, like vitamin D is, so God put it in nature in fat. When you look at all the fat in meat, don't throw that away. It's amazing. You go get a hamburger today and everything is stinking lean, just about. Lean. I said, would you put the fat back in? That's where all the vitamins are.

So guys, [00:09:30] a chili is better for your eyeballs, better for your immune system, than carrots. Don't juice your carrots. I know a lot of people like to do that. Listen, I don't care if you do it, but I'm just telling you, it's not the health benefits that you think it is. Or I'm not saying maybe you, but what the world thinks it is. I don't think it's an agenda [00:10:00] that carrots are higher on the food chain for some people than meat. They honestly believe it. But it's not true. You make yourself a chili, you got vitamin A in there, not beta-carotene. And it's better for you than having carrot juice or carrots, although you can have carrots. I got no problem with that. But your eyeballs depend [00:10:30] on vitamin A.

That's why kids today, like you see a lot of problems with eyes. A lot of kids got a problem, big problem with eyes. Optometrists love it. And ophthalmologists. That used to be over in the Third World. But it's in North America now because your eyeballs depend on vitamin A. And kids, they don't eat enough meat. They don't get enough eggs. [00:11:00] They don't get enough cheese. They living on cereal. And in cereal, cereals are fortified with vitamins and they're always the ones that are not absorbable.

So mommy and grandma, when you're trying to get your kids to eat carrots, get them to eat their meat. Get them to eat eggs. Get them to eat cheese. Why do I say that so much? Your fat-soluble vitamins in your immune system and your eyeballs [00:11:30] won't work properly without them. Parents, grandparents, you got night blindness? You don't see well at night? You're lacking vitamin A. Vitamin A is eyes. How often do you touch your... I got my glasses on. So, but you know, it's amazing, I touch my face a million times day. You know when they told us back in March, "Don't touch your face," how the heck are you not going to touch your face? I [00:12:00] play with my beard all the time. Maybe I should shave it. My wife wants me to shave it. I said no. As long as COVID is around, this is my COVID beard.

Your ability to fight infection. So many people, they're sick all the time. Every bug that comes around, they get it. Vitamin A and vitamin D, they go together. [00:12:30] They're fat-soluble vitamins. And you know me. I love vitamin K too. That's another fat-soluble vitamin. Guess where God put it? He put it in cheese. He put it in butter. Not in margarine. Cream. Vitamin A, vitamin D. It's the truth. I'm not apologizing. You have to eat meat. You have to eat meat. [00:13:00] And ladies, chicken won't do. There's some vitamin A in chicken but not much. Why am I always picking on chicken? It's not fat enough. Chickens ain't fat enough. Cows, they're fat. You need fat and fat don't make you fat. I'll say that for the millionth time.

[00:13:30] Friends, listen. Somebody said this the other day. I always read the comments. If you're not part of the Martin Clinic Facebook group, please join. Get your friends to join. But someone was on there the other day saying that cancer... Now, you know what I've always said. Cancer, whatever you do, stop sugar dead. No more. Nada. None. We've proven it. The [00:14:00] PET scan. They give you a glass of radioactive glucose and you light up like a Christmas tree if you have cancer. And someone was saying, "Well, I'm avoiding protein too, because protein can turn to sugar." Yeah, but listen, you need protein. Look, it's not feeding cancer. It's not... Cancer cells need something quick. Cancer cells are like teenagers. [00:14:30] They want something rapid. They have no patience. Cancer cells have no patience at all. They want rapid glucose. Sugar. And they love high-fructose corn syrup, the modern day sugar.

But what your body does to kill cancer, vitamin D, well-established. Vitamin A, not as well established. [00:15:00] But you need it. This is why I was saying to this person, eat eggs, meat, and cheese. Eggs, meat, and cheese. Why? Because it'll help fight your cancer. Cancer hates steak. Vitamin S. It hates it. Cancer has a terrible relationship with steak. Your immune system gets boosted up. Your T cells, when they see vitamin D and vitamin A, they go, " [00:15:30] Woo-hoo. Here we go. My batteries are charged."

I was on yesterday, last night actually, doing a Zoom with a group of seniors. Had a great time. Spoke to them last night about nutrition. I told them last night what I've said on many, many, many of Lives and podcasts. If I could get into every senior home, [00:16:00] if the government, if politicians had any sense to them, but they don't... When I hear a politician say, "I'm relying on science," ooh. "I'm relying on the public officer of health," ooh. You want to see steam coming out of my ears [00:16:30] is when I hear that. Two very inexpensive vitamins. They should be mandatory in every senior home. Instead, they want to lock them up. They're dying of loneliness. You want to suppress your immune system? Be alone. [00:17:00] I can't get over the stupidity of our world. I can't get over it, how stupid we are.

We put our parents and our grandparents or whatever in this senior home, and then lock the stinking doors. You can't visit. All they have to do is give them good doses of vitamin D and vitamin A every day. It would solve the problem. [00:17:30] Funny, when the president of the United States got sick, massive doses of vitamin D. What did those doctors know? You know what, guys? When kids are going into school today, even worse, the teachers, they need it more than the kids do. You know what? Give them a cod liver oil, if nothing else.

Here it is, guys. Take your cod liver oil. [00:18:00] You could open up the senior homes. Take your vitamin D and vitamin A and their immune systems will be boosted. They will have their invisible shield, invisible mask over their eyes. Because what vitamin A does, it gets into the mucosa. We talked about that. You got a lot of mucus [00:18:30] here. Where do you think they go and test for the virus? Where do they go? They stick a Q-tip up into your... it's Chinese torture is what they use. Have you seen the size of the Q-tip to go find that virus?

Here's another thing. Ladies, when you have [00:19:00] low levels of iron, you have borderline anemia. You want to know how you know if you have borderline anemia? Look at your skin. I was very observant. People would come into my office. They'd look like Casper the Ghost. I wouldn't even have to do the blood test. I said, "You're anemic." "My doctor never told me that." [00:19:30] I said, "Look in the mirror. You're a ghost. You don't have the right levels of iron. You don't even absorb vitamin A properly."

You see why I love steak? Because it's got heme iron. I hate just taking a capsule of iron, like an iron pill. I don't like that stuff. What your body wants is heme iron. H-E-M-E. [00:20:00] I called that hemi and Tony calls it heme. He's right. I'm wrong. But I liked hemi because I think of the Chrysler engine. Hey, Hemi. But anyways, you need heme iron. Heme iron is found in steak, not in vegetables. Popeye didn't get strong eating spinach. He lied. But I'm picking on you, ladies, [00:20:30] because men, yes, men, they can have anemia too. But if a man gets anemia, he's usually got cancer.

Women, especially before menopause, you have your menses. It's hard to make up that loss of blood. And then you're eating chicken and salad. You're never making up all that blood you need. You're telling [00:21:00] your bone marrow and spleen to work triple overtime because you're not eating enough vitamin S, steak. And when I say steak, I mean liver too. I just don't mention liver. You can eat that liver. Have you ever noticed anything about me? If I don't like it, I don't talk about it. Liver's good. I don't like liver. I'm sorry.

Anemia. [00:21:30] Cancer. Lot of people are anemic and they don't even know it. They're borderline, see, because the blood tests don't show it. And they can be B12 deficient, and you get a B12 anemia. B12 is an essential vitamin. Again, where do we find it? Red meat. Very important. See why I'm so big on nutrition, guys? [00:22:00] I'm big time into nutrition. You have no idea how many people over the years that, temporarily, I put them on Blood Boost, our Blood Boost. Because they had low levels of vitamin A and I knew it. And I said, "Okay, start eating steak. But I'm going to jack up your blood big time real quick first."

There's so many, we're deficient, not only in A, but a lot of other things and, you know, the malabsorption syndrome [00:22:30] and all sorts of things. Eyes, invisible shield, cancer fighting. Anemia. We talked about that. Borderline anemic. Look in the mirror. You don't have to get a blood test. I mean, I was very observant, very observant. You're tired, and you look like Casper the Ghost, you got a deficiency there. [00:23:00] It may not register on your blood work, but it's real.

So tomorrow is Question and Answer Friday. Send in your questions. Happy to answer them. Bring your friends on to the Martin Clinic Facebook group, our private group. Great group. We've got some good topics for next week, too, already. Okay. God bless you. Love you, guys.

Announcer: [00:23:30] You've reached the end of another Doctor Is In Podcast, with your hosts, Dr. Martin Junior and Senior. Be sure to catch our next episode and thanks for listening.

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