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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. We're going to talk about, aren't we tired of it yet? COVID. But big, big, big news on COVID, big news. The headline could be, [00:00:30] why am I not scared of COVID? I'm sorry guys, but I'm going to have to rant a little bit this morning. I got to have to rant a little bit. Okay. So a huge, huge, this should drive you crazy if you, and I know you guys know this, but I'm just going to reinforce it in your minds. We've been lied to so much, I just can't get over it. You know, there's a lot of things I tolerate in life, but I don't like people lying to [00:01:00] me. I don't like that. And the headline is, why am I not scared of COVID? Here we are, give us two weeks to flatten the curve and keep people out of the hospital so the hospitals are not overwhelmed. And we're on day, I don't know, 175 or whatever day it is.

Folks is never going to end because wait, until the flu season comes, we're not even in the flu season [00:01:30] and anybody that gets the sniffles or gets the flu, oh, we're going to shut it down. We're going to shut it down. And it's the politics of this bothers me and I'll tell you why, because last week, and I talked to you a little bit about it, but it was one of the most significant finding since March. It came out of Spain and it was an observational study that they did on Vitamin [00:02:00] D and COVID and they gave half the, and people were sick of COVID, they actually presented symptoms. They gave half Vitamin D and the other half they didn't in Spain.

The ones that got Vitamin D, no exceptions, got better. So what should the headline be? There is no money in Vitamin D pharmaceutical companies can't make any money on Vitamin D. They're spending millions and millions [00:02:30] of dollars racing towards a vaccine for COVID. It's coming to a theater near you within the next month or two. They stopped one study yesterday, I heard, because of side effects of the vaccine. Guys, I'm not going to tell you whether the vaccine is going to be any good or not. I'm not, I don't know. All I'm saying is they found the cure. And I've been saying this since day one, you know me consistent, [00:03:00] not Vitamin C, not the malaria drug, not zinc, even though I love zinc, you know that. Vitamin D, Vitamin D it fixes it. It's why I'm not scared. I haven't been scared since day one. And I understand people were. I watched yesterday out of my living room, the school buses, what a March break. Why wasn't I in school [00:03:30] with COVID when COVID came? I would have loved, I majored in recess in school. I loved recess as a kid.

If somebody would have given me a six month break from school, I would have been all for it, man, as a kid, I'm telling you that. But I watched the school bus and I watched little kids coming off the school bus on our street with masks [00:04:00] on. Now you have to be my age, I'm going to tell you a little story. You got to be my age, I'm 68. I want to tell you a little story about when I was 10. Let's say 1962. Yep. 10. We lived through the Cuban missile crisis. Put your hand up, if you remember that. Again, I was 10 years old. Great [inaudible 00:04:27]. you know what we did in schools [00:04:30] in Timmins, Ontario, and I'm sure it was right across North America? When the siren would go off, because they were practicing the USA and John Kennedy, President Kennedy stood down with Khrushchev.

You remember that? For people my age, do you remember that? And the ships were coming to Cuba with missiles and the American said, "No way, Jose, [00:05:00] you're not coming." And they stood and looked at each other and people were scared of a nuclear war. And you know what they did in Timmins, Ontario? We practiced. If a nuclear bomb would go off, you know what we practiced? Hiding under our desk at school. The siren would go off and we were to jump down. I remember it like it was yesterday, and hide under our desk. Do you remember [00:05:30] that? I'm not telling you fairytales, guys. This is true. What the heck? If a bomb went off, what the heck, or as my son used to say, H-E double hockey stick.

What would hiding under a desk do, if a nuclear bomb went off? Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, [00:06:00] it's the same illustration of wearing a mask really. First day in medical school, the first day, you know what you learned in infectious disease? A virus is so small, a thousand times smaller than a bacteria. A thousand times. You ain't doing nothing with a mask on. Do I wear a mask when I go into a store? Yes, I have to. I could use the exemption card, [00:06:30] but I'm not doing that, then I got to explain to people. But guys, let's just be honest with each other. They don't work. Our public officer of health for all of Canada said last week, you can see my blood pressure's going up a little bit. Ooh. She said, "Are you kidding me?"

But she said it. Well, first of all, I'll tell you what she said back in March. No masks won't do you any good. [00:07:00] Because she's been to medical school. So she said, and Anthony Fauci in the United States said, they said this in March. If you don't believe me, Google it. Go on YouTube, quoting, "Masks will do you no good." You wear a mask when you're in the hospital, the doctor wears it so that when they're doing surgery or they're yeah, because they're trying, you got open wounds and you got people that are, yeah. They wear a mask and they wear a good mask, not the stinking [00:07:30] stuff we're wearing. But anyway, it doesn't matter. You know what she said last week here in Canada, it came right out of her mouth. I thought she was misquoted. You know what you said? "If you're having sex, wear a mask." Guys, I thought it was a joke. It's beyond stupid, but they play into people's fears. I've never seen anything like it, it bothers me. It's not true.

You know, just be honest about it. I'm shocked at the College of Physicians and Surgeons [00:08:00] of Ontario. And I don't know, she's in Ottawa. So I'm shocked really of the College of Physicians and Surgeons who have not said a word about this. It's malpractice, guys. It's malpractice. Sending kids to school with a mask on? Guys, they ought to be much more worried about the next wave that is coming. People, these kids, I talked to you about this in the past [00:08:30] about holistic medicine. What's happened to holistic medicine? Why are they not worried about heart disease? Why are they not worried about cancer? Why are they not worried about mental health? Here's the headline, take Vitamin D but I saw it on the mainstream news. So it's not like it wasn't reported, but now it gets buried. You won't hear a doctor talk about it.

All right, you'll hear a few, but not many. The College [00:09:00] of Physicians and Surgeons, I'm calling you out. Stand up and tell the truth because they're going to close everything down again. I think they did it in British Columbia yesterday. In Ontario, we were warned. There's 53 people in the hospital. We have a population in Ontario of 14 million people. There's 53 people in the hospital with COVID. What are you waiting for? Zero. Fear. I can't get over it. Anyways, here's [00:09:30] what we know. I just sort of do a little synopsis this morning. Here's what we know. Let's talk about ages. And this is true right across the board. 99.5% of the population will never die of COVID. And you know, it was funny because the CDC had to come out with this and they got caught and then they tried to scrub it, but they admitted that 94% of people that died of COVID, didn't die of COVID.

[00:10:00] They had COVID, but they didn't die of it. It didn't cause their death, 94% of the people that died because people keep pushing that while 180,000 people in the USA have died of COVID. That's not true. They were classified as COVID. The world health organization said, no, they died of other things and they just happened to have COVID. So here's what we know. Just to put it into [00:10:30] perspective, guys, because I'm telling you, wait, you know what's going to be against the law is having a cold this winter. Imagine if you get a cold, you're going to be told to stay home for two weeks. I'm telling you because you better not have any symptoms. I was reading the story this morning of WestJet it's one of our major airlines in Canada. A family would come on with, five of them are three kids or whatever, a baby under two years old, [00:11:00] they stopped the whole flight. They would not take off because they couldn't get the mask on the baby that was under two years old. They canceled the flight.

The passengers were so upset with WestJet not because the baby couldn't put the mask on and was going crazy. It was because the stewardess, they were going crazy. I tell you all, the world is gone insane, folks. Now let's talk about ages. If you're 64 [00:11:30] and under your chances of dying of COVID are next to zero. I mean that. I'm just giving you stats. If you're under 64 and don't tell me, I heard about my sister that got really sick with COVID. It's possible. I didn't say they couldn't, but I'm just telling you statistics. But you can get sick from a lot of other things too. Do we have to close the world down? Do you know how many people have buried their loved ones and they couldn't go see them in the old age home or the [00:12:00] hospital? It's insanity in my opinion.

I'm waiting for the College of Physicians and Surgeons to make a statement and say, you know what, let's get back to life. Life is tough enough as it is. Do we have to make it tougher? And I understand, it's controversial. I get it. I just want to show, look, if you're under 64, you got nothing to worry about. You ain't dying of COVID. If you're over 64, and somebody reminded me yesterday, "Doc, you're in [00:12:30] that category." I know. I sort of forget. I never put myself in that old category. If you're under 64, the flu is worse. That's what the stats are saying. If you're under 64, the flu is worse. If you're over 64, COVID is worse than the flu, if you're over 64. You know what the median age, I posted this yesterday on our Facebook group, the median age in Canada of [00:13:00] people who died of COVID was 82, the median age. Guys, I posted it. I didn't make this statistic up. And I'm not saying, if you're 82, God bless you. I'm on your side. But if you're in the sixties, in the fifties, in the forties, in the thirties, in the eighties, take Vitamin D and eat your steak.

How do you get vitamin D [00:13:30] and food, by the way? It's a fat soluble vitamin. How do you get it? It's found in the animal kingdom. It's not in the plant kingdom. D2 is in the plant kingdom. D3, the one that your body needs, the one that's bioavailable is found in the animal kingdom, fat. And I'm a big guy on taking Vitamin D as a supplement. We live in Northern Ontario. You ever see the movie, Forrest Gump? One of my favorite movies of all time. Remember when he was running, he ran and ran and ran and ran. And then he just stopped. [00:14:00] He seemed like he'd run around the world. Then he just stopped. Well, that's what happened to our summer here in Northern Ontario. We had a beautiful summer and then it stopped. We haven't seen the sun in a month. You know what, it's time to take your Vitamin D for your immune system, if you live in northern Ontario.

You folks in the States, you're probably still getting summer down there. Well, summer ended where I am. I don't know about this climate change. What else do we know? Heart attacks are [00:14:30] up 50% since March in North America. I'm going to bring you some good teaching on that maybe this week. A few new studies out. Something we already knew, but I'm going to go into some detail on it, what stress does to your heart, what stress does to cancer. You've heard us say this before. It's cortisol, which is the stress hormone pours gasoline on [00:15:00] inflammation. It pours gasoline on it. Nobody's talking about that. The tsunami. Go look it up. Listen to a podcast that I did about maybe a month ago, The Coming Tsunami. This is why I am calling out. I don't know who to call out. How do you get ahold of doctors? The Canadian Medical Association? Yeah, probably better than the college. The College of Physician and Surgeons is, it's provincial. [00:15:30] I'm calling out the Canadian Medical Association. For heaven sakes, you're supposed to be scientists. How do you allow the Medical Officer of Health to have that much power and to say stupid things like to wear a mask in your bedroom? I've never heard of anything more insane in my life, putting a mask on children.

They know it doesn't work. They know it. You learn that in the first day of medical school. It doesn't work for viruses. [00:16:00] If they did during the flu season, they would have had us all wearing masks. Where did masks come from? All of a sudden in March, they said no mask and now masks. Why? Somebody is making money? Our premier, Ford. I think it was last week, he was at a manufacturing plant down south somewhere. They're making masks. I mean, they got a government grant. I don't blame them. If I was in a manufacturing business [00:16:30] and I started looking down the road and I said, "ell, okay. I guess everybody in the world is going to need a mask. And let's make some stylish ones even though they don't work." You can't blame the manufacturer. They're taking their cues from the Medical Officers of Health.

I can't get over it. I never thought it would last this long, that people would wake up and get mad or do something. But I don't blame the public as much as I blame, like I said, [00:17:00] the medical associations. Their silence is deafening. Why all of a sudden, are we not worried about cancer anymore? Why are we not worried about heart disease anymore? Why have we not worried about diabetes anymore? And you know how I talk about the elephant in the room. The biggest problem that anybody that gets sick with COVID is because they have no immune system because they have preexisting conditions. And the worst one is obesity and metabolic syndrome. [00:17:30] My new book is all about that. I don't get it. There was an article out yesterday on Africa and they can't get over how nobody's sick in Africa. It's probably because they're not testing. Guys. Anyway, one of the biggest things, by the way, let me tell you how Vitamin D works, just because I want to tell you why it works for COVID. Why it is the best antiviral that you can take.

Number one, numero [00:18:00] uno. I like Vitamin A too, you know that. I want you to eat your Vitamin A. You eat Vitamin A when you have a steak. Vitamin A, pro retinol A is in the animal kingdom. I have very few people taking Vitamin A, unless they have no immune system whatsoever, then you can take it. But most people, I tell them to eat Vitamin A and take Vitamin D though, as a supplement. I'll tell you what, because [00:18:30] let me explain to you what happened with COVID when they do get sick. They've shown this, that COVID attacks the lungs and this is why ventilators really don't work, because when they ... see ventilation, what does it do, it gives you more oxygen, but it's not fixing the issue. The issue is not oxygen. The issue is inflammation in the lung, because that's what this virus [00:19:00] does.

This virus, it creates what we call a cytokine storm, a storm of inflammation. The body overreacts to the virus, especially at the lung level. This is when it gets dangerous for people that don't have an immune system, it's tremendously dangerous, but so is the flu. It attacks the lungs. You [00:19:30] know what Vitamin D does? It's a fire extinguisher, Vitamin D. You ever seen a fireman come in with the hose and maybe you have a fire extinguisher in your house and you get a stove fire or whatever, and good idea to use it. That's what Vitamin D does. That's one of the things that does, but it's much more effective than that. What we know about vitamin D is it is an anti-inflammatory. [00:20:00] When you go sit in the sun, you got joint pain, go sit in the sun. You got muscle pain, fibromyalgia, don't avoid the sun unless you live in Northern Ontario because we don't have the sun anymore.

Forrest Gump. Rosie and I went for a bike ride yesterday and we got beautiful trails here in Sudbury. And you know what, the leaves are starting to turn already, man. Give it a couple of more weeks and we're going to be in beautiful, God's creation [00:20:30] is beautiful, isn't it? The beautiful colors. But what Vitamin D does, Vitamin D is a fire extinguisher in the lungs. Most people that get asthma, they got very low levels of Vitamin D. 80% of the population, in my opinion, are low in Vitamin D. They're scared of the sun. They don't eat enough meat. They don't. I talked to someone yesterday, a patient "Doc, I don't really like meat." Why? [00:21:00] I feel sorry for you. Vitamin D is a fire extinguisher in your lungs. That's why I'm not scared of COVID. Even though I'm in that age group, I hate to admit it. I'm in that age group, I'm still a puppy. That's the way I feel.

And then there's the second thing that Vitamin D done is, your little T cells. You know what your T cells [00:21:30] are? Your Navy Seals. They see a virus, bacteria, fungi, Navy Seals are the first ones out. We're coming to get you. You know what charges up the batteries of a T cell? What vitamin is it? Vitamin C Nope. Linus Pauling won a Nobel prize for this work on Vitamin C. God bless him. He was a genius. But I always said this about Linus Pauling, he only missed by one letter in the alphabet. [00:22:00] If he would have known back in the seventies, what Vitamin D does, he would have done his research on Vitamin D, not on Vitamin C. And you know what Vitamin C is, coffee. No Vitamin D, it charges up your T cells and T cells are your primary cell that fights viruses and bacteria and fungi and even cancer cells. [00:22:30] An inexpensive vitamin. And they're going to bury this, guys. Don't you let them bury it on you.

The media will bury this story. The pharmaceutical companies want to have nothing to do with Vitamin D. They can't patent it. There's no money in it. Here's what they'll say. Vitamin D, be careful because if you can overdose on vitamin D. There ain't a doctor [00:23:00] in the universe that's seen an overdose of Vitamin D. I'll tell you, there was one case, so-called, in Windsor about, I don't know, two or three years ago, somebody got kidney stones or something and the doctor, and it made national news. The doctor said, "Well, that came because the patient was taking Vitamin D." Nah, didn't talk about that oxalates they weren't taking. Didn't talk about insulin. Like I've talked to you about kidneys in [00:23:30] the last few podcasts. Folks, Vitamin D, because it quells the storm. It extinguishes the fire in the lungs. It takes your T cells, Navy Seals, and charges their batteries. That's what Vitamin D does.

Guys, there's the news behind the news. I got excited this. Whoa, I don't know what got me going more, watching [00:24:00] those kids coming off that bus yesterday or the WestJet story. I don't know. Or the Medical Officer of Health in Canada telling us to wear a mask in the bedroom. I wear a mask, yeah, I do. I wear a mask in my bedroom over my eyes so that I would get more melatonin. You need complete darkness. Isn't that fun? Oh, I was [00:24:30] checking my pulse rate the other day. I want to bring you a story on that too. A new study came out on pulse rates. I'll do it, maybe tomorrow. Guys, I love you. Pray for me. I want you to pray for me so I don't release cortisol all day long. I want to calm down.

I love you guys, I mean [00:25:00] that. You guys are great, putting up with this. You know what, you can bring a horse to water, you can't make them drink it. I know there's so many people that are terrified. They're frightened. They're scared skinny. You know what, I probably can't change their mind. What can I do? But I just want to pump your tires up a little bit, guys. Take care of yourselves. Take care of your own health. Do that for yourself. The news behind the news. Okay. God bless ya. Talk to you soon.

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