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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Okay. Here's some good questions. Diane asked if I'm taking needles, or I don't know if that was for her or somebody else, taking needles for diabetes. Can I do the Reset? [00:00:30] Well, the Reset, I don't know. Some of you wouldn't know the background of it, but where I started on the Reset, which is a 30 day program, okay? It's a 30 day program. I started it with diabetics and the results were astounding with diabetics because diabetics have an allergy to carbs and the nutritionist and the dieticians never tell them that. But when you're a diabetic, whether you're type one or [00:01:00] type two, type one is an autoimmune disease, but whether you're a type one or type two diabetic or pre-diabetic, whatever you have an allergy to carbs. Have you not heard my cat story? I always told my diabetics the cat story. Here it is, very short, true story by the way.

A lady comes in, years ago, and she's got bad allergies. I thought she might have had a cold or whatever, sneezing and coughing. And she doesn't feel good. And as soon as [00:01:30] I took her blood, I knew it was allergies because she had lots of mast, M-A-S-T, mast cells. I said, "Well, you've got an allergy." "Yeah," she said, "Doc, that's why I'm here." Okay. "What are you allergic to?" Because a lot of people don't even know what they're allergic to. She said, "My cat." I said, "Well, get rid of it." She said, "Doc, I can't." I said, "Well then I can't help you. You must get rid of that antigen."

If you don't get rid of the carbs [00:02:00] when you're a diabetic, you ain't ever going to fix diabetes. Because you've got an allergy to carbohydrates. It's just as simple as that. Diabetes is not a problem, it's not caused by genetics. Look, I've got bad genetics for diabetes. My dad was a diabetic. My grandfather's a diabetic. Rosie and I were talking about this, this morning. I got to be disciplined every day because I have a such [00:02:30] a bad tendency to be diabetic, and I just know that about myself. I've known that. My dad was my hero and you know what, he taught me what diabetes was all about. And I watched him, not by just talking about it but by his example. My dad just eliminated carbohydrates, and that was in the 1960s. My dad said it to me. I didn't even understand what diabetes was in those days. He said, "Son, I can't have sugar." Okay. [00:03:00] Why dad? "Why do you eat steak every night?" Every night. "Because I can't eat carbs and I love steak." Okay.

So Diane, absolutely, needles or no needles. And if you do it right, there'll be no more needles. Okay? But in the meantime, yes, 30 days. 30 days, it's incredible what happens. So go for it. You've got an allergy or somebody in your family as an allergy diet get rid of the carbs.

The [00:03:30] Go Low Program, Sally was asking about that. It's an eating program, a diet program, and I think some supplements too. What do I think of it? Well, if it's low carb, I got no big problem with that. People ask me every day about Keto. I like Keto.

But remember the Reset is much more than Keto, because Keto you can just lower carbohydrates and go into ketosis. And there's nothing wrong with that. You can still have some fruits and vegetables and things like [00:04:00] that on this go low or whatever. And I've got no problem with that.

But if you want to change your metabolism, you want to get rid of metabolic syndrome, which is insulin resistance, fatty liver, high blood pressure, one of these, high levels of uric acid, high triglycerides, low HDL. You better eat the Reset.

And look it, I'm not against any diet. You want to use a diet, go for it. I got no problem with it, [00:04:30] but this allows you nuts and seeds and whatever, but for 30 days I don't allow that because I've got a reason for doing that. And I don't want you on any oxalates. I don't want you on any lectins. I don't want you on any gluten. I don't want you on any of those things for 30 days because I'm trying to do a complete detox. And there's no detox like it, and it fixes metabolic syndrome. It fixes it. 30 days. Okay? So Sally, no problem. If you like that particular thing, [00:05:00] I got no problem with that at all.

Ketosis, by the way is just lowering carbs. And usually you go into ketosis, so let me explain. You're either burning carbs or you're burning fat. Your body will take carbs first or fat to burn. You never want to burn protein. That's a macro that you don't want to burn as fuel. See, protein is for building. You don't burn it. You only burn down your protein [00:05:30] in terms of fuel when you're starving, you don't want to burn down any of your muscles or whatever. That's ketoacidosis. That's not good, but what's good is ketosis.

Ketosis is when you lower your carbohydrates, your body has to get a fuel from something else. So it will take the fuel from your fat and you burn fat. It's a much better fuel. Now again, the Reset is sort of ketonic because you're not [00:06:00] eating any carbs, but it's much more than that because it's all very nutrient dense. You see, I pick three animal product foods from the dairy and from the eggs and from meat because of the nutrients, and that's the difference. It's nutrient dense. So now you're on rocket fuel. Ketosis is good, but Reset is better. I've done ketosis. [00:06:30] I preached ketosis in the seventies. It's been around a long time guys. Okay? It's been around a long time.

So will the skin shrink back? Deb is asking with weight loss. Well, it depends what kind of weight loss. You see?

That's why I love the Reset. Look, the Reset isn't a weight loss program, it's not its primary goal, but most women, they want to lose weight. But when they're not losing weight and they're eating [00:07:00] good it's because they've got horror-mones. You see the Reset is meant to fix the horror-mones. It empties out your liver. It fixes your conversion of T4 to T3 hormones. I go into great detail in my book on why it works so well. But when you lose weight rapidly or whatever, a lot of times the skin... Okay?

But it will come back, especially if you're eating a lot of protein. This is why, again, [00:07:30] it's not just the elimination of certain foods, but you see, guys don't focus so much. That's why I try and tell people, okay? Don't focus so much on what you can't eat. I can't have this, and I can't have that. Focus in more on what you can eat. Do I ever get tired of bacon And eggs? No. I've been married for 40, almost 48 years now. Am I tired of my wife? No, [00:08:00] of course not. Right? Do you get tired? Oh, Dr. Martin, I'm tired of eating bacon and eggs. Well, I'm not. Are you tired of drinking coffee? I love coffee more today than I ever used to. Why do you get tired of good stuff?

Variety, Dr. Martin, is the spice of life. Who told you that? That's just a saying. Not when it comes to food and not when it comes to the world in which we live in. We live in a crazy world. There was a study done the other [00:08:30] day, 300% higher in fructose, 200 pounds of stinking sugar a year. It's all around us because the food industry lied through their teeth and they put sugar in everything. And if you don't believe me, well, can you go to the malls now? Go and watch how big people are. What do you think happened there? It's the amount of carbohydrates.

We're eating crappy carbs and [00:09:00] vegetable oils and it's making us sick. So there you go. Somebody or Cheryl, I actually put your name down every time today, Cheryl asked about nonalcoholic beer. Well, does it affect your liver and testosterone? It depends. Okay? Like if it's a nonalcoholic beer, it'll have brewer's yeast in it. I've got no problem with that. But how many carbs does it [00:09:30] have? I'd have to see that label because carbs are going to go to your liver. They're stored there as fat.

So, look, I'm not telling you to leave the planet. Okay? But for 30 days, I don't want you drinking that stuff. Even if it's non-alcoholic, for 30 days if you're doing the Reset. But fine, if you like to have a non alcoholic beer. But you're asking, Cheryl, about [00:10:00] testosterone, so it can't be for you, it must be for your husband. Well, remember testosterone is liver, liver, liver. The liver is all involved in that. That's why I want you to empty out the liver.

So read, I don't know if it'd even be on the label, but you can Google it and just see how many carbs they make that beer with. Because they make low carb beers now. Right? Okay.

Joan or Joanne many [00:10:30] gloma's, these are tumors, but they're benign, they're not cancerous on the meninges. Okay? And they grow. So let me just talk about any tumor. Any tumor or any cyst. Remember what makes things grow? Okay. So Joanne, whether it's meningitis gloma, or meni-gloma, they call it, meninge gloma, I think it's the better way to pronounce it. [00:11:00] If it is a tumor of any kind, you see a cyst or you have a tumor of any kind, it's benign, but what makes it grow? Two things. One is insulin. Insulin is a growth hormone. And this is why anybody that has cancer, whatever, what do I talk about? Get that insulin down, get it down. Eliminate the insulin almost completely. Send your pancreas on holiday, number one.

Number two, [00:11:30] estrogen. It's a growth hormone. That's why women have much more trouble with tumors and cysts. Even on their ovaries. Polycystic ovarian disorders, it's always two fold. One of them is insulin, and the other one is estrogen. The womanly hormone. And even in men, you've got to get the estrogen down. How do you get estrogen down? Dim it out. Block it out as much [00:12:00] as you can. So if you have any kind of a cyst, I would block the estrogen with a dim. Our hormonal formula's meant to block that dim. Dim blocks extra estrogen.

Do you know what are good to block extra estrogen? Flax seeds, not oil. Don't take the flaxseed oil. It oxidizes very quickly. It gets rancid very quickly. Take the seeds. I like seeds. Okay? I like seeds.

Now don't use them when you're [00:12:30] doing the Reset, because I'm trying to heal the gut completely, so I don't allow any seeds. Okay, so block the estrogen and block the insulin. Well look, you lower your estrogen when you do the Reset, you lower your estrogen. Okay?

So Doreen is asking about hypoglycemia. What are cause? Well, a lot of people, hypoglycemia like diabetes, can be in your genetic. A lot of people, [00:13:00] it's just the way they are. They're hypoglycemic. They're built that way. You've got to figure that out. Now, some people get hypoglycemia and they never were when they have adrenal exhaustion. Okay? And their adrenal glands have been secreted cortisol either after an accident or a very traumatic event or chronic stress. And you know what happens?

They develop hypoglycemia. That's adrenal. [00:13:30] It's very common, but hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are a double sided coin. Okay? They're the same problem. When you have hypoglycemia, you have an allergy to carbs just like hyperglycemia. And because of your cortisol or the way you're made, your sugars fluctuate. Just the way you are. But it's what you eat, [00:14:00] so when you eat, you need to make protein your king. Eggs, meat, and cheese, if you're a hypoglycemic. So where does it come from? It comes from genetics, just the way you're built. You have a builtin weakness for that. I do. I used to be hypoglycemic. That's how I found out. When I didn't stick to the program, my blood sugars would go down, but what must go down? What goes up must come down. And I had to figure out on my own [00:14:30] that I had to be very, very careful and me and sugar just don't get along. We just don't get along.

Now, most people don't get along with sugar, but they think they do. Okay? So what causes it? Two things and Linda was asking, how do you get your sugars down? Having trouble? Do the Reset, do the Reset. If you're struggling to get sugars down, you're eating, I don't care, you're eating still too many carbs. I would eliminate all your fruit. All your vegetables [00:15:00] get rid of them. Fruit are God's candies. Don't have too many. An Apple a day does not keep the doctor away anymore. We live in a different world, guys.

You just have to understand that. We don't live in the same world. 88% of the population have metabolic syndrome. 88%. I think it's over 90 myself. So what do you do about that? Well, you see, it changes the ball game. The price of poker has changed folks. We live in a different [00:15:30] world. It's not the world that I lived in. when I was a kid in the 1950s. I tell my, my grandchildren, honest grandpa, even though you think he's as old as Noah, I used to have cookies and ice cream too. You know? Because they never see grandpa eating sugar. So they wonder if I ever ate it. I said, I was a kid too, you know? But we live in a different world. You have to understand that this is why I'm so adamant. What are they saying? Now? 50% of the population, [00:16:00] 50% are already diabetic.

And if you're prediabetic, you're a diabetic. That's what Dr. Kraft used to say, not Kraft dinner, but Dr. Kraft, who was the guru of all gurus on diabetes. And he said, if you're a pre-diabetic and your blood sugars are just even in the normal range, but they're in the high normal range, you're a diabetic. He said, don't fool yourself. You're just fooling yourself because your [00:16:30] body will do everything. The last thing that happens to a person is diabetes. The first thing that happens is they filled their liver with fat and they might not even know it. And kids are walking around today with fatty liver, nonalcoholic, fatty liver. Okay. Thanks for the question, Linda.

Kristin is asking about kerajaan. Okay. Did I say it right? And that is the thickening agent you'll see. Okay? [00:17:00] Now, if you can find 35, you know how I love 35% cream or even 18% cream? I'm big on cream because cream is really what milk used to be until they made it white Pepsi.

Anyway, look, let me just say something general. I fully understand. And Tony Junior answered this question beautifully on Wednesday. I think it was Wednesday, when we had our live in the afternoon, Wednesday afternoon. Because he was asking [00:17:30] about, what do you think about artificial sugars like aspartame or whatever? The other question is about Stevia here. A derivative of Stevia. Let me just read it. Rebaudioside, what do I think about these things? Well, look, Stevia is natural. It comes from a plant. Okay? So I've got no problem with it. I don't particularly like the taste of it. So you don't see me using Stevia very much, but if you need to [00:18:00] use Stevia, go for it. I got no problem with that.

And you know, Tony was saying this, okay? And I loved his answer. He said, "Look, if you're on the Titanic, if you're on the Titanic and you're going to hit the iceberg, don't worry about inside the Titanic. Whether I should paint, the railings or change the carpet. I love that. He said, do the big thing, first. Change course, he said. I like that. I stole that [00:18:30] from you, Tony Junior. And this is what I'm saying. Okay? What's the point? Well, the point is, if you're eating really good, if you've eliminated your carbs, almost exclusively eating almost no carbs, and you have a diet Pepsi, for example. Okay? That just happens to be your treat. Am I going to go crazy? No. Is it the best thing that you can drink? Obviously not. Okay? Obviously not.

[00:19:00] Well, just like alcohol, am I telling you never to have it? No, I'm not. I don't do that to people. Look, these xylitol and erythritol, whenever you see an O-L at the end, those are a sugar alcohol, and a lot of them are used now. Are they really natural? Well, they come from plants, I don't know. A lot of people don't tolerate them, but all I'm saying is, [00:19:30] look, once you change courses, change course, and you're on a good healthy path. And then you probably will eliminate a lot of these artificial things like Stevia.

I'm not saying Stevie is artificial, not really, but a lot of it, even today, once it gets to the grocery store, they don't make it... it's not pure, but anyways, like I said, as you get real healthy and you want to eat organic, better, a hundred percent better. Organic [00:20:00] is because it's, what's not in it.

It's like the last question, one of the last questions is by Lorraine. Let me ask it now. She's saying, doc is tap water that bad? Look, I'd rather you have tap water than not drink water at all. I'd rather you have tap water than you drinking a Pepsi. I'd rather you have tap water than you drinking grocery store milk. But I do recommend that you filter [00:20:30] that tap water. Buy yourself a Brita or one of those things that are very inexpensive and try and take all the chemicals... Like I know in Sudbury here, they put about 2100 chemicals in it the water here. I don't drink it. Is it the end of the world? Nah, but it's certainly better drinking water than not drinking it. You see what I'm getting at?

Look, you know, I tell this story because a lady came in, it's a couple of years ago now, and I just about [00:21:00] landed on the floor because she said to me, she was 50 I think. I am leaving forever. And I'm moving to Costa Rica and I'm living on a little island there or something. I said, holy moly sucks to be the rest of us. I said, what about your family? What about your job? What about this? What about that? Like guys, we live in the real world. I try and give people a plan to succeed. And if a plan [00:21:30] to succeed says, I've got to put a little bit of a sweetener in my coffee. Well, I feel sorry for you, but go for it. I don't need a sweetener.

And by the way, remember what I said. It Takes 21 days to form a habit. It's amazing. You can get rid of even sweeteners. You know, it takes a while to form a habit, but anyway, okay. Very good questions.

What do I think of kerajaan and all that? Well, it's not perfect. It's a thickener. And you [00:22:00] know, if you go on the internet, you'll scare your self silly on these things because they'll always tell you you're going to die immediately if you take it. Look, if you can find a whole cream, it's better. With nothing added. If you've got a cow in the backyard, beautiful, I'll even tell you to drink that milk. But by the time it gets to the grocery store, different, but okay. I think you understand where I'm coming from. I hope you do.

Janelle, [00:22:30] here's a woman's question. How do I get rid of cellulite? Well, good luck with that one. Think about why women get cellulite and men don't. Okay? Think about it. What is that caused by? Estrogen. It's a hormone. Lower your estrogen and start by lowering your insulin. Okay? Does it get rid of it completely? Sometimes it does. Men don't get cellulite. We don't worry about that in our bathing suits. Okay? Melody was asking about osteoporosis and using, [00:23:00] and I'll answer yours too, Marnie, because you're asking about boron and I want to just touch the both of them.

Melanie's asking about taking the drugs for osteoporosis. I don't like them. They've been around a long time and I don't like them. There's many, many, many side effects and you know what? For your bones, remember, bones is just not calcium. Okay? I love vitamin D for your bones. I like vitamin K too. Oh, I got a big story coming out. I think [00:23:30] probably I will do it Monday on K-2, a new study out. Tremendous on vitamin K-2.

That's found in butter. It's found in cheese. Don't avoid those things because K-2 is more important than K-1. K-1 is in the plant kingdom is in the animal kingdom. And what they're finding out about K-2 now, it's incredible. And how good it is for your bones, but a lot of other things. I'm going to bring that to you probably on Monday. Okay?

But you know what? Those drugs, [00:24:00] I hate to tell people not to take medications. I D I don't try and do that so much. I don't like that one. Because you can do it naturally. Get on bone broth, take vitamin D, make sure it's got K-2 in it. Okay? And eat a lot of protein. Protein, the stronger your muscles, the better your bone is. That's why we love doing weights and not just aerobics. [00:24:30] A lot of ladies just love aerobics, and I tell them that's not good for your bones, man. It's good for your heart, but it's not good for your bones. Do a combination of things. Usually, you know me and vitamin E, I like the short 15, 20. I like walking. I walk too, but I do weightlifting. And I do, I like the T... What do they call those things? I can't remember. T-something. Okay. You're using your own weight. It's [00:25:00] amazing what happens with that, ladies, for your bones.

Marnie was asking about boron. And boron, Marnie, I know you love us, so I'm just going to tease you a little bit. You know what the best source of boron is? And boron is good for your bones. Boron is good. The best source is coffee. Drink your coffee, man. You get boron. What did I tell you? I brought this to you a couple of weeks ago on coffee. [00:25:30] And if you drink coffee, you don't need vitamins.

Listen, I'll go over this again, but I don't want to get sidetracked too much. Do you know that if you lower your carbohydrates, you don't need very much vitamin C? You get all the vitamin C you need in polyphenols and phenolic acid in coffee. Plus you get boron. Wow!

I love coffee. I've only had three cups this morning already. Going to have a fourth one too, this morning. Okay? [00:26:00] Okay. Let me just make sure I'm getting burning mouth syndrome. I will try and get through these. Okay?

Burning mouth syndrome. Usually burning mouth syndrome is a sign of low B12. Okay? And I usually get rid of it with probiotics and low B12. Usually it's a sign of low B12. Anything around your mouth, funny feeling cold sores and that? Low levels of B12. And usually, usually they're [00:26:30] very low in protein. They don't eat enough protein. Protein is king. You need that. And we're so scared of protein. You need that more than anything else. Protein is the building blocks. And when you've got burning mouth syndrome, your body's telling you that you don't have enough B12. Well, guess how you get B12? Steak. You need vitamin S.

A couple of questions on vasculitis, thrombosis. [00:27:00] Can it come back? Vasculitis is an infection of the blood vessels and usually found in the legs. Yes, it can come back and probiotics and microcirculation, remember legs is circulation. That's why I love pine bark extract because it elevates your nitric oxide. The same with the thrombosis, you want to make sure that your circulation, and this is I'm big on that, isn't it amazing how [00:27:30] your blood vessels regenerate? They do. They do. Give them the right nutrients and get off the sugars.

Okay. Ann was asking about high bilirubin. Well, that's a sign that... bilirubin Is more specific for the gallbladder, but also the liver. The liver and the gallbladder, because remember what I was saying yesterday, your liver makes bile and then it delivers it to the reservoir. Your [00:28:00] gallbladder is just a reservoir. So if you have high levels of bilirubin, your liver is gummed up and your gallbladder is gummed up. And that's because usually, you've got a start of fatty liver because you're eating too much carbohydrates. The liver's a suitcase when it gets full. It's a parking lot at Costco. It's full. Get rid of it. Get rid of the cars. Empty it.

Rachel, or Rachelle asking about shingles. Shingles is a virus. It's the [00:28:30] chicken pox virus, it's a herpes virus. And shingles usually, usually, and the reason we see so much shingles today, it is an epidemic today. You know why? Because it's not the virus, guys. Oh, I should do a whole program on them. It's not the virus. The virus is always there. It's like the coronavirus, guys. COVID. Dr. Martin, we just wait to get rid of [00:29:00] COVID. No. COVID is a Coronavirus. There's always going to be Coronaviruses, get your immune system, get it strong. And then the key that usually sets off shingles is cortisol. It's stress. It comes after a time of period of stress. And stress, what it does, it lowers your immune system.

That's what stress does to you. [00:29:30] It does other things, but it really lowers your immunity. So get your cortisol down. And that helps with shingles. Okay?

Marnie, I answered. Lorraine, I answered. Oh yeah. And last question. Okay? Last question. Andrey, I think, or Andres, I can't pronounce your last name, Andrea. How can I check for levels of arsenic, zinc, and cadmium? Well, you can get tests done. You can get either hair analysis done. We used to do all that with a urine test, [00:30:00] but there are labs that offer those tests. They're relatively expensive, but if that's what you want to do, you can just Google it and they'll send you a kit and you can send your saliva or they'll do a urine test or hair analysis. Hair analysis, I find can be not quite as good, but there are some labs that can do it. Okay.

So I'm way over time, guys. Thank you so much this morning for all, wow, lots of questions. [00:30:30] And sorry for my little rants. I go down little rabbit trails because I get excited, but no, if you're not a member of the Martin Clinic Facebook Group, I'll do a little advertising, become a member. Private Facebook group member. Okay? And invite your friends. That's a great group. And share this on your Facebook page. Okay? We appreciate that. And then stay tuned, my new book is... We're hoping for September, [00:31:00] everything seems to be on cue for a September launch, so look forward to that. Okay? So the countdown will be on pretty soon, as soon as I get a final date. Okay? Talk to you soon. Love you guys.

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