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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. We're going to go back a little bit to Monday's topic, which was, I was talking to you about the thymus gland. But something [00:00:30] came out in the last two days that I think is significant and we'll talk about that this morning and just go over some important stuff. A big story came out and you might've seen it. I think somebody actually posted it on our Martin Clinic Facebook group. If you don't belong to that, please join up and join the cast of thousands and thousands who interact with us on a daily basis. And we sure appreciate those folks [00:01:00] who are in our private group, but I appreciate you for joining us on a daily basis. Many of you do, and that is more than appreciated.

It's a new story because I actually saw it in the mainstream media, but it really comes down to the vaccine. So here we go with COVID again, but it's a big story, isn't it? Like for me, somebody said, "I'm tired of COVID." Well, me too. [00:01:30] I'm tired of it, okay? But it's the world we live in and I have a feeling some of these things that we're doing are never going to go away. That's just me and I'm not a prophet nor the son of one, but I'm just telling you that I think what they call the new normal, if you listen to the so-called experts who have been really wrong on this most of the time, [00:02:00] they're saying that the new normal is the way you go into a restaurant today and a lot of the booths are closed, every second one or whatever. They're allowing what, I can't remember the percentage capacity. I'm not sure it's completely like that in the United States but I think it is.

And in their mind, this is what we need to do and there's a big talk here, right across North America, as to whether [00:02:30] the schools are open. I know that as far as post-secondary, we have universities here, it looks like it's going to be all online and I've talked to you about the ramifications of that. Because if I could talk to public health officials, this is the question I would ask them. I know you have a division of infectious disease. I understand that. I mean, you've been waiting for this. This is a gift [00:03:00] in terms of, now in Ontario where we live, the health units have more power than the government. They really do, and it's unlimited power and nobody can question them. I don't like that particularly because they don't seem to be answering questions.

For example, in Sudbury here, the healthy unit decided we were to where masks. You want to go into a public building or whatever, you got to put a mask on. And we had no COVID here. We haven't [00:03:30] had COVID for a month. I think there's one case. But we have to do it. Do you want to go shopping? You want to go to Costco? You want to go to Walmart even? You're going to wear a mask and you don't get to question it.

Anyway, I'm not telling you not to wear it. I'm just telling you the state of the land. But the question that I would ask the public health, because health is broad, it's not just infectious [00:04:00] disease, but what we're seeing today is going to have enormous ramifications on mental health, loneliness. Think of our seniors who have been really locked down for four months. You can't visit them. You can't go into the hospital really. You're not supposed to because of COVID.

And COVID, okay, I get it. It's a virus, don't worry doc, this [00:04:30] is only temporary. I'm not so sure about that. I'm not so sure about that. And one of my biggest concerns is... Because my practice changed in the last 20 years, just to tell you overall. You guys hear me every day. I talk about insulin, insulin, insulin, insulin, but one of the biggest things that I saw on a daily basis in my office is a hormone called cortisol, and cortisol is a stress hormone. [00:05:00] Of course it's been there since God created us. He created you with two glands called your adrenal glands. By the way, doctors rarely ever look at them. They don't test them, generally. And they're the Rodney Dangerfield of your body because nobody tests them. Adrenal gland, it's almost like [00:05:30] a physician's eyes gloss over. They don't even take it into consideration, and yet there isn't a doctor in the universe that wouldn't tell you that stress and anxiety is playing a major role in society today.

We got a virus and we got to take care of that. It's the boogeyman. So [00:06:00] you never want to get a virus. And it's all numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers and you know what? Okay, I get it, but what about loneliness? What about stress? People, we're human beings, we're meant to communicate with each other. People were dying alone. You couldn't go to the funeral. I'm a lay [00:06:30] pastor, and I have a license to perform marriages and I performed I think, three COVID weddings. Nobody's there! Nobody's there. They're on Zoom. Is that natural guys? But is that going to be the new normal now?

I love baseball guys and last night it was the Toronto Blue Jays first exhibition game where they're in Boston. Nobody's in [00:07:00] the stadium! You can't go watch a baseball game. Every summer I take my three youngest grandsons, I love those guys because they love baseball like grandpa. And they're so disappointed we can't... Well, we can't even play baseball. They canceled the season. Kids don't get sick from COVID but they canceled the season. The kids can't play baseball. There's no baseball in Canada as far as I know. And I love playing slow pitch and [00:07:30] they canceled it on me. That stressed me out. I love ball. I enjoy it. I still play. Well, not this year.

Now, is that the new normal? I don't know. So why did I say all that? Because one of the big things is stress and what that does to your immune system. But let me just tell you this story now. You love me and my little rabbit trails I hope. But the story of COVID that came out this week and I don't know if you [00:08:00] heard about it or not... Everybody knows that all the pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop a vaccine for COVID, and my prediction, and again, I haven't been right about anything as far as COVID, I thought it was going to last two weeks, I didn't think they would close the world down. I really didn't. But anyway, the pharmaceutical companies are racing for a vaccine and I'm [00:08:30] sure the government is giving the money in Canada and United States, and it all sounds wonderful guys, but there was some bad news on the vaccine front. And if they had only asked me, I would have told them ahead of time.

I want you to just think about what a vaccine is, for anything. What is it? Well, it's the introduction of the virus, a small amount of it. [00:09:00] So for the flu shot, what do they do every summer? The CDC gets together and they go, "Okay, now what virus will be the flu this year?" They guess, they're often wrong, but they're all doctors in a board room at the CDC and they sit there, and I get it, I understand why they do it, and they go, "We got to make up the flu shot this year. What are we going [00:09:30] to pick?" Well, then they pick one and that becomes your flu shot. So what is it? Well, they introduce the flu into you, in a small amount, and what your body's supposed to do is produce antibodies. It's like homeopathy. I took a homeopathy course when I was in school, I think back in the '70s. I never really practiced [00:10:00] it but I understood how it works. And they introduce a little bit of the disease and your body fights it. Your body makes antibodies and you put a little bit in and your body says, okay, I got that, I recognize it, those are what antibodies are.

But the bad news for the vaccine so far, I'll give you some good news, but there's some bad news. The bad news is they found out with COVID-19, the [00:10:30] coronavirus, is you make antibodies but they don't last and they're not really that effective. So for a lot of these companies, it's back to the drawing board. Now, there was one company, I think it was one pharmaceutical in the United Kingdom, that was trying with the vaccine to stimulate your T cells and your natural killer cells, the immune system. And that's what I've been saying from [00:11:00] day one. If you wash your hands, practice social distancing, don't touch your face, even though I touch my face all the time, see, I got a beard, I can't help myself. And I guess the mask is so that you don't touch your face. I've often said the mask is just to stop the spread of anxiety.

People feel better when they wear a mask. But in the first day of infectious disease, in the first day, you know what you [00:11:30] learn? A virus, the coronavirus is 1000 times smaller than any mask that you're wearing. It's going to get through there. I heard a cardiologist on TV the other day saying, "Well, it's like you put up a fence, a steel fence or whatever for mosquitoes, they could get right through." When you see a chain link fence there, the mosquitoe's going [00:12:00] through. So guys, what I have been saying to you, and I've been consistent, you would admit this, the key is, whether a vaccine comes or not and whether it'll ever be effective or not, I have my doubts. I'm not telling you not to take it. You might not have any choice if you want to fly anywhere. I have a feeling on our passports it's going to ask whether we've had the vaccine or not. I think [00:12:30] that's happening. It's going to happen, in my opinion. Again, I haven't been right about much on COVID in terms of how long it would last and how long they would shut down.

We're in phase three in Ontario, and we're just starting to open up. And like I said, they didn't open up the swimming pools. Thank God we got a pool because they didn't open them up for the public here in Sudbury at least. So the story on the vaccine... [00:13:00] Now let me just tell you one other thing. You'd have to go back to listen to this. I think I brought it out probably six or seven weeks ago on one of our podcasts. Because something happened in the United Kingdom, it was a huge story. It was so big and I didn't find it anywhere. I found the story, but it wasn't anywhere else. It wasn't in the mainstream media. But it was a study done in [00:13:30] the United Kingdom for the flu shot of 2017 or 2018. I'd have to look up my notes. This was so significant guys, listen to what I'm going to say. If you had metabolic syndrome and they gave you the flu shot in 2017 or 2018 in United Kingdom...

What is metabolic syndrome? Insulin, high circulating [00:14:00] insulin, or insulin resistance and belly fat or any kind of obesity. In the United Kingdom by the way, 50% of the population is obese. In the United States, you know what it is? 50%. You know what it is in Canada? 50% of the population. If you look at the BMI which they consider for obesity, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see. Just look at the population today. But obesity is a symptom. [00:14:30] Obesity is a symptom, it's not the cause. Obesity is a symptom of high circulating insulin. You do not get fat by eating fat. You get fat by eating carbs and carbs will elevate your insulin. Diabetes is not a disease of sugar in your bloodstream. That's the last thing that happens. [00:15:00] Diabetes is a disease of metabolic syndrome because of food and so is cancer. The vast majority of cancers, I can name you 15 cancers that have very little to do with genetics. Medicine focuses in on genetics.

Integrative doctors like me focus in on you, your immune system, your metabolism. I know, [00:15:30] like I've told you many a time, I got bad genetics. Cancer ravaged our family, my siblings, my parents. Diabetes ravages our family. I've got bad genetics, but I always tell people, you can override your genetics.

So here in the United Kingdom, they found out when they gave the flu shot and you had any kind of obesity, the flu shot [00:16:00] didn't work. You weren't even making antibodies according to that research in the United Kingdom. Well, hello, I've been telling you that for a long time. The problem is food. It destroys our immune system. You can wear 17 masks if you want, you can wash your hands a thousand times a day if you want, [00:16:30] you can stop going outside and don't go anywhere and stay in your house if you want. It's not the virus, it's you. If you're healthy metabolically, you'll swat this virus off like a pesky fly. And that's a fact.

So when I was talking to you the other day about your lymphatic system, your lymphocytes. Your T cells are lymphocytes because they're made in the bone marrow. [00:17:00] Your white blood cells are made in the bone marrow but it's your thymus gland that matures them. And you want immunity, it's up to you. Your immune system is up to you. And listen, your immune system is coded to find the coronavirus. It's all, God, this is new. Well, the coronavirus is not new. Yes, there's always [00:17:30] deviations of these viruses. They mutate and they change. But your body is fearfully and wonderfully made. Your body knows exactly what to do if you give it the tools.

Do you understand that part of it? Can I be honest with you? I've never been scared of this virus. Not for me personally. I haven't been. My son when I was in Florida, "Dad, get home." Not that he was scared of the virus. He was scared of, "Dad. They're going [00:18:00] to close the border. The world is going to go crazy." And you know, my son is smarter than I am, because he was right and I was wrong. I was sitting in Florida and going, "Are you kidding me? They'll never do that. They're never going to close the border. They're never going to restrict travel. They're going to put the travel industry out of business." I said, "Tony Junior, they won't do it." Show ya how smart I am. They did it.

Personally, I wasn't scared. [00:18:30] Look, guys, I try and take care of myself. I really do. I understand as I age my immune system isn't like when I was 25 years old, I get that. I understand that. I understand the shrinkage of the thymus gland. I understand that. But I'm doing everything I can, and one thing I can control is what I put in my mouth every day. And every once in a while, I have to talk to myself [00:19:00] and remind myself of that. I love eating. You? I love eating. Every day I have to discipline myself. I call it the three Ds. I wrote a book about human psychology. Well, I was talking about food way back then. I think it was 25, 30 years ago. I don't know if I invented these three Ds but that's what I learned in psychology. You know what I learned in psychology, human psychology? Not much.

I'm not a [00:19:30] psychologist, but if you're a physician of any kind, you got to be somewhat psychologists. You know what I learned? It takes three weeks to form a habit. The gyms are full in January, empty in February, true or false? Yeah, it's true. And you know how many people come on, and God love them, I love you, I do, I mean it, I love you, you come on to our Martin Clinic Facebook group or whatever and you go, "Did you mean just eggs, meat, and [00:20:00] cheese? Did you really mean that Dr. Martin?" Yeah, I meant it. "I don't know if I can do that." Yes you can. Desire, number one, desire is up here. You got to have, you know what? I'm going to take care of myself. You need a plan to succeed.

I never left a patient, out of 46 years out of my practice, ever once, that I didn't give them a plan to succeed. [00:20:30] They came to see me so they must have had a desire to get better. But I said, you know what? There's two other Ds. You got to transfer from this to your heart now, 18 inches, transfer it to become determined. Oh, you have no idea how many people I talk to in a day and that I have talked to and I said, "Well, you're on the Titanic, you're a diabetic or a pre or you have hardening of your arteries as we speak. [00:21:00] How do I know that? Well, look at your triglycerides. They're high and you don't have good cholesterol. You're worried about lowering your cholesterol, I'm worried about getting your cholesterol higher, good cholesterol, HDL, I could tell within a few minutes." And I said, "Okay, here's what you do. Change your diet." "Ah, Dr. Martin, I thought you were going to give me a pill." No, although [00:21:30] I do recommend you take probiotics and vitamin D or whatever. But no, no, no, no, no, you got to go home and change your diet because you got metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by insulin resistance. And 88% of the population according to the CDC, has metabolic syndrome, 88%!

The 12% that are healthy, some of them came to see me and you know what I would do. I'd give them a high five and say, "Keep going, man. Keep going." [00:22:00] People that had already changed their diet. People that had already changed their lifestyle. It's not even a diet, it's a lifestyle. And you need, not only a desire to be well, you need a determination to do it. That's where the transfer takes place. That's human psychology by the way, 18 inch change. I am determined. Okay? So, that's a mindset.

And then the third one is discipline. Every day even when your [00:22:30] scale hasn't moved ladies, every day, "Oh I quit." No, no, no, no. Don't quit. Be disciplined, every day. We're surrounded by food. Make the right choices every day. That's human psychology guys, 101. Like I said, three weeks to form a habit. That's why I do the reset. That's part of it. And then you need a mindset of desire, determination, [00:23:00] and then discipline. It'll help you in every area of your life by the way. I always tell people, look, if you're not disciplined, I don't care who you are, you will never be a success in life, in anything, in health. Never. Folks, good health doesn't happen by osmosis. "Oh, I'm just going to think about being healthy and that's going to fix it." No, no, [00:23:30] it's a start. I want you to think, but if you want a healthy immune system, listen to me, it's not the virus.

Whether COVID-19 goes away or it doesn't go away, it becomes COVID-20, COVID-21, COVID-22 or whatever, SARS or whatever it is, a new wave comes and they close everything down. I'm not optimistic that they won't do it again. Politicians get drunk on power. [00:24:00] I never seen anything like it. And the health units, at least in Ontario, I don't know what it's like there, but they have all the say. They override the government in a healthcare crisis. They override, they're powerful. And nobody's elected them.

Anyway, don't let me get into politics. But I'm concerned guys, about you. I want you to understand what to do and I want you, whether they ever come with a vaccine [00:24:30] that stimulates your T cells, you don't need a vaccine to stimulate your T cells. I've proven it to thousands and thousands and thousands of patients, how to improve their immune system. And guys, it's not only just for viruses and bacteria. Your immune system is what fights cancer. You want to rev up your immune system.

Boy, am I ever pontificating this morning. My [00:25:00] blood pressure is up. I'm getting a workout. I get excited. I get excited. And I know I'm preaching to the choir this morning. You folks, you get it. You get it. You're not relying on a mask. You might wear it, but you're not relying on it. You're wearing an invisible mask with vitamin A, and to get vitamin A, you need to eat vitamin S. How do you like that? To get vitamin A, because vitamin A protects [00:25:30] all of your mucosa, that's where the virus comes in. The virus comes in either through your eyes, your nose, your mouth, and you have an invisible shield if you got enough vitamin A.

Nobody talks about that, but that's how you get a good immune system, vitamin A. But you need vitamin S to have vitamin A. You have to eat steak to get vitamin A, pro retinol A, [00:26:00] eggs, meat, and cheese. Vitamin A is not, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Vitamin A is not in the plant kingdom. Pro retinol A is not in the plant kingdom. So you go on the internet, you go to Google, you go to Netflix, you go to whatever, "Oh, don't eat red meat, that's bad for you." Well, if you don't need steak, you ain't getting vitamin A. [00:26:30] You can have carrots and have beta carotene. That's a precursor, but it's not vitamin A. Don't fool yourself. It's just not.

So if you know vegetarians or vegans, they need to supplement. I know, I'm not popular when it comes to that. I'm going against the grain but I'm sorry, them there are the facts. You want a healthy immune system, you need vitamin A, so you need vitamin S. [00:27:00] I hardly ever give people vitamin A, unless they're extremely low or they're vegetarians or vegans. I tell them, well, you better take vitamin A. I have a product in the office, blood boost, and I give it to them because it's got lots of vitamin A in it, but you eat it in vitamin S, steak. Nevermind probiotics, and I could talk to you a whole session about vitamin D, [00:27:30] but you get the message guys?

So in closing, remember that. It's your immune system. It's what you do. You can't control other people. You can influence other people, but you can't control them. But I'm aiming at you. I'm aiming at you so you take care of yourself and master your immune system and make it great. Make it work for you. [00:28:00] Take a deep breath now. Okay, love you guys, talk to you very soon. Share this, you can influence people. You can't control them, but you can influence them. Love you guys.

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