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Dr.Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Good to have you on with us this morning. Now let me start with something, okay? By posted, you'll see a little study on how fast the [00:00:30] virus gets killed by the sun. Now I took a lot of heat for that, right? If you go back, go back over a month ago now, I talked about that. When they closed the beaches down in Florida, I was upset about that. Not only because I was in Florida at the time, but it was more than that. I just said, "No in the sun, the virus doesn't do well." Now, yesterday, I don't know [00:01:00] if you knew this or not, one thing about President Trump, you either love him or hate him. I've never seen a more polarizing person as Trump and people, when they hate him, it doesn't matter what he says, they hate him.

Dr.Martin: So yesterday he brought a guy from Homeland security and whatever, and the guy was just put up a chart, which I posted by the way. It's posted, and how fast [00:01:30] the sun kills the virus. It's seconds. So when they kept us in the house, you guys know me, so if you don't like what I say, you got every right to have your own opinion. Okay? I respect that. But I've been consistent about the importance of vitamin D. First of all, that's for your immune system. I talked about that, haven't I? What about our immune system? Because guess [00:02:00] what? It's either COVID-19 or COVID-20 or COVID whatever. We are surrounded by bugs and viruses. They will come back. They might come back worse. I don't know. But guys, you know me, I'm consistent.

Dr.Martin: Two things. One, build your immune system, your own, for you. Right? I talked about how white blood cells ... I've [00:02:30] shown this to patients in the office. You can see it under a microscope, very powerful microscope, but they chase a bacteria around. But if you eat sugar, they stop and so the most of your immune system is in your gut, your bacteria. I said it yesterday. Don't over clean. The whole thing, if our whole point coming out [00:03:00] of this, if we ever do, if all you learned was wash your hands ... I went after a group. I have a lot of respect for this group of doctors in the United States. Okay? I like it because they do a lot of research and I respect them big time. Okay? But they wrote something the other day about how not to touch your face.

Dr.Martin: Don't get in the habit of touching your ... Guys, [00:03:30] I can't handle that. Look, if you don't have a new immune system at all, then don't touch your face. I don't know. Do what we did with our little kids or babies when they were scratching their face. Remember when little babies they'd scratch their face? You put mitts on them while they were sleeping. Maybe we ought to do that with people that don't have an immune system. [00:04:00] Put gloves on them 24 and seven. But for the rest of us, not touching your face, are you kidding me? I watched yesterday. It was almost like a joke. Nancy Pelosi, who's a politician in the States, and she's giving a lecture and she touched her nose and everybody went crazy. I'm always touching my beard. I can't help [00:04:30] it. But guys, come on, think about that for a minute.

Dr.Martin: If this is going to save the world, let's wash our hands 1000 times a day and please, okay, don't take this wrong, okay? Because some people, they're so uptight that they come after me all the time. I'm not telling you not to wash your hands. I'm not saying that. I'm not telling you not to touch your face. Here's the point I'm [00:05:00] making, and I'm not telling you not to social distance, but here's the point I'm making. You don't need to social distance outside. Go to the parks. I know. Don't break the law, but you guys know me. I've been saying it right from day one. I was so upset when they closed the beach in Florida. They should have poured us all down to Florida and build their immune system with vitamin D and kill the virus with the [00:05:30] sun. I showed you was it this week or last week? I don't remember.

Dr.Martin: Every day seems like the same for me. I brought you statistics about Florida and Arizona ... or not Arizona ... California. They hardly have any virus. They have the virus. Hardly anybody sick. I mean comparatively, they're 40 million people living there in California. They [00:06:00] shut the whole state down for something that turns out to be, turns out to be the flu bug. The numbers are like the flu bug and look, again, I don't want to get into politics. I don't want to. I just want to talk to you about what they said yesterday at a news conference that this virus can't stand the sun. Well, there you go. And because President Trump said it, [00:06:30] the media went ballistic. It wasn't him who said it. It was a guy, a doctor. Jeepers.

Dr.Martin: People are missing the point, but now it'll be like that's stupid. You know that's stupid. But guys, I'm preaching to you guys. Take care of yourself and your family. Get outside. There's still signs [00:07:00] on my street that are telling people in their windows, "Stay the F home." That's what it's written. Are you kidding me? Get outside. I had people telling me, "Well you shouldn't really go ride your bike or go ..." Look, I know some people have said, but they've got people so scared and they've made people squeal on each other.

Dr.Martin: Like I told you yesterday, there was a lady that [00:07:30] got arrested with her kids in a park. Let the kids go play in the dirt at the park. If you're offended by that, you're offended by that. I'm sorry. I am consistent as the day is long. I'm consistent because I've been talking about you taking care of your immune system. You not over cleaning. You get in the sun and get outside. Don't stay in the house. [00:08:00] It's the worst thing for you. You need humidity, get outside. You need sun, get outside. Anyway, okay. It was kind of funny yesterday because as we were doing the show yesterday afternoon, my son went on a rant.

Dr.Martin: I said, "You see? You see?" He went on a little rant and I enjoyed it watching him because I said, "Yeah, you see that's what I do everyday. I have a rant." [00:08:30] You guys are beautiful people, by the way. You put up with my rants. Okay, so I just wanted to open up with that because it's newsworthy. Somebody the other day was telling me too, "Don't talk about the COVID-19 anymore." Well, too bad. So sad. It's a health issue and that's what I'm into. I can't help it. I'm going to talk about it. If there's something that that [00:09:00] needs to be talked about, I'm going to talk about it. I know you can get sick of it. I'm sick of not being able to go back to my life. Politicians are making decisions. I think the United States is going to open up before us, but in Canada, I don't know when we're going to get back to normal. If there ever is the new normal.

Dr.Martin: So somebody was asking about a dry [00:09:30] skin and I talked about this in the middle of this week, because I talked about the thyroid gland. Now it doesn't have to necessarily be the thyroid. When you have experienced dry skin, it could be menopausal. And for women they get dry skin. They've always talked about estrogen being low and dealing with estrogen. But I'm a big guy on estrogen/progesterone [00:10:00] balance. You need both and you need them to be equal. I don't care how old you are, eight years old, ladies, or 88 years old. Your body is always producing those two hormones, by the way, always. I mentioned it yesterday afternoon on the life question and answer we did.

Dr.Martin: I talked about like ladies, if you have a hysterectomy, total, no more ovaries, you're still a woman. God gave [00:10:30] you plan B. You're still going to produce estrogen/progesterone, not at the same level, but you still will produce it. Now you're not going to have a baby, but you're still going to produce those two hormones. Your body has plan B. Amazing eh? So all I'm saying is like dry skin now, I think it was mentioned both you and your husband have it. Well, look at your environment. Look at your house. Maybe there's not enough humidity. Put a humidifier [00:11:00] in your home.

Dr.Martin: You know I talked about that maybe a couple of weeks ago. I don't remember. I don't remember anymore about humidity, because when you have humidity, it kills the virus. We have a humidifier in our room, our bedroom, because it's science. It helps your ... Remember I talked about your mucosa in your mouth and in your nose and around your eyes? The mucosa, you want that to be moist. That's why [00:11:30] drinking water is important. During the day drink water and at night when you sleep, put a humidifier in your room. It really helps to kill the virus.

Dr.Martin: We dry things out too much, just like we over clean. You kill everything. You don't want to kill all your good bacteria guys. You have good bacteria. They're on your side. Human beings are made with good bacteria, so that that's [00:12:00] a huge part of your immune system. You want good bacteria. You want good bacteria, even for moisture on your skin. People that shower two or three times a day, it's not good. You're over cleaning. You don't see it, but if you could take a picture of my hands right now, even though I just took a shower, if you could take a picture of it, you wouldn't believe how many bacteria are still there.

Dr.Martin: Now most of them are good, [00:12:30] but you're always going to be around viruses. You're always going to be around bacteria. What planet do you think you're going to live on to get away from this stuff? So medicine says, and God bless them, okay? They're doing the best they can, but medicine says, "Wash your hands." Medicine says, "Don't touch your face." Medicine says, "Practice social distancing." Remember yesterday I was saying, "We should all carry [00:13:00] a hockey stick. Someone comes close, give them a swat." But no, but that's medicine and God bless them. That's what they think of. That's their prevention.

Dr.Martin: Where's the most dangerous place in the world for you to go? Africa, Afghanistan, Iran? Where's the most dangerous place in the world to go? Your hospital, the hospital. Yes, it's the most dangerous [00:13:30] place to go. Now please, I didn't say don't go there. If you have a heart attack, you better get to the stinking hospital, right? I'm not saying don't go. I'm just telling you a fact. It's the most dangerous place in the world to go. Why? Super bugs, super bugs. Staph that look like Godzilla. Staph infections I mean. And what happened is they over clean.

Dr.Martin: I'm telling [00:14:00] you overuse of antibiotics. And again, guys, you know me. You know me. Am I against antibiotics? No, I am not. So don't say that I am because I've been 1,000,000% consistent with antibiotics. Listen, antibiotics have saved millions of people's lives, but we have a double edged sword. I'm writing about this again. [00:14:30] I think I've written 20 books and in 20 books I've talked about antibiotics. Go back into the late 80s, 90 whatever. When I talked about chronic fatigue syndrome, I talked about the overuse of antibiotics because I'm a history guy.

Dr.Martin: You come in, I'm taking your history. I want to know. You fill out a form and I want to know your history. Go back to your childhood, autoimmune [00:15:00] diseases. It's not that we never saw them in the 1960s or the ... but today they are out of control. There are so much auto immune from celiac, ulcerative colitis, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus. I'm telling you, autoimmune guys, one of the biggest factors in autoimmune [00:15:30] is antibiotics. I told you the other day, one, five days of antibiotics will kill all your good guys. They kill them all. And in your gut, especially, okay, like you've got bacteria all over the place, but in your gut is a war that goes on in there. And this is why if you listen to what I've said over the years, we have new disorders today. One of them is autism. [00:16:00] Now it's not genetics. I don't think it's vaccines. I don't think it is. That's me.

Dr.Martin: I've got lots of respect for people that do research and whatever. Okay? So go for it. All I'm saying is that what has come back to bite us today is the overuse of antibiotics. And it starts in the womb for [00:16:30] babies, that bacteria. And if you're balanced, you got a good microbiome. One thing I've shown people over the years, if you go out and play in the dirt ... you know kids, quit cleaning them all the time. We're made to live with bacteria. We're made to live with viruses. If you could see your home or whatever, and you had a microscope to look, you'd be shocked. But [00:17:00] don't get frightened by that. I'm not saying never clean your house, I'm not saying that, but when you use all those chemicals in your home to clean, you're stripping away all your good bacteria and you're setting up a problem.

Dr.Martin:                And it's the same thing with, in my opinion, with autism. Mommy was on an antibiotic or baby, early, oftentimes for ear infections or mommy had a C-section. Guys, I'm just giving you facts. [00:17:30] C-sections. C-section can save your life. Am I against it? No. I'm just saying that the prevalence of autism is in babies who were C-sectioned. The prevalence, not everyone. Why is that? Well, you see that mucosa when you come down, when a baby comes down that birth canal, guess what they're getting? Mommy's mucous, [00:18:00] bacteria, good bacteria. It's good for baby.

Dr.Martin: As the baby gets that into the craw, the sinuses, and into the ... it helps them. It's one of the factors, guys. Anyway. Okay, so dry skin. Look at the hormones. Look at the thyroid. We talked about that all week about the thyroid gland. Look at your home. Maybe too dry. I don't know. You [00:18:30] know, I don't know. It could be one of those things. Okay? Somebody asked about adrenal adenomas. Does it secrete cortisol? No, but if you have an adrenal ... if you have any kind of tumor or whatever, your cortisol is probably going to go up. But the tumors, well, your adrenal glands secrete cortisol, but the tumor itself won't secrete more cortisol.

Dr.Martin: Remember what cortisol is, it's the fight or flight [00:19:00] that stays on. Okay, so cortisol is normal unless it goes on for a long time period of time. Alina was asking about milk thistle. While I answered that ... I thought I did yesterday. Milk thistle, it's good for your liver. Do you need to take it as a supplement? Eh, I have it in my blood boost, but I talked to you yesterday how to clean your liver. [00:19:30] Stop eating carbs. Your liver is a suitcase. Empty the suitcase, and you cleaned your liver. Okay. About migraines. Well, we touched on this yesterday afternoon. I think it was Suzanne. We talked about migraines and Tony Jr. and I both talked about that. What migraines are ... legion could be the reasons, but she was saying, well, she gets them, or at least she was asking about people that you know, chocolate [00:20:00] triggers them, beans or sodium nitrate or whatever.

Dr.Martin: Well, you know what? That, in my opinion, if it gets triggered by those things, is a gut issue. Leaky gut, leaky brain. I often think that my opinion on migraines is, and I mentioned this yesterday, is that hormones, estrogen dominance is one of the problems. Leaky gut is certainly a huge issue. When [00:20:30] you fix that, inflammation, dehydration. We talked about vitamin W yesterday. You need water. Drink your water. And somebody did say afterwards, 95% of tea is water. I know that, but it's not water. Because when you drink tea or coffee, okay, I love coffee. You guys know that. The true vitamin C, it goes on a different route.

Dr.Martin: It doesn't head directly to your bloodstream. [00:21:00] Did you know that? See water takes its own path. If your body has to filter your drinking, your fluid, then it takes a different path. It's not immediately into your bloodstream. That's how wonderfully you're built. When you drink water, within seconds it's into your bloodstream. It doesn't have to be filtered. It's a beautiful thing. That's why I'm in love with vitamin W. Oh, Dr. Martin, I don't like water. [00:21:30] Well, too bad. Suck it up, buttercup. You need to drink water and you know who's the worst at it? Men. Oh, Dr. Martin, I'm not thirsty. Well too bad you big baby. Take it. I talked to you about the importance of that and heart disease yesterday.

Dr.Martin: Okay, so Suzanne. Oh, by the way, one of the biggest things, and I should have said this, one of the biggest things in migraines is insulin. Insulin resistance, high circulating [00:22:00] insulin. That's your diet. You only secrete insulin when you eat. It's food. So cut out the stinking sugars and carbohydrates. Amazing. Joan was asking about Hashimoto's. We talked about this yesterday afternoon and I mentioned to Joan all week. Hashimoto's is autoimmune. Okay, so what started it? What started that? Was it antibiotics as a child? Killed your good bacteria in your gut [00:22:30] and years later you develop Hashimoto's? I'm telling you, I'm a history guy. Here's what I want to say generally. Name me the autoimmune and I have never seen a case of autoimmune, never, that didn't have leaky gut attached to it. Is that the cause? I think so.

Dr.Martin: I believe autism is autoimmune. The body overreacted. That's me. Okay. [00:23:00] Am I wrong? Maybe, but I'm a history guy. Like I said. I just go back. I always, whenever you have a problem, I go backwards. I want to know, give me your history. Give me your history. This is what I want to know. You know when I did chronic fatigue syndrome, I told you about that. I'm a big guy on history because I was going backwards to find out why in the 1980s we were seeing this new phenomenon. [00:23:30] They didn't even call it chronic fatigue. They called it the yuppie flu. They called it the Epstein Barr. They called it and I said, well nah, nah, nah, nah. So history, history, history, history. Guess what? One of the biggest factors, antibiotics. Yeah. Antibiotics. Save your life, but have a double edged sword. Okay?

Dr.Martin: So Hashimoto's, another autoimmune. We talked about that. [00:24:00] Somebody was asking about another autoimmune. See, I'm always going to come back to the gut. It's vitiligo is you see people that have lost all their pigment. A lot of times it's around their mouth or even on their arms or whatever. That's an autoimmune disorder. Again, I go back, I go back and take that person's history. Can you fix it? Not easy to fix because it attacked the cells [00:24:30] that produce your pigment. So sometimes you can't undo it. You try, but not always. Okay? Good questions.

Dr.Martin: Itchy ears, fungus. You got itchy? It's candida inside the ears. Remember what I said, I think it was yesterday, about your mucus. You get chronic sinusitis. Don't look at a bacterial infection. [00:25:00] You might get an infection. You need an antibiotic. I get that. Oh, I got a sinus infection. The thing is, the problem with that antibiotic, remember what happens. You don't have any more friendly bacteria left and guess what happens? Now yeast comes in. Guys in the Army, let me just finish with this today because I think I'm pretty well ... I wanted to talk about, okay, I'll, I'll try and answer these quickly.

Dr.Martin: Now you got two armies. Good guys, bad guys. 80% [00:25:30] of all of that is in your gut. Good guys, bad guys. It's almost like they're looking at each other and as long as they're equal, they won't fight. They get along. But if you take an antibiotic and don't stop with antibiotics. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories or if you're a sugarholic, you're a carboholic, what does that do? It feeds the bad guys. The bad guys love sugar. [00:26:00] Not the good guys, the bad guys. So what happens? Bad guys get bigger. I know I'm being simplistic, okay? I'm a teacher. I'm trying to make it simple, okay? I'm simple. I need simple for me, okay, so anyway. This army gets bigger than the good guys and the worst thing that happens ... In medicine, we call it [00:26:30] dysbiosis.

Dr.Martin: In dysbiosis, what happens? You have a third army that invades, it's called yeast, fungus, candida albicans. Candida comes into the body. You always have a little bit, but good bacteria keep it down. What if you don't have anymore good bacteria? They love yeast. [00:27:00] Yeast is the first cousin of mold. Mold is a fungus guys, right? That's how they discovered antibiotics, by the way, from fungus, right? They cultured. Anyway, Louis Pasteur. But guys listen, listen to what I'm saying. When yeast, you can't see it. Ladies, you know what it is, but if you have recurring and you're ... you get [00:27:30] postnasal drip that can get into ... it loves moisture. Gets into your lungs. It's never taken into consideration really when it comes to sinus infections, allergies, a lot of allergies, is inside that war.

Dr.Martin: If you get a chance, watch ... I don't know if Brandy can post it, I did a video. It was seen I think 100,000 times [00:28:00] or more. 150,000 I think. I called it the invisible war. I did a teaching on it. Guys, that's what happens. And you've got itchy ears. It's fungus. It's not bacteria. It's not wax. It's yeast. And don't feed it. You're feeding your bad bacteria with a crappy diet diet, and you feed candida yeast. Don't feed the bears. Remember that [00:28:30] when I wrote that in a book? Don't feed the bears. Yeast, don't feed it.

Dr.Martin: Okay, so Ernie was asking about prostate formula while Ernie, I don't know what you were asking about it. Well if you find a better prostate formula, Ernie, than the one that we developed at the Martin Clinic, send me a picture of the label and I'll send you a free bottle of ours. You ain't going to find better than ours. That just me. Personally formulated for men [00:29:00] with our prostate. But remember about prostate. Two things that make the prostate grow. And this is another question that was asked about cancer. Two things that make cancer grow. Insulin, estrogen. Men, even you. Insulin, estrogen. Okay? So cancer and nutrition. Look, I'm going to do a whole thing on that. Okay? Louise, thanks [00:29:30] for asking, but I'm not going to spend ... I'll talk about cancer and nutrition maybe next week. Okay? Good question though.

Dr.Martin: But when Alex Trebek got cancer, you remember that? I did a teaching. What would I do if I was Alex Trebek as far as eating and supplements? Look you decide chemo or radiation. No, that's what medicine does. I'm talking about, I'd rather first of all that you never get cancer, if you can avoid. [00:30:00] And then I talk about nutrition if you do. Okay? Tony Jr. and I wrote a book, Are You Built For Cancer? And we talked about preventing cancer with nutrition. And the other one is Lyme's. Again, I won't spend a lot of time on it, but I will bring a teaching on it on Lyme's. I've done it before but I'm going to do it again because that's a modern disorder that we didn't see like Lyme's. Tell [00:30:30] me above Lyme's. Not that it wasn't around. It's a bacterial tick, but I never saw Lyme's. I mean it.

Dr.Martin: Well maybe we saw it, but we didn't know how to diagnose it or whatever. I see a lot of Lyme's today, but I want to talk about what the cause, why and what to do. So those are teachings I'm going to have to spend a little bit more time on. Look, I love you guys. Thank you for bringing in the questions and thank you again for [00:31:00] putting up with my rants.

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