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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Guys, I'm going to tell you about my trip to Costco. Okay? Now that's a big thing, right? [00:00:30] You get out of prison, you know? We get out of jail card to go to the grocery. I never thought in my life, I mean this, it's almost like a bad joke, that I ever be excited to go to ... Well, Costco is more than a grocery store, of course. We lined up. We lined up. Now, we didn't [00:01:00] line up long. We actually got there at a very good time. I think we were standing in line maybe 10 minutes and then we got in.

Dr. Martin: I just want to talk to you about, you know, I know you guys, where you're coming from and I get it, but, "Well Doc, why did you go to Costco?" Okay, well groceries and a bought a shed. [00:01:30] Bought some summer chairs. Hopefully, we're going to get a summer here. One of the things you guys were asking me about olive oil the other day, right? I brought it out as a, well, this is one of the things I got a Costco because it's organic, it is cold pressed and it's two liters. I mean, it's a lot of olive oil, but we use a lot of olive oil. Rosie loves it for cooking [00:02:00] and in her spaghetti sauce that you would die for. Okay?

Dr. Martin: Yeah, Dr. Martin has spaghetti. I married an Italian, but I don't have a lot of noodles. I live on the meat and the sauce. Oh, to die for. Okay? Anyway, I'm at Costco and I'm not kidding, and I think they've made this, as a matter of fact I'm pretty sure that [00:02:30] everybody that works in Costco has to wear a mask and gloves, so we saw that. But the vast majority of people that went into Costco and we lined up and then as we went around in Costco the other day had masks on, the vast majority of them did, and gloves. It's the new world order, guys. It's the new world order.

Dr. Martin: Now again, I'm [00:03:00] not against that. I showed you the other day a mask that if you want to look for a picture of it, it's in our Martin Clinic Facebook group. I've got a picture of me wearing one of Rosie's masks that she made. Might as well get used to it. You probably won't be able to get on the plane and you probably won't be able to go to a restaurant. You probably, I don't know what the rules are going to come down, [00:03:30] but you know, you go to China. I've been to China even it's almost, it's not 20 years ago, but probably about 15 years ago I went to China to give some seminars. Over there it's nothing for them to wear a mask. Of course their pollution is horrendous, right? They don't use it so much for the transmission of viruses or bacteria, they use it for air pollution mostly.

Dr. Martin: They're used to [00:04:00] it, so they get on a plane and you'll often see Chinese people with masks on, but that's probably going to be the new normal. But here's my point, here's my point. When you looked at people's baskets coming out, and in Costco, I don't know about you guys, but for me the problem with Costco is you spend too much money there. But you know, now mind [00:04:30] you, we bought some summer stuff and whatever, but you know, everything's big and you know you're, I bought peanut butter, I love peanut butter. I saw natural peanut butter there. I said, "Okay, I'm going to try it." I didn't really need it cause I already had peanut butter at home, but I'm just so scared of running out of peanut butter. I love peanut butter. That's me.

Dr. Martin: You get these big peanut butters I mean, okay, but [00:05:00] that's Costco. But listen, here's the point. Here's my bottom line at the trip to Costco. People got a mask on, people got the gloves on, people are staying six feet apart and yet their carts are full of junk. Cereal, candy bars, chips, pop, soda, loaded up [00:05:30] and they got a mask on and gloves on. Guys, in the last month I have been sharing with you that anybody, and I mean with almost no exceptions to this, almost no exceptions to this. People that get sick and are hospitalized have metabolic syndrome. That means they are pre-diabetic. They either have fatty liver or they're starting [00:06:00] to have fatty liver, high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides, TGs, and low levels of good cholesterol, HDL, high levels of uric acid.

Dr. Martin: Now, they might not have all of those things. Obesity, I've been telling you this. In the African American population, it's four to one in the USA. They go to the hospital, get sick. My trip [00:06:30] to Costco, I felt like if they would've given me a soapbox, I would've got up and started preaching. Hello! Hello! What will keep you from this virus is not just washing your hands and wearing a mask. What will keep you from getting sick from this virus is if you don't have metabolic syndrome. [00:07:00] If you don't have prediabetes or diabetes. Every stat is proven that, but nobody's talking about it. Nobody is saying, "Look, clean up your diet," because look, people are waiting for a vaccine. Well, you can clean up your diet today.

Dr. Martin: They got a vaccine for the flu. The flu shot is a vaccine, by the way. You might not, did you know that? The flu shot is a [00:07:30] vaccine. Yeah, well they call it the flu shot, but it's a vaccine. Does it work? I don't know. Well, I'm not against it. All I'm saying is every year the flu kills more people than COVID-19. We don't want to talk about that. They're coming out of Costco with their junk, with sugary cereal, they got Cheerios. They've got Frosted Flakes in [00:08:00] the big, big, big boxes and they got pastry, you know, muffins in the big, big thing, and the breads and the bagels and junk.

Dr. Martin: I'm not the food police. Okay? Do what you feel like doing, guys. You know, I know I'm talking to the choir so you guys know what I'm saying. [00:08:30] But it frustrates me because we're going to get another virus. It's coming back. Whether it's COVID-19 or COVID-20 are Coronavirus is the cold virus. It's coming back. Anyway, I just have to tell you about that. It bothers me. Here's people like and miserable. I hate it. I actually saw one of my patients in the [00:09:00] Costco and we had such a nice chat. It was fun. You know? We talked, a couple there I kind of enjoyed it. They're friendly as all get out. Other people are, "Don't come near me. Don't come near me." They stay six feet.

Dr. Martin: You know, what they should do is give us all a hockey stick. You know, cause that's how far you're supposed to stay apart. If you get closer I guess [00:09:30] they can hit you with it. People are so uptight. I'd never seen anything like it. Guys, the media, the governments, God bless them, but they're scaring the living daylights out of us. People, I've never seen anything like it. I walked down the sidewalk the other day, Rosie and I went for a walk, and a guy saw me coming and it's almost like he did a swan dive. [00:10:00] Lucky he didn't go to his left he would have did a swan dive onto a busy ... Nothing's busy except Costco. Nothing's busy. He would have jumped onto the highway, but he went the other way and he jumped into the bushes scared that I'm going to come within six feet. Give us each a hockey stick. Carry a hockey stick. They come near you give them a slap.

Dr. Martin: [00:10:30] No, crazy. It's craziness. By the way, this virus, it's on surfaces primarily. It's not in the air. I get outside. Oh, let me just bring up one thing that you know and I get it. I understand. Okay? Dr. Martin, you're such an exaggerator. Okay. How come there's so many deaths [00:11:00] where there's sunshine like Florida now? No, there's not. No, there's not. I'm going to give you today's statistics. What have I been saying to you? The number one thing is vitamin D. It's sun. The virus doesn't do well, I actually posted the studies. I don't even know how to post, but I posted this one. On our Facebook page I put the studies out that this virus doesn't do well in the sun. [00:11:30] Somebody actually said online the other day, which I appreciated defending me. She said, "Well, people in Florida don't go in the sun." By and large, you're right. They're scared skinny of it.

Dr. Martin: But I just want to give you stats. Okay? Cause you know, cause some people come after me. Well let me just read you the stats. I just looked them up. In Florida, you listening? [00:12:00] In Florida, how many people live in Florida? 21 million people live in Florida. 21 million. Here's the stats. 764 people died of the Coronavirus. Now, I don't want to go into this, but the lot of times they're putting like if you had cancer and you're at the last stage and you happen to die [00:12:30] in the hospital in the last month, a lot of times they're putting Coronavirus. You died with the Coronavirus, you didn't die of the Coronavirus cause you had four stage cancer. I'm not minimizing it, I'm just telling you stats. Now think about this, think about what I'm saying.

Dr. Martin: In Ontario, polled 14 million people. 610 people have died. [00:13:00] In Florida, older population, true or false? It's true. In Florida, there's much older population per capita than in Ontario. 764 people died of the Coronavirus. Now. Let me give you one of them. You know how many people die in Florida every year? 200,000 people die in Florida every year. 200,000. 764 [00:13:30] people died. Now, if you don't believe what I'm saying, I'm going to bring you to a state in the United States where there's 40 million people. Which one is that? California, California. 40 million people, okay? Canada doesn't have 40 million people, but California does.

Dr. Martin: Now I want to talk to you about the sun, unless you don't believe me. Here in California, how many [00:14:00] people died? 40 million people live there. 1,072 people, as of this morning, died of the Coronavirus. Now guys, five times more than that die every year in California of the flu. No, you can say, oh, they shut the thing down. That's why there's not that many deaths. Okay. The beaches are open in Florida, again. Good idea. I told you that right from the start. A lot of people criticize me [00:14:30] for saying we shouldn't close the beaches. In spite of the fact, and I was there, I saw it, I was in Florida at this time on the beach. Spring Break was taking place. You had young people, I mean, where we were in Hollywood I mean they were just like sardines on the beach. We went to the beach a couple of days cause I had my grandchildren with me. It was packed. They've got [00:15:00] 764 people in Florida beaches that have died.

Dr. Martin: Guys. We got a 24 hour news cycle and I told people ... You know what we have in Sudbury? Nothing! Like my son says, we had a pancake for the spike. There was no spike and it's not like the weather's been good, [00:15:30] there's but no weather here. Like it's been cold. Some sunny days, I really enjoy that, by the way. I like the sun, but we got to put this stuff into perspective, guys. And don't wait for the vaccine. Get your vitamin D, eat well. Those are facts. What are we going to do about that? Well, I'm aiming at you and you aim at the people you have influence on. Okay? [00:16:00] I'm very thankful, by the way, for you guys tuning in. You have no idea how much I appreciate that.

Dr. Martin: I have a soapbox every morning and I'm just going to, you know me, I'm going to say it as I see it. The best thing that you can do for your immune system, the best thing is found in the sun. Well, you guys know this. The flu bug, [00:16:30] there's never a no break of the flu in the summer is there. And there won't be this year, either. I know this virus is different. I know it, but it's still a virus. It's still a virus. It's not going to proliferate in the heat. People are, "Oh, there are people dying!" I didn't say nobody was dying. They shut Florida down. I was there when they did it. You couldn't go anywhere. Couldn't go to the beach. They were telling Canadians [00:17:00] to go home. They were closing all the restaurants. They closed everything.

Dr. Martin: I thought it was an overreaction to me, but what really bugs me, really bugs me I mean, other than people should be in the sun. I told you guys, I told you five weeks ago, put a cargo plane. It would cost us less than what it's costing the Canadian government and the American Government. Guys weren't going to be so broke after [00:17:30] that. I told, I've been saying to people, you know, be careful what you wish for. You're at a home and you're getting all your pay, you're getting used to it. You know, let's keep it closed down. Keep it closed down, but it's not because it's working. It would have been better to send all us Canadians and said, "Let's make a deal with Mexico and Florida and Arizona and whatever, and [00:18:00] let's get us all in the sun." I think it would have been, well I know it would have been cheaper. They should have said to us snowbirds, "Stay in Florida and don't come home until this thing is gone." Hey guys, I'm just giving you my take on it.

Dr. Martin: Yeah, and I get it. Somebody says very few people went to the hospital. [00:18:30] I know that's one of the big reasons. They didn't want the health system to be overwhelmed. But here's what they know. Here's what they know, now. They didn't know it before. Here's what I've been preaching for five weeks. If you are metabolically healthy, you got nothing to worry about. You could swat this thing off like a fly. Now, most people are not metabolically healthy, but you can change that. Anyways, anyways, two [00:19:00] things. Get outside. Did you hear me? Get outside, get fresh air, open air therapy. That's what worked for the Spanish Flu. It worked better than anything else. The Spanish Flu. When the weather was good, they put the people outside when the sun came out and they did it in the days of tuberculosis. The sun. The sun. [00:19:30] One.

Dr. Martin: Two. Cut out sugar. Well, if you want to change everything, do the reset. Eggs, meat and cheese and no carbs at all. Okay, but let's say you're not going to do that. Thousands have, but let's say you're not not going to do it. What do I do, Doc? Cut out sugar. No cereals, no cereals, no oatmeal. [00:20:00] Dr. Martin, if I don't have oatmeal I might not go to the bathroom. Well, don't go to the bathroom. The bathroom's overrated. Woo. Worse than not going to the bathroom is getting your insulin elevated. That'll kill you. If you cut out your sugars, if you do nothing else, cut out your sugars.

Dr. Martin: I told you this story the other day [00:20:30] of my father never had another ounce of sugar. In 1967 when he found out he was a diabetic, he stopped eating sugar all together. I watched him. It was part of my huge training in nutrition. I watched my dad make huge changes and I learned from that because in Grade 13 you know what I did? I not only started exercising [00:21:00] ... Like, you know what jogging was? People only ran in the 1960s when they were being chased by the police. There wasn't even the word jogging, but my dad jogged. I loved my dad so much I went out jogging with them. We didn't call it jogging. He said, "Let's go for a run." Like I said, unless you were in a race or the police was chasing you, you didn't go running. People didn't go for a run just for exercise. That's how old I [00:21:30] am. Okay?

Dr. Martin: Now they don't want you to go for a run. They close the parks. They close the trails. The police in Sudbury and the bylaw officers, if they kept you on a trail, have you ever heard of anything so stupid in your life as that? It's the very thing we need. [00:22:00] One, sun. Two, cut your sugar out. Sugar literally destroys your immune system. It destroys it. It's the poison and your body knows that. Do you know that? Your body knows that sugar is poison. You know why? Because if you have sugar, your body does everything in the universe to try and get your blood sugar down. [00:22:30] When a sugar can't stay in your bloodstream, your body treats sugar as poison, yet people ... 200 pounds of sugar a year. If you don't believe me, come Costco with me the next time and watch what people put in their baskets. Read the labels.

Dr. Martin: Then they buy Tropicana Orange Juice. [00:23:00] The number one fruit in North America is Tropicana Orange Juice. No, it's Orange Juice. Not necessarily Tropicana. Guys, that you might as well have two Pepsi's. What's the difference? One, get outside, get in the vitamin D in the sun. The sun. You know that you kill mold was sunlight? Did you know that? Mold can't live in the sun. If you ever have mold in [00:23:30] your house, if you could take your roof off on a sunny day it would kill the mold. That's a fact. The sun.

Dr. Martin: Two, cut out your sugar. Cut out your sugar. Don't wait for a vaccine that might not work. I don't know. The flu shot is a vaccine. This year you know what they said? It was a bad flu season. Forget COVID-19. Apparently, we had a very bad flu season this year according to CDC. Look it up yourself guys. [00:24:00] Don't take my word for it. The effectiveness of the flu shot 2019 and 20 has been estimated at 40%. That's a fact. Look it up. Third, exercise. Vitamin E, exercise. Get outside, exercise. Go for a walk, go for a bike ride. Your neighbors might [00:24:30] not like you.

Dr. Martin: They were trying to tell me I couldn't go outside. I couldn't believe that. What are you talking about? When I'd come home from Florida, I'm always outside unless I'm writing my book or working on stuff. No, but guys, I love walking. I love exercise. I work out. I'm working out right now. He's down and I'm down with my grandson, [00:25:00] one of my grandsons, we're working out together. I love it that he wants his grandpa to work out with him. I don't use the exact same weights as he's got. I mean, the kid could lift my house. I work out three days a week with weights and every day I walk, I bike, I get outside.

Dr. Martin: In review, the sun. [00:25:30] I think I made the case this morning that if you lived in Florida or California, the biggest outbreak in the United States was in New York, right? Was in New York and New Jersey. I don't minimize that. Canada's locked down. Canada is locked down. 100%. You know, where the individual governors in the United States are starting to open [00:26:00] things up? It's not happening here, yet. I'm urging the government to open things up. If I got to wear a mask, I'll wear a mask. I've got no problem with. That's what you, if that's what is needed, but you've got to, let's get the world back going. I feel sorry for people. Guess what? If you're in an old age home or whatever, sorry, you're going to have to be locked down longer until this virus is gone. [00:26:30] What they should do is bring you out in the sun.

Dr. Martin: Wheel out grandma. Put her in the sun and take all the sugar away and get them walking if they can. Anyways guys, you know me. You know what I'm like. I'm just telling you about my trip to Costco. It drove me insane when I saw the baskets coming out and people obese and all these preexisting conditions and [00:27:00] they're waiting for the vaccine and they got their mask and gloves on. Okay. You didn't get my memo. I love you guys, Okay? Send in the questions if you want questions. Friday, Lord willing, we're going to talk question and answers and the rest of the week I've got some good studies are coming out even at this time that I want to share with you. Okay?

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