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Dr. Martin: Hi, Dr. Martin here and I want to talk to you for a few minutes just about an antioxidant that we don't hear too much about. At least, it doesn't get a lot of ink. A [00:00:30] lot of people take this antioxidant as a supplement, but I just want to give a little bit of a teaching on it this morning because of its importance. Now, I've often talked to you about antioxidants, I love Navitol pine bark extract, tremendous antioxidant. You know, you think of antioxidants as vitamin C or vitamin E, or whatever. Those are antioxidants. But, your body actually makes an antioxidant. [00:01:00] One of them is called CoQ10, so I just want to talk to you about that CoQ10. I sort of mention it in another podcast when we were talking about statin drugs.

Dr. Martin: Statin drugs are cholesterol lowering medications, and they destroy your CoQ10. As a matter of fact, if you listen to some American commercials, you will see advertisement for CoQ10, [00:01:30] and the reason is, is because if you're taking a statin drug, it is well established that it will destroy your levels of CoQ10. So, what is CoQ10? Okay, so it's an antioxidant. It's a coenzyme. You know, not to get into the weeds too much, your little mitochondria, your battery packs within your cells, absolutely [00:02:00] need CoQ10. And so, with CoQ10, your batteries work properly. But, especially in your muscle cells, so your muscles, in order for your muscles to work properly, you need your body to produce CoQ10.

Dr. Martin: As you get older, oftentimes people are with sarcopenia. What is sarcopenia? Just people that are frail. You know, [00:02:30] a lot of people think from, you know, when they think of sarcopenia or they think of frailty, they think of their bones and, yeah, that's true. But, the stronger your muscles are, the stronger your bones are. That just a fact. Your muscles attach into the bones, and the more you make your muscles strong, the stronger your bones are, the more the calcium solidifies [00:03:00] in order to anchor your muscles. This is why, like, even this morning, I was at the gym. I worked out. I want to be strong, especially as I get older, you want to be strong and able to so that you're not frail.

Dr. Martin: You know, a lot of people that have fractures and especially as they get older, they fall, their balance isn't, what we call proprioception, they lose their balance. They're off balance, a lot of that [00:03:30] has to do with muscle strength and the muscles keep you coordinated. You know, the stronger your muscles are, the better it is for every aspect of your body. One of the nutrients, one of the antioxidants that actually your body makes is called CoQ10 and that's what strengthens the mitochondria in your muscles. So, it makes your muscles a lot [00:04:00] stronger. If you're taking statin drugs, you need to take CoQ10.

Dr. Martin: Now, there's two types of CoQ10 when you take a supplement. Ubiquinone and ubiquinol, O-L at the end. Ubiquinone is a cheaper form of CoQ10. If you take it as a supplement you don't even absorb it, so don't waste your money. Make sure if you're going to take [00:04:30] CoQ10 as a supplement, you take ubiquinol, O-L at the end, not O-N-E, but O-L. Okay, so make sure of that. But, listen. You don't even have to take a supplement of CoQ10 if you eat enough meat. You know when I tell you, that Eskimos don't get heart disease. Well, that's true. I was reading a study [00:05:00] yesterday about South Koreans. Okay? I've been to Korea. I've been to South Korea to give seminars years ago. Okay?

Dr. Martin: South Koreans, and this is very true, they smoke like fiends. I mean, they didn't get the memo that we got in North America to quit smoking. They smoke and smoke and smoke, but they get very little heart disease in spite of their smoking over [00:05:30] in North Korea. Sorry, I didn't go to North Korea, South Korea. Okay? But, one of the things they do is they eat a lot of organ meat. They're big, big time eaters of meat, and just like Eskimos don't get heart disease, they really don't know what that is until they eat our McDonald's. You know, like when they eat our junk food, Eskimos get our diseases. Okay? But, when they live off [00:06:00] the land and live off meat and, you know, deer and moose and they eat all the organs, they live on seal and fish and whale blubber, they don't get heart disease.

Dr. Martin: It's not fat or cholesterol that gives you heart disease. CoQ10 when you're deficient, remember, it's for your muscle, and the last time, you know, isn't it crazy that if you take a statin drug, you're destroying the CoQ10 [00:06:30] that your body makes, and that damages muscles. About 80% of people take statin drugs get a side effect of what they call [rhombolyotheisis 00:06:41], which is a big word for muscle damage. They're so sore they can't even lift their arms. Their arms are sore, their legs are sore, they got all sorts of pain, a side effect from statin drugs. What's your heart? Seems to me, it's a muscle. So, all I'm saying is you need CoQ10 [00:07:00] to have a strong muscles, and even your heart, it's craziness.

Dr. Martin: How do you eat your CoQ10? Steak. Steak, liver too. I don't like liver so I'm not going to give it a lot of five stars, even though it is very good for your heart because it's got CoQ10. But, I mean, it doesn't have CoQ10 but it increases your cocuten in your body. Your body will make CoQ10 [00:07:30] the more steak you eat. That's why South Koreans, they eat a lot of beef. It's true. I was over there, they do. They eat a lot of beef. They eat a lot of meat. They're big time meat eaters over there. They didn't get the North American memo. You know, to be a vegetarian or a vegan, they don't do that over there in Korea when I was there. It's true. They have very strong hearts, in spite of the fact that they're smoking, [00:08:00] but they don't eat the junk food that we do.

Dr. Martin: But, guys, you need CoQ10. CoQ10, like I said, you don't hear that much about it. Your body actually produces it, and you make more of it when you eat steak. Isn't that another reason for the reset about increasing your CoQ10? You guys in the group, this is very, very, very good for you. Get that red meat [00:08:30] and enjoy, because it'll elevate your CoQ10. Okay, so guys, that's an important little tip here this morning. Okay, guys get it? But, you need your CoQ10. How do you get your CoQ10? Eat more steak.

Dr. Martin: Why is CoQ10 important? Because for your muscles. You want to be strong. You want to get, you want to have strong muscles, especially as you get older. Make your leg muscles strong [00:09:00] and your upper body strong so that you will have not only stronger muscles, but you're going to decrease your risk of falls. You're going to decrease your risk of osteoporosis. You're going to decrease your risk of fractures. A lot of people fracture easily because of their demineralization of their bones and they think it's only, it's calcium. It's not, it's muscle, [00:09:30] and you need CoQ10 for your muscles. Okay, so talk to you guys soon.

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