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Dr. Martin: Morning everyone and a couple of studies I want to go over with you that came out at the end, one on exercise, the other one on hormones on [00:00:30] one we call PCOS the polycystic ovarian disorder, I'm going to talk about that. So there's a new study on exercise, so I'll talk to you about that today, okay? But the main one we're going to look at is hormones, there's two studies that came out, one on for women, PCOS, polycystic ovarian disorder. Okay, so a couple of studies, let's talk about women's hormones, horror mones, [00:01:00] we called them horror mones in the office, okay. Because they can be horrific and they can be very confusing but I want to talk to you specifically about PCOS. Let's just talk about some of the symptoms and then we're going to talk about what is PCOS caused by. What causes because, okay? And some of the symptoms that we'll go over.

Dr. Martin: There's 11 symptoms, but you can have a variation of these ladies, [00:01:30] irregular periods. That's a big thing I always ask, I was asking a young lady last night because she was telling me she wasn't well and getting migraine and I said, "Well what are your periods like?" And she said, "Well, not really regular." I said, "Well that is a sign that you have what we call estrogen dominance. Your estrogen is way too high." And ladies, listen, this is really important, women do well when they're balanced [inaudible 00:02:01] [00:02:00] there's no balance needed. I mean, men got testosterone, okay? We're going to talk about that because there's actually a study that came out on testosterone last week. I want to make a comment on it, okay?

Dr. Martin: But men are not complicated when it comes to hormones, they don't know what... men are big babies. I mean, we don't have any... not that we can't get hormone problems, but it doesn't do much. Like if you have low testosterone, it's not good for you, a man needs [00:02:30] to have elevated testosterone, this is one of the reasons that a man needs to exercise and I'll talk to you about the study that came out on CNN, actually this is where I saw it, it was on CNN and I went and looked it up and just to give you a little bit more background on it, but that's for men. But women, you need balance between estrogen and progesterone. It's so key for your health, okay? And it has [00:03:00] to be balanced and this is all of your life. So for a woman, the day they start ovulating till the day you die, you have to have balance of your hormones because, oh doc I'm praying for menopause.

Dr. Martin: Well be careful what you pray for because menopause doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be balanced. I know a lot of women the heart [inaudible 00:03:25] and then they don't feel good and weight gain and whatever. These [00:03:30] are hormone imbalances. And unfortunately, I hate to just say it, unfortunately, most doctors, not all doctors, but most doctors, including gynecologist for heaven's sakes, they don't even test this stuff. And we talked several weeks back about they put you on the birth control pill and they give you estrogen most of the time when the problem isn't estrogen at all. Well, it's [00:04:00] too much estrogen, that's what it is. But it estrogen never acts independently, guys. Ladies, this is very important for you. Estrogen never acts independently. Estrogen and progesterone are the two key components of your ovaries and they need to be balanced. Now listen, ladies, if you have a complete hysterectomy, you're still a woman because [00:04:30] it's your hypothalamus that regulates hormones.

Dr. Martin: It's not just the ovary. So even if you have a complete hysterectomy you didn't take out your hypothalamus and your hypothalamus will get you to secrete estrogen and progesterone. It may not be as much as you used to have but the key is balance these two have to be level and ladies, [00:05:00] progesterone, progesterone, progesterone, that is the balancing hormone. Your thyroid doesn't work properly without progesterone, your estrogen won't be balanced without progesterone and cortisol affects your progesterone. So it's such an important hormone. So let's just talk a little bit about PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome disorder, okay? Polycystic ovarian [00:05:30] syndrome. What is that? That is caused primarily by two things. One, estrogen is too high. Now remember what I said, estrogen is always has to be balanced with progesterone. So, if estrogen is too high might not be that estrogen went crazy it's just that you don't have enough progesterone.

Dr. Martin: For a lot of women, this happens after a baby. See, there's three traumatic events [00:06:00] in a woman's life. One, the first time they have menses, two having a baby, pregnancy. And then especially after pregnancy because a lot of women, they leave all their progesterone in their placenta and that's normal after the baby, but their ovaries are not kicking in enough progesterone after and then they get postpartum depression or they can get PCOS. And that is where their [00:06:30] estrogen has taken off without progesterone. And then you get all these symptoms and then the third traumatic event in a woman is menopause or what they call perimenopause. I know women that are 20 years old that have trouble with their perimenopause. It's crazy. But we live in a different world today.

Dr. Martin: We live in the world and ladies, you ladies are the most affected by the world [00:07:00] in this sense, two ways, because I told you estrogen is one of the causes, the other one is insulin. So if your insulin goes up, and this is why even with PCOS doctors often will put you on Metformin. Metformin is a diabetic drug. Why do they put you on that? To lower your insulin? Well, for heaven sakes, why take a drug when you can do it with your diet? Okay? So [00:07:30] this is really, really, really important to know, okay? And Judy is asking me, is there a blood test to know your levels of estrogen and progesterone? Yeah, but they're not accurate. Unfortunately blood tests don't give you much of an idea. You're better off just actually, well, saliva is much better to get your estrogen and progesterone levels done because you could have balanced estrogen [00:08:00] and progesterone in your bloodstream, but it can be imbalanced because it's not inside your cells where it needs to be doing the job.

Dr. Martin: So I hate to be negative on the test, but the tests really don't give you much idea. And I don't go based on those tests I like you tell me how you're feeling. Let's go over symptoms, okay? So number one, a regular period. If you have an irregular period, you are out of balance, ladies, okay? [00:08:30] So menses, two ,acne. One of the biggest things in estrogen dominance compared to progesterone, part of PCOS is adult acne. Women that get acne, that's estrogen and insulin, weight gain, weight gain, ladies, no fun. You don't even eat food and you gain weight, that's estrogen. Remember what estrogen is. Estrogen [00:09:00] makes you a woman. It holds on to fat plus add insulin and insulin is a... remember I don't know if you guys ever took our course on metabolic disorder. But if you look at insulin, we have a graph there with insulin is a jail guard and then behind it is fat and the jail guard is doing this like won't let the fat escape.

Dr. Martin: That's what insulin does. It will not allow... [00:09:30] So if you have insulin resistance, that won't allow your fat to escape. Ladies, you get a double whammo from estrogen, makes you a woman, and two insulin. So insulin resistance, and this is why the reset is so good. It really does make a difference. We've had hundreds and hundreds of women tell us this has really helped balance out my hormones. Why? Because you've fixed your insulin and it really has an effect on your estrogen too, [00:10:00] okay? So acne, weight gain, hair. Look, two things with hair with hormones. One, you can lose your hair. Why? Because when estrogen and progesterone are not equal, progesterone is the thing that allows your T4, okay? So primarily get out of the weeds. Dr. Martin, just talk simple, your thyroid works best when you [00:10:30] have your T3, okay? Your T3. So all your T1, your T2, your T3, T4, T5, those are hormone, thyroid hormones. But your T3 the one that makes your hormone work the best and you don't secrete a lot of it just a little bit every year has to be balanced.

Dr. Martin: But if your estrogen and progesterone are off, ladies, especially your progesterone, you know what happens? [00:11:00] You don't convert T4 to T3 therefore you don't feel good. You got low energy and your hair is thinning or falling out. And ladies, I never argue with women, women know their hair. And the other thing with hair, so one is hair loss thinning and some ladies, they actually get patches. That's hormonal ladies. Two, they start growing hair. They got to shave. I'm [00:11:30] a touchy feely guy, okay, in the office because I look at ladies and I go, okay, come here and then I just, I go like this, I say, "Well you got PCOS," because I'm feeling the hairs on their chin. That is estrogen dominance and insulin.

Dr. Martin: So because it elevate, what happens with estrogen, guys, it sounds complicated, it's not that complicated. When estrogen is too high in a woman, it elevates their [00:12:00] testosterone. So they grow hair in the wrong places. They lose hair on their head and they grow hair on their chin, and even some of them have to shave. They have a mustache for women. You think that's any fun, ladies? It's no fun at all. You guys know that. So when you see like I'm talking to you this morning, this might not be for you, but your daughters or your granddaughters look for that. [00:12:30] And doctor they don't even react to this stuff. Poor women, they're gaining weight, they're losing their hair, they got a hair on their chin and a mustache and a beard and they don't feel good and heck, nobody is helping them. It drives me crazy, [inaudible 00:12:52].

Dr. Martin: And skin tags. Yeah. Look for skin tags, ladies, you got skin [00:13:00] tags, that's insulin. You got mood swings, that's insulin and estrogen. Ladies, you've got an imbalance of hormones. You get cranky or you can cry at the drop of a hat you see a commercial and you're crying, right? That's hormones, guys. Ladies, that's not normal. Sleep apnea, dark patches on your skin. Look for these things. [00:13:30] A regular pelvic pain, unexplained pelvic pain. And here's another one has to do with moods, depression, depression. How many women suffer from depression and they're put on antidepressants and it's their hormones, like taking an antidepressant, I get it. First of all, studies have showing now, like I was showing this to [00:14:00] Rosie the other day, antidepressants, and this is a big thing, and maybe I'll talk about it sometimes this week.

Dr. Martin: Massive studies, not one study, but massive studies coming out saying, listen, antidepressants were made to be temporary. You should never be on an antidepressant for a long period of time because they hook you, you can't get off of them for most people. Now I didn't say [00:14:30] that. Well, I did say it, but it's not coming from me guys because sometimes, oh, Dr. Martin, you're against medications. No, I'm not. I'm just telling you what the science is saying, what the studies, those things were never meant, but listen, when it comes to women and they're put on antidepressants, 99% 99.9 it's hormonal, it has nothing to [00:15:00] do with... you know what? I just happened to be depressed. No, it's your hormones. Serotonin and your dopamine, your feel good hormones, but it has to do with, guys, it has to do with your estrogen and progesterone, and then it plays with your thyroid and then it messes you up big time ladies.

Dr. Martin: So those are the 11 symptoms I talked about. Hair, weight gain, mood swings, [00:15:30] depression, irregular periods, and all these things are... skin tags and that, those are signs that your estrogen and progesterone [inaudible 00:15:44]. so what do you do? What do you do? Okay, what do you do? First of all, lower your estrogen, lower your estrogen, get estrogen down, [00:16:00] dim it out, okay? I love dim D-I-M it has to be a real good D-I-M but that blocks extra estrogen. You're going to be a woman forever, ladies, you need estrogen. It's not that estrogen is bad for you, it's only estrogen's bad for you when you're not balanced between estrogen and progesterone. Dim out your estrogen and men, listen, you can't get [00:16:30] prostate cancer without estrogen driving it. Ladies, you can't get breast cancer without estrogen driving it.

Dr. Martin: There are two growth hormones. One of them is estrogen, men and women. When men have high levels of estrogen, you know what? Most men, listen, it's so upside down, most men at the age of 50 have higher [00:17:00] estrogen levels than their wives. I'm writing a book right now and I'm talking about that. Most men at the age of 50 because their testosterone is going down, their estrogen goes up and guess what? They're more girly men than their wives are. It's crazy, but we live in a crazy world because of hormones and in men, okay? I'm [00:17:30] going to read this study and I'll come back to you ladies. Testosterone, let me just read it. CNN, CNN, not me, not Dr. Martin, although I've been saying this for years. Men, your crummy diet is killing your sperm count. That's CNN, that's where I saw this study and it lowers your testosterone.

Dr. Martin: Yeah. Your crummy diet men, when insulin goes up, testosterone for men [00:18:00] goes down and when their testosterone goes down, their estrogen goes up. That's what affects their prostate. Men get prostate cancer primarily because of estrogen dominance because of their low levels of testosterone. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And Mary is saying, I'm 75 and I have low estrogen, what can I do? Eat good, eat more steak. [00:18:30] Well, look, there's ways, look, I wouldn't play with your estrogen, Mary, as much as I would play with your progesterone, okay? Look, I'm not a big guy on giving estrogen. You think your estrogen has gone down. Yes, it has, but not it's compared to your progesterone. See, the key of making all your hormones is progesterone, not estrogen. There's so much estrogen out there, [00:19:00] and then ladies and men too, but ladies, more, you have to deal with estrogen that is in everything, right?

Dr. Martin: Everything is plastic. Everything that fragrances, everything in your environment and in the kitchen and your cleaners and your underarm deodorants and whatever, they're all estrogen, they're called Xeno, okay? Is that an X or a Z? An X. Xeno estrogens, okay? [00:19:30] Z in America. Xeno estrogens. Every chemical looks like estrogen to your body. That's why I'm not [inaudible 00:19:39] me I don't play with estrogen as much as I balance out estrogen, okay? So guys, estrogen, progesterone, it's important. Men, testosterone, get in this [inaudible 00:19:55]. I'm going to do a little video here, I'm going to, [00:20:00] because there's a new study that confirming what I've been talking about in terms of vitamin E. You know what vitamin E is at the Martin clinic? Exercise. Okay? And any exercise is good, but I am going to do a video, Nick has asked me to do this for a long time, so I'm going to shoot a little video four or five minutes long and that's it in the next week or so and I'll show you the new studies on exercise and how you can do exercise in a short [00:20:30] period of time that really, really helps with your insulin and really helps to balance out your body. It's amazing, exercise. Any exercise is good, but I'm going to show you the best. Okay? Any exercise is good, vitamin E, the true vitamin E, that's what I talk about all the time.

Dr. Martin: Okay, so we talked about PCOS this morning. We talked about testosterone, [00:21:00] okay? How do you control your PCOS? If you've got any of those symptoms, you need to dim it out, get the estrogen level with your progesterone, knock estrogen down. I recommend, listen, I'm a big guy on dimming hormones out for men and women. Men, you got to get that estrogen down for testosterone, okay? Get your testosterone to go up, get your estrogen to come down. Ladies, you [00:21:30] got to get your estrogen and your progesterone equal and it's always good. I don't care how old you are to make sure you don't have dangerous estrogen, because when I show thermography, okay, one thing that thermography does, yes, it shows you inflammation, whatever, but when I show thermography, okay, to my patients, if you've come into the office, you've seen thermography that we do, but what I like is I like looking at their chest wall [00:22:00] because estrogen will show up and it looks like you're a leopard, you get leopard spots that's estrogen on your body. It's amazing. And because some women have dark, I have no symptoms, everything is good, my hormones are wonderful, I don't have any symptoms, but their estrogen is in the wrong place, meaning that they got so much estrogen around their chest wall.

Dr. Martin: Well, that can be very dangerous. Estrogen [00:22:30] is a growth hormone, just like insulin, it's a growth hormone. These things, ladies, you can control. So men get your testosterone. How do you elevate testosterone, men? How do you elevate testosterone, ladies? How does your husband, how does the man in your life elevate his testosterone? One of them is going to the gym. Number one, yes, for sure, but in food, what do you do? How do you elevate testosterone? [00:23:00] Steak elevates testosterone. Why? Zinc. You see, zinc isn't in the plant kingdom. It's in the animal kingdom. One of the reasons, on the reset when we were talking about eggs, meat and cheese, eggs, meat, and cheese, is because of zinc and L-carnitine and L-Corrine, [00:23:30] you need these amino acids that are found in the animal kingdom and vitamin D for your testosterone.

Dr. Martin: Why do you need that? Well, you men, you need testosterone. Ladies, you need some testosterone but that's not your primary hormone, but men, that's our primary hormone. We need our testosterone and I like to optimize the blood test for testosterone [00:24:00] are almost useless. I hate to be negative, but the ranges are from a boat [inaudible 00:24:06] 200 to 1000. Are you kidding me? That's from here to eternity, it don't mean nothing. You want to optimize your testosterone. You want testosterone to be men through the roof. I'm 68 years old I want my testosterone to be a high, high, high and exercise especially weights. I'm going to show this to you when I bring you to the gym and [00:24:30] we're just going to look at a couple of things. You don't even have to go to a gym. You can do it in your home, ladies and gentlemen, you can do it in your home.

Dr. Martin: But men, you cannot have good testosterone without exercise, it's impossible. And secondly, steak, red meat. Chicken is good, but red meat is better. Chicken don't have zinc, they don't. You need zinc to be optimized? [00:25:00] And zinc is good for your immune system of course too, right? That's why most people have such a terrible immune system because they don't have enough zinc, they don't have enough vitamin E, vitamin E is immune, vitamin D is immune and vitamin D is only found in the animal kingdom. And that's a whole other discussion because get out in the sun, well good luck [00:25:30] if you're living in Northern Ontario, right? You can't go skinny dipping. I'm going to go to the beach today to get my vitamin D okay? But otherwise take it, take it as a supplement. You need it. These things are important for your immune system.

Dr. Martin: We're talking about the Corona virus and that's a big thing. But how do you keep your immune system? If you're not sure, go back on this study that I did on... the teaching I did on the Corona virus. How to keep your immune [00:26:00] system so you don't ever get that coronavirus, okay? It's not the virus, it's you. Keep your immune system strong. How do you do that? That's so important. You can't have a good immune system without vitamin A. You can't have a good immune system without probiotics. They've proven that over and over and over that you need good... you can't have a good immune system without vitamin D. So those [00:26:30] are why I talk about that all the time, okay? And the importance of it, okay? So you guys, yes, it does include Shontelle. Moose and deer, yes it does, absolutely. Moose and deer, okay, yeah, for sure, you need that. That's very good for you, okay? So guys love you guys, talk to you soon, okay? Share this with your friends.

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