275. Meds That Destroy Brain Health

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Dr.Martin: I want to talk to you today about meds that destroy your brain over a long period of time. Look, sometimes you have no choice, you have to take medication, [00:00:30] but just understand that some of the longterm effects will increase the risk of especially dementia and Alzheimer's by 30, 40, 50%. Let's look at some of them that increased the risk of Alzheimer's. This is a very popular over the counter medication called ibuprofen, which you will find over the counter in medicines like Advil and Motrin [00:01:00] and especially the ones that say PM. That put you, take them at night, they'll help you to sleep and whatever. But ibuprofen, blood pressure medication, we talked about this the other day, proton pump inhibitors. Those are the ones that, the purple pill and the things that they block the acid for acid reflux.

Dr.Martin: The problem is with these medications is what they do to [00:01:30] your brain in the longterm. Anyone that's on a sleeping medication, you need a medication to go to sleep, sleeping pills. It doesn't happen overnight, but they literally affect the brain. I'm going to show you that in a second. The other one is cold medication. People that are always taking medication for colds and even antihistamines over a long period of time. The thing that they do inside the brain [00:02:00] is they affect a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, acetylcholine. And that is, what does acetylcholine do? It's a neurotransmitter that you absolutely need for your memory and this is very, very important for your memory and your concentration centers within the brain. If you don't [00:02:30] have enough acetylcholine, you are going to be at much more risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Dr.Martin: Now, one of the ways to replace acetylcholine is taking choline. Choline is an amino acid that is found in the animal kingdom only. It's only found in the animal kingdom. Eggs, meat, and cheese. [00:03:00] Very high, especially in eggs. Eat your eggs, especially if you're on any of these type of medications. Thank you very much.

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