271. Glutathione

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Dr.Martin: I want to talk to you today about glutathione. It is a master detoxer and incredibly important for your body. Your body actually [00:00:30] makes glutathione, and it makes glutathione from the food that you eat. So it's very important to keep your glutathione levels very, very high. And let me tell you why, okay? So what is glutathione? Well, first of all, glutathione is three amino acids together. And really, [00:01:00] I call it the Velcro inside your body, because garbage and heavy metals and toxins stick to glutathione. So your body makes glutathione, but it makes it from the food that you eat. So it's very important to keep your glutathione levels high if you want to stay away from cancer and even cardiovascular disease and whatever, [00:01:30] and it is the greatest anti-aging substance that your body makes, glutathione.

Dr.Martin: So glutathione you get mainly, okay, because like I said, it's made of three amino acids, and those three amino acids are found in the animal kingdom when you eat eggs, meat, and cheese. So I'm always talking about eating eggs, meat, and cheese. Why? Because it will [00:02:00] elevate your glutathione. It will elevate the Velcro in your body that attaches to toxins and heavy metals and even yeast to get rid of it out of your body. So glutathione is very, very important, and you get it from your diet. Your body will make it as a byproduct of your food. Now, plants like cruciferous [00:02:30] vegetables, like broccoli are good too, because they help to elevate your cystine and it elevates your glutathione.

Dr.Martin: So okay, let's talk about a few things that actually lower your glutathione. So what lowers glutathione? Well, if you've got a bad diet full of sugar, it literally lowers [00:03:00] glutathione levels. Now you are not able to detox. Now remember, even alcohol, when you're overdoing it with alcohol will lower your glutathione levels. Thirdly, a lack of exercise. So exercise is very important. I call it the true vitamin E because if you exercise regularly, and you don't have to be Arnold Schwartzenegger [00:03:30] in the gym. You can just exercise, move. It actually elevates your glutathione. And people today, we live in a very sedentary ... we live that lifestyle of never moving much. And even my job in the office, I don't move a lot. I'm with patients, so I'm sitting a lot. But I really try and move when I'm not in the office. Believe me, I go to the gym and I exercise frequently. And that elevates your glutathione. [00:04:00] You want to have, like I said, a better diet.

Dr.Martin: And so the other things that lower your glutathione is a lack of sleep. When you don't sleep, you lower your glutathione levels. This is why sleeping is so important. And what is it estimated now, that somewhere around 70% of the population don't sleep properly? So they are lowering their glutathione [00:04:30] in their body. That's one of the reasons. Of course, you elevate your cortisol. But one of the reasons is you're lowering your glutathione. That makes you, again, much more susceptible to cancer because of the toxins in your body. So it's so important to get your sleep. Just the fact that we're aging, we age, and as we age we don't make as much glutathione naturally. And so it's important again, [00:05:00] as we age, to elevate glutathione.

Dr.Martin: So what elevates glutathione? Well actually, we just reverse it and get a good sleep and get a good diet. But a lot of people are vegetarians and vegans. My friends, listen to me. You've got to elevate your glutathione, so make sure ... Some of the things that elevate your glutathione in terms of supplements are pine bark, curcumin. I love curcumin. [00:05:30] Curcumin elevates your glutathione, and so does selenium. Now guess where you find selenium in food? Yeah, eggs, meat and cheese. Again, that's why I am so ... but the other things that do ... I mean, you know what's really, really good to elevate your glutathione is bone broth, bone broth. So either make a bone broth. It's so tremendous because it has all those three amino [00:06:00] acids that are cofactors in making glutathione. So bone broth is excellent. So is whey protein. Whey protein isolate is a good way to elevate your glutathione. Some people can't take whey, then take the bone broth. That is so very, very good for you okay?

Dr.Martin: We often don't talk enough about glutathione, but again, without glutathione, this is one of the reasons that we [00:06:30] see so much Parkinson's today, because heavy metals sit in the brain and with heavy metals in the brain, you're so much more toxic in the brain, and glutathione helps to take out those heavy metals. It's like an epidemic today. Mercury, cadmium, lead. I mean, anything that comes out of China has got lead in it. So be careful. [00:07:00] Ladies, you with lipstick and makeup, all these things have lead in it, especially if it comes out of China, and mercury is found in high fructose corn syrup and they put that in all their food. So you want to elevate your glutathione because glutathione will take away those heavy metals from your body.

Dr.Martin: So how do you elevate glutathione? Again, with a good diet, lots of eggs, meat and cheese. Your cruciferous [00:07:30] vegetables are very, very good to elevate glutathione. Make sure your selenium is good. Curcumin, pine bark all elevate a glutathione.

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