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Dr. Martin: Want to talk to you a little bit about a condition in the small intestine called SIBO, S-I-B-O. It's a small intestine bacterial [00:00:30] infection. Much more common today than before. I find it interesting that it can mimic other intestinal problems such as IBS and diverticulosis. It's important to get this properly diagnosed because the treatment, although similar, is a little bit different. SIBO, or a bacterial infection, can [00:01:00] actually create a lot of problems, diarrhea. Where it's a little bit differential is it can give you a lot of burping and just belching and that kind of thing, much more than IBS might. This is what can be interesting.

Dr. Martin: What I recommend is always [00:01:30] to... The other thing I just want to mention is that often with this you get what they call a yeast infection in the small intestine. It's part of leaky gut that actually gets into the small intestine at the same time.

Dr. Martin: We treat it with... You need to take broad-spectrum probiotics, and there's a couple of special bacteria that are specific for the SIBO. Now, [00:02:00] we have it in our probiotic, and also we add it to our digestive enzymes. Our digestive enzymes are specifically formulated. Enzymes, of course, are tremendous for any kind of digestive issue. As you get older, it's always a good idea to take digestive enzymes. With SIBO in specific, you need to take digestive [00:02:30] enzymes. We put oil of oregano in the digestive enzymes and certain bacterial strains of probiotic that are specific to the bacteria and the yeast that develops in SIBO.

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