269. 3 Hidden Causes Of Osteoporosis

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Dr. Martin: Hi. Dr. Martin here. I want to talk to you tonight about three hidden causes of osteoporosis that maybe you've never considered.

Dr. Martin: Osteoporosis, [00:00:30] first of all, is an epidemic today, especially in menopausal women. The reason it's an epidemic is because people have this idea that osteoporosis is a lack of calcium in the bone. Now, to some extent that's true, but by taking extra calcium will not fix the problem of osteoporosis. [00:01:00] The number one selling supplement today still is calcium. The problem is when you take a calcium supplement, it never gets to its intended target, and that is your bone. It doesn't get there. It actually stays in your bloodstream.

Dr. Martin: One of the number one hidden causes of osteoporosis is a lack of vitamin K2. [00:01:30] Now, vitamin K2 is found in animal kingdom. That is, it's found in butter, especially grass-fed butter has the highest source of K2, and only surpassed by cheese, those little cheese curds. I hope you like them. They are full of K2. As a matter of fact, there's nothing higher in terms of source of K2.

Dr. Martin: What does K2? [00:02:00] K2 is a vitamin that actually takes the calcium that you're consuming in your diet and put it into your bones. Now, vegans, vegetarians, be very, very careful. You're not getting K2. K1 is in the plant kingdom. Any green leafy vegetables, those have [00:02:30] K1. K1 is good, but K2 is the vitamin that takes the calcium and puts it into your bone.

Dr. Martin: Now, the second hidden cause is a lack of vitamin D. Now, the sun. People avoid the sun like the plague because they bought the Koolaid that the sun is the boogeyman. You need sun. Vitamin D. Now, of course, if you live Canada, good [00:03:00] luck with that in the wintertime. By the way, if you're driving in your car or you're in a sun room or whatever, and the rays of the sun are coming in, the problem with the glass, it filters out the UVB rays, which is the source of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps calcium get to your bone, just like vitamin K2.

Dr. Martin: Now thirdly, one of the hidden [00:03:30] causes of osteoporosis is a lack, ladies, of progesterone. Now I'll ask you a question. I want you to think with me for a minute. Why do women get osteoporosis almost 95% higher than men do? The reason is because women need progesterone from the day you ovulate until the day you die. Progesterone. Pro babies. [00:04:00] Now physicians are very... They often give, especially menopausal and even postmenopausal women, they'll give them estrogen, but the key to your bone isn't estrogen. It's progesterone.

Dr. Martin: Those are the three hidden causes of osteoporosis. It ain't calcium.

Announcer: You've reached the [00:04:30] end of another Doctor Is In podcast with your hosts, Dr. Martin, Jr. and Sr. Be sure to catch our next episode, and thanks for listening.

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