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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning. Good to have you on with us here. Let's talk about the big four. What are the big four? What do I mean by that? Well, I joke in the office a little bit [00:00:30] about you're going to die. That's a fact, right? Four ways. Okay. Just statistics are 100% overwhelmingly true in North America. We're going to die of four things. Now I add a fifth thing because I always tell people, look, you can get hit by a bus too, right? That you can't control. But the four leading causes, the big four [00:01:00] heart disease are actually now you listened. There was something that came out last week that was... They're saying in the Western world that cancer is now taking over heart disease, but the cause of death still is heart disease over cancer. It's close, but heart attack, stroke, cancer, number two, do you ever read... I got a degree, a PhD in obituary [00:01:30] [ology 00:01:30], okay. I'm fascinated by obituaries.

Dr. Martin: I know that sounds morbid, but I am. You can always pretty well tell what they died up. Right? If they died suddenly, well, it wasn't cancer, right? They usually had a heart attack or a stroke. And a lot of times you can tell the way people die. By the way, the first thing that I look for in the obituaries, make sure I'm not there. Okay? [00:02:00] So I go online to my hometown and I look and I often know people who were patients of mine. I'm always interested in that but you can find out a lot even in a little obituary, what they died of. Okay. And it's usually one of the big four. And you can often tell that by, send your donations to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Heart Association [00:02:30] or mental health and sometimes the Alzheimer's and dementia. Anyway, our diabetes association. Yeah, big four, heart, cancer. What's number three? Shocking, in North America.

Dr. Martin: What's number three? Alzheimer's number three cause of death. And number four that used to be number 50 is [00:03:00] diabetes. It's diabetes. Number four. So, heart, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, the big four. Why am I telling you this, this morning. I always talk about this stuff, right? But I want to make a point because Tony jr and I were talking yesterday, and by the way, coming out in the next few weeks, if you want to do [00:03:30] the reset, everybody's been asking me about what's the Martin clinic reset? Well, I'm going to teach it and if you sign up, we'll send you the teaching. Okay, so Tony Junior's in charge of that, I'm in charge of the teaching. I'm going to teach the reset, how to do it. You know what's even more important is not how to do it, it's why you should do it. I'm going to teach that. I [00:04:00] think you'll really appreciate it and it's something we've been doing in the clinic.

Dr. Martin: Anyway, Tony Junior and I were talking yesterday and we were talking about something. He said, "Dad, what do we always do?" We reverse engineer. We reverse engineer at the clip. So if you have this problem, well this problem didn't just start here. Let's go back and find out how it started and why it started. Because we reverse [00:04:30] engineer everything, that's how we have come up with our protocol to treat different conditions. We reverse engineer the condition and you've seen that in our teaching, the three seeds of disease. What starts almost every... Well, it starts the big four. What starts the big four? High circulating insulin, leaky gut and oxidative damage, free radical damage, [00:05:00] oxidative damage to the cells. That's the root of all disease. It's the root of all four, high circulating insulin, leaky gut and oxidative damage.

Dr. Martin: We came up with that by reverse engineering everything. Okay, so the big four, let's reverse engineer how we have come to the point we have come in our society today. How [00:05:30] could the war... I'm specifically talking about North America. In 2019, how can heart disease is worse than ever guys. It's worse than ever. Cancer in spite of the claims that the war on cancer that president Nixon said started in the 1970s I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember [00:06:00] him saying, "We're starting the war on cancer", the war on cancer. Well, Holy moly. It's like the Americans in Afghanistan. I don't know if you should have ever gone in there man, because the war never ends. I think they'd been there what? Since 2001 and they're still there. Okay. I don't even want to get into the politics, but all I'm saying is, I don't know [00:06:30] if they're winning the war in Afghanistan.

Dr. Martin: They just came out with a study. I mean an article this week, I read it. I was fascinated by it. Apparently, the governments in the United States, the different administrations over the years, they've been lying to the Americans about how successful they've been in Afghanistan. Apparently, they haven't been successful at all. They've been fudging the numbers and the costs at minimum. I don't want to talk about, but we have a war on cancer. [00:07:00] We're losing. We're losing in the 1970s ladies, if you were a woman in North America, your chances of getting breast cancer were one out of 20. It's one out of six today. Cardiovascular disease, higher than ever. We haven't even made a dent in it. If you come to my house and you want money from me for [00:07:30] the Canadian Cancer Society, are they the Canadian Heart Association or whatever?

Dr. Martin: I feel sorry for the volunteers but don't come to my house because I'm going to ask you a question. The poor people, usually just a kid at the door or whatever. I mean, who hasn't been touched by cancer, everybody. Everybody knows somebody, right? That has been touched, doesn't it? And the Canadian Cancer Society pulls at your heartstrings [00:08:00] and said, "Well give us money because we're researching". No, they're not. They haven't even made a dent. They raise millions and millions of dollars a year in the heart association too. And the diabetic association too, they raised millions and millions. By the way, if you want to know, look, they're public. You can go and google, get onto their website of the Canadian Cancer Society and look at their books. It's [00:08:30] public. I've done it. 90% of the money you give goes to their salaries and marketing. Yeah. Less than five percent goes to research.

Dr. Martin: They're just a big business. They keep it going all the time. Every year they got to pay their salaries. They got to pay for their marketing, but they're not making a dent. Now, why is that so important to us? Why is it? Because it's killing our [00:09:00] economy. News article this week, the wait times in the hospital in Canada are worse than ever. We don't have enough money. They're throwing good after buy. They're looking for love in all the wrong places. Yeah. Let's reverse engineer what happened. Why are we stuck [00:09:30] in the situation that we're in? Why is it? It's called the big four. Why do we have those big four? You guys already know the answer, but I'm going to... Okay, let's reverse engineer, how did this happen in North America? Why are we more sick today than we used to be? Now listen, the only time we ever made a dent in cancer and even heart [00:10:00] disease was when people stopped smoking. Yeah.

Dr. Martin: Well, you didn't have to be a stinking rocket scientists to know, well, mind you in the 1950s, I told you guys this before because everybody in my home smoke. When I grew up, I mean I grew up around smoke. My dad four packs of Buckingham's a day. My mother, Peter Jackson, I used to steal her cigarettes as a kid. My brothers' smoke, my three older brothers all smoke. I watched it. [00:10:30] It was part of our life in the 1950s. Okay. And then I remember my dad went cold Turkey and because I remember him telling me, "Well, smoking's no good for you". What? I said, "Dad, whose cigarettes I'm going to steal". I wasn't stealing my dad's. I didn't like his, they had no filter on the back, on the end. He was smoking Buckingham's, my mother was smoking Peter Jackson. I was stealing my mother's cigarettes, not my Dad's.

Dr. Martin: [00:11:00] I never really smoked that much. Okay. I didn't like it. My brother cured me one day. My older brother David, he gave me a cigar. I think I was 12 or something. He said, "Here, take a puff of this and inhale it", man. I was sick. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was sick as a dog. That cured me from smoking after that. Okay so, but guys, listen, the only dent in cancer, the only dent in [00:11:30] cardiovascular disease, imagine that is when people stopped smoking. Otherwise, there's been no effect. So, let's reverse engineer. How can we get, how did we get to where we are, where we have the big four coming to a theater near you, it wants to kill you. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, [00:12:00] the big four. And by the way, you look at the history, look at the history of disease. Diabetes in the 1950s was unheard of.

Dr. Martin: I mean, it's not that nobody had diabetes. It's not that. It's that very few had diabetes. Guys, we had ice cream in the 1950s, why didn't we get diabetes? Okay, I'm asking the question because we're going to reverse engineer. You follow [00:12:30] with me this morning. I'm going to show you that we're on the wrong track guys. Now I'm not saying you guys specifically because I know that you know more than 99% of the population, I know you know that. That's why I appreciate you so much because you listen. Remember what that little guy says? Go on YouTube and punch in, "Linda, listen", [00:13:00] that's the cutest thing you've ever seen on Facebook. You can get it on YouTube I think. "Linda, listen", that little kid, I want to eat him. He's so cute. He's telling his mother, calls her Linda. But guys listen, you guys listen, I love that. Okay, so listen. What happened? Why? [00:13:30] Are you curious? What happened?

Dr. Martin: Here's what happened: we demonize the wrong food, we made it the devil, we made fat the devil. That's what happened. That was the start of it. I talked to you guys a few weeks ago, but a guy named Ancel Keys, who was he? He was a researcher in the 1950s, it shocked the world that president [00:14:00] Eisenhower had a heart attack. You know guys, people died obviously, but they didn't die from what we die of today. Heart attacks were rare and when the president just dropped dead of a heart attack, he started a lie. Ancel Keys, what did he say? Fat gives you cholesterol and the rest guys is history. The rest is history. [00:14:30] My PhD is in nutrition. My thesis was on food, the history of food. Why we are at what we are at today. Why? One man, I don't think he lied on purpose. When he found out it wasn't true later on, he didn't repent. He should have, was sackcloth and ashes on.

Dr. Martin: He should have repented, but he never repented, as far as I know [00:15:00] before he died. But he started a lie, that fat makes you fat and the whole world went for it. The whole world stopped eating fat. Now the heart association, Quaker oats, they sponsor the heart association and even in 2019, the lie is still [00:15:30] being told fat makes you fat, fat gives you cholesterol, and cholesterol, is at the root of heart disease. And guys, it's a lie. It's not true. It never was. It was never science and the world went for it. Reverse engineer and guys, this started the big four. I'm going to prove it to you. The number one killer [00:16:00] is heart disease. If cholesterol was the cause of heart disease, if it was true, what Ancil keys says, caused the heart attack of president Eisenhower in the 1950s. If what he said was true, heart disease, it would be non-existent today. Stroke and heart disease would be non-existent today. It wouldn't even [00:16:30] be on the radar, but it's not true.

Dr. Martin: See, the cereal companies especially, but the food industry, they took Ancil Keys research and they said, "Fat makes you fat, don't eat bacon and eggs anymore and sausages, don't eat steak. It's not good for you. Eat our cereal [00:17:00] and start eating our greens, and you need greens to be healthy because in the plant kingdom there are no cholesterol". Cholesterol is not in the plants. Cholesterol is not in green. Cholesterol is in eggs, meat and cheese. So don't eat that stuff. You could talk, [00:17:30] I don't have a lot of cheese doc because cheese will give me cholesterol or doc, I eat just a little bit of cheese because, and I have maybe one or two eggs a week because my doctors said, I get a headache. Dr. Martin gets a workup just listening to nonsense like that because I start sweating and my heart rate goes up and [00:18:00] I start boiling, my cortisol.

Dr. Martin: I hate being lied to. It's not true. And then the Statin drugs chemo, the number one best seller of all time. I buy every drug in the universe. The Wayne Gretzky, the Mariel Limu, the Arnold Schwarzenegger or whatever else illustration you want to use. The numero [00:18:30] UNO drug of all time was based on a light. No wonder heart disease. There's not even been a dent in it because the number one drug of all times came from this lie that, fat makes you fat and fat gives you cholesterol and they made a drug up. I've watched them do it. I watched them do it and lie and lie [00:19:00] and fudge the numbers. They fudged their research. They made up stuff like LDL, people... Listen guys, you want me to comment on your blood work? Send it to me. I'm happy to comment on it. Show me your lipid profile. I'm happy to give you my two pennies on it.

Dr. Martin: What am I looking for? Triglycerides, HDL, that's all. [00:19:30] "Oh, dump. My total cholesterol is high." Who cares? I don't want to know that. I want to tell you science. Science is what is your triglycerides? Those are bad fats and what do they come from? Cereal. You eat this in the morning, your triglycerides are going up. It's sugar, it's grains. Yeah, so you [00:20:00] get it? That's the number one killer still in society today and people, medicine hasn't made a dent in it. It's gotten worse because we are absolutely on the wrong trail to fix it. Doctors, what do they know about nutrition? You get hit by a bus, don't come see Dr. Martin. Okay, I can't help you. "Doc, I got hit by a bus." "Well, go to emergency. [00:20:30] I can't help you." You got a very bad infection. "Doc, what should I do?" Go to the hospital, get some medication. I'm not against that stuff. Come on. You got a bad infection. You better get an antibiotic. I'm not against that. All I'm saying is, what the heck are you doing on a Statin drug, a cholesterol lowering medication? It doesn't work.

Dr. Martin: [00:21:00] You ever see the commercials in the United States? A fireman is coming down the flag pole. He almost fell off the flagpole. He was racing down so fast so that you could tell buddy, "Hey", he's giving everybody high fives. "I got my cholesterol down with Lipitor or Crestor or Zocor", and he's given everybody high fives and he's all excited. What do you want to have low cholesterol [00:21:30] for? Your brain is made up of cholesterol. Your cells are made up of cholesterol. Your hormones are made up of cholesterol. "Doc, I got low cholesterol". Well, that's stupid. Why do you want to have low cholesterol? You want to have low triglycerides, not low cholesterol and triglycerides are directly proportional to how many stinking carbs you're eating, sugars, see the work? I don't have to go [00:22:00] to no gym today. I'm working out right now, I am sweating.

Dr. Martin: It drives me crazy. Number two, cancer. What is it? Well, my mother had cancer. My brother's got cancer, it's in the family. You know what? This is the honest about truth, guys. That makes up for less than [00:22:30] five percent of your risk, any cancer. Less than five percent. I think it's less than one percent, to be honest with you. Now, we all got weaknesses. You've got genetics, right? I was telling my First Nations lady in the other day, okay. I said, "You got bad genetics when you're first nations, for diabetes". I said, "You would have never [00:23:00] get diabetes though if white man didn't give you our food". I said, "If you lived off the land like you used to, there was no such thing as diabetes in the native population". First nations didn't have diabetes until they started eating our foods, but they have a weakness. They can't eat like we do. Well, we shouldn't eat like we do either.

Dr. Martin: But they don't get away with it. They get diabetes in an awful hurry, First [00:23:30] Nations. It's decimating their population. Guys, it's very simple. It seems too simplistic what I'm going to tell you, but it's very simple. Cancer needs fuel. We all fight cancer. You're looking at me, I have cancer cells in my body, even as we speak. They need fuel. I [00:24:00] know that sounds crazy because we spend kazillions of dollars every year looking for the cure for cancer, don't we? True or false.


Dr. Martin: And some people say, "We already have the cure to cancer". Right. And the pharmaceutical industry is hiding it. Nah, I don't think they have a drug for, cancer is very complex by the way. But everybody will agree with this. There isn't a scientist that doesn't agree with this. [00:24:30] Cancer needs fuel. It needs sugar. If you don't believe me, sign up for a PET scan at your local hospital. A PET scan. P-E-T, okay. Don't put your pet through it. Okay? Don't say, well, I got my cat scan. It was a pet scan. Now it's not what P-E-T is. This is the best technology they have to detect cancer. It's called a PET scan, it's better than an MRI and here in Ontario, [00:25:00] they're trying to restrict its use because it's very expensive and they don't want to have to use it. We have it but they don't want to use it. It costs a lot of money to use it. You know how it works? How does the PET scan work? Radioactive dye, what do they give you? A glass of sugar and if you have cancer, you light up like a Christmas tree.

Dr. Martin: Why do they give you a sugar, right? It's hard to get a PET scan. Anyway, I don't want to get into the politics. [00:25:30] Well, I am into politics because I'm telling the governments that will listen the model that we have is wrong. It's 100% wrong. Look, we can't control. You might get hit by a bus. I told you that, you can't control that and you are going to die, but does it have to be of the big four, cardio, cancer, Alzheimer's [00:26:00] number three. It is incredible to me. Number three, Alzheimer's. What do they call it? What do they call Alzheimer's? What's the medical, one of the medical terms used for Alzheimer's. Do you know? Type three diabetes, over 50%, the brain becomes diabetic. That's a big issue. Guys, it's food. We believed [00:26:30] the lie about fat. Fat doesn't give you cancer. Fat doesn't give you a heart disease, fat doesn't... As a matter of fact, for Alzheimer's, it's when you don't eat enough fat, your brain is made up of fat. Don't... "Oh Dr. Merton, I drink fat free milk. I drink one percent."

Dr. Martin: [00:27:00] I said, that's a side to your brain. If you're only drinking one percent, [inaudible 00:27:05] I only drink skim milk. You should see my face in the clinic. I try and be nice. I must scare people in the office because I give them faces like, "You're drinking skim milk, really?" "Well, my doctor said I can't [00:27:30] have any fat because my blood pressure's high". I'm telling you, your brain is made up of fat. It's a fat orbit. So that's Alzheimer's guys, your brain shrinks. Now there's a couple of other factors, but food is the biggest factor because we believe the lie. That's the way reverse engineering does. You see? You can look back at the history. I had an ice cream as a kid, but we didn't eat... Canadians in the 1950s, this is facts, we're consuming [00:28:00] in total about 25 pounds of sugar a year. It's 200 pounds of sugar a year now. Those poor kids today raised on pizza, raised on craft dinner, raised on juice boxes and cereal.

Dr. Martin: I went to Costco the other day. You should see the big boxes of cereal. You know Costco, everything's big, right? I mean, they big boxes and they [00:28:30] all had hearts on them. Cheerios has a heart on the box. Shreddies has a heart on the box. Quaker oats, heart on the box. Liars, liars, pants on fire. They're trying to get you to eat their cereal. They're good marketers, they go after kids. Frosted flakes are great. No, they're not. They're great fuel for cancer. They're great fuel for heart disease. "Dr. Martin, [00:29:00] I need my fiber". No, you don't. Fibers are over-rated. "If I don't have my Quaker oats every morning, I might not go for a number two." You should see the faces I make in the office when they tell me that. Anyways, and the fourth one is diabetes. Well, let me tell you something.

Dr. Martin: Number four on the [inaudible 00:29:26] of what you could die from in Canada and the United States. [00:29:30] Number four is actually involved in number one, two and three and that is you're already a diabetic. I had a patient in yesterday and I said, "Well, you really are a diabetic, okay", is there a pre diabetic? I said, "Well look, the last thing that happens in diabetes is that your sugar is elevated". "Doc, my sugars are normal". I said, "Yeah, but you've got high circulating insulin". [00:30:00] Your insulin is too high and the cause of diabetes isn't high sugar. It's high insulin. It's the food hormone. Yeah, that happens first. You get high circulating insulin leading to insulin resistance and that is involved in heart disease. That's what triglycerides come from, high sugars, high grains. "Dr. Martin, I'm eating [00:30:30] 17 grain, whole wheat, a rye warm bread".

Dr. Martin: I don't care. It's going to be sugar in five seconds. I don't care if it's got 78 grains in it. It's whole wheat, triple grain. I said, "Quit negotiating with me. It's still going to be sugar in five seconds. Stop eating that". "Dr. [00:31:00] Martin, how can I have bacon's and eggs without having toast?" Well, you'll get over it. Get over it. You want the big four? Three quarters of the people that come in to see me, three quarters, they're already on the Titanic of diabetes and the iceberg is just up the road. So who am I? I'm the ship called the California that... You guys read anything about [00:31:30] the Titanic. I love the Titanic story. I love it. Anything I could ever get my hands on, I love to read. It was fascinating. But all night long, other than that night that 1300 people died, there was a ship that wasn't far away. It was called the California, the USS California.

Dr. Martin: And they kept, [inaudible 00:31:52] Morse code telling the Titanic, listen, don't keep going the way [00:32:00] you're going [inaudible 00:32:03], get off the route you're on, there's icebergs there. You're going to hit an iceberg. And the guy that was on the, whatever you call it, for Morse code, he turned it up. He said, "Shut up. I'm sick and tired". So guys, some guys turned me off. They're sick and tired of listening, telling me, "Get off the Titanic, change your [00:32:30] diet, get off the Titanic, you have metabolic syndrome. It's going to kill you. You have to change course." That is what motivates me. That is why I'm still in practice. I preach it. You know me, I preach it. It's not complicated. Get off the Titanic, [00:33:00] change your diet. It will save your life, unless you get hit by a bus and lets you get hit by a bus. Okay? Hey guys, love you. I know I pontificated for quite a while this morning, but share this with your friends.

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