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Dr. Martin Sr: Dehydration is very serious and that's why I want to talk to you today about that condition. I see it all the time in the office where people are dehydrated. [00:00:30] They don't know it. Unfortunately, there is no flashing light on their head that tells you that you're dehydrated. That's an unfortunate thing because a lot of people do not realize the importance of hydration. So I want to go over that this morning. We just want to talk about several reasons why you want to hydrate properly. Now listen, [00:01:00] only water is water. Your body is made to drink water. Yes, you can get water and coffee. You get water in tea, you get water and juice. I understand all that, but only water is water. So anything else that you use to hydrate yourself, it doesn't mean it won't work to some extent, but your body what it needs is water.

Dr. Martin Sr: So when I talk [00:01:30] about dehydration, the way to fix it is not with a Gatorade or Powerade or any of those usually very sugary drinks, but by actually hydrating with water. Okay, so let me go over several reasons then I will tell you how much water you should be drinking generally and this is what I found. Now listen, there's a lot of research out and the reason I'm talking about this morning [00:02:00] is that a study just came out recently over 20,000 men and women were studied for several years and people that drank water, both five glasses of water a day on average were 50% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Now, that is incredible. Like aspirin can't give you that. No medication on the universe can give you that kind of protection. Just water. [00:02:30] And again, like I say, only water is water.

Dr. Martin Sr: Okay? And so let's go over some of the things. Now, obviously heart disease, we just talked about it. One of the biggest problems in heart disease and stroke is dehydration. Now again, most people have no idea that they're dehydrated. They don't feel it, they don't sense it, so they think they don't need to drink. And the vast majority of people don't drink [00:03:00] water at all are very little. And this is a big problem because in your blood vessels we talk about viscosity of blood. What is that? The thickness of blood and that makes you much more likely if you have thick blood. And most people do when they have thick blood, there is less viscosity. There's the blood vessels get clogged up. People think of cholesterol, it's not cholesterol. A lot of times it just simply water. [00:03:30] So water helps with even lowering your blood pressure.

Dr. Martin Sr: Water helps with keeping the, remember your blood has to go through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. One and a half times around the equator. And your heart works crazy hard if you're dehydrated. So this is why it's important to drink water and most other drinks will actually make you dehydrated. They won't hydrate you like [00:04:00] water does. So just simply water for heart disease, isn't that important? Think about that still, the number one killer in society today is heart disease.

Dr. Martin Sr: Now, secondly, one of the biggest things is your kidneys. I always tell my patients, listen, your kidneys are like Niagara Falls. It's one of the greatest detox organs that you have is your kidneys. And what accumulates in the kidneys [00:04:30] is toxins. And this is why treats your kidneys like Niagara Falls. You want to flow that water over all the time. "Oh Dr. Martin, I might have to go pee. If I drink too much, I'm going to pee."

Dr. Martin Sr: Well, pretend you're a dog and every time you see a fire hydrant pee, because listen, your kidneys need it, but not only your kidney, listen just by drinking water, you will... If you substitute juice and soda with water [00:05:00] and it's a habit you have to get used to, it takes you about three weeks. All habits are formed within about three weeks. So doc I don't like water. I don't like the taste of water. There's no taste of water. Well, it's amazing how you can change that ability.

Dr. Martin Sr: So in your kidneys you want to flush those toxins out. It's a great detoxer and there's nothing like it. And then secondly, ladies, especially you for urinary tract, this is a big [00:05:30] trouble with urinary tract infections. Yes, probiotics are important, but one of the biggest things is water. Because what happens when you don't, and a lot of women, especially with low levels of progesterone, they do not empty their bladders properly.

Dr. Martin Sr: And this is why because women if they're working or whatever, they can't get to the washroom. You don't want to be up every five minutes. I understand that. The problem is if you don't empty that [00:06:00] bladder frequently it causes the coal light to sit in the bladder. It gives you a urinary tract infection. Then the other one is bladder cancer. The biggest thing in bladder cancer is yeast. And yeast was sit and form in moisture. And especially when you're not emptying that bladder properly. So remember, water will decrease your risk of all sorts of heart disease. I mean, [00:06:30] simply water, vitamin W I call it. It's so important. One is a heart. Two, kidney. Three, the bladder, the urinary tract, and a fourthly the colon. Think of the colon, okay?

Dr. Martin Sr: Because your risk of colon cancer goes up big time. If you don't drink enough, you want to flush. And all these people talk to me, doc, oh, I need fiber, fiber, fiber. [00:07:00] Well, the best fiber in the world is not salad. The best fiber in the world is water, right? It's water. There's nothing that flushes and cleans the toxins out of your bowel, like water. And a lot of people think, oh, I'm not having enough fiber in my diet. No, it's because you're not getting drinking enough water to be able to clean out that bowel. And you will lower your risk of [00:07:30] colon cancer big time if you just drink water. And like I said, in a minute, we'll get to the, a lot of people are constipated because they don't drink enough water. They're waiting for, oh, I don't feel thirsty.

Dr. Martin Sr: Don't wait for that. Don't wait for that. It's amazing what happens once you start drinking water within a couple of weeks, you will notice that now your thirst mechanism kicks in. Don't wait till you're thirsty. Look [00:08:00] at your urine. It should be clear. Obviously your first morning urine is not going to be clear. That's when it's all your toxins are coming out of your kidneys and overnight and that's want to make sure that you're getting enough water, that your urine is clear. Okay? Only water is water.

Dr. Martin Sr: Now, the other thing is your immune system. Think about what I'm saying here. Water really helps the immune system because what it does [00:08:30] is that it actually detoxes you. Like your body knows how to fight cancer, but you've got debris. You have talks since I talked to you about your kidneys, the other places is in the bowel where all those talks and set up and they're ready to go and out, but you need enough water.

Dr. Martin Sr: This is what helps your immune system the most. Okay, so is really important. Those are several reasons to drink water. Here's one [00:09:00] more. Listen to what I'm saying, the vast majority of people that get headaches. Now ladies, if you get a headache, it's almost for sure hormonal, but the vast majority of people that get headaches are having trouble with dehydration. It's one of the signs that the inflammation in the brain is because you don't drink enough water. Okay, so how much.

Dr. Martin Sr: [00:09:30] This is my clinical experience after 45 years. People on average should be drinking two liters of water a day. Now, if me, I get up in the morning. The first thing that I do, all I want to do is drink coffee, but I do not allow myself to have a coffee until I've had a half a liter of water a day.

Dr. Martin Sr: So I recommend two liters of water a day and I start, it's a habit. Every [00:10:00] morning, seven days a week, Dr. Martin gets up and has a half liter of water every day. You want to put a little bit of lemon in there, a little bit like that is wonderful for you. You want to put a little pinch of Celery Juice or whatever in your water just because Celery, I love Celery, but lemon is wonderful. You don't have to do it, but it is wonderful. It makes you alkaline. People ask me this almost [00:10:30] on a daily basis? Is it worth filtering your water? Absolutely. So if you want to get it out of your top, make sure you filter it because you want all the fluoride, the all the chemicals. I know in Sudbury they put thousands, literally thousands of chemicals in the water here in Sudbury.

Dr. Martin Sr: So you need to filter that. You don't need to spend a lot of money with a filter. And another thing people ask me about all the time is whether they should buy these expensive [00:11:00] alkalining machines. Look, if you want to go ahead, but you can make alkaline water by putting a pinch, putting a pinch of Himalayan salt. Put a pinch of Himalayan salt, pink salt into your water and you've made it alkaline. You change the pH of it big time. Now how about carbonated water? Okay, like Perrier and whatever. I like that stuff. That's sort of my treat. I like a Perrier or whatever, but that's not [00:11:30] water in that sense. It's carbonated water now it's all right. It's not bad for you, but it's more acidic. Carbonated water is acidic, so just and how do you like your water?

Dr. Martin Sr: You like hot water. I know people that drink water like it's a coffee or whatever. I feel sorry for them. I love coffee, but no, that's all right. I don't care if it's hot or cold. Cold water is a little bit of advantageous [00:12:00] because cold water, what it does, it actually stimulates your metabolism and weight loss. I always tell my patients that want weight loss make sure you're drinking cold water. The first one in the morning should be very cold because that's how you start stimulating that metabolism to start burning off extra stored fuel. So don't spend a fortune on water, but I love mineral water, spring water. [00:12:30] These are good waters because they have their electrolytes in there already. And this is very, very good for you. So two liters, shoot for that. Okay. Some people, when I work out I'm drinking another at least half liter, two liter extra. But make your basis about two liters of water a day and only water is water.

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