1315. New Study Alert: Cholesterol Insights from India

A study on cholesterol out of India is saying that you want to lower your triglycerides and elevate your high-density lipoprotein (HDL). How do you do that? By reducing your carbohydrates. 

Dr. Martin has been telling patients for decades to not only reduce their carbs, but to replace it with a diet high in protein and fat… eggs, meat and cheese! On top of that, to get strong… to build muscle.



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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day, and you're doing well, and you've had your vitamin C. Thank you for coming on. Okay, now, I think what we'll do this morning, just go through a few new studies that I've seen over the last few days. Okay? And so we'll just tell you about the study and then maybe we will do some analysis of it. Okay? And here's one, a new study done on statins. What they're saying is statins. One of the side effects is possibly. You know, statins. This is me. Okay? You guys know this. I've been talking about this for so long. It makes your head spin. Statins work, by the way. Okay, so let me just say that statins work, if you want to lower your LDL, okay? Low density lipoprotein. If you want to lower that, you get on a statin, you'll lower it.

On paper, statins work, they do. My problem with it is, so what? Why do you want to lower your LDL cholesterol? That's me. I've been harping on that for as long as I can remember, and I mean it because I never bought the cholesterol hoax. I never did. I always, and I've told you guys, I'm a big, big proponent of having high cholesterol, a big proponent of eating cholesterol, and cholesterol is not the boogeyman. And as I've been saying the last few days, good luck trying to change that narrative. Now, there are cardiologists, there are doctors out there. Good for them. Okay, good for them. And guys, I can't tell you not to take a statin drug, but I always question the so-called science of it, okay?

Now on the heel. So just finish up on this statins, okay, can. One of its side effects is tinnitus, okay? Ringing in the ears. No fun. A lot of people have that. Now, for me, when I used to see patients, one of the things I found with tinnitus was insulin resistance, almost invariably. Okay? And two, and this would go along to some extent with statins, because statins, one of its biggest side effects causes diabetes. 50% of women on a statin drug will become a diabetic. So it plays around with their insulin. But this study is saying statins, one of the side effects, possible side effects is tinnitus. Okay? So I flagged that, and then at the same time, I was reading a study, another study confirming the importance of your triglycerides to HDL. What have I taught you? That's the key to heart disease is triglycerides. They're fat balls. You don't want them to be high and HDL, you want that to be high, and it's that ratio that's important.

Now, there's a couple of schools of thought on this. I like HDL to be higher than triglycerides. And my theory is, the reason I want that is I want more HDL running around in your bloodstream like Amazon trucks or FedEx trucks or Canada Post, or you name the carrier. One thing, if you travel, especially down south here in Ontario or especially in the United States, man, there's a lot of trucks on the road, aren't there? It's unreal the amount of transports on the road. And whenever I see a transport, I think of HDL, and I shouldn't eliminate LDL because LDL is important too. It's a transporter. It's very important for your immune system. If you want to have low LDL, that's because you want to die younger. I don't like it.

But anyway, when I see these transport trucks, I think of HDL. The more HDL there is in the highways and byways of your blood vessels, the more they hitch their wagon. They're not only they go into the blood to bring your hormones. You need those hormones. You need cholesterol for your hormones, and they transport hormones into your blood, then off into your tissue. You need those things like estrogen and progesterone and testosterone. You need those things, okay? And why do you want to lower your cholesterol? They're on your side. But when I see those transport trucks, I know in my mind, I picture those cholesterol going through your blood vessels and then hitching their wagon, hitching the truck to bring back those triglycerides that are formed in your liver, back to the liver to be processed. They bring them back. They're on your side.

And remember, high triglycerides are dangerous. Okay? So this study is confirming, again, that you want, okay, this was done in India, by the way, that you want to have, and what they're finding out in India, diabetes and metabolic syndrome in India. It's like wildfire. The numbers are so high and is serious, and probably with somewhat of a sedentary lifestyle that they're adapting. They're eating like us, like in North America. Anyway, they said, okay, lowering your triglycerides and elevating your HDL is very preventative to heart disease. Hello. I get it. And I know you guys know this, but the world don't know it. You want your cholesterol and very specifically your HDL to be high. You don't want it low, okay? You're in trouble if it's low and your triglycerides are high. Fat balls, triglycerides, three fat balls, and that fat circulating through your blood vessels can clog them up. You don't want that, okay? You don't want that.

Now, I know it's elementary to most of you, but I got to go over this again. How do you get high triglycerides and low HDL? You don't want that. How do you get high triglycerides? When the liver is full, the Costco parking lot. When the Costco parking lot is full, your body sends triglycerides into your bloodstream. It tries to empty out the liver, and you're not manufacturing enough HDL to go get those triglycerides. That's a big problem. And one of the things that will gum up the Costco parking lot, your liver is especially fructose, and especially when you drink fructose. I get a migraine at Starbucks. I'm always ready to give people high five when they get the memo about coffee and how good it is for you and how good it is for your liver. Okay? I'm always ready to give a high five.

You know what? I talked to a lady the other day. She said, you know what, Dr. Martin, I didn't drink coffee. I didn't think it was good for me until I listened to you. And it seems like you talk about coffee every day. So I started drinking coffee because I thought I shouldn't. And you know what, am I ever enjoying that. I said, isn't that a wonderful blessing that you get to enjoy? It's like steak. Who doesn't like steak? I can't eat steak, it's full of cholesterol. Yeah, yeah. Isn't that good? God gives us stuff to enjoy. Let's enjoy it. He gave us coffee to enjoy, and then we find out it's so good for you. Of course, I've been saying that since the 1970s. All the gurus, coffee's acidic, it's not good for you. It's going to, it's terrible stuff. It's going to dehydrate you when it's miserable and don't drink coffee. Nonsense. They were wrong. They're still wrong. And every study proves it. The real vitamin C.

Anyway, why am I talking about that? Because coffee's good for your liver and coffee will keep you away from liver cancer. Imagine that because it acts like metformin. It'll keep your blood sugar down. And remember, it's sugar, it's fructose, especially that high fructose corn syrup. And especially when you drink. Ah Dr. Martin, it's Tropicana. I don't care. It's no good for you. I see people drinking. It's still the favorite drink in the morning is orange juice or apple juice. That's the craziest thing in the world, is drinking that stuff. But Dr. Martin, it's freshly squeezed. Don't drink it. God wanted you to eat fruit, not drink it. You want to eat fruit, eat fruit. Don't drink it. Unless you put a few berries in the Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, then it's perfect.

No, but seriously, guys, these studies are just confirming why do you want to have low cholesterol on paper? The commercials on tv, they're giving each other high fives. I got my cholesterol down and I'm John the Baptist, looking at that commercial on TV and going, you're crazy. Why do you want to get your cholesterol down? Well, it looks good on paper. My doctor's happy. I don't want to make your doctor happy. I want you to be healthy. I want you to be healthy. You need cholesterol. Your brain needs cholesterol. Your brain even makes cholesterol. Did you know that your brain makes cholesterol? The biggest craziness when we went fat free, for heaven's sakes. One of the worst failed experiments in the history of mankind, fat free, reduced fat. That's the food industry. Because all they can think of is one moderation and two calories. Oh, we reduced your calories that had nothing to do with insulin.

So this study out of India says you want to lower your triglycerides and elevate your cholesterol, your HDL, and I tell you your LDL too. But anyway, let me stick to the study. And they said, you do that by food, reduce your carbohydrates. Reduce your carbohydrates. Protein is king, fat is queen, and the joker is carbohydrates. We live in a crazy world. We got it upside down. And they pump it, and they pump it, and they pump it. And I always have to remind myself, okay, sometimes I talk about this so much that sometimes I think that people are onboard with me. And then I talk to people and I say, what? They go, you want high cholesterol? What? Oh, you don't listen to the Doctor Is In podcast, do you? No. Well, you should.

And I know there's a lot of pressure because every day, if you are on our private Facebook group, and why aren't you on that? But if you're on it, you must admit, every day someone puts some comment or whatever about cholesterol, I went to see my doctor and my doctor wants me on statins, or here's my numbers, and I'm sure my doctor's going to scream at me. It's no fun to get screamed at, is it? I'm not screaming at you. Okay? I'm not. You guys are on my side. I'm not screaming. I used to have this in the office because I'm loud. I think it was because there was 11 children. I had to be heard in our home. Dr. Martin, would you reduce the volume? I can't. I got a built in microphone in my throat. That's what my son says. Dad, you don't need a mic. You're loud. And yet I'm wearing the mic.

Okay, so this study, even in India, are telling Indians, east Indians, to lower their intake of carbohydrates. And guys, you know I like that. I'm big on this, okay? Yeah, lower your carbs, but increase your protein and fat. Eggs, meat and cheese. I promise you ain't ever going to be a diabetic ever when you eat eggs, meat, and cheese. But it lowers your triglycerides. It elevates your HDL. Now, other factors, okay? And this is, I'm just throwing this in. You want to lower your triglycerides and elevate your HDL, high DHA therapeutically it will do it. Proven. Exercise. It's very good for that. And especially metabolically. Okay? This is really important. I was explaining this to a friend yesterday. You need ladies, listen. Linda's listen. Larry's, you listen. The best organ metabolically that's on your side, an endocrine organ. It should be, in my opinion, because of all the research, is muscle. Muscle is on your side.

And I don't care if you're five foot two and a buck 25 weight, okay? Just get stronger. Because the more research that's done on muscles, the more impact it has on triglycerides. Because think of muscles as storage bins, muscles metabolically help your heart, and people are walking around. They got a lot of extra fat on them, but not enough muscle on them. You see, some people can be, when they look at their BMI or whatever, and they look at them and they go, well, you're obese. In the word obese. And I know a lot of people that are bigger, but they're strong. They're strong. They got a lot of muscle. Like a sumo. Is that how you say it? Sumo wrestler. Now, I'm not telling you to be like that. I'm just telling you that they get away with it to some extent because they have a lot of muscle. They're very strong.

Muscle, guys is on your side. It's not just for osteoporosis, which is very good for osteoporosis. Ladies, you need muscle. Men, you need muscle. I can't emphasize that enough. Yes, cardio is good. Walking is good. I love that. You know that. Vitamin E I'm big on that exercise. Move, but get strong, folks. Get strong. Because when I see these studies out of India, and one of the things, the vitamin that you need to take is vitamin E and part of that vitamin E, the exercise is you getting stronger. Get a hand gripper. Even that helps. You want to join a gym? Good. I love that. Okay? Gyms owe me money. I was screaming as you can remember. Okay? Two things. If you remember. Now we can talk about covid. Okay? Couldn't talk about it before or not much. We had to couch it. But if we look back, remember me. Okay, remember? What in the heck are we doing when we closed the beaches and they didn't want you in the parks and they didn't want you, oohh, my head was exploding. You guys remember that? The sun, get outside, the virus has no chance outside.

But the other thing I was screaming about, they opened Walmart and closed the gyms. I was screaming about that. Are you kidding me? Because the only people generally, almost without exception, that got sick were people with preexisting conditions. They had metabolic syndrome. They had high blood pressure. They had high blood sugar, they had high triglycerides and low HDL. This is almost invariable. They were obese, A lack of muscle, and I was screaming, go to the gym or have a gym in your house. Yes, yes, because these things are important. It's really important. Metabolically, guys, okay? Metabolically, you want your ratios and HDL, and triglycerides, okay? Some people like triglycerides to be low. They all agree on that. By the way, people that if you know anything about your lipids, I don't think there's anybody on the planet that would say, well, I want you to have high triglycerides. I haven't met anybody, even a cardiologist. They don't look at it too much, but they don't want you to have high.

Now, they hate cholesterol, okay? Meaning they don't. They want you low. And guys, when I was in school in the 70's, okay, in the days of Noah, if you go back, you should see how they've lowered the bar to put more people on medication. Unbelievable. They lowered it. Lowered like cholesterol. We got to get it down, down and down. Are we going to change that? Probably not. And they never see food as being, well, just eat less steak and your cholesterol go down. That's true. Why do you want your cholesterol to go down? If you eat less steak, your triglycerides are going to go up. Guys, it all comes back. All comes back to the things you and I have been talking about for a long time. Get your triglycerides down and get your HDL up. High density lipoprotein. Get it up. Okay? Get it up.

Okay, Friday's a coming. That's question and answer. Ask your questions. If you got past questions about cholesterol, ask them. Now, I might not take up every question on cholesterol on Friday. We could spend the whole day again, but send in your questions, guys. If you are not sure about something, ask. Ask, and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Very biblical to ask. Okay, guys, we love you dearly. Okay? I'm breathing again, okay? I got a little excited today. I just get excited when I see these studies on cholesterol. It just drives and me bonkers. Okay? We love you. We'll talk to you soon.

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