1190. Behind the Spin: Understanding Modern Propaganda

Dr. Martin has always felt sorry for people who have been duped. Unfortunately, that has happened to all of us at one point or another. We’re constantly being fed propaganda and it’s so easy to fall for the lies.

Join Dr. Martin as he goes over many common health beliefs that are in fact lies. He also disputes “the science” behind many of the food choices we still make today. Propaganda is everywhere, but you can learn to spot it. Dr. Martin explains.



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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning, and I pray that you're having a great day. Thank you for coming on with us and being the best audience around. Okay, I got to tell you a story, true story. I'm not too worried. I had to do a little bit of business yesterday. So I met a guy for coffee, but he knew I was a doctor of natural medicine and he knew a little bit about my background, but not much. Anyway, it was kind of comical for me, and I promise you, I did not say a word. I just listened. I just listened. First of all, I feel sorry for people who have been duped. You guys know that I feel sorry for people who have been duped, okay? And I just listened. He told me how bad coffee was. I just listened. He told me that human beings weren't meant to eat red meat, okay? He already had his mind made up. So when people are asking me questions, I give them answers. When people are giving me a lecture, he thought I agreed with them. I said, nah, no. If you ask me, I'll tell you. Okay?

And I used to do this in the office all the time. There would be patients. There wasn't many, but over the years, there were patients that would come in. I'd say probably much less than 5%. And after I ran them through my gamut of testing, I was the closer. I came in and I closed. I would close. Here's your problem or problems. Here's a plan. It's a plan to succeed, and we're going to help you fix your problem. We're only going to help you though. You've got to do it. And I'm going to give you a plan. And I always started my base always with nutrition. I would give them a very quick course on nutrition 1 0 1. And I used to tell 'em, trust me, and there was about, it was less than 5% that would say, ah, they might not even say it, but you could tell. I'm not buying this. Why are you here then? Well, somebody made me come, or I was hoping this was going to be easy, or I was hoping you were going to give me a pill, or I don't buy it. I don't buy the fact that I'm on the Titanic.

So if you weren't listening in my mind, I would go next. Not everybody's buying it, and that's all right. Okay, that's all right. If you can't be convinced, well, I'm not wasting my time. So for me, yesterday, I'm not wasting my time because he was lecturing me thinking I was part of the establishment, and he didn't realize I thought the exact opposite of what he was telling me. And so my board today is propaganda. Okay? It's not science, it's propaganda. So when the world, and this is 95%, I would say believe this, okay, this is good and this is bad. So let's go through that list. You guys know this, but every day we have new listeners every day, new viewers every day, thank you. We appreciate it. But here's them. Here's what's good. Grains, multigrain, 20 grain, 110 grain. Grains are good. You need grains, right? That's them. That's the food industry. Without grains, you can't be healthy. You're meant to eat grains, not so much, okay? Not so much. Fiber, of course, goes along with it. Fiber's the key.

Now, I got to tell you something. You go back 40, 50 years ago. I'm not saying they didn't talk about fiber, but fiber now has become magic. It's magic because fiber is fixing everything. Fiber is key to them. It's a key. It's a key to your health. I read even the other day a guy that I really respect a lot, and I won't name his name, but he's a physician and I really like a lot of stuff that he talks about. But he's a big guy on fiber. And I got to tell you, I'm not. Okay? I'm not. Because the whole premise of fiber is really two things. One, okay? One of the things in fiber makes you go to the bathroom. And that's important. It's part of your detoxification. It's overrated. I'm not saying you shouldn't go to the bathroom. I'm not saying you shouldn't defecate, I'm not saying that. But if you think that fiber is the key to that, I disagree.

Fiber, basically, most of it is insoluble. It bulks up the stool. And then they say, okay, they say, and this guy was saying it in all due respect to him, and I mean it. Fiber feeds your friendly bacteria. So they use that and people buy it, and I don't buy it. Here's what I found, okay? Just generally what I'm going to say, a general thing about fiber, why it's overrated, is because 60, 70, maybe even higher percent of the population have trouble with digestion. You know what they do? People that have trouble with digestion, basically, they eat more fiber than you can shake a stick at. "But Dr. Martin, I won't be able to go number two." Yeah, I know. But you got gas, you got bloating, you got IBS, you got diverticulosis, you got all these things. You got SIBO or SIFO, small intestine fungal overgrowth. And all you're doing is bulking up, bloating up your digestive tract. All the stuff you have is to make you have a bulky stool. And you don't win a prize for that. There's no prize for a bulky stool, okay? There's no prize for it at the end. Oh, I got a prize.

And remember where it came from, guys? Okay? Remember where it came from. You see, you see this face? I've been around a long time. I watched it happen. I've watched the fiber craze happen. Fiber came from the cereal companies, Dr. Kellogg's and friends. That's why you need oatmeal every day. You're not a horse. Seriously, guys, I watched them do it. Propaganda. And propaganda. You just say it long enough, say it long enough, and it becomes part of the narrative. It becomes part of medicine. It becomes part of a dietician's mantra. It becomes part of the world and in health. And it's hard to get past that because that's what people believe. My generation, horrendous. They bought it. My parents' generation, hook, line, and sinker. Fiber, All Bran. "You've got to have All Bran, Dr. Martin." Ah, no you don't. But understand where it's coming from.

So when I'm listening yesterday, I was kind of proud of myself. I like to argue and I didn't want to argue. All I kept thinking is if you only knew what I think, but you know what? If you listen and you want to listen, and I want you to use your brain, God gave you a brain, use it. Take information and then make decisions. You guys got to admit something very consistent here, okay? But understand the propaganda. It's grains. You need grains. You can't live without grains. You can't live without fiber. You just can't. And probably the thing that's the most consumed in the world is soy. Soy good. You know what I say? Soy bad, not good. Because it elevates your estrogen. And we got too much estrogen in the world. Every chemical, every plastic, every air freshener, every hand sanitizer and everything that is around, what do we eat a week? I think it's a credit card worth of plastic every week. Guys, we live in a fallen world. They're worried about the climate. I'm worried about plastic.

So soy, oat, we just talked about it, but they want you to drink milk. They don't want you to drink cow's milk so much. If they do remember it better be fat free 1% or 2%. And I tell people, well, if you drink one or 2%, that's the size of your brain. When you got a cow in the backyard and you milk it, it looks like cream, not like milk. Fat free, Dr. Martin, fat free because fat. We'll see it on the other side. Oat, almond milk. "Dr. Martin, what do I give my children?" How about water? When baby is finished with mommy's milk, give them water to drink. Or you can do this too. Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie for children. Oh, it's so good for them. Cream. Cream, not milk, cream. Heavy, heavy, heavy cream. Oh, it's good for them. It's good for their brain. I'll get to that in a minute.

Okay, so here's them. Soy, oat or almond milk. "Dr. Martin, almonds. Aren't they good for you?" No. Are you a chipmunk? Are you a horse for oat? Are you a squirrel? You're not. Nuts and seeds are overrated. Now, I like flax seeds, okay? You want to have a few hemp seeds? Don't smoke them, okay? No. Sunscreen, them. I talk about this in the book, Sun, Steak and Steel. Have you ever seen a poor boogeyman like the sun? What a boogeyman he is, right? The sun, I can't get over it. I mean, he can't live without the sun. I think the geniuses in Washington we're talking about, let's block the sun. Guys. If you want to give me a splitting migraine talk stupidity like that, that gives me a splitting migraine. I can't get over the stupidity of our world. It's so stupid. It's so duped. It buys it. Get out of the sun, and then lather up with sunscreen. Lather up, man. And the world took that.

When I was a kid, the world took sunscreen and they made it a superstar. And isn't it funny? Isn't it funny that we have more skin cancer today than ever before? Is it the sun that changed? I don't think so. The sun is 93 million miles from here. Did the sun change? Nah, I think we changed. Our diets have changed, and people are indoors today much more than before. And what did they do? They get skin cancer. Now, I'm not telling you to go burn, okay? So don't go say Dr. Martin's a quack. Well, you can say it, but at least try and defend me a little bit because I never tell people to go and burn in the sun. But I sure love the sun. I love the sun because every disease that you can think of, anything from your brain to your toes, to your skin, to your nose. How do you like that for a little poetry this morning?

Needs vitamin D. Your immune system don't work without it. It doesn't work properly. You are a human solar panel. You're a true battery operated. Don't get me started on battery cars. I don't like it. I live in Northern Ontario when it's 30 below. Climate change in January. You don't want no electric vehicle up here. I'm sorry. No, it don't work. I had a guy that owned an electric vehicle and he said, "oh yeah, it works, Dr. Martin, but don't put your windows down. You can't go through a drive-through. Don't turn your heater on. Don't turn your air conditioning on and don't turn your radio on." Okay? Because he said that drain the battery even faster. Propaganda. Propaganda. And guys, that's not my area of expertise, but I just have to tell you what's propaganda, okay? I'm not even optimistic that we're going to change anything. But as far as nutrition, hello, don't buy it. It's propaganda.

Now, bad. But this is us, we're bad guys, right? This is us. What the world says is bad is fat because fat makes you fat. And if you go do a survey, this guy had me laughing yesterday inside. I wasn't laughing at him. He just bought it. He bought the propaganda. He doesn't know any better. It's not his fault. Fat makes you fat. That's why they want you to eat fat-free. Think about this for a minute. Just you guys think about this for a minute. We've been eating fat-free for the last 50 years. The greatest failed experiment in the history of mankind is eating fat free. We're sicker and fatter than ever. True or false? And ladies, I don't mean to pick on you. You know I love you, right? That's well established. True or false? You know I love you, but ladies, women went for this lie hook line, sinker 100%. They bought it. Fat makes you fat.

And where do you think my expression came from? Chicken and salad. Women like chicken and salad. Where do you think that came from? I had a radio show for 20 years. "Chicken and salad, Dr. Martin, chicken and salad. I have a little bit of meat. It's chicken." It's just about fat free and fat free yogurt. It became, I watched it. Nobody in the universe. You have to be a hippie. You have to be a hippie to eat yogurt in the 1970s. A hippie, nobody ate yogurt. What? 1%? Yogurt, you had to make it yourself. You were a hippie. You made yogurt. And then I watched it happen. It became the number one choice for North American women. Why? Propaganda? And guess what? It was fat free yogurt. And I remember some of the commercials where they had women dancing, belly dancing. This is so good for your belly. It'll make you skinny because it's fat free. Yikes. I used to scream. What?

Ladies, you guys know better. My audience knows better. The more fat, the better. If you are an Inuit or an Eskimo, if they get a piece of meat, that's all muscle, they give it to their dogs. They want fat, blubber. That's what they want. The only time Inuit gets sick is when they come and they eat our food. Fat free. Fat don't make you fat. Sugar makes you fat. It's not calories. It's not calories. "Fat's got a lot of calories, Dr. Martin." I know. You take that the first day in nutrition. So what? It's not calories. I'm getting too excited. I need to settle down. If I had a watch, I don't. I won't wear one of those watches that tell me to breathe. I refuse. I know when to breathe, okay?

Two. What's bad in propaganda? Cholesterol. Man. Man, oh man, oh man, oh man. It is unreal how the world went for the hoax of cholesterol. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Everybody and their dog, every part of medical school, every part of any school in health will tell you to lower your cholesterol. I want you to lower your cholesterol. You're going to die of a heart attack because your cholesterol is high. Brought to you by the cereal companies. Brought to you by big pharma, and everybody went for it. It is so part of the mantra today. It is so part of our DNA today in teaching and whatever. Look, nothing shocks me anymore. I've been saying this for so long. You can just wind me up and I'll tell you the craziness that we believe in our society today. It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. But I watched it happen. I've watched all the gurus, all the teaching. Get your cholesterol down. Cholesterol is the cause of heart attacks. Ah, no. Why would you blame the police if they're at the crime scene? Why would you blame the firemen if they're at a fire? They're not the bad guys.

And you know my teaching, constantly, constantly reinforcing the importance of triglycerides and cholesterol. You need cholesterol. Your brain's made up a cholesterol. All your hormones get transported by cholesterol. Every cell in your body has cholesterol. It's waterproofing yourselves. Cholesterol. You can't even make synapses. You can't make those connections up in your brain. You want to be a fat head. Take it as a compliment. I didn't even finish. Salt, bad. Eggs, bad, meat, "especially red meat Dr. Martin, red meat. Oh, oh, man. Oh man." And this person was telling me yesterday, man wasn't made to eat meat. I didn't say anything though. I just listened. He didn't want to be converted, so why bother? Okay. I had a lot of vegetarians and vegans come to my office, and I loved every one of them, I did. I felt sorry for them. They'd been lied to. And I could tell, Dr. Martin, I can't eat anything that has eyeballs. I said, get over it. Oh, of course, the sun. We talked about that. Cheese is bad, Dr. Martin, you know why it's full of fat. "You know how many calories are in a slice of cheese, Dr. Martin?" Yep. I know.

Okay, I had to do this this morning because of my experience yesterday. Okay, guys, we love you dearly, okay, and I mean it. Dearly and more dearly. Friday is what? Question and answer Friday. So get your questions in, okay? Get your questions in. We appreciate those days. It's so much fun. It's fun. Okay, we love you guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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