1171. Heart Talk: Why D and K2 are Essential


Dr. Martin continues his series looking at medical headlines. Today he shares two studies, one on the benefits of vitamin D with K2 supplementation in preventing the progression of coronary heart disease, and the other on the benefits of resistance training in diabetic patients.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning. The Doctor Is In podcast and Facebook Live. Good to have you on with us this morning. We appreciate you very much. Okay, now I'm going to give you some headlines again, like this is headlines week, but I think what we are going to do is Headlines Monday. Okay? Resistant training, four months of resistant training. This was the study done in four months. Okay? And this was not with a change in the diet. Can you imagine if they'd done the reset and then four months of resistant training. Now listen, I don't care what age you are, you can do resistant training, get stronger.

Get stronger everyone, because usually when we age. Hey, Tony Jr's 50 years old today. Dr. Martin Jr., my partner in crime 50 today. I was shaking my head this morning and thinking in September of 1973, my son was born. I'll tell you, I'm laughing because I'm thinking, man, time flies 50 years. What does that make me? Wow. But guys, I can't emphasize this enough. We went over this last week. We did metabolic tissue and the organ. It's not really an organ that helps you metabolically more than anything else as far as insulin is what? Muscle. Get stronger, your bins, they really count. And if you want to do resistant grip training, you can get those exercise bands. You don't have to spend a lot of money if you can get down and do a pushup or whatever, good for you. But ladies and gentlemen get stronger. Linda's and Larry's listen, this is true.

Listen to this study, okay? It says in four months in type two diabetic patients in four months, it shows you how metabolically active muscle is. Here's what happened in four months, no change in their diet. These were diabetics that they did the testing with and then they had a group. By the way, listen, I got to fill you in on this. They had a group, by the way, that was doing aerobic training, so they sent one group into aerobic. The other group they sent into resistant training, okay, so dumbbells, barbells, bands, hand grippers, get strong, guys, get strong. Okay? Now have we been consistent about this? Yes. Okay, so they separated the two groups. No changes occurred in the aerobic group.

Now, I'm not saying aerobics is no good. I don't say that. You know me with my short and sweet. If you want to know what the sweet spot is for exercise, you do not have to do a lot. Okay? You do not. I like 15, 20 minutes, three to four times a week. I found that with me, with my patients over the years, three to four times a week, 15 to 20 minutes, get stronger. Listen to what happened in four months with diabetic. They were already diabetics, okay? And it wasn't just move, move. No, it wasn't move. It was get strong. And here's what happened. Their blood sugar went down, their A1C went down, their triglycerides went down and their H D L went up. In four months. Guys we're learning more and more and more and more about muscle and what it does.

Ladies, you need muscle, okay? Don't be a cardio bunny. That was the essence of this study with diabetics. Don't be. I like walking. Okay guys, I like walking. It's good for you. I got no problem with it. Especially after a meal. Go for a walk. It actually helps regulate your blood sugar, okay? But if you get strong and you have storage space for glycogen, it is so important because then your body, listen, insulin has to store, sugars has to store. Insulin is a storage hormone. If you got no place in your muscle to store, that's what sarcopenia is. That is destructive sarcopenia is destructive in osteoporosis. We all know that. I had a lady on saying, Dr. Martin, should I be taking calcium? Under no circumstances, you eat calcium, never take calcium as a supplement. We'll talk about that again in a minute because I got a new study that came out on vitamin K2, but before I get to that.

Guys, if your muscles have storage space bins for sugar, remember insulin is saying to sugar, you can't park in the bloodstream. Come here, out, out, out, out, out and I'm going to park you. If there's no parking spot, if there's no parking spots in the muscle, what does insulin do? It will park that sugar, which will turn to fat in your liver. So muscles and liver, muscles and insulin, muscles and blood sugar, muscles and triglycerides have a big effect because if your liver is empty, your triglycerides are going to go down and you know us at the Martin Clinic, what we've been preaching, we don't preach cholesterol. Well, we do. You want high cholesterol, not low cholesterol, but what you do want to lower is your triglycerides. Lower your TGs. When you send me blood work, if you don't send me TGs, I'm oooh upset with you. I want your TGs and I want your H D L. "Ohh Dr. Martin, my cholesterol's gone up." Goody goody gumdrops. I want your cholesterol to go up.

Okay, Resistant training in diabetics in four months. Okay? Now you know me. You can't out exercise a bad diet. So if a diabetic. Oh, when I read mainstream media, when I see the nonsense out there about food. Guys, I'm glad I don't have a watch tells me to breathe because I would be having heart attacks during the day when I get so uptight reading stupidity. Diabetics, they need carbohydrates. Diabetics better start their day with cereal and they need to be snacking on carbs. It literally nauseates me when I see that stupidity. A diabetic has an allergy to carbs, it's an allergy. I used to tell my patients, you and carbs don't get along. What? I love carbs. I know, but they don't love you. It ain't mutual. You love carbs, but they don't love you. Resistant training in four months in diabetics lowered their A1C, which I like more than blood sugar. Blood sugar has a tendency to fluctuate. Okay? I don't concern myself with blood sugar near as much as I like to see A1C. That'll tell me, that'll tell me more about your insulin than anything else. A1C. And it's got to be below 5.4. If it's anything above that, you're on the Titanic and don't fool yourself.

Okay, here's a new one. This is where I'm going to get into vitamin K2. This was in the European Heart Journal and it was the effect of vitamin K2 supplementation on coronary artery disease. And when you have coronary artery disease, that is a significant thing. Makes you much more susceptible to myocardial infarction. It makes you susceptible. Heart attacks susceptible to stroke and it ain't good. Okay? Here's what they said. Okay? Here's what this study said in the European Heart Journal, hot off the presses. Vitamin K2 Supplementation with Vitamin D Significantly Lowers Progression of Coronary Heart Disease. That ought to be a headline big time.

Vitamin K2, what have I told you all along? You guys know this. I'm not even going to ask the question. I'm going to fill in the blank myself, guys. Vitamin K2 is the Rodney Dangerfield of vitamins. And the reason I say that is because it gets no respect. I'm always been a big guy in K2. Why do you think the reset is so good for you? Why is the reset good for you? "Dr. Martin, all that cheese, all that butter," without bread, "all that eggs and all meat. Are you kidding me Dr. Martin?" I said, yeah, because what they've been telling you is lies plus it's a religion with a lot of people. It really is religious and the young people are buying it like hook, line and sinker. It's craziness. Avoiding the animal kingdom. It's insanity on steroids, guys.

I had a patient ask me yesterday, a former patient asked me yesterday, Dr. Martin, what do you think of? And it's on Netflix or something. And I said, it gives me a headache. It's propaganda. They don't want you eating meat. But listen, listen, let's get back to this so I don't get too uptight here. Major study, meta-analysis study looking at the effects of supplementation of vitamin D with K2. Oh. So guys, look at our vitamin D with K2, okay? Just for supplementation for a second, then I'll talk to you about food. Why do I do that? Why do I put vitamin K2 in with vitamin D? Okay, because K2 takes calcium out of your blood vessels. When you take a calcium supplement, don't ever do it, but if you do, you're making a big boo boo, you don't need calcium. Eat your calcium. God gave you. Listen, calcium, okay, vitamin K2 in food together. So when you eat a piece of cheese, you are getting calcium. Everybody knows that. Dairy has calcium. Don't ditch dairy by the way. Switch it.

So anybody listening to us, there's always new people on, okay? And dairy got a bad rap. I don't like that because I don't want people that ditch dairy. I love dairy. I just don't like store bought grocery store bought milk because that's white Pepsi. Because what happens before the milk gets to the grocery store, they denature it. Man thinks they're smarter than God. So what do they do? "Oh Dr. Martin, fat makes you fat. Fat gives you cholesterol. Fat, we got to take it out of dairy because it's fat." For 50 years I've been screaming blue murder. I'm the farmer's best friend. Let's get back to the farm. And wouldn't it be nice if we all had a cow in our backyard and we could drink milk again? But you don't need milk, but you need cheese.

Why do I say eggs, meat and cheese? Eggs, meat and cheese, because you need cheese. It's perfect in nature the way God meant it to eat. Why? Because it has calcium, good, but you can't take calcium without vitamin K2. So, "Dr. Martin, there's lots of calcium in spinach." Yeah, but it ain't getting to your bones. Why? Because it doesn't have vitamin K2. It has vitamin K1 in the plant kingdom. I'm not saying it's no good, I'm just telling you it's overrated. Dairy is what you need. Cheese, and you need eggs because eggs got calcium and vitamin K2. When you eat meat, you got calcium in meat. Did you know that? Yeah, there's calcium in meat combined with vitamin K2.

When I see this study, okay, I see this study and I go, I'm going to guarantee you something. This will never see the light of day and there won't be 1% of physicians, 1% that'll be influenced by this study out of the European Heart Journal. It won't influence them because they can't get past cholesterol when it comes to coronary heart disease. They see cholesterol there. Cholesterol is, oh, there's cholesterol in the blood. Hello? Hello. You can't live without cholesterol. Cholesterol is on the highways of your blood vessels. Yeah, of course it's there. It's a delivery system. And then you know what cholesterol is so fantastic in? It helps in repair, it brings hormones, it transports your hormones. What do you want low cholesterol for? But it's so ingrained in the craw of most physicians. It's so ingrained you can't even talk to them about it.

Listen, vitamin K2, will take calcium. What do you think coronary artery disease is? It's calcified blood vessels. Calcified calcium. Well, calcium's good for you with vitamin K2, not without. "Ah, Dr. Martin, I got osteoporosis." I know, and it's because you got no muscle and you're taking calcium, which will do nothing for you. It doesn't get to its intended destination. You want calcium to end up in your bones, well you eat cheese. "Oh, Dr. Martin, cheese has got a lot of calories." Who cares? It don't matter. But hey guys, this is so significant that they combined, imagine the geniuses over in Denmark. That's where it was done. The geniuses that decided to do a study on vitamin D combined with vitamin K2, and what they found is that there was, I'm going to give you the quotes. "Significant less progression of coronary calcification." Significant.

So if you ever get a CAC test done or you get an ultrasound and they find out that your carotid. You ever get those ultrasound and they find out that they're calcified? Well just tell 'em I know the answer to what to do. I'm going to start taking vitamin D with K2. Look at Dr. Martin's stuff. Perfectly proportion, but these geniuses, and I mean it, in Europe. Yeah, they said, yeah, the results were significant. Guys, that's a headline that is so stinking important, isn't it? Medicine. God love him. Okay? Just understand you having a heart attack. Don't call me, okay? If you're having a heart attack, don't call me. I mean, you could call me and I'll pray for you, but I'm not the physician that you want to see. You want to see my son-in-law, okay? He's an emergency physician. They're the best. Emergency physicians, by the way, are the best doctors. They see everything and medicine is great for that, okay?

But I can tell you that once you get to a cardiologist, it's almost like they look for love in all the wrong places. Like if you would show 'em this study, him or her, cardiologist, look what vitamin D does combined with vitamin K2. Holy moly. I doubt if they're going to recommend it, I doubt it. They're so scared. Physicians are scared, skinny, and they've been made scared, skinny, and I talked to you about this so many times about vitamin D because they're always worried. Vitamin D was meant for rickets and not much else and stay out of the sun and blah, blah, blah. You guys have heard it a thousand times.

Dermatologists are going to have a field day talking about Jimmy Buffett. He had skin cancer. I told you. I told you, except I told you yesterday when I did the deep dive and I looked at Merkel skin cancer. Very rare by the way. The tumors progress significantly when you don't have enough vitamin D. Well, there you go. The very opposite. It goes against everything we have been taught. The propaganda machine goes against everything we've been taught. The sun, it'll kill you. Cholesterol, it'll kill you. Protein that'll kill you. I had a doctor a week ago, tell one of my ex patients or former patients, what? Dr. Martin recommends the Reset? The reset is eggs, meat, and cheese. That'll kill you. Quote. No, that'll save your bacon.

Okay. I know, I know. I know, I know. I get excited. Okay? I get excited. We love you. I love my audience. I can't help it, but love you, okay? If you haven't wished Tony Jr. happy birthday yet, make sure you do. 50 years. Oh, jumping bananas. I remember the day that boy was born. How can I still be 39 and have a son that's 50? I can't get over it. Okay, guys, we love you. And Friday is question, the official question and answer Friday. So send you questions in. We love you guys more than you know. From my staff and the rest of the gang at the Martin Clinic. We want to say we love you dearly. Talk to you soon.

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