1168. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Always feeling tired
  • Grounding sheets
  • Parkinson's vs. Lewy’s dementia
  • Triglycerides too low
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  • ESR to test inflammation
  • CoQ10 dosage
  • Apricots for removal of yeast
  • Low white blood cells
  • Oil of oregano


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. I am. Guess what it is today. Question and answer Friday. Always fun. Let's get to the questions this morning. And the first question, Ann, good morning. Why am I always tired? Well, join the cast of millions, Ann, okay, join the cast of millions. Look, I don't know you, you're not in my office where I could order all sorts of testing and whatever, but I'm going to give you an answer that I would often see in my office. People that were tired and they didn't know why and their doctors couldn't figure it out. Okay? So let me tell you what I used to do. First of all, Anne, it's not normal to be tired. It's not normal. Now that doesn't mean you have a disease and you probably don't, but it's not normal.

Unfortunately, medicine unfortunately has been hijacked by the labs. They've been hijacked by big pharma and labs. What do I mean by that? Well, you get lab tests and everything seems to be within normal limits and therefore, I don't know why you're tired says the doctors. Okay, here's what I would look at. First of all, I like blood tests, so it's not like I don't like blood tests. I do. I just look at different things on blood tests, okay? One of the reasons you could be tired is because your B 12 is not optimized. Well, Dr. Martin, my B 12 is within normal limits. Yeah, that's for a mouse, not for a human being. And when you're B 12 possibly and is not optimized, send me your blood work. I'll let you know if it is, that can give you fatigue. The other one I look at is optimize thyroid, T ss H.

And again, there's no gland in the universe that is misunderstood like the thyroid gland. And the reason that is, is because the thyroid has two bosses, the hypothalamus and the pituitary. It has a lot of strings attached. And physicians, again, they're so used to looking at what's normal in a blood test. They don't look to see if the thyroid perhaps is not working at its optimal function. That's what I look at. Okay? We call that subclinical, meaning that you are unwell, but it's not disease that's subclinical. I would look at B 12, I would look at the thyroid. I would look at vitamin D levels not being optimized. Okay? Those are things. Another one that can drain you without any on normal blood testing, you wouldn't even know it and they don't even check it most of the time is cortisol. And Ann, you might be stressed.

I don't know you. Again, I'm just giving you ideas. I would look at B 12, I would look at your thyroid. I need to see your T, S H. I would look at your vitamin D, I would look at your cortisol. Cortisol can make you tired if it's secreting all the time. So stress could be a factor, okay? And a lot of times you are saying that your iron is normal. Yeah, maybe. But your B 12 is a lot more important. Not that I'm saying iron isn't important, but B 12 is much more important. Okay? So there's your answer, Ann. It's probably subclinical and send me your blood work if I haven't seen it already. 

Hannah, what do I think of grounded sheets? What? I've never heard of them. They are sheets that you plug into the grounding part of an electric plug to ground your body. Well, look, there's a whole thing Hannah on grounding. I don't buy it, by the way. Okay? I don't buy it. I'm not saying it's no good for you, okay? That you're grounded to the earth. If I'm on a beach, I like to walk barefoot at the beach. What if I'm not in the beach grounding. I read about it and I go for me, I'm not saying there's no benefits to it. I don't buy everything that it says that grounding does for you. So if you have grounding sheets, I don't know. I've never even heard of them all. I would tell someone don't spend a lot of money. I hope they're not expensive. Okay? I don't know guys. I know there's a whole electromagnetic force in our bodies. I know that guys, look, I'm just telling you that it's not my area of expertise and I'm not sure I buy it.

Okay? That's what I'm going to tell you. Does that make me old fashioned? Does that make me weird? Does that make me, ah, probably. Okay. Probably. You know what I used to tell people because they come in and they'd give me these things, okay? There's nothing new under the sun. I used to tell people no, but I used to tell patients, okay? When they would ask me stuff like that. You know what I would say? I got bigger fish to fry. I'm good at what I'm good at. And when it gets over there or out there somewhere, I'm not sure. Okay. Got it. Okay. Okay. Thanks for the question, Hannah. You can ask any question you want. Sometimes I'm just not all left familiar. 

Louis, what is the difference between Parkinson's disease and Lewy body dementia? Well, Louis's dementia often comes after Parkinson's. Somebody that gets Parkinson's can get Louis's dementia and they hear voices and hallucinations and whatever, but they're not the same. And Parkinson's is a neurological disorder characterized by tremor, shakes, uncontrollable. And I've talked to about Parkinson's many, many a times in the past. I look at it as an autoimmune disease oftentimes with heavy metal in the brain, got transported there, leaky gut, leaky brain, MS, and others. Okay, vitamin D three. Does it thin your blood? No. Or thicken your blood? No, doesn't do either one. It doesn't thicken your blood and it doesn't thin your blood. It's not a blood thinner get in the sun and it doesn't thin your blood.

It doesn't thicken your blood either. No, it's not Louise. Okay? Either way, the Sharon can a person have too low of triglycerides. We're trying to keep triglycerides low. But yeah, you can be too low. Okay? I mean, triglycerides are normal in your body. You don't want no triglycerides. You just don't want elevated triglycerides. I used to see rarely, but triglycerides too low in people that ate no fat at all. Okay? And that's not good for you, but you can get too low triglycerides. But to be honest, in this day and age, I rarely see it. Don't worry about low triglycerides, worry about high triglycerides and low H D L cholesterol. That is a bad combination. High triglycerides and low H D L. Thanks Sharon for the question. Brenda, I have a question. Okay, D H A can be low in people and there is a supplement out there, but it can raise estrogen and androgen hormones.

D H E A is secreted by your adrenal gland, okay? And no, I never was big on it as far as, because that used to be a big thing when chronic fatigue started to raise its ugly head. Years and years and years ago, there was a little bit of a craze for months on take D H E A as a supplement supplement. I never found it worked. I like Navitol for chronic fatigue a hundred times more than D H E A. Okay? So I wouldn't touch it. I never found it to be effective. And guys remember this, okay? I was in practice. I had to get results. And people, if you think I haven't heard of a product other than grounding sheets, no, but seriously, every day I would have someone come in and ask me questions about what about this, what about that? What about this?

What about that? And many times I get people bringing me a pile of literature on it, on a different new, something new under the sun that fixed everything from warts on your nose to pimples on your toes. And I was always, I'm not going to say a skeptic, but I was reticent because I wanted results. So I mean, look, it doesn't mean that things were no good. I didn't say that, but what I'm saying is I needed results. So if you are asking me about fatigue and I could go back and to you, nothing ever, ever that I found as effective as natal for fatigue, nothing. And I've got tens of thousands of patients on navi, I've never found anything better to give you energy. Now, other things will give you energy like B 12, but I never found a supplement generally that was as good.

Okay? Okay. Thanks Brenda. Melissa, what does Dr. Martin think of E S R? Inflammation? Yeah, I like any test on inflammation. I'll tell you the one I like the best, and that is C R P C-Reactive protein. To me. I like E S R if you're going to show me that, and if it's elevated, you have inflammation, but I found the one to be the most telling was C-reactive protein. So it's part of my eight critical blood tests is C-reactive protein because you shouldn't have inflammation. Now if you're fighting an infection, and even esrs will be elevated if you're fighting an infection, okay? That's normal to have inflammation. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, of course you're going to have inflammation. But what I like about the C-reactive protein is that silent inflammation is detected by that test. And that's why my first choice for inflammation testing, Melissa, is the C-reactive protein.

And if they're done together, beautiful, I'll look at both of 'em. Oftentimes you got to get your doctor to do them because they don't even look at them ordinarily. They don't even order them ordinarily because they don't know the significance. They're not trained in the significance of the damaging effects of silent inflammation. They just don't know. Do you know what I'm saying? Okay, now, thanks Melissa. Laurie. I'm two weeks on the reset and wonder if you have any idea why my urine smells like fish. Does it mean something? Yep, it means it's working. You know why? Because you're burning ketones, you've changed fuels. Okay, so you got two fuels. You're either burning glucose or you're burning fat, okay? As fuel. When you change fuels and you're doing the reset, your body has changed from burning carbs to burning ketones and ketones in the urine can smell and don't worry about it.

You're doing the right thing. Good for you, Laurie. Good changing fuel. Alanis, what is Dr. Martin's advice to improve low estrogen in menopausal women in order to also keep skin elasticity? Well, Alanis one thing for sure. Don't you ever take estrogen, in my opinion, lay off the estrogen that is, look to me, it's a misdiagnosis. When a physician, God bless them. When a physician tells you your estrogen has gone down, yeah, it has. You're in menopause, your estrogen goes down, okay, normal, but it's not. By replacing estrogen, is that going to be beneficial? You're now setting yourself up for cancer. And I know you asked the right question here, ais, because you're not saying I want to take estrogen. You're asking what to do about your skin elasticity. Well, first of all, elevate your progesterone because that's the key. It's not estrogen. It's the balance between estrogen and progesterone.

That's why I like our menopausal formula. It's me to move up your estrogen and to elevate it. It works because I can test it. I used to test it in the office, okay? It's the balance between estrogen and progesterone. And the other thing that I find for skin elasticity is collagen. Now, how do you get collagen? You get it when you take bone broth. Why do you think our bone broth is so popular? It's got collagen protein and it's good for your elasticity. It's good for your gut, it's good for your skin, it's good for your nails, it's good for your hair. It's good for all of that thing because collagen protein is the best protein. Okay? But thanks for the question, Alanis. It's very good question, Linda. I wonder if this is the Linda of all. Linda's, okay, Linda, I've been taking 400 milligrams of coq 10 for years.

Is this too high? Nope. That's what I take every day and make sure, okay, just going to tell you, Linda, make sure you're taking quinol and not quinone quinone. Coq 10. You do not absorb, okay? You need quinol o l. It's the one that your body will absorb. It's the one the body will use. And just to answer questions that might come up. Why would Dr. Martin want somebody on coq 10 ubiquinol? If you're taking a statin drug, cholesterol lowering medication, I wouldn't let you out of my office without telling you about ubiquinol because you're destroying your coq 10 with a statin drug and brand new hot off the presses.

When I mentioned metformin, which is the number one diabetic drug of all time, is called metformin. Now, if you guys, I was to give you a little quiz and I said, okay, someone that's taking metformin is going to be low in, what would you say? My audience out there. What have I taught you about Metformin? If someone's on Metformin, they are going to be low in, let me see if I can see Jackie. Oh, my audience, the Sandy Fran, you guys, Diane, Fran, another Fran. No. Okay. Okay. It's B 12. I've taught you that over the years, anybody that takes metformin is going to below in b12. Guess what they're finding out now? Hot off the presses. Coq 10. Just like statin drugs. Holy moly. That's important to know that number one bestseller of all time of all medication is Lipitor and it destroys your coq 10. It destroys your mitochondria. Imagine that, especially in your muscle. Imagine that. And I thought the heart was a pump a muscle. Oh, it is.

And it's got a lot of mitochondria and they get destroyed. I can't stand it. We always knew that about statin drugs. A matter of fact, if you watch commercials for statin drugs, they'll tell you that it's going to destroy your coq 10. You need that. But now another drug, Metformin, which is famous for anybody that's got prediabetes or diabetes physicians, instead of concentrating on the diet, what do they do? They concentrate on medication. Oh, your blood sugar is higher than I like. Let's give you a medication instead of you're a carboholic and you need to understand that that diabetes is an allergy to carbs. You're a carboholic. But they don't talk about that. They talk about managing diabetes, it's too bad. But that's the way they operate. And they give you a medication. And the most popular medication is metformin, and they're trying to use it off label for weight loss and all this and that.

Guys, that gives me a migraine headache when people do it. Is there no other way to stay healthy? And physicians, all they can think of is drugs. It drives me crazy, but metformin now is showing to lower coq 10. Wow. And what is coq 10 again? Where is that important? What's coq 10? It's your battery packs. It's your mitochondria in every cell in your body, but especially those mitochondria that are up in your brain tissue, those battery packs, those energy centers in your heart. My blood pressure just went up talking about it. So Linda, you're not, boy, that was 10 minutes ago. I started your question. You're not taking too much coq 10. I take that every day and make sure it's ubiquinol. Dale, I saw an article that said eating apricots removes mold in yeast from your body. True or false? False. Look, I've never heard that. Apricot. How could it do it? No mold. First of all, if you have black mold in your lungs, you need to get an antifungal. But when I look at yeast in the blood, you got to fix leaky gut. You got to get those bacteria on your side. Look, apricots like even the apricot seed or the, what do they call that thing in the middle? They used to talk about that being a cancer treatment. The pit.

I don't know about that. I look at differently. I don't look at one thing. This is going to cure cancer. Look, I'll tell you one thing about let's just talk cancer for one minute. Over the years, the number one thing for cancer in food, get rid of sugar. That's number one. Supplement. Nothing. Nothing. And I mean nothing is better than vitamin D. So if you want to get rid of mold in your body, I would tell you, go sit in the sun derma. Because if you want to kill mold in your house, the reason that it occurs in the basement or in your bathroom or whatever, mold or where water damages come in, you could fix that. If you could take the roof off your house on a sunny day and just let all the sunshine come in there, you'd get rid of mo.

And that's why I'm so big on vitamin D, because if cancer is a fungus, you want probiotics and vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D. Okay, Dale, thanks for the question, Judy. I keep having low white blood cells. How can I fix this? Well, again, Judy, I mean generally when I saw low white blood cells, you're low in vitamin D, you have lower levels of vitamin D. Could they help make white blood cells? You could be low in B 12. Could B 12 people think B 12 only makes red blood cells? No. It helps your blood in all ways. So again, Judy, I'd have to see your blood work, but having low white count, it depends, could mean nothing could be just the way you're built. You got to understand when you look at blood, there's averages and you might not be Judy Average.

Okay? If you're feeling good and everything else is good, I wouldn't worry about it. But check your vitamin D, check your B 12 levels. See if you're in low area of those numbers. Okay, now there's two Melissas, what does Dr. Martin think of cellulose? Well, cellulose is like a fiber. It's like when you eat vegetables, fruit, some fruit, you get cellulose. What do I talk about? Well, you don't make cellulase that enzyme, that rabbit ain't the rabbit. If they add it to a supplement, it's just a filler. I don't care. Don't bother me. I'm not hurting anything. Okay, thanks, Melissa. Diane, Dupuytren's contracture. Okay, that's where your finger will get locked. And you've got a tendon that calcify. Is that from the liver? No, not really. I'd never thought of dupuy contracture. A liver problem. As a matter of fact, it's a glycation problem that's from sugar.

It's a byproduct of sugar, sugar attacks, protein. It's called glycation or glycation end products. And if you get a dunce contracture, lay off the sugar. Now the problem is, is that sometimes it's very advanced. You get a what they call a trigger finger, but that's usually due to a g e, small E apostrophe Ss glycation N products, too much sugar and crappy carbohydrates. Okay, thanks Diane. Margie are Margie. I have been taking one drop of oil of oregano daily in a small amount of water for the last couple of weeks. When I thought I had diverticulitis was acting up, I'm doing much better question. Do I continue taking this or is it better off to go off and on again when I need it? If I stay on it daily and something comes up again, do I need to take more than one drop? Well, I take more than one drop every day, and I have been for the last 35 years, I brush my teeth.

Oil of oregano. Oil of oregano. Don't leave home without it. It is so good for you. One drop a day. That's good. That's all right. Why would you stop? It's a natural antibiotic, antifungal, anti parasitic, antiviral, anti everything I love oil of or, okay, I love it. Yeah, you can at this first sign of a cold, get on it. We're going to do a program, I think because people, enough people have asked me, Dr. Martin, how do you use oil of oregano every day? And I'm going to do that. Okay? And maybe what I'll do is get you guys to send me how you use it every day. I'll let you know. I'll tell you what I do. I already told you I brush my teeth with it. I put a couple of drops on my toothbrush and then I put my toothpaste over it because it doesn't kill your good guys.

It only kills bad guys. How do you like that? God's natural antibiotic. Okay, it is so good for you. Okay, Margie or Margie, thanks for the question, Sherry, we love those cherries too. Is whole milk to have mixed in with the bone broth? Is it still considered white Pepsi? Well, it's not quite white. Pepsi. Okay? Skim 1%, 2% milk. They take all the fat out of it. Whole milk's got its fat in there, so it's certainly much better for you. Okay? It's much better for you. I personally like cream better than milk. But if you want to use that in your Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, yeah, go for it. Go for it. I like the higher fat content, especially when you're making Dr. Merton's perfect smoothie for kids because boy, oh boy, they think they've gone to McDonald's and got a milkshake. That's how good it tastes.

They have no idea how good it is for them. Sherry, thank you. Risa. Question for Dr. Martin. Can those hardened blood vessels be repaired from his newsletter about dehydration this week? Yeah. You know what, Risa, it's amazing how your body is fearfully and wonderfully made. Okay? Fearfully and wonderfully made. Can things be reversed? You bet your boots. Okay, you bent your boots. Now if you have hardening of the arteries, okay? And calcification of the arteries, okay? A protocol that I like, navit, all because it elevates your nitric oxide. I love magnesium because it brings elasticity back to the blood vessel. And I love vitamin K two because K two takes calcium out of the bloodstream and puts it where it belongs. And I love oil high, d h a oil because you want to lubricate those blood vessels, okay? So that's my protocol. Depending where you're at, can it be a hundred percent regenerated?

I'll tell you I've seen it, but the idea is to get better. Is it perfect? Yeah. Sometimes I've seen a complete reversal of it, especially in the carotid arteries, and I've seen it, but there's other factors involved. Okay? Thanks for the question, Risa and John, is this true? Okay, Dr. Martin, is this true? I've read that you can't make vitamin D from the sun if you soap up and shower before sitting in the sun. Not true. That's not true. Okay, not true. Now, the second part of the question is, and you can't make vitamin D if you shower after sitting in the sun, it takes two hours to make vitamin D three from the sun. Look, that is more a rumor than reality because it doesn't take two hours to make vitamin D from the sun. You get the vitamin D, it starts topping up in the first 20 minutes, 20 minutes in the sun, and you can get up to 10,000 IUs.

It's been measured, and I know I've read that in different places, that if you take a shower after, you shouldn't, because you're not making vitamin D. I don't buy that. I don't buy that. I don't buy that because testing hasn't shown them. So hey, take your showers. Okay? I know there are people that say that, but I never bought that, and I'm a big guy on vitamin D. You know me, son. Stay and steal. Okay? I got to all the questions this morning. Okay guys, have I told you lately that I love you? Okay. And by the way, this Monday or next Monday, labor Day, isn't it? Yep, I'm on. I'm going to do a Labor Day program. Okay, Lord willing. Okay, guys, we love you. Talk to you soon.

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