1164. Danger Ahead: Red Flags Men Ignore


Dr. Martin discusses seven red flags for men's health in today’s episode.

Symptoms such as belly fat, mood swings, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, weak erections or erectile dysfunction, man boobs, and chronic brain fog could be signs of underlying health conditions such as heart disease or cancer.


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Dr. Martin:  How are you doing everyone? And once again, we appreciate your attendance on the Doctors in podcast and we're happy to have you on with us this morning. Okay, let's get going guys. I've entitled this program, red Flags for Men, red Flags for Men. Now, the guys that are on with us, you guys are smart. You're in the top percentile for men. I can tell you that. I'm going to say something generally, and I know it to be true because of all the years I had in practice, women are much more interested in health than men are not that men. And because of social media and all that, they're more interested than they used to be. You know me how I always talked about a patient, a typical male that would come into my typical, but I realized that there's lots of exceptions, but I'm just saying this for a fact.

Men come into my office, okay, why are you here? I don't know. How are you feeling? Good. Who made you come here? My wife? Nothing wrong with you? Nope. Oh, okay. That was a typical mail. I heard it tens of thousands of times from men. And the funny thing is, I already had their test results. I already knew that. It wasn't that they were lying, but some of them were just, most of them. I'm not dead doc. I still got a pulse. I must be all right. Whereas women on the other hand, much more in tune to their bodies health. And by the way, women are much more in tune to what's going on with their husbands. Then the men are themselves. Now, guys, all you guys listening today, you are in the top percentile of men. You're interested in your health, you're on board, you are superstars of men.

I mean that. So I don't like to use a wide brush to paint, but I am using it from my experience. But this morning what we want to do is focus in on men's health. So ladies, if your husband's not listening, your man in your life, your sons or whatever, you can take notes for them. And these are red flags for men, okay? Very practical. I think you'll appreciate it. And by the way, I'm a man, okay? In case you're wondering. So I'm very sympathetic with men, okay? Very sympathetic, but they usually don't listen because they're hardheaded except for my exceptions.

Got it? Let's get going. Number one, red flag for men is belly fat. It's a red flag. And walk around, observe, have a look. And you'll see men. It used to be called the beer belly, and it was rare, okay? In the 1970s, it was very rare. 1980s, rare, but today very common. So men have belly fat. It's a flag. It's never good, okay? I'm not talking about having a six pack either. I've never had a six pack in all my life. But it's important to look at that now, especially men, if it gets over 40 inches, measure right around your belly button if it's over 40. But even under that, there's a disruption. Okay? Now I want to show you something, okay? I want to show you something. You know me. I love illustrations. Okay? So I got one pound of fat here and I lent out my five pounds to do a production, okay?

But you'll get the image here. Here's one pound of fat, okay? It's a lot of fat. But what I'm showing here is belly fat is an organ onto itself. Visceral fat. What you see in the belly is your organs. It's not just the belly, but you can't see it. You can't see this fat. It's visceral fat, and it's an organ onto itself, okay? It's an organ onto itself. When you have belly fat, and ladies, you can get belly fat too. And listen, men that are skinny, it doesn't mean they're healthy because they can have visceral fat and they can have a little pouch and they're skinny everywhere else. Skinny legs. This is an organ onto itself. And when you see this, you can be sure if you see belly fat, you can be sure there's fat in the liver, okay? What happens in the liver doesn't stay in the liver.

It ain't Las Vegas. Belly fat, liver fat, almost invariably belly fat. Fat around the gut, belly fat, fat around the heart, fat around the pancreas, and certainly fatty liver. Okay? So that's a red flag. Beware. Have a look at your man, man, be honest. Look in the mirror and don't use the mirror. I tell this story because my grandma French, me, me, and she used to call me ton little Tony because my dad was Tony. Don't ask me about the Tony Martins and our family because my son, my grandson, and my great-grandson, all Tony Martins, okay? But Mame used to call me Sitton, okay? And I wasn't that little, okay? I wasn't that little. But my grandmother said, you're so skinny to my grandmother. I never ate enough, although I ate a lot and too much, especially at my grandma's. But she used to tell me, ton, you're so skinny.

Well, I go look in the mirror and I'd say, what is she looking at? I don't look skinny at all. So guys, the moral of the story is look in the mirror and be honest, because it's a red flag. You want to be honest about this. The worst deception is what? Self-deception. That's the worst deception. When you deceive yourself, don't deceive yourself. Let's be honest with each other. Be honest with yourself. And ladies, if your husband doesn't want to listen, ooh, but doesn't mean you give up. Number one, belly fat. And that organ, by the way, let me say a couple other things, okay? So that belly fat diverts, it does. It diverts blood supply to the brain. Remember, it's an organ onto itself with its own blood supply, its own hormones. And by the way, this kind of fat picks up a lot of toxins.

They get embedded in the fat, so it's not a good thing, okay? It's not a good thing. And when you see it in children, I call it a sugar belly because it's really a fructose belly. Kids never had that before. But since the food industry changed, the sugar to high fructose corn syrup, cheap, addictive, it's a terrible sugar. And I got lots of programs on our podcasts if you want to go back and listen to those. I got lots of stuff on high fructose corn syrup, the antichrist of sugars. And it's one of the reasons, like I said, we used to call it beer belly. Now it's carb belly, it's sugar belly, an organ unto itself. And when that's inside your body, think about this for a minute too. So decreased blood supply, plus your body sees that organ, okay? Another organ like belly thought, you know what?

It sees it as invader. Your body's smart. It thinks, Hey, I've been invaded. And now your immune system, you know how I love to talk about inflammation without infection? So you get a silent inflammation often with this because the body sees that fat as an invader. Who are you? How come you set up shock in my body and your immune system, which is looking for viruses and bacteria and toxins sees this as an invader and it has a silent inflammation, and we all know the effects of long-term inflammation. It's not good. Very destructive to the body if it doesn't get turned off. Nu Uno, red flag is belly fat, okay? Belly fat. And like I said, you can be skinny as a rake and that doesn't make you healthy. Look for the little pouch and you're not a kangaroo. Okay, now, man, boobs, two man boobs.

And what that tells you when you see man boobs is estrogen is up and testosterone is down, estrogen is up. The saying around here at the Martin Clinic, men have more estrogen than their wives at 50 and up shouldn't be because estrogen in a man is directly proportional to testosterone in a man. Ladies, you operate on estrogen and progesterone bowels. Men operate on one hormone. Really? Okay, look, there's other things, but for the sake of simplicity, men operate only on testosterone. But what happens? Testosterone goes down, estrogen goes up, and a lot of times you can see it, man boobs. Okay? It's not normal.

Chronic brain fog. Listen, Linda's out there. Listen to your husband, sort of short-term memory stuff, repetition, forgetful, watch for that. It's a red flag. And it could be because of belly fat, internal stuff. It's a red flag. Chronic fatigue. Now, I'm not talking about chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a baby unto itself. I'm talking about men that are complaining or ladies, you see it, they're just low in energy. They're low energy people and they haven't been like that before and now you see it. They're tired all the time, don't want to do anything anymore, or you have to really push them. Folks, that's a red flag because what I look at is, okay, why would that in a man? Well, one of them is testosterone, no doubt about that, but there's other factors, and the idea is at the mitochondrial level, okay, when I say mitochondria, you say batteries, okay?

Your battery packs within your cells. What do they release? Energy, a t p. But when men eat the wrong food at the mitochondria, at the cellular level, it's very damaging to them and then they run on fumes. Watch for that. It's a red flag. And by the way, another factor in energy, one is fuel and the other one is inflammation silent, and yet it has an effect on energy. So watch for that in men, men tired all the time. Guys, look, if I miss a night's sleep or whatever the next day, especially at my age now, I don't recover as well, but guys, I'm full of pee and vinegar, okay? I'm full of pee and vinegar, that's normal, not normal to be dragging your butt all the time. It's not normal. It's a red flag. The body is saying, hello, you out there, you're not listening to me. Listen, Larry, listen, your body's talking, but we avoid those things, okay? Chronic fatigue, okay? I'm going to get personal. Weak erections or ed, erectile dysfunction, okay? Men don't like to talk about it and it can be very to a man, demeaning. I was very personal in my office, okay? I mean, you had to answer my questions and I was a very inquisitive physician, like don't lie to me. I used to like it when men would come in and they had their wives with them.

Tell me the truth, okay? Your wife is sitting beside you, but when men would come in alone, oh, I'm good. Everything's good. I said, okay, you're telling me the truth. Oh man, aren't we from another planet, aren't we? Okay, so Ed, or even weak erections, not normal. Your body's talking. Okay? Number six, poor sleep. Okay? This is a big, big thing. Sleep and again, them and us, okay on sleep, them and us, okay, them, the world out there, medicine out there, you're sleeping poorly. Here's a pill. Okay, well, you're not sleeping with the pill, you're sedated with the pill. Big difference because we at the Martin clinic and our group, our listeners, what do we know? Well, if you don't sleep and you don't get into a deep sleep, your self-cleaning oven in the brain's not working. You got a self-cleaning oven up there, it turns on and detoxifies the brain through the glial cells and the glymphatic system.

It's unbelievable how your body works. When they say science is settled, that bothers me. By the very nature of the word science, the definition of the word science is observation and repetition, and the more you study, the more you study the body. We don't know anything. Now I know a lot more than I used to know, but I never stopped learning when I was in school. I'll give you a couple of things we didn't know anything about. I didn't know about the glial cells. I knew about lymphatics, but I didn't know the brain had its own lymphatic drainage system, the self-cleaning oven. I didn't know that. I didn't know anything about nitric. Oxide wasn't even discovered until the 1980s. What? Yeah, nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels. We didn't know that. So by very nature, science isn't settled. If someone tells you, I don't want to discuss it anymore, it's settled.

That's what they do to shut us up. It can't even talk about it. Big pharma, big food, politicians, media settled or 98% of the scientists agree. Yeah, who's paying them? I happen to be around for the, I happen to be around. I watched it develop what? Cholesterol can't live without it. Don't leave home without it. You need cholesterol and now it's a boogeyman. I happen to be around. I'm old enough to have watched the development of that lie. I watched it where it now becomes, can't even talk about it. It's settled. You got heart disease, you got cholesterol, says Pfizer.

Okay, poor sleep. The big thing that we've discovered in sleep is something that, I'm not kidding you folks I never saw in the 1970s, and that is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea. What? Yeah, never even heard of it. We had sleep disorder in a sense that since the beginning of time there's been insomnia. I know that the Bible read the Old Testament. There's people that had insomnia there, they didn't sleep. But today we have an epidemic. True or false? What's true? We have an epidemic of sleep apnea. You wish you had a crystal ball. You could have bought shares in the machines for sleep apnea. You know how many millions of people go to bed every night and they stick a machine into their nose or over their mouth and nose to breathe? I'm not saying don't do it. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that. Yeah, it was probably around to some extent, but not like today. Why?

It's insulin, it's fatty liver, fatty tongue. Excuse me. The tongue gets fat, not enough. Oxygen goes up to the brain and instead of fixing the fatty tone, people get hooked up to a machine. And like I said, I'm not against that. I'm not saying don't use your machine, but isn't it crazy? Look at the world today, and men are severely affected by that. And I'm telling you guys, at the root of it is insulin. Your cells at the cellular level are sick and tired of seeing insulin. It's because we're carbo. Yeah, and I'm telling you, sleep constant. Okay, that's a red flag. The body is giving you a warning signal. Number seven, mood swings. Okay? Mood swings a man. That's not a good sign. It's usually that their cortisol is through the roof and there's an underlying condition coming. That's what I found over the years.

Okay? An underlying condition. When a man's moods change, look for something. Get them blood tests, and we'll talk about this in a second because it's often an underlying condition of either a cancer coming. You see they us. I like that so much. I love these pronouns, don't you? Okay, how long does it take? I got a pen, folks. For those who are listening later on a podcast, I'm showing my audience a pen, a ballpoint pen with a little tip at the end here. Okay? The tip of a ballpoint pen. How long does it take for cancer to grow to this size?

Okay, what do them say and what do we say? Well, then they say, well, you didn't have that last week and you have it this week. And that's how cancer operates. It doesn't operate like that at all. Cancer's very slow developing, very slow, developing five years to get to this size. Ladies, breast cancer, five years, you could hardly feel, do a breast examination, a self-examination. Am I against that? Course? I'm not. I'm all for it. But if you feel a lump and you go and the doctor wants to do a biopsy and this and that, and they come back and they go, Hey, it's cancerous. If a doctor calls you, it's bad news. Hey, it's cancerous. Oh no, that cancer's been there a long time. A long time. Five years for the tip of a ballpoint pen. Cancer until it gets to its fourth stage is a very, very slow growing tumor.

Okay? It's really important to understand that. And a lot of times, and this has been my experience is a lot of times people are like a man especially, they change their mood and they're not Well, that can be a sign. That heart disease is there. The body is shaking them up. And that cancers, they're often saw that with cancer giving a clue in a different way. Usually low energy, mood low. And presto, they were diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Turn the ship around. Those are seven signs, seven red flags that I brought out this morning. Now it's really important to do this. What can we do?

Okay, well, you know me, I'm going to bring it to food. That's the low hanging fruit. Okay? What can I do? First thing, change your fuel. Change your fuel. Get off sugar. Get off the crappy carbohydrates. You don't need them. I know you like them, but you don't need them. And eggs, meat and cheese. Do the reset. Men. It will turn your life around. The reset will turn your life around. There's so many men on our program even today that would testify to that. Shocking how much better they're doing. They were on the Titanic and they turned the ship around. Got it? Okay. Obviously two, get me blood test. Okay? Now, if you've got a good doctor and they know anything about metabolic syndrome and anything to look at, to look at these things, and they're not waiting till you get cancer, they're not waiting for you to have a heart attack. They're not waiting for diabetes. They're being proactive. If you got a doctor like that, send them a gift and get down on your knees and thank the Lord. Because a lot of doctors, they wait until you get sick. You're all right. Or they mask the problem. You got high blood pressure.

Here's a pill. Your blood sugar's a little bit higher than I like. Here's a pill. I could have said a red flag is blood pressure too. But guys, listen, get your blood work done and fight to get the right test done. Fight. I don't want you to fight with your doctor unless you have to fight with them and say, look, I want these tests done. If you got my book, you got my book, sun Steak and Steel. I spell it out for you and Y and even how to interpret them. But guys, there was a method to my madness. I knew what I was looking for. The triglycerides and H D L ratio, A one C. These are low hanging fruits guy. These are things that you can get done. Get your uric acid levels checked. Get your ferritin, especially in men checked.

I want to see your triglyceride, your H D L, your A one C. I want to see your C R P. I had a lady tell me the other day, I think it was on our Facebook group. My doctor wouldn't do my C R p. I want to scream when I hear that you don't need C R P. You don't have arthritis. It's not for arthritis, it's for silent inflammation. It's a clue. Get it done. Get your vitamin D levels checked. Men, I guarantee you, most of you are low. Get your B 12 levels checked. I guarantee most of you are low and your body without vitamin D, your immune system doesn't even work. It's very anti-inflammatory. See why I want these blood tests done? I want to know, and you want to know, this is prevention. You can turn it around if you know what to do.

But do the self-testing, guys. Okay? Do the self-testing. Look in the mirror. Look for belly fat. What's your energy? What is your sex life like, yada, yada, yada. Like I talked to you about that. What's your sleep? What's your mood? These are red flags for men's, for some women too. But this is a man's show today. Okay? We got a great week coming up, guys. I'm telling you, there's so many studies coming out that just blow me away. They really do. Okay? And we'll try and get to all of them this week, okay? And it's not too early to send in your questions for question and answer Friday, okay? We love you guys more than, have you got our book yet? Sun, steak and Steel? You haven't. Come on, man. That book is so good. The response to it has been incredible. We thank you. We thank you. Okay, love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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