1163. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Dyslexia
  • Ileocecal valve
  • The Reset & diabetics
  • Diverticulitis
  • Burning feeling in stomach
  • Severe bowel issues
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Butter vs. ghee
  • Causes of vertigo
  • Digestion issues with cheese


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day. We're doing question and answer Friday, which is always fun. Okay, let's get to the questions. Colleen wants to know if there's any vitamins that would help with dyslexia. Now, dyslexia. It's a reading disorder, really. Okay, and look, here's me anything that comes from the brain. What does the brain need? Fat. Hello? Fat heads. Okay, do you have a fat head? I want a fat head. You want your brain to be fat. If you ever see a brain on an autopsy from someone that's suffered from Alzheimer's dementia, their brain shrinks like a prune. Okay? You want a fat brain, fat brain, fatty eyes. You want that and your nervous system. So here's what I usually found with dyslexia. Okay? Low B 12, low vitamin D, not enough omega. And those things really help, especially the high d, h A and a high fat diet, eggs, meat, and cheese. Okay? I know I always go back to the same thing, but it's the best. 

Lee. What would help the ileocecal valve? Well, where is that? Okay, let me just see if I get my chart up. Okay. The ileocecal valve is found between the small intestine and the large intestine. So right on the right hand side of your gut is your ileocecal valve and what can cause a dysfunction? Well, I find my response to that is that someone has trouble with that. It's because they have sifo. I actually saw another doctor copying me because everybody else calls it SIBO, S I B O, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, but that's them. But us we call it. That's what it really is, small intestine fungal overgrowth. It's always a yeast. It's a fungus. So when someone talks to me about an ileocecal valve malfunction, it's not functioning properly. It's usually because of that. In my opinion, that's what I've seen over the years. Now, that was Lee 

Marilyn. If you are a diabetic, what can you expect doing the reset? Well, Marilyn, if you read any of my books, the reset was created for diabetics. It was created for them originally. Okay? We're going back a lot of years where I started the reset with diabetic patients and monitoring them, of course, and them monitoring themselves. Good diabetics usually, I mean, these are people that are taking their blood sugar all the time. So what we found is the reset, a 30 day program for a diabetic could literally change their lives, but a diabetic has an allergy to carbs. Simple as that. I know that sounds simplistic, but that's the problem.

They have an allergy to carbs and they should avoid carbs like the plague. Okay? They have an allergy to it, so what can they expect? Tremendous results. Okay? Tremendous results. It's changing fuels. If you have an allergy to carbohydrates, well, obviously you change fuels, but when you eat eggs, meat and cheese, it is the perfect food for diabetics. Their body thrives on it, and the reason is they don't need insulin or the very little, and that's the key. Your pancreas gets a break. Now, what to expect? Everybody's different. You might have to eat more frequently to start, okay, but your body doesn't need carbohydrates. Just keep that in mind, okay? Now, I'm not saying that a diabetic can never have carbohydrates, but they shouldn't. That's what I'm saying. Okay? They shouldn't. And if they're going to have carbohydrates, it's after the 30 day program, and it's complex like vegetables and fruit, and they have to limit fruit.

You can't live on 'em. Okay? Somebody's asking a question about fruit and we'll get to that down the road, but they should expect to feel much better. But it was originally created, Marilyn, for that. Trust the process. Three weeks to form a habit. You're emptying your liver, you're regenerating your pancreas, you're regenerating them. There's so many good things, and we talked about it earlier this week. Diabetics, 80% will die of cardiovascular complications, 80%, and they're much more susceptible to cancer. So think of the benefits when you can control that. Diabetes, and I'm not even talking with medications. Many, many, many patients we're able to come off their meds, but of course you do that with your physician and your monitoring that I never would get patients. I never put the cart before the horse ever. They'd ask me about meds and I'd say, well, don't even think about meds.

Just do the program. And if you don't need your metformin anymore, isn't not a great thing, but you'll know it and your doctor will know it. Physicians are so poorly trained in diabetes, I'm not kidding you. They're so poorly trained, and I hate to say it. They don't see the connection between food and diabetes. Hardly at all. They give it off to a dietician. It's unbelievable. Diabetics have a food problem. That's what it is. Okay, Wendy, diverticulitis. What do you want to know, Wendy? Should I eat more fiber or not? No, the problem is fiber. The problem is that why would you eat more when that's the problem? Fiber again is overrated, but a special, especially if you have diverticulosis. Okay, I got to get my chart out. I usually have it on that page, but let me just see if I can find it because I'm driving myself crazy.

Okay? This is my atlas. Now I can actually show you what diverticulitis. Now obviously if you're listening to this on a podcast, use your imagination, okay, now on the large intestine, on the right side, okay, see those little pouches? Okay? See those brown little pouches? And you know what diverticulitis is, is when those pouches get infected, you know what? They get infected with roughage. And I know here's them and us, okay? Them mainstream medicine, almost everybody believes that osis is a lack of fiber. We us believe that diverticulosis is a problem of too much fiber and too many seeds and too many nuts. People think they're rabbits and you're not. People think they're squirrels and you're not. And that's what causes it, okay? It's what causes it. And why do I say that? Because I used to see diverticulosis every day in my practice, and 90 something percent were women.

And it wasn't, they were constipated. It was the opposite. They thought they were rabbits. Sailing sa, I got to have salad, and I like my nuts and seeds. I used to tell 'em, look, you are not breaking that down. You don't have cellulase. What is that? That is an enzyme to break down vegetables. Now, I'm not saying you should never have that. I'm not saying you shouldn't have what gets caught in your teeth. Spinach, Dr. Martin, it's so good for me. Who told you that? Them And for the last 40 years, women hear me out. Generally eat a lot less eggs, meat and cheese. Then men do generally, okay, look, don't come at me with exceptions. I'm trying to make a point. And I used to tell 'em, I want you to stop. You had diverticulosis and sometimes they'd come to see me. They've already had bouts of diverticulitis, which can be, it can kill you.

You can get sepsis, an infection in your bowel. I said, stop eating salad. You are not a rabbit. And it was amazing what happened to them, how much better they got. And then I would patch it up. I would patch up the bowel with probiotics, bone broth like that. I'd patch fix it, but quit irritating it all the time. Too much fiber, Dr. Martin. It's cereal. I know, but you don't need all that fiber. You were meant to eat meat. Anyway, that gets me excited. We got a lot of questions about the bowel today, okay? Diverticulitis shouldn't eat more fiber to be the treatment the opposite. What's the difference between roughage and fiber? Olga? I don't know. They're really the same in my mind. Okay? Because if you ask someone what you ought to eat more roughage, what they mean is you ought to be eating more fiber. Roughage is salad. Roughage are fruits and vegetables. Roughage is nuts and seeds. If you look at the definition of it, it's bulkiness. You want to bulky stool says them. You don't want a bow, you don't win a prize. What prize do you get? But we've been programmed. Our society has been programmed.

It's craziness. Guys, the best, roughage, the best fiber is water. What your bowel need is not fiber. Your bowel needs water. Wash it out. I mean it. Okay? Now, I'm not angry. I'm not. I'm making a point. Now, I love those questions because I want to be able to give you the other side of this. You should have seen the faces of people that came to see me in the office when I told them, stop. What? Well, I said, you have diverticulosis. Stop it. You're eating way too much salad. Stop. What? Stop it. Okay, my friend's stomach has, this is Cheryl has a burning feel to it like it's on fire and then has a loose bowel movement. What would you suggest? Well, look, is it the stomach that's burning? It could be sibo, which we know is sibo. It could be h pylori in the stomach that's been activated, your stomach, okay?

Cheryl is meant to be very, very acidic because we're meant to eat meat. We're meant to eat steak. And when we don't, we don't eat enough of it. You use it or lose it. And a lot of peoples have a real burning. Now look, you have to make sure they don't have an ulcer. Look, there's so many things that come into my head, but if they had come to my office, for example, I'll just tell you what my workup, I'd be looking for sibo. Sibo. I'd be looking at the stomach acidity being off their carboholics. I would put them on the reset. I would put them on probiotics. I would put them on digestive enzymes, and when they changed their diets and maybe a little bit of apple cider vinegar, depending, like not with an ulcer, but if it was because the acidity was the problem.

But you have to understand, when you ask me a question like that, Cheryl, I've got to go over what we call differential diagnosis. Okay? It could be this, could be that could be this, could be that. And I would ask more questions of an individual, get to the bottom of it. Okay? Thanks for that, Cheryl. Kimberly, I have severe bowel issues that are part of my automatic nervous system. Well, I think you mean Kimberly, and sometimes these things just get written out in short form, so I don't have all the information, but I think what you mean, Kimberly, is you had an injury to your spinal cord because that's what causes autonomic nervous system bowel dysfunction. If that's the case, which I'm assuming it is, you're asking me can I take lactose during the reset? Yes, you can take that. I would have you on.

Again, digestive enzymes don't leave home without 'em. You take 'em with every meal. And if you look at our digestive enzymes, they are the most potent. Because I was in practice, I saw so many problems. I knew that I needed to get all sorts of different forms of protease, lipase, lactase, and amylase. And they're different forms of them. They're called broad spectrum. And just like probiotics are broad spectrum, different strains do different things, okay? So yeah, you can certainly take enzymes. I would be all for that. Okay, now, Margaret, this is a good question. I haven't answered this in years. Could Dr. Martin explain about M S G? Is it really as bad for you as some people say it is? Well, listen. Okay, let me tell you this. I'm going to say 30 years ago, but maybe it's not quite that long. I used to get asked this on my radio show for years, maybe not for years, but there was a couple of years that every week on my radio show call in, I'd get the question about M S G.

And you know what I used to say g whizz. I haven't used that term in so long. Who caress about M S J? Now look, again, guys, you know me, get things in order. Very important when it comes to your health, get things in order. What do I mean by that? If you're in the 93% that has metabolic syndrome, it means you're on the Titanic. And when you're on the Titanic panic, don't worry about the deck chairs and rearranging the furniture, okay? Don't worry about that. Turn the ship around. And when you do and you're out of trouble, you're turning the ship around by emphasizing eggs, meat and cheese. Do the 30 day reset and then live a high protein, high fat diet the rest of your lives. So what happens? Your carbs go here and your protein and fat goes here. If you do that, you're off the Titanic or you're on it, but you're smooth sailing, okay?

Now you can look at the deck chairs and you might want to rearrange the furniture. What do I mean by that? Well, now you can get into being more specific. Dr. Martin, I only eat organic. Well, good for you. Good for you, Dr. Martin. I never touch M S G. Good for you. It used to be famous. M S G used to be famous in Chinese food. They use M S G. As a matter of fact, I saw, I don't know how long ago this Chinese food says we don't use M S G. It was actually on their sign or something. Does M S G kill you like you wouldn't believe? Like I said, about 30 years ago, somebody came out with, if you avoid M S G, you're going to save your life. And I was, nah, it's rearranging the death chairs on the Titanic.

It's not as bad as you think. Look, is it perfect? Nah, but I didn't worry about it too much because that what happens is those people, those same people were missing the point. Those people had metabolic syndrome. I said, well, don't worry about M S G, worry about metabolic syndrome. Could that'll kill you? Remember I had their blood work. I said, you got leaky gut, you got insulin resistance, you have inflammation. Worry about that. Don't worry about M S G. Okay, again. But now you've got all your ducks in line. Well, then you can start. Nah, you know what? I don't want no impurities. I don't want none of this. I don't want nothing like that. And you can do that, and I'll give you a high five. Don't put the cart before the horse. That's the way I used to answer because I had to deal with real people and I didn't want them to get into the weeds.

I said, don't worry about that right now. Don't go into the weeds. Some people, they love weeds. They complicate their lives and they get so focused in the weeds. There's a million things in there that, oh, I shouldn't do that. I can't have this. I can't drink water because water's not pure and I can't do this and I can't do that, and I can't because this has got this and this has got that, and that's got this and this has got that. And Dr. Martin, I can't have bacon because it ain't perfect. I tell people, well, look, okay, if you are perfect, then focus in on other things. But most people aren't. Do you understand what I'm okay? And I get asked these questions. I'm glad I do get asked them because then I can go into a little bit of philosophy, nutritional philosophy. It's the way I look at life.

Don't get in the weeds. I told you the story about a patient that came to me years ago and she thought I was going to be happy for her. And she said, I'm moving to Costa Rica. I'm going to live in Costa Rica. I got myself a little piece of property with nobody around me. I said, well, sucks to be the rest of us. And she's looking at me like I was supposed to give her a high five. I said, well, 99.9% of the population can't do what you're doing. And I don't know, I think there's xenoestrogens in Costa Rica. You ain't going to get perfect water there and you're not going to get perfect air there, and you're not going to find perfection on this planet. But I said, what about your family? Too bad. Seriously, this really happened in my office, and that lady was so disappointed in me. Well, I said, good for you, but not for me.

Okay, that's a good question. I'm glad you got me excited Margaret about M S G. Okay, Dr. Martin, Angela, I see that he loves butter. Yeah, I was wiring of G is just as good. Sure, it is very good. Very nutritional, very, but it's butter. Right? G is butter. That's how they make it. Right? For some people who have sensitivities to dairy, I guess G is better for them. But g, whizz, I like butter. Yeah, I love G. That's good. That's very good. Okay. Yeah. You can use G instead of butter, for sure. You can. Okay, Mary Ellen, what are the causes of vertigo? Well, do you have a whole half hour to listen? Look, lots of things can cause vertigo. Okay? If it comes on all of a sudden, usually a virus that affects the middle ear. It could be the neck, it could be Meniere syndrome, especially with vertigo and tinnitus.

I'll tell you one thing. I find that people get glycation. I call it glycation. It's like a free radical damage. It's due to sugar. And it may be the way your body is telling you lay off the sugar, okay? Because I found that in my office it could be low B 12. I found that in my office. So there's a lot of different causes, and usually when it comes on suddenly it's usually viral, and that causes the displacement there in the equilibrium. Okay? But check those things out. Thanks for the question, Mary Ellen. Susan, if someone is having difficulty with cheese digestively, but needs calcium, that cheese provides, can taking vitamin D with K two help them get this? Yeah, absolutely. Why do you think we put exactly what you're asking, Susan? Putting K two in with vitamin D. Okay, calcium is wonderful. Okay? Don't let anybody ever tell you that Dr.

Martin doesn't like calcium. I love calcium. Calcium's important. It's important to eat it. I don't like calcium supplements. Okay? I like vitamin D and K two. But when you look at cheese or butter or steak or eggs, eggs, meat and cheese, it has calcium in it. And vitamin K two built in. You think God doesn't know how your body works, so he wants you to eat eggs, meat, and cheese. Why? Because you're getting vitamin D in the animal kingdom and you're getting K two. K two isn't found in the plant kingdom. It's only in the animal kingdom. So you get calcium, you get a little bit when you have sa, not much. And it's not very bioavailable, and it doesn't have vitamin K two. It has K one. Okay, thanks for that beautiful question. Marilyn, what does Dr. Martin think of castor oil packs to support liver or uterine fibroids? Well, look, I don't think much for liver. Okay? Castor oil packs have been around for a long time, okay? And I got no problem with it because some people, they find it relieves their menstruation pain and P m s, but for the liver, no, it don't detox the liver. When you empty your liver, you do it when you don't, you use high fructose corn syrup and you don't live on carbohydrates.

So I never found that to be helpful to empty the liver or detox the liver. I've never seen any research. I chose that, but I liked them. I got no problems. Some people used to tell me how much they love those things for P M s and for menstrual cramping and blah, blah, blah. Yeah. I said, Hey, if it helps, good for you. I got no problem with it. Okay? And many young adults are doing fruit only every meal all day for a week or two. What is your opinion? I don't like it. They're making a mistake. It's not good for you. Fruit are God's candies. Okay? You don't live on fruit because then your pancreas is overworking. Okay? Now look, some fruit. I like fruit, okay? If left to my likes, I love bananas. Peanut butter and bananas would be me. I love it, but I don't have a lot of it because I watch my insulin. I got to be careful. And 93% of the population must be, and listen, young people are buying and drinking the Kool-Aid, okay? Animal, right? Don't eat animal foods. And this comes out of documentaries like on Netflix, I got no use for them.

Living on fruit is a big mistake. And remember, I used to measure insulin and insulin resistance. Don't do it. Okay? Don't do it. Eggs, meat and cheese are much better than fruits and vegetables. They're not even close when it comes to nutritional value. It's not even close. Now again, did I say you can't have some fruit? No, I didn't say that. But you don't have it to do a cleanse and all that. See, because now they're talking roughage. I'm going to have big poses and I'm going to win a prize. No, you're not. No, you're not.

Okay. And I don't like it. Sherry, is it Sherry or Sherry? It's got a C asking for a friend. They are active and not overweight. What are the possible causes for edema in the lake? Well, look, there can be a lot of things. I can do a whole program. I actually got notes. I was going to do a program on edema, but let me give it to you quickly, and I might still do a program. Six reasons why you could have edema, swollen, ankles, legs, venous insufficiency. I wrote these down. Blood clot, probably not if they're healthy as a horse, heart problems, congestive heart failure, probably not pregnancy, probably not. Liver or kidney problems. I always used to look at that and lifestyle factors. Okay? Sitting all day, not moving as much. Dehydration, body's holding on to fluid. I mean, there's a lot of things that could cause that.

Okay? And I'm not too worried about it. If they're healthy, I really don't worry about that so much. Thanks. Cherry or Sherry? I'm not sure what to say there. Lee, what can I do for rheumatoid arthritis? Have done the reset. Well, that's the start. Taking all the supplements, doing resistant exercises. Well, you're doing it. It's autoimmune. It's a long-term project. Okay? These long-term, stay away from carbohydrates. You and carbs don't get along. You had leaky gut. That's what started rheumatoid arthritis. Your immune system turned on itself. Okay? So what do you do? Keep doing what you're doing. Stay in the best shape you can. Sun steak and steal and sleep. Okay, good for you, Liz. Good for you. Kelly. Why do we need iodine? Because your thyroid don't work without iodine. Okay? This is them and this is us. Okay? Them, they know iodine's important for the thyroid.

It's important for a lot of things. By the way, I'm going to do a whole show on iodine. I promise I'm going to do a show on I love iodine, but us when I say your thyroid doesn't work without iodine, it also doesn't work without selenium. I always put those two together. Iodine, selenium, eggs, meat and cheese. That's where you get selenium. And when just going to say it, ladies, I'm tough on you because I love you, okay? I'm tough on women. I love them. I want to protect them. When you drink the Kool-Aid of eating roughage and fiber, that ain't good for your thyroid. Your thyroid needs selenium. And when you avoid eggs, meat and cheese, you ain't getting selenium and your thyroid won't work properly. Now, there's a lot of other factors on the thyroid. I know that the thyroid's, a puppet got a lot of strings attached. I could write a book about that. The thyroid is a puppet and it's got a lot of strings attached. Okay? But we'll do a show on iodine, I promise. What do you do for shingles pain? Well, look, I wish our inflammation formula was on the market right now. We're waiting. Should be very soon.

But I love kirkin. I love Natal because they're very anti-inflammatory. I love high d h a very anti-inflammatory. And remember shingles, it's the herpes virus that raises its ugly head. Get cortisol down, stress, get it down. Okay, Cecilia, what causes low blood pressure? Well, usually, usually thyroid can be other factors, but usually the thyroid gland is involved with low blood pressure and that needs to be addressed. Anna, what is the recommended dosage for potassium? I don't know. It's high. I think you need somewhere around 2000 milligrams or more of potassium a day. But you don't get it from bananas. You get it from eating bacon. Okay, get a lot more potassium in bacon than bananas. Bananas, like I told you, I love them. Are they overrated? Yeah, they're overrated. They're good though. They taste good, but I don't eat lots of them. I don't. I'd live on it if I listen to myself, but I don't listen to myself.

Okay. And Susan, I'm done guys. Could Dr. Martin shed some light on biologic meds? Yeah. What do you want to know? Okay. I guess they're using them out in bc, but they're using them biologic meds. They target different parts of the immune system. So they're using it now more frequent for autoimmune and for cancer. They're using biologic meds because they're going after what's called immunotherapy and they go after certain parts of the immune system to activate it and to deactivate it depending on what they're dealing with. So yeah, look, pharmaceutical companies, I know I rail against them. They do some good things, okay? They do. And if you look at really what a biological med is, look at insulin right now, your body makes insulin. So that's what it is. Pharmaceutical companies do good things and they're starting to shift their focus in cancer therapy away from blasting to targeting the immune system to get it activated. I'm all for it. I'm all for it. Okay, I love you guys. I mean it. Talk to you soon.

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