1116. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Leaky gut & muscle stiffness
  • Fuzzy head when waking up
  • Benefits of doing Reset for a week
  • Duck eggs
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Seed cycling to balance hormones
  • Itchy roof of mouth
  • Modified milk in cheese
  • Cataracts
  • EMC & loose stool
  • Sludge in gallbladder


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning and it's question and answer Friday. So guess what? Always a lot of fun. Okay, let's get to my questions. Here we go. 

Maxine, “can leaky gut cause muscle stiffness in the upper back?” Not really. Look, leaky gut is at the root of chronic disease, leaky gut, high circulating insulin, oxidative damage. At the Martin Clinic, we see three roots. Okay? Muscle stiffness in the upper back. Nah, not really. If I was to blame that on something, I mean other than physical activity or an injury, or if it's internal, it would be more insulin. Because what insulin does creates an inflammatory response. And what insulin does sugar does specifically is glycate muscles. A lot of people don't realize that that insulin and insulin resistance when you're a carboholic or you eat sugar, too much sugar that can affect your muscles. Okay? So I would say it's more that than leaky gut, not that leaky gut can go everywhere. I read a new study this morning, I'll talk about it next week. We talked about it earlier this week about Parkinson's and its relationship to fungus and Alzheimer's when they see yeast or fungus in the brain. Okay? So sugar in the brain, yeast in the brain, leaky gut, leaky brain, all this. And thanks for the question, Maxime.

Shirley. “Why is my head fuzzy when I wake up in the morning?” Well, me too. Look, Shirley, I'm not worried about if your head is fuzzy in the morning, but if it's fuzzy during the day, well, I'm worried about that. Okay? If you wake up in the morning and is this different? I mean, I don't have enough information to give you a real good answer, okay? In the sense that I need more detail. Yeah, if you got cotton in your brain or a fuzzy head or brain fog and that occurs during the day, well that's different. Getting up in the morning, like I said, I need more information. It's possible that you are low in B12. It's possible your brain doesn't work without B12. So I don't know, Shirley, I don't mind telling you. I don't know for sure cause I don't have enough details. Okay? Could be adrenal, could be high cortisol. That can make you fuzzy. But again, send me an email or whatever and give me a lot more information. Tell me about your yourself. Tell me as it go away, how long does it last? I need all that in order to answer that question. Shirley, thanks for sending the question in, and then I'll try and be more specific. 

Sherry, “after doing the reset for one month, what are the benefits of doing it again a few months later for a week? I remember you saying that a week is good.” Yeah, look, the original Reset, okay, what are we doing? What's the reset created for? It is to lower insulin resistance. You can fix your cells at the cellular level. When you change fuel, you lower insulin. Insulin. Remember one of the three seeds of disease, high circulating insulin. Insulin is a food hormone. Okay? So the reset fixes it. Now, let's say you did the reset and you want to do a week because you'd like to clean out your liver. Only takes a week to empty that liver and reset the body in a week. Once you've done the 30 days, you can do it for a week, absolutely good for you. Okay? You can do another 30 days. Some people do the reset twice a year, and some people do the reset originally and every once in a while do a week of eating eggs, meat and cheese, no carbs, no sugars, no.

And it's so good for you, okay? Because you're lowering insulin. You see, once your cells become insulin not resistant, once your cells become insulin sensitive, now you don't need a lot of insulin. Okay, let's do a little teaching again, very important. I bring up my ballpoint pen. And inside the ballpoint pen is ink. Your pancreas is literally the size of this ballpoint pen, and it sits right underneath your stomach. What does the pancreas do? Well, it releases enzymes, pancreatic enzymes, but its main function is to release insulin to tightly, tightly control your blood sugar. And when you use it all the time, remember foods, crappy carbs, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, sugar, sugar, sweets, pastries, muffins, bagels, store bought milk, fruit, juices, apple juice, orange juice, blah blah, blah. You're using a lot of insulin. You are getting rid of the ink in the pen. 

And then you know what diabetes is? There's no more ink in the pen, but it all starts with your cells saying, insulin, I'm so sick of you, I hate you. You come to my house every day, you knock on the door several times a day and I'm tired of you. Your cells resist insulin, but your pancreas has a job to do. It will spurt insulin at the cells until the cells open up. Okay? But what happens on the reset? Proven a hundred percent, because you're not using much insulin for a period of time. 30 days your cells change. Now they go, you know what, insulin, I kind of miss you. You're not so bad after all. But here's the rules. Just come around once in a while and let's be friends again. And your cells become sensitive to insulin. It doesn't need much. 

And the idea is the food choices you make, guys, listen Linda, the best thing you can do for your health, the best thing you can do for your health to prevent cancer, to prevent heart disease, to prevent autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes. You want to prevent those things, eggs, meat, and cheese. And the reason is because you don't need a lot of insulin. And when you understand them, you understand more than 99% of the physicians that I know, 99% more than the dieticians that I know, because they don't take insulin into their equation. They think of calories, they think of fat. Ooh, they think of cholesterol. Ah, they think of fiber. You need fiber. Fiber. When we got a question about fiber this morning, guys, it's insulin. I know it's simple. I know it's simplified, but that's the truth. Okay? So Sherry, thank you for asking that question. 

Wendy, “what about eating duck eggs?” Excellent. Yeah, look, I seen the nutritional profile of a duck egg, and they're excellent. Eggs are excellent. Don't avoid eggs when someone tells you to avoid eggs. Run unless you have an allergy to it. Okay? You have an allergy to eggs. Some people do. Well, what can I tell you? I feel sorry for you. But if you don't have an allergy to eggs, what? You know like a vegan, what are they thinking? Well, Dr. Martin, I don't eat any animal products. I know, but I feel sorry for you and you're wrong. You're 100% wrong. You got indoctrinated. It's not true. Look at the nutritional profile for an egg. It's got everything in it, including cholesterol. Eat the yo. All your vitamins are there. All your B vitamins, you got vitamin A. Do you understand what I'm saying? Yeah. The nutritional profile for duck eggs are fantastic. Okay? Okay. Wendy said, free range ducks. Fantastic. 

“Are there any recommendations to increase your lymphatic drainage?” Bonnie, well exercise. A rebounder. I love rebounders. What a tremendous tool for lymphatic drainage. Excellent. Okay, excellent. Move. Go for a walk. We'll help with your lymphatic drainage. Do exercise, get strong. I mean, is there anything negative about vitamin E? Exercise, sun steak and steel. Steel Get strong. You'll drain your lymphatics. Okay? Ah, that's what I like. Drink water. You'll drain your lymphatics. Okay.

Ah, here's a question about water from Karen. Thanks Bonnie for that question. Karen, “is it true that you should not drink water with your meals?” Well, look, I wouldn't drink two liters of water with my meals. But some people, they're either because they're thyroid is enlarged or they have trouble swallowing. They feel they have to drink a little bit of water. I like you can have some, the best thing to do with a meal is drink coffee. Why do I tell you that all the time? Because it helps with insulin. Coffee helps with insulin. It acts like the drug. Metformin, but water, yeah, you're better off probably drinking water before a meal, but to have some water with your meal, I got no problem with that. 

Some people used to say, well that just negates all your acidity and your stomach. Nah, it doesn't. Now, I guess if you drink two liters, it would lower the acidity in your stomach where you want to have acidity, by the way. But I don't want to get into the weeds. You know what I mean? You know how much I love water? Vitamin W. It's important. And the best time to drink water is first thing in the morning before you have your coffee. You got to have at least a half a liter of water from my American friends. 16 ounces before you start your day. Don't let yourself have a coffee till you've had a water. Okay? Thanks Karen. 

Rita, “what does Dr. Martin think about seed cycling to balance hormones?” Well, I like it. Look, seed cycling is when you're ovulating or whatever and you start taking flax seeds and seeds. Look, here's me, forget seed cycling. I like flax seeds all the time. Why? Because it lowers estrogen. Okay? And I haven't met a woman yet, okay? I haven't met a woman yet. That doesn't benefit from flap seed. We live in a world that is dominated by estrogen. It's everywhere. And I don't care if your doctor says your estrogen is low. Yeah, I know it's lower than it used to be, but it isn't just estrogen. It's balance between estrogen and progesterone. And I'm going to tell you something. You can't get breast cancer, you can't get prostate cancer for men. You can't get ovarian cancer, you can't get uterine cancer, you can't get endometrial cancer. You can't get any of those women lead cancers plus prostate cancer for men unless you have estrogen dominance.

And I don't care when they do a biopsy and they say, well, your cells are not estrogen positive. Yes, they're some more than others, but I'm telling you, every cell in your body, ladies is receptive to estrogen. That's what makes you a woman. And most women I know are too much of women. Okay? Oh, this gender stuff, it drives me insane. I'm sorry. It drives me crazy. The problem with men is they become women cause they have too much estrogen. Cause they don't have enough testosterone. Big problem. Where have all the men gone? No, but seriously, okay, father's day's coming where have all the men gone? You should hear me preach on that and I don't want to get into it. And I like flax seeds. They are a hundred times more effective than any other seed at lowering estrogen. Why? Because they are loaded with lingnans. L I G N A N S. Lingnans, they block estrogen. That's why I allow flax seeds on the reset, okay? It's the only seed I allow. No nuts. You're not a squirrel, but I allow you flax seeds because they block estrogen. I've been saying that for 50 years and it's true. Okay, thank you very much, Rita. 

Kristen. “My hubby's roof of his mouth is always itchy. He's got allergies.” He's got allergies or he might have some fungus in the yeast, in the sinuses that is coming down the back of the throat. Makes it itchy. It's possible. But I'm telling you, if he’s got allergies. That is a sign of he's allergic to something. I hope not you, Kristen. Okay, probiotics. If he's got allergies, this is the combination I use with great success I used in the office. Avital is a natural antihistamine and so is cetin. Okay? I love carnine too. I love drinking coffee because it got carnine in it. Okay? 

Why am I so excited? All of a sudden, Louise is spitting in a glass of water, watching it if it goes down or stays on the top of water. Reliable test to detect the presence of fungus. No, look, I'm not against that. I'm just telling you, nah, that's not a reliable test, okay? I mean, one thing I used to love about live blood is I could see yeast, I could see fungus in the bloodstream. Okay? So nah, I don't like that spit test so much. I wasn't big on it. I could culture yeast with a little bit of a swab. But look, it's more symptoms and leaky gut. If you get leaky gut, if you've taken an antibiotic, if you're taking pain killers, even over the counters like Tylenol, Advil, whatever, they destroy your microbiome.

And if you destroy your microbiome, you probably have yeast in your body. Everybody has some, but if it becomes invasive, you want to get rid of it. So don't feed it. Don't feed it. Yeast will die off if you don't feed it. And that's why I love broad spectrum probiotics because they help to repair the leaky gut. You got to repair, you got to replenish that microbiome and especially that little lining that seals between your blood and your gut, your gut and your blood. And you want to do that here with your blood-brain barrier. It's bacteria, it's microbiome. Fix the microbiome and you get rid of leaky gut. Okay? I know the tests, but Louise, I, to be honest, I never found it to be that accurate. Okay? 

“Modified milk,” Sue, “I see it's in cheese.” Well, not all cheese necessarily. Modified milk. It's more of a liquid thing that they do. They use it in a lot of things. Am I against it? A lot of it is crap. Look, don't ditch dairy, okay? Don't ditch it. Switch it. Okay? So if you got modified milk ingredient, they put it in yogurt sometimes and that breed label, and usually it's processed to some extent. Rarely are you going to find a perfect world. So read your labels, Sue. Thank you for the question. Is it okay? It's not my favorite, but it depends. 

Rose. “The question I have is, when taking probiotics in the morning, does the acid in my stomach negate the benefits of the probiotic?” It depends. It depends if you have a good probiotic or not. If you got a high quality probiotic, this is, guys, I'll tell you something, okay? Dairy probiotics are good. If you have to refrigerate a probiotic, I'm not saying it's no good, just understand that a lot of times it ain't getting past the stomach acidity. You have a high quality soil based probiotic. You can travel with them. You, they go anywhere. You can heat them up, you can do whatever you want to them and you won't destroy, including this stomach acid, okay? Including, but if you read the label on probiotics, we usually tell you take it on an empty stomach. Meaning that you don't want to have two pounds of food in your stomach necessarily. Some people look, it will get to where it belongs. If it's a good probiotic, it will get to where it belongs. Okay, thanks Rose for the question.

“Can Dr. Martin please explain how to drain clear blocked sinuses from a head cold, which lasted over a weekend is not improving.” Oil of oregano? No. Sniff it. Okay. No, but seriously, I love oil of oregano. Okay, you can put a couple of drops on a Q-tip. Okay, here's a way of doing it. Put a couple of drops of oil oregano on a Q-tip. Lie on your back, put the Q-tip. Don't have to go very far. Otherwise it's Chinese torture. Okay, put the Q-tip just in a little bit. Insert into the sinus and sniff. Okay, spray and pray. But fungus, yeast, bacteria, viruses hate oil of oregano. It is the natural antibiotic. Natural antiparasitic, natural and antiviral. It is fabulous. And when you have sinuses, look, the best thing to do at the start of a cold, you got a cold coming on, get out of right away with that virus. 

Remember, most viruses come in through the nose and the eyes. You touch your eyes, your nose. That's where they come in. That's why I like the invisible mask. Vitamin A found in steak and eggs and cheese, but mostly in steak. Okay? And that's really important. I love vitamin A, the real mask that you should wear. The other mask, viruses, don't do a thing. Proven masks. Do not protect you from a virus. I don't care if it's five ninety five, whatever they call 'em. N 90 fives or N whatever. What were they? I can't remember. But they didn't protect you from viruses. I'm sorry. I still see people today with a mask on. I say, you know what? You should wear the invisible mask. Vitamin A mask. Oh, doc, how come no one told me about that? They should have. Okay, don't get too excited. Thank you Robin and Wanda. 

Joy, “can anything be done to slow or stop the growth of cataracts?” Absolutely you can. Now, it's always best to prevent, but what do I always say about your eyes? What is it based on? Circulation. Circulation, okay, it's based on circulation. Your eyes, blood supply. Now remember, okay, I'm just going to show you something again. I'm going to pick a little hair off my head. I don't have many. I'll try and take one right here at the top of my forehead where they don't belong. You can't even see it. I got a strand of it. Oh, there it is. You got little capillaries. They're the connection between your arteries and your veins. You got blood supply in the eyes and where sugar damages your eyes, it starts with capillaries. You want to get rid of cataracts. Well stop eating sugar. That destroys your circulation. Kidneys circulation, eyes circulation, heart circulation, brain circulation. Blood supply starts with little wee things that did this. A hair strain where little red blood cells got to line up one by one.

They can't be together. They have to line up behind each other to get through. But sugar destroys those things. So if you stop eating sugar, your blood supply will regenerate. What did I tell you? Was it this week? I think so. Monday, wasn't it? Every four months you get brand new blood, you get brand new red blood cells. You can always regenerate. Look, the older you get, you know it's not as easy. I agree. But cataracts is an insulin problem originally. Okay? Almost everything in the eyes is blood supply. Thank you, Wanda. Joy, I like, by the way, for the eyes. Here's what I use. Navitol. Eyeball circulation elevates nitric oxide. It opens up those blood vessels. And high D H A lubricates your blood vessels. You need oil. Do you need the right oil? High Omega three D H A is so good for your eyeballs. I've proven that to thousands of patients. The combination of Navitol and high D H A, I've proven it. I've proven it to optometrists if they'll listen. Okay. 

Hey D, why does Dr. Martin Jr take both? Well can see he likes magnesium. Okay, we have two magnesiums. Citrate. You know what citrate means? It means the magnesium has been chelated. What does that mean? It means that it's been broken down so that you can absorb it rapidly. Magnesium citrate. Now why did we come with a magnesium by glistening? Okay, well some people, okay, and this is why magnesium is so good for you, especially citrate. A lot of people, they're constipated. They got a slow peristalsis in their gut. Their gut doesn't move well, women more than men, but it can happen in men. Of course, magnesium is famous for relaxing things. When you think magnesium, think of the word relax, relaxes blood vessels relaxes the gut. Now sometimes with citrate, it can cause a loose stool. Okay? So we came out with another magnesium for those people especially. Okay? Magnesium citrate. Magnesium bisglycinate. They're fabulous, well absorbed, readily absorbed into the body. You know, I'm big on magnesium because most people don't get enough magnesium. I like magnesium, okay? And Dr. Martin Jr. Takes both. So do I. But you can pick one or the other. Okay? 

Kathy, “what do you think of fiber for heart?” Help. Help, help. I just held my breath, Kathy. Cause before I say something, I like to have a filter over my mouth. Cause I get, I scream. Not in you, not in you, but at the world that believe that fiber is good for your heart. It's so overrated. What is fiber got to do with the heart? Well, they said, you see it laps up cholesterol in your gut and that's good for your heart. No, it's not. No it's not. You need cholesterol. Cholesterol's good for your heart. You want high cholesterol. I know, I know. Somebody asked me yesterday, Dr. Martin, what about lipoprotein A? That gives me a headache. A headache. Doctors are so hung up on cholesterol if we can just get your cholesterol down. What has that got to do with anything? That's why they put a heart on the box. 

They said fiber's so good for your heart. No. The reason there's a heart on the box of cereal is because if you eat cereal, you're going to have a heart attack. It's not fiber that's going to save your bacon and eat bacon instead of cereal. Okay? It's got a good oil in there. Oil will save your heart. Cholesterol, slippery, saturated fat, slippery. Nothing gets stuck in those blood vessels. You want high cholesterol? There's no such thing as bad. Thanks Kathy. And remember I wasn't aiming at you, Kathy. Okay, I appreciate the question because it allows me to go on a tangent. Fiber for heart. Ohh! 

Paulette. “What can help with hives when they come out in the sun?” Well be careful. Okay? Some people actually have an allergy to the sun. Now, do I ever feel sorry for you? But you know what? Paulette get in the sun anyways, but cover up and sometimes what's happening, remember on the skin Paulette, remember on the skin, it's probably a sign that you have leaky gut and your body's reacting. Now of course, be careful that you know don't have lupus, which is leaky gut, but cover up, wear light clothing, you're still going to get big time benefits of the sun, the melatonin, all the things that are good for you. Vitamin D specifically will. Then you need to take a supplement. A lot of times when you are messed up, do the reset. Fix leaky gut. Make sure you're healing that gut with probiotics and don't feed the stinking bears with sugar. It's amazing what happens when you get off crappy food. What happens to your skin? What happens now? You can get in the sun. You know how many people know that work on your skin inside out? Thanks, Paulette. 

Kayla. “Can gestational diabetes be prevented by a proper diet?” I believe so. I believe so. Gestational diabetes usually occurs two things. Too much insulin and leaky gut. Mommy's got leaky gut and mommy's eating too many carbohydrates. It can be very beneficial for the baby when mommy is eaten eggs, meat and cheese. Good for that baby. Good for the brain and good for blood sugar for mummy. Okay, thanks Kayla. 

Bavita, stye in my eyes when many weeks. You got leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky eyes. You got a bacterial probably fungal. You just happen to see it more in your eyes. Fix the leaky gut. Fix the leaky gut. 

Gloria “friend of mine sent five hair strands to a company to find out if she has allergies.” The results is she was 100% allergic to beef. I just passed out. Okay, Gloria, if you're in the one 10th of one 10th, one 10th percentile of people that can't eat beef, that drives me crazy that you would send hair and look. Am I against hair analysis? No, but it's not the be all and end all. You don't end your life because some lab told you. Okay, you're 100% allergic to beef. Well, first of all, let me ask a question. In her sixties, you mean beef didn't kill her before the testing? No. Well, she, she's not allergic to it. Then be your own doctor before you spend money and send out hair analysis. Okay? Oh, I just found out I'm allergic to beef. No, because if you were allergic to beef every time you had beef, you got sick like a doll that's allergic to beef. 

Anyway, look, I don't mean to minimize it, but I do like it drives me crazy. Look, I used to tell my patients, okay, I did all my tests in the office and they said, doc, I want to do allergy tests even more specific. I said, well, I have a kit. You give me 600 bucks, I'll take your blood. I'm going to send it to a lab in the United States and they're going to send me $200 back. Okay? That's my fee. And the lab fee is 400. I get 200, they get 400 and they're going to come back with a test. I mean, you are going to get a report like nobody's business, but can I save you the money? Be your own doctor, do the elimination test. 

I eliminated dairy for example. You know what? I guess I did have some. I don't do well with dairy. Okay? There's your clue. That didn't cost you 600 bucks. And you know when you have leaky gut, a lot of times it'll come back where on the testing for allergies. Then you're allergic to yourself. For heaven's sakes. You got every allergy known to man. What do you think autoimmune is? Look again, I'm serious though. Okay? A hundred percent allergic to me. Listen, even the lapse, even the got influenced, they got indoctrinated meat, bad eggs, bad cheese, acidic, and they start out with that premise. Breathe. Breathe. Dr. Breathe. 

Okay, Darlene, “I've been on the EMC, eggs, meat, and cheese. My tummy is the best I felt.” Wow, good for you. “But I get a loose stool once a day. What am I doing wrong?” Nothing. Your body's detoxing. You get a loose stool. Look, I used to get people come in and go, doc, can I tell you about my stool? I said, whatcha looking at it for you? Don't get a prize. Oh, beautiful stool. You know what I mean? Now, if you got constant diarrhea, okay, you know something wrong. But to have a loose stool once a day and your tummies never felt better on the reset, you're doing something right, not something wrong. You're doing something right. Now. If it bothers you and you got like, oh, I'm sorry. You got to figure that out. Okay? Be your own doctor in a lot of ways. Okay? Thank you, Darlene. 

Sherry, oh, I don't know if this is another Sherry or… “Plantar Fibromas. Any suggestions?” Well, look, plantar fibromas are usually there because of structural. I am big on fixing plantar fasciitis, a sign of high insulin and even plantar fibromas can be a sign of high insulin. Fix your diet and then structurally fix the foot. Usually the flattening of the metatarsal arch is a huge, huge issue in plantar fasciitis and even plantar fibromas. 

Betty, “Dr. Martin, what about sleeping pills? I have insomnia. I take a sleeping pill. My brain keeps active. I tried magnesium, gave me diarrhea.” See you maybe citrate. Switch it. I tried. Melatonin doesn't do it. I don't like taking melatonin either. I exercise. How can I get off sleeping pills? Well, look, Betty, don't shoot the messenger. I'm telling you, if you take a sleeping pill, you're not sleeping, you're sedated and good for you that you're feeling pretty good. But at the end of the day, your brain is not detoxifying at night. You self-cleaning ovens not working. You got to fix that. It's not going to be easy if you've been taking a sleeping pill for years. But I would start and I would get on our cortisol formula and start taking none and let your body adjust. I'm just telling you what my experience is. I'd get off of that stuff. Stuff not good for you long term at all. At all. At all. Okay? You're being sedated. You're not getting into the REM sleep, that recuperative sleep. You're not going through the five stages of sleep. 

Jodi “visit my gastro and they said I have a sluggish gallbladder. How do you get rid of sludge?” Well, first of all, Jody, you had sludge built up because you didn't use your gallbladder properly. You weren't eating enough eggs, meat and cheese. But if you have sludge and it's bothering you, okay? If it's not bothering you, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Because once you start using that gallbladder, it will work properly and you'll get rid of the sludge. If you have sludge that's bothering you, here's what I recommend. And it works almost every time. Don't eat a lot of aches. Don't eat a lot of cheese right now until you get rid of the sludge. And don't eat a lot of fatty meat, but eat more chicken. Okay? Temporary. And take digestive enzymes every meal. And do not eat at night. Give your body many, many, many hours. Do the intermittent fasting. Go past 14 hours. If you stop eating at six o'clock, don't eat at night. And if you don't have to have breakfast, even give your body a chance to melt that sludge out of your gallbladder. It shouldn't take you more than a couple of weeks of doing that. And it works. Drink a lot of water, okay? And don't eat at night and cut back on the fat temporarily until that sludge is gone and start over again. 

Oh, okay, Linda, last question. “What are the doc's thoughts on liquid charcoal?” I don't like it. You're not meant to eat charcoal or clay. I know it's supposed to chelate those heavy metals. Probiotics will chelate your heavy metals better than charcoal will without affecting the acidity in your stomach, okay? And a liquid charcoal for Brad. I understand why they do that. There's better options than that. Oil of oregano. Okay guys, we love you. Talk to you soon.

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