1113. Crimson Conundrums: The Dark Side of Blood


In the last episode, Dr. Martin discussed how our bodies have the ability to regenerate. Over the course of a year, we essentially get a new body. 

An astute listener followed up with Dr. Martin, asking why we end up dying if our bodies regenerate. The answer is that our blood is tainted. It breaks down and oxidizes and eventually rusts us out. Dr. Martin uses the example of a speed governor on a truck to explain why we ultimately have a shelf life.

Dr. Martin also discusses studies on the microbiome. Researchers are finally making the connection that disease really does start in the gut.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. How are ya? Hope you're having a great start to your day, and we certainly are, and I hope you had your vitamin C. We certainly did. Okay, I got a few stories I want to get at today, few studies, but I got to finish up on yesterday's talk because yesterday we talked here was the headline. Every day is a new day. Never too late to start your journey of hell. Okay, we talked about the broad road that leads to destruction. 93% of the population is on the broad road and most of them have no clue they're there. Okay? I think this is the biggest story in medicine, metabolic syndrome, and you and I know that's caused by food, primarily by food characterized by insulin resistance, the resistance at the cellular level to insulin.

Now, yesterday we talked about how fast your body regenerates and we got notes and it was put out there. So if you're on our private Facebook group, the notes are there. Okay? Here's what it says. D N A changes every two months, skin every month, blood every four months. That's how they do the glycated hemoglobin A1C. That's that test. I love that test. I want to see your A1C. I want to see your triglycerides and HDL. If you do nothing else and send me those two, I'm a happy puppy. Of course I want to see B12. I love to see vitamin D. I love to see C R P. I like to see your ferritin. About eight tests that I love to look at because that gives me every clue that I need when I look at blood testing, okay? Anyway, you get blood every four months. Every year your brain regenerates, liver every six weeks, stomach lining, very quick. Five days. Five days. See what happens when you change and bones, you get a new skeleton every three months.

How come I still got pain? Now the question was asked by one of our astute listeners afterwards, and I got an email. I appreciated the question because she said if we regenerate so quickly all parts of from our brain to our toes, and we get a new body, why do we still get sick and die? Okay, well, you ever drive behind a truck, a transport, and on the back of it it says this transport has a governor on it. It can't go past. Whatever it is in is 60 miles an hour or 90 kilometers or a hundred kilometers or whatever, miles per hour, it has a governor on it. Do you know what I mean by that? Okay. It means no matter what the driver does, that vehicle can't go past it. He just can't go any faster. And guys, your body has a governor on it, okay? Even though you regenerate, it's really important to understand that your body has an amazing capacity to regenerate itself, but it has a governor on like it's sort of good news, bad news, okay?

Now I'm going to bring to you another example that you would probably understand. Now, in Canada, in the 1980s, we had a scandal. We had a scandal in Canada, and it had to do with the Red Cross. And what happened is that in the Canadian Red Cross, it probably happened a little bit in the States, but it was mostly a Canadian problem and it was a big time problem. People got tainted blood. They got tainted blood, H I V, hepatitis C. My sister got it through a transfusion and it was a big scandal because they weren't checking blood the way they should have and they were giving it in an IV or whatever, and it was tainted and that virus got in into the blood and then it was passed down.

Guys, let me say this, and I don't mean to preach at you. I'm just going to tell you what happens in your body, okay? I'm going to bring you to the Bible. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, that's up to you. But I'm going to tell you what the Bible says and I know it to be true. The life of your body is in your blood. Okay? Now, a couple of hundred years ago, medicine thought they were smart and they used to practice bloodletting, meaning that if you were unwell, we're going to take blood out of you, okay? We're going to take blood out of you because your blood's poisoned. That's what they thought. And if you're sick, we're going to take your blood out and were they right? No, because what saved your life today, medicine is caught up with the Bible.

What does it say? The life of the flesh or the life of your body is in the blood. You got 60,000 miles of blood vessels, okay? One and a half times around the equator and your blood has oxygen and your blood has nutrients. You can't live without it. You just can't. So they give you blood. The problem is our blood guys right from birth is tainted, okay? It's tainted. All of us. We have a governor on our lives. Somebody said, are you into anti-aging, Dr. Martin? Yeah, I am. But it's not the be all and end all anti-aging medicine. It's big. I mean, in the alternative medicine and even some mainstream medicine, medicine, do I like it? Yeah, to some extent, but understand what I'm saying? You got a governor on you no matter what you do, okay? No matter what you do, the body you live in has a governor on it. It's got tainted blood.

What do I mean by that? Well, your blood deteriorates. Even though you can get a new stomach lining, you can regenerate it because is it really brand new? No, because it's got a governor on it. It's tainted. So when I brought that to you yesterday, just understand that, okay? And here's my theory on it, okay? Here's my theory on it and I think I'm right, but I'm going to tell you what it is, okay? When human beings disobeyed God, God touched their blood. He said, if you do this and disobey me, you will surely die. Now, they didn't just drop dead on the spot, but their body was tainted after that, their blood, and I believe it was the blood that was tainted. Why? Because the life of the flesh is in the blood and that blood now became tainted just like the Canadian blood scandal. It got tainted and it was passed on to all of mankind.

That's why guys, look, I, I'm into anti-aging medicine. I want to stay as young as I can for as long as I can, and that's not a bad goal, but when people come to me, "Doc, I'm going to live til I'm 120." Probably not. You got a governor on you, okay? The wages of sin is death. We're going to die. Okay? So somebody asked me the question yesterday. I said, okay, I got to, yeah, I gave you good news. There's bad news, but look, okay. I think it's really important to understand this. You do everything you can to stay healthy, okay? I'm 71 years old, okay? If you don't believe in free radical damage, I've done this before, probably 200 podcasts ago. I should actually bring it up here, a picture of me when I graduated in 1974. I had lots of hair, it was dark. I didn't have a wrinkle. I was young. You know what I mean? And if you don't believe in what I'm telling you, you got a governor on you, I can show you proof in the pudding. Me, okay?

Guys, I don't get all uptight about it. It's just the way it is. So what am I saying? Don't get discouraged. This is why as far as your health goes, you as much as possible are in charge. It's up to you. The choices you make every day and to the extent that you can control things. I always just tell people this in my office, you can be healthy as a horse and get hit by a bus. You ain't controlling the bus. You can control your horse, but you can't control the bus. And that's what I'm saying, guys. Okay? So just understand that. Anyway, I got asked a good question. I said, okay, well, we all have tainted blood. We all have blood that has got a certain, even though it regenerates, even though you get brand new red blood cells, all wonderful things, but it has a governor on it. It's tainted. Okay? Thank you for the question because every day is a new day.

Now, does that mean you do not do the Reset? Of course it doesn't. Guys, like I said, I'm 71. I still am careful every day what I eat, okay? I discipline myself. My goal is to be healthy as long as I can. By the grace of God, as long as I can. I want to be healthy guys. And I think you do too. Otherwise, you wouldn't be watching this program, okay? You wouldn't be watching. You wouldn't listen, Linda.

Okay, let me just give you a couple of studies here that I think you'll find interesting. Okay, here's a good one. Just came out on the weekend. Healthy diet and lifestyle improvement improved leaky gut and helped combat fungal infection. Okay? Healthy diet and lifestyle improvement improve leaky gut and help combat fungal infection. Folks, research is finally catching up to the importance of your microbiome. The microbiome is probably the most exciting new research in medicine. Medicine doesn't get it unfortunately. It takes them a long time. Don't wait for medicine to catch up. I could do a whole podcast on that. Don't wait for medicine to catch up. Even though all of these studies are coming out by researchers on the microbiome. It's fascinating.

I still talk to doctors today that know nothing about microbiome. You mention leaky gut to them, and it's like you got two heads. Leaky gut. What's that? I mean, they should be learning that day one in medical school, day one, but don't wait. You know it and I know it. We know the importance of the microbiome, okay? People talk about autism and I'm a big guy on why, why, why, why, why? What happened that we have all these new disorders and I'm big on why. Why is it happening? Why? And I'm telling you, I don't think I've written a book and I mean this, okay, with the new book coming up, I don't think I've written a book that I haven't talked about leaky gut. As a matter of fact, I know I haven't. I always, always talk about leaky gut because Hippocrates was right 2000 years ago when he said all disease starts in the gut, all of it.

Now, he wasn't 100% right, but boy, oh boy, he was certainly more right than wrong. All disease starts in the gut. When Hippocrates didn't know at the time was this battle that goes on the war, the invisible war I call it that goes on in your gut. Good guys, bad guys. And guys, like I said, there hasn't been a book that I didn't write this about the effects of the greatest discovery in medicine. Guys, what is the greatest discovery in medicine? I say antibiotics. Okay, I say antibiotics, I say it and I mean it because they've saved millions of people's lives. Millions. Problem is, it's a two-edged sword. And even this article that is talking about fungal infections and how to help. You know what the top thing that they say causes leaky gut and fungus? You know what the top thing this article says? Prolonged use of antibiotics, numero uno on the hit parade of what causes leaky gut. And they didn't stop at leaky gut. If medicine agrees there's leaky gut, they don't go to step two. And that is the invasion of the third army. Fungus, yeast, candida albicans.

Guys in medicine, don't wait. Don't wait till they catch up. I'm not even confident that this will ever be taught in medical school in the next eh, 10 years, what we call gut dysbiosis, an overgrowth. The loss in the war of the good guys versus bad guys. Guys, you live around bacteria all your lives. Your body is made to deal with bacteria. Your body is made to deal with viruses. And even if a new kid on the block shows up, okay, we went through that with Covid. A new kid on the block shows up and medicine talked about, ah, the virus. Ahhhhhh. That was medicine, stay home, wear a mask, separate, vaccinate, right?

And what was I saying? Your immune system. Make sure your immune system, you're a lean, mean fighting machine. Vitamin D, why? Why? Well Vitamin D, your body searches for it. Your T-cells don't work without it. And number two, your diet, because sugar will put your white blood cells to sleep a can of Coke, five hours. Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1973, 5 hours. I've been screaming John the Baptist in the wilderness screaming, let's take care of our immune system, right? So don't wait. Don't wait til medicine catches up with research and acknowledges dysbiosis, acknowledges the war that goes on in your gut between good and bad bacteria. And the number one killer, the number one serial killer when it comes to your gut microbiome is antibiotics. It's the number one. I agree with this research a hundred percent. It's the number one. It's not the only one, but it's the number one.

And when you don't have enough good guys, it's called you lose. Because yeast, which is always present, by the way, you always have a little bit of fungus, you have yeast, okay? You do. And as long as it's at bay, as long as yeast doesn't get into your bloodstream. Like ladies, you ever had a yeast infection? Yeah, yeah. It's no fun, right? It's no fun, but it ain't going to kill you until it gets into your bloodstream and then it travels. It loves moisture, it travels through the blood. It can end up in your lungs, it can end up on your skin, it can end up in your sinuses, it can end up in your brain. And one of the things that candida albicans, that's medicine, talking about a specific fungus. One thing that candida albicans, and I always used to tell my patients this, okay, "Dr. Martin, should I do chelation?" Okay, well, yes. And what they meant is to get expensive chelation treatment to get rid of heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium.

But I used to tell 'em this. I said, I'll give you a little tip. Don't tell anybody. This is a little secret, a Martin Clinic secret. I said, you know how you got lead in your tissue? And they said, "swallowing pencils?" I said, nah. Do you know how you got mercury in your tissue? And they said, "eating fish?" I said, nah, your body gets rid of it. Okay, "Doc, how do I get cadmium? Smoking?" Nah, nah. Your body will get rid of it. Not that I'm saying you should do any, you know what I mean? People, you tell me, "Doc, I don't eat fish. There's mercury in there." Well, first of all, you know big fish, yeah, there may be mercury. Look, we live in a crazy world, guys. I'm sorry. Do everything you can. I agree. But if you think on this planet, you're going to get away from every toxin, every xenoestrogen, every heavy metal, guys, it ain't going to happen because not only do you have tainted blood, we live in a tainted world. We just do guys, I'm sorry.

You can eat organic. Am I telling you not to? If you can afford it, eat organic. You got a garden in the backyard, beautiful. You got a cow in the backyard, beautiful. You got chickens running around so you can get your eggs. Beautiful. But I don't care if you go live on an island in Costa Rica by yourself, you ain't getting rid of all the toxins that are in and around this planet. I'm sorry. Forever chemicals are forever with us. Plastic, it's everywhere. It's at Mount Everest and it's in the placenta of babies that are born. It's everywhere. I'm not fatalistic. I'm just telling you the truth. And what carries those things inside the body is yeast. It's fungus, it's a carrier, it's an aircraft carrier from your brain to your toes. And this is why I was always so adamant at getting rid of yeast in your body, fungus in your body, fixing leaky gut in your body. Got it?

Because the study, I loved it. Wow. I said, they're actually saying it. Healthy diet and lifestyle improvements that improved leaky gut and help combat fungal infection. Candida albicans makes a huge difference in your health. What a study. And they said the number one cause of leaky gut is the prolonged use of antibiotics. Let me tell you about antibiotics. Five days. Five days, you wipe out all your good bacteria, you wipe them out, they're gonzo. Five days. What? Yeah, five days doesn't take long. That's why, guys, you got to understand for 40 years or more, I've been talking about pro probiotics. Pro means they're on your side. They're friendly bacteria, and the more they study probiotics, the more they realize. Even in this article, they're talking about the importance of replacing your good bacteria.

Holy moly, I didn't think they would ever, I knew they'd say it because research has been done. It's not like they're not researching the microbiome, it's just that it hasn't traveled yet on the slow walk to medical school. So your doctor, listen, I had a GI guy who loved me. I don't know why, but he thought I was reasonable. He used to tell patients, go see Dr. Martin and find out if you have leaky gut. He said, I don't know, but I'm suspicious you do. And go listen to him. He'll tell you what to eat and tell you what to take. I don't know much about it, but he said, go. A patient came into the office. And I said, well, okay, who sent you here? My GI doctor, the specialist. I just about fell out my chair the first couple of times. He was very interested in leaky gut. It's microscopic, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I mean, there's other things that cause it, and maybe we'll go into that on a different program. Okay?

Okay. I got to give you this little tidbit that was in the article too. Candida albicans, which is fungus, okay? Yeast. It's a species of yeast can become systemic. What? They're actually agreeing that fungus can become systemic. You know what systemic means? It goes everywhere. You want to get tainted blood? You already have, but you want to taint it even more is put yeast in it. And they said Candida albicans can become systemic, holy moly, and get to the vital organs and listen to this. This is what the article said, and it gets to the vital organs causing inflammatory chronic diseases. Oh, I'd love to be teaching in medical school. I teach them nutrition 1 0 1. Okay? Nutrition 1 0 1. First course I'd give. I teach 'em about insulin. They understand insulin, but they don't understand food and insulin's a food hormone. Imagine. But they understand insulin and what it does. You learn that in biochemistry, you learn that in physiology, but you don't learn nothing about nutrition. Hello?

Candida Albicans can become systemic, means it gets in through the blood and get to vital organs. Yep. Creating an inflammatory disease. Wow, wow, wow. Guys, this is earth shattering, earth shattering research. I already knew it and it wasn't a theory. Not with me anyway. I've been saying this for a long time. Anyway, okay. I had to breathe there. I don't have a watch that tells me to breathe. I refuse to wear one. They're coming up with watches. Now I'm going to tell you what your blood pressure is. Get rid of that too. You're going to have a heart attack reading it all the time. I tell people, what are you taking your blood pressure for every five seconds? No wonder your blood pressure is high.

I used to have people come in, they had a book. "Hey Doc, you want to read my book?" Maybe, what's it about? "Oh, my blood pressure." No, I don't want to read it. Every day, four or five times a day, they took their blood pressure and put it down in a book. I said, you're giving me high blood pressure. Okay, what's Friday? Question and answer. Okay? Okay, guys, we love you dearly. You know that, right? I don't have to tell you that. Do I have to tell you that? We do. Okay. Thanks for watching, guys. We appreciate it. You have no idea. Okay, talk to you soon.

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