1010. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • C60 antioxidant
  • Folic acid
  • Tinea versicolor
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • MTHFR gene mutation
  • Yo-yo dieting & the heart
  • Steroids vs. cortisone
  • Gallstones
  • Amino acid deficiency


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Welcome again to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Thanks for coming on the Saturday morning, guys. We appreciate you guys. Okay, let's get to our questions guys. We got some good questions this morning.

Okay, I want to hear Doc, this is from Bill, Dr.Martin's opinion on a new product called C 60. I think I answered Doc, I thought I did a few weeks ago, but maybe I didn't. Bill. Look, anything that's a new product that's, look, you gotta understand, bill, for me, I've been around long, long, long time, okay? I'm an old dinosaur, believe me when I tell you this. Every week I would have people come into my office and put either a product on my desk or information on my desk about the greatest thing since sliced spread in natural products.

Okay? New. Nobody else has heard of it. It is unreal. It fixes everything from your nose to your toes. Look, I'm not saying there's nothing good about it. I looked at, C 60, ah, I don't know. I heard about it maybe a couple of months ago. Somebody put it on my radar and I looked it up and, well, let's see. They're talking about a molecule, a carbon molecule apparently that was here before the formation of the Earth. And it's a powerful antioxidant and whatever. Ah, I don't know. And the way I operate Bill is this way, okay? For me, I've always told you this, what I do is what I know works. Okay? So when someone talks to me about an antioxidant, which is I love antioxidants, and when they tell me how this is the best, well, I'm skeptical about that because in my experience, I don't think it's even as strong as drinking a cup of coffee that's got a thousand phytonutrients and powerful antioxidant in my practice.

I started using, well over 30 years ago a product called Naval Pine Bark Extract. And for years and years and years and years, I used it with great success in my practice. I had to get results. And I found that to be tremendous. And the more research they do on it, the more they realize how good it is. So, I don't know, I got a little bit of skepticism if people show me clearly that, oh man, that is the best thing for this, that and the other thing. Look, I love antioxidants and I'm not sure that it's going to pan out. Well, let's, let's find out, bill, but just understand for me, that's the way I come at things and it's a little bit of skepticism, but it's based on my practice for years, okay? So if you guys, you know, listen to me for a while, I talk about supplements, but I'm big on, you know, I got five that I really hammer home with if nothing else, like, do this.

Okay? We did a, a webinar, Tony Junior and I on our F five, okay? And, and the reason is cuz we just see so much deficiency in these areas. I saw so much of my practice and even today I double down on it, that it's so important for you. Like I'm a you, you guys know me, I am huge on vitamin D. I'd rather you get it from the sun, but dead from Timmons where it's what, minus 35 or 40 below this morning. Uh, good luck with that. And I'm big on supplementing with vitamin D. If you live in an area that you don't get enough sun. And even for my Floridian friends, Arizonan friends, New Mexico friends, and where Frida is in the West Indies, I talk about this because a lot of people, seniors especially, they never get in the sun. Or even if they do, they usually put sunscreen or sun block on.

So I'm big on vitamin D, I'm big on B12 because the vast majority of the population is low in b12. 80%, 80 to 90% are low in vitamin D. They do not have optimized vitamin D levels. How do I know that? Because I used to test, I used to test B12 and they were never optimized like very few people, okay? I'm big on high DHA because the research is overwhelming. And in my office, in my clinic days, people were extremely low in omega three, but especially the DHA of omega three, because DHA is for your brain, your brain is actually made up of that fat DHA And because people today are terrified of eating meat, they don't get enough DHA in their diet because it's really only found in the animal kingdom.

So I'm big on that. I'm big on probiotics. Huge, huge, huge, huge on probiotics. You guys know that. Leaky gut, leaky everything. How do you fix leaky gut? You gotta start with probiotics. Broad spectrum bacteria that's on your side, which will replenish your microbiomes. I'm big on that. Huge on. And then navital, it's an antioxidant. It's extremely powerful. It crosses the blood brain barrier. It's good for your blood vessels cuz it opens up your nitric oxide. And for years, and I wrote books on it with case histories and studies and so that's me. Okay? Now do I like supplements? Yeah, I do. Okay, but those are my favorite five. Okay? The five, five. Because in my clinic, that's what I used to do. And I used to look for deficiencies and I used to tell 'em, look, if you don't eat this, you better do this. Okay? And you guys know me, I'm a food guy first, food your diet,

Okay, Al's asking, does drinking alcohol of any kind affect the supplements you take every day? It's not whether it affects your supplements, alcohol, you know, what am I talking about all the time? Fructose. What does fructose do? Goes to your liver. What does alcohol do? Goes to your liver. It's metabolized there. Look, be careful. That's all I tell you. It's not what it does to your vitamins, it's what it does to you. So just be careful with it, okay? I never tell people they can't ever have any alcohol. They don't do that to people unless you're an alcoholic, right? But just be very careful.

Yvonne, what are my thoughts on folic acid? Good question. Well, folic acid, I mean obviously if a woman is pregnant, she's on folic acid and that's for baby's neural development and folic acid is a form of vitamin B nine. But you're not going to hear me. Okay? Yvonne, talk about folic acid on its own. I won't do it other than because you asked me a question. I'm a big guy on B viitamins, separate b12, separate it to the extent, if you're going to take a B vitamin, you need to take B12 because the vast majority of people are, are low in it. Now what about the other? B one? B two? No, all the B vitamins. I want you to eat your B vitamins. How do I do that Doc? Well, if you eat eggs, meat and cheese, you're gonna get all your B vitamins, including folic acid. So I'm not big on giving someone folic acid. Now if they're anemic, I wouldn't give them folic acid. Even if they were anemic, I would make them eat more steak. Vitamin S You see vitamin S has all your B vitamins, all of them including b12.

Where's the others? Really like your, your B12 s not found anywhere else except in the red meat. It really isn't. So all I'm saying is yeah, when your mother's taking folic acid, eh, I would rather you eat your folic acid. Do I like folic acid? Yep. When you eat it in vitamin S. Okay, so thanks for the question. And my mother has taken it for years and says it prevents her from getting canker source. Well, good for her, but I can't think of a reason why it would be good for canker source folic acid. I mean it increases your red blood cells, but as far as your immune system, I'm telling you probiotics have been much better than that. Okay? Immunity because 80% of your immunity or more is it found in your gut? And I'm big on vitamin D and viruses, okay? I like vitamin A. When you eat vitamin S, you get vitamin A. What does vitamin A do? It's the real mask that works. The other mask. Like guys, you wanna put a mask on? Okay, I like the real mask and that's vitamin A because vitamin A covers your eyes, your nose, your mouth, anywhere where viruses can get in, but that you can't even see. They're so submicroscopic, you have no idea. People don't, people mistake bacteria and viruses and put them together. They're completely different. But your immune system when it's working, knows exactly what to do. That's why I am big, huge on you getting your immune system working. Nobody talked about it in the last couple of years. Immune system. Eh? We should have been talking about it anyways, don't get me going. Thanks for the question.

Okay, Millie. Hi Millie, how are you? I hope you're on this morning with us teen. Very color. Okay, ladies say, you know what that is. I don't even know if I pronounced it right. I have trouble with my tongue. It gets twisted when you give me a big word. I hated big words in medicine. I hated it. The nuns used to tell me that I needed Latin. If I wanted to go in healthcare, I needed my Latin. I hated Latin it a lot. You know, it's only to confuse you. Why don't they call, what is it called again?

I never used this word in the last 50 years. Veris color. That's a fungal infection. Why don't they just call it the a fungal infection? It's yeast on the skin. Where did it come from? Leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky skin. I don't know why they just don't simplify it. I think it's the first term. And medicine didn't even invent it, I don't think. But leaky gut isn't that a much easier to understand than uh, giving it a big Latin name that keeps people confused. I like leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky skin. Anything you see on the skin pretty well has its origin in the gut and the microbiome. There's a yeast infection going on, my friend that's with 10 young Ferris color.
Who cares about that stupid name? It's fungus. Okay, now I know what fungus is and we know how to get rid of it, okay? Leaky gut. Fix it. Fix it. Okay, thanks Millie for the question. Okay? And I'm not mad at you Millie. Okay? As a matter of fact, Millie, I love the fact that you sent us a question. It's just cause I get angry at our system that wants to keep us ignorant. Okay? Good question.

Jen. Jen says she's new to the reset. Well, Jen, welcome. She was born with diabetes insipidous, which is completely different than type two diabetes or type one diabetes. And it's the dysregulation. Diabetes Insipidous is a dysregulation of water and salt. So here's what Jan says to us. I drank two and a half to three gallons of water daily. Well, you got no choice, Jen. Now be careful with salt, but I'm big on electrolytes, okay?

I am big on electrolytes when I talk to people about dehydration, vitamin W is water. And I'm telling you guys, if you would see the research on that Vitamin W water, how good it is for you. Only water is water. Okay? So I talk about that. You guys know me, anybody? Jan, you're new. But for anybody that's been following me at all, I'm big. I classified water as a vitamin W and juice isn't water, coffee isn't water, nothing else is water only water is water, okay? So you're gonna drink your water, you know that with diabetes, andous, you have to drink the water. Now be careful, but electrolytes are important too. Okay? And so I'm B on some Himalayan salt. Add a little bit to your water. A type for you. You never want to be outta balance there with that. But if you're feeling pretty good, Jan, you're doing what's right already because you got a a very particular problem and the resets good for you. Absolutely.

Okay, Sherry is asking a question. Can vitamin D deficiency show up as sore muscles in the back or sore hips? Yep, sure it can. Teeth sensitivity, teeth sensitivity would beat more b12. You know, these are kissing cousins. You know that vitamin D and b12 because I like both of them and they are so prevalent in our society today. Deficiency, I already talked about that. But yet, sore, unexplained bones, muscles, vitamin D deficiency. You would not believe the results I get with vitamin D when I get people to top up their vitamin D from their immune system to their inflammation, to their brain activity, to muscle strength, you name it. Vitamin D is you see, just understand this. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, okay? It's not, it's a hormone. You are a human solar panel, okay? You don't do well without vitamin D.

Nobody does. Nobody does. And the more research they do on vitamin D, the more effective they find out it is. And there's a war on vitamin D cause nobody can patent it and they don't like any competition. The pharmaceutical companies and they influence medicine. So today, even in medical school today in 2022, vitamin D be careful 400 to 600 international units. And if you get to a thousand B, careful a thousand I, well A I use my friend is for a mouse, but therapeutically and vitamin D, isn't it funny? Think about this just for a minute. Okay? When the former president of the United States got the virus, you know what happened? A team of doctors, this is before the vaccine. A team of doctors surrounded him and their therapeutics included vitamin D and zinc. That was a team of doctors. So those doctors know something that most doctors don't.

The importance of vitamin D for your immune system, okay, thanks for the question. We appreciate it. And is our vitamin D yes sheep langel and yes it is, it's the best as far as the supplement. The best is if you can get vitamin D from the sun. But you can't do that in the winter in most places, right? So yeah, and by the way, if it's 40 below and it's cold and you wanna go outside, you still get melatonin from the sun, but you won't get any vitamin D.

Okay, Beverly. Okay, you're asking about me heat OTSIs. So the another big name. Okay, you know what Beth, I'm gonna do with that one. I am gonna send you a private answer, okay? Because, just because it's so completely rare. Damn. What do I think about heavy cream powder? I don't know what I think I like heavy cream. You guys know that I'm big on heavy cream.

Why is that? Because that's what is the closest to what comes out of a cow heavy cream. And this is why I try and encourage people, and by the way, I just wanna say this, we're gonna do a little thing, I've already done it with some people, okay? Some of my former patients or whatever, I did this little study and it's called meal replacement. Okay? What do I think about meal replacements? Well, usually not much cause they're not much in them. But I've got this little thing that I wanna do probably in maybe February. We'll see. And I wanna challenge some people to come on with us and do a 30 day meal replacement. Okay? I want, I just, because I did it with, uh, with 10 or so people and they really liked that and it was more, I used it for sort of recent like, but also weight loss, okay?

For weight loss and meal replacement. I'm gonna talk to you about it, but part of it is with heavy cream, okay? It's the Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. We're going to use it for the people that want you as meal replacements. And the idea that I have is you, you eat one meal a day, okay? You eat one meal a day and the other two are one. But some of you will only need one. You do one meal replacement with a Dr. Martin perfect smoothie shake, okay? And like I said, I've done this in the past and even more recently with some folks and they really, really liked it, plus good results. So we're gonna do that together. I'm going to invite you to do it with me, okay, Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. Okay? So, uh, stay tuned with that. Now why was I even talking about that?

Oh, okay, because Dale's asking about what do I think about heavy cream powder? Well, I don't know much about it. I can't even think that I've seen it Dale, but you folks, I'm sure there's people on this morning, Dale, that will answer your question. If you're on with this, this morning in the scroll that have done, that have used heavy cream powder, I personally haven't seen it or heard about it honestly. And I'm an old diet, I just haven't heard about it. Now I've heard about milk powder, but I haven't seen the heavy cream powder. Okay? But hey, is it good for you? Must be okay. Okay. And Louise, I answered the question about the mother gene mutation. I'm not big on mother gene mutation, okay? And autoimmune, okay? I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I'm just telling you the biggest St Louise on autoimmune is the gut.

I've never seen that exception to it. You need me the autoimmune. And I'm gonna tell you what the problem is. It's not your parents, it's not your genes, it's your gut. That's me. Okay? That's me. It's leaky gut. I talk about it all the time. One of the biggest problems with antibiotics, especially in children, are the environment in which we live. The chemicals that you can't get away from, yada, yada yada. All these things cause leaky gut and that causes autoimmune. Okay?

Joanne asking a good question. Can constant gaining and losing weight from yo-yo dieting be hard on the heart? No, it's not hard on the heart, but it's uh, it doesn't work. That's why I am big on not doing that. Yo-yo dieting was invented by the food companies, okay? Calories in calories of eat less. Move more doesn't work, doesn't work. It'll, it will create yo-yo diet because it's telling you not to eat your favorite food. Eggs, meat and cheese. That's why I'm big on nutrition. I want the best weight to get healthy and healthy. Weight loss is nutrient dense foods. Nutrient dense foods. Okay, there we go.

Okay, let's get going here. What's the difference between a steroid and cortisone? Well, cortisone is a corticosteroid. If you get a cortisone injection, you're using a steroid. Now they use that very specifically, right? Cortisone is used specifically, they'll inject it into a joint, into a muscle, and it's a tremendous localized anti-inflammatory. So is steroids like prednisone, for example, okay? The problem with these things is they have major side effects. So to you're, to use that stuff with caution, major side effects suppressing the immune system. And when they put a corticosteroid into your knee, for example, to reduce inflammation and you know, into your shoulder for frozen shoulder or whatever they do it for, yeah, okay? But you gotta be careful. The results sometimes can be dramatic, but the, the problem is, is the long-term effects on those tendons and they've really, really weakened tendons. So anyway, okay, thank you. Is one better than the other?

Okay, Bobby, what can a person do for gallstones? Well, Bobby, the only reason that people get gallstones, well there's two, but the biggest one is we get gallstones cuz we don't use our gallbladder. Your gallbladder was meant to be used, use it or loose. When you get stones, it's because bile, which sits in your little gallbladder as a reservoir. When you don't eat animal fat, God gave you a gallbladder to use it. God gave you a gallbladder because he wanted you to eat red meat, fatty meat, eggs, meat and chiefs. Well, Dr. Martin next Fat. Yep. And you have an organ dedicated to eating that fat if you don't use it.

Why do we see so many people? I mean, literally. And I know there's a lot of people even on this morning that have lost their gall bladder. The vast majority of them, it's 90 to 10, maybe even a little higher than that are women. Why is that? I'm a why girl. Why, why, why, why, why, why, why? Bobby, why You have an organ. It's dedicated to pouring that bile, which is made by the liver, by the way, into your small intestine to emulsify fat. It's dedicated to it. It's like dish soap. That's what vital is. It's like dish soap. It emulsifies fat. So you can absorb your fat soluble vitamins mostly. And so when you don't use it, why do women don't use it? Because women like salad. Women like chicken and salad instead of red, they bought the line That fat makes you fat.

Fat don't make you fat. Sugar makes you fat. So when you insist on eating salad, you're not using your gallbladder. Use it or lose it. Now the other reason, okay? Your gallbladder is a smooth muscle, okay? It's a smooth muscle. And ladies, this is specifically for you. You have two womanly hormones. You have estrogen makes you a woman. Progesterone is pro babies, and you need progesterone for your smooth muscle. Your bladder is a smooth muscle. Why do you think a woman's bladder is different than a man's bladder? They look the same. Yeah, but it's not that men can't have trouble with their bladder. They can, but not like women do. It has to do with progesterone. It has to do with that balance between estrogen and progesterone. And I'm gonna tell you something that is, um, an epidemic today. You won't hear it, but it's true.

Women lack progesterone to keep their estrogen balance. They don't have enough of it. You can lose your gallbladder over that. You can get recurring urinary tract infections, bladder infections. Why is that? You need a hormone down there called progesterone, the pro baby hormone. And today with birth control, right? And the amount of estrogen in the world, every chemical, every plastic, every wa wawa look like estrogen to your body. So you become easily, women become easily estrogen dominant. They don't make enough progesterone to keep up with it. And progesterone has a major effect on your smooth muscles, which is you gall bladder. So women are double <inaudible> if they don't eat enough fat, okay? And don't get me going, I get excited. Okay, let me just see where we are. Okay, Bobby? And what can you do? I didn't answer the rest of your question, Bobby.

Well look, if you're on the reset, you don't have a gallbladder go easy on the fat. Your body's still making bile though. Okay? So people don't understand that body is making bile, but what I would recommend is you can eat meat. You can eat eggs, you can eat cheese. Take digestive enzymes. Okay? Our digestive enzymes were formulated for a lot of things, but one of them is for people that don't have a gallbladder. We make up for it in a lot of ways, whether digestive enzyme. Okay, got it. Okay, thank you Bob. All my bob friends are called Bobo by me. Kim, what is an amino acid deficiency and what causes it? Well, look, amino acid deficiency would be am mal-absorption deficiency. Okay? And some of that times can be genetic. Amino acids are building blocks. Your body can't live without amino acids. They're building blocks for, for everything in your body are amino acids. And that's why I'm so big on eggs, meat and cheese, because that's where you get your complete profile of amino acids. And I'm not against vegetables, I am not, I'm not against fruit. I'm not. But your amino acids mainly are found and they're much more bioavailable when you eat animal product. It's from that kingdom, my friend. But what causes it? Usually a mal absorption syndrome, autoimmune, that kind of thing.

Joanne, I have a continuing question regarding your recommended ratio of triglycerides to each deal. My question is, is there any negative effect from a that is higher than one to 1.5? No, not negative. Here's what the science is showing. You wanna have low triglycerides and high H D L. That is how your body is meant to operate. That is what's good for your heart. That's what's good for your brain. That's what's good for your blood vessels, okay?

Are low triglycerides and high hdl. Now yours are crazy eye because you said yours is around eight. Now that's very rare. I mean, I've been looking at blood work for 50 years, okay? So when you show me an HDL at eight and your triglycerides are under one, well, good for you. Your HDL cholesterol is, is eight. Ah, that's very rare when I worry about a Joanne. No, I mean, so when you're built, man, don't donate your body to science. You'll confuse them. You're confusing me. Okay? So, nah, I wouldn't be worried about it. I'm not, you don't want to be hammering down your hdl, but yours is really high, but so what, what's that mean? Okay, what's that mean? Laurie? Is there any way to reverse receding gums? Well, I'm big on probiotics. Okay? I'm big on vitamin b12. I'm big on vitamin D to regenerate tissue.

Why am I big on probiotics? Well, because it's usually bacteria, a bacterial infection, it's usually a dysbiosis in the mouth and a lot of times fungus at the root of it, the invasion of the third army in the mouth. So I'm big on probiotics, leaky gut, leaky milk. And don't feed the bears. Don't give yeast any sugar. Eat a lot of protein. Protein is a building. We talked about amino acids, okay? And, and there's the last, why would a young woman not sweat even after running long distances and just have a salt stain on shirt where sweat would be, no, they're sweating. You just don't see it. Okay. I'm like that in a lot of ways. Okay? Let's use the example of Tony Jr. And I okay, Tony, junior sweats like you wouldn't believe. He said he was born hot. He's always sweating me. I don't sweat that much. I but a boy do. I get dehydrated fast. My son don't get dehydrated fast. And yet he sweats crazy. And I mean, you see it with me, you don't see it so much. It's not that I'm not sweating, I just think, and it's the way they're built. I mean, you know, everybody's different. You got a d different fingerprint. You're unique, not weird. Unique.

That's what I like to tell people. No, I used to call 'em weird, but they told me I can't do that no more. So I gotta call you unique <laugh>. Okay guys? Love you. We appreciate you coming on on a Saturday morning. Wow. Okay guys, we love you dearly. Talk to you soon.

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