Cindy V.

Hey there Martin Clinic supporters, I wanted to share a journey that I've been on and coping with for some time, one that at times has been nearly unbearable to deal with. 

MENOPAUSE! Yup I started at 41, and it was a mere inconvenience in the beginning. Occasional hot flashes, mood changes, and fatigue. Things stayed that way for some time and all of the side effects were certainly bearable and I often joked about them.

Four months ago these symptoms changed dramatically. Extremely intense hot flashes to the point of nausea, insomnia, and panic attacks. It was more than I could handle so I made an appointment with my family physician. Upon discussing with him my issues and being under the stresses I was, he suggested hormone replacement therapy. He wrote me up a script and I filled it. I ran into a friend while at the pharmacy who suggested I try melatonin and primrose oil before resorting to medication. I gave it a try and really didn't notice any change.

Then one day I put my pride aside and spoke with my friend Dr. Tony Martin. This was tough for me because I felt that this issue seemed like a sign of weakness, as an athlete I didn't want to be perceived as weak. I fessed up and told him I was falling apart..he listened and was incredibly sympathetic to my situation, he immediately suggested I stop by the clinic and pic up a bottle of HS-pro...I am on my third bottle and wanted to be sure it worked before I commented on it. 

Being a National level Athlete I like to ensure that I'm passionate and believe in the products I support or tie my name to. HS-pro has given me my life back. Although I still have some of the symptoms/side effects of Menopause they are completely manageable and I am able to function in my day to day endeavours. I have embraced the night again instead of dreading it because I knew I would be staring at the ceiling all night and completely exhausted the next day.

Also, I purposely had friends help me keep track of when my flashes would take place. For the most part it was during or shortly after the intake of coffee and my major vise, Diet pop (1-2 a day), other times were when under stressful and or adrenalized conditions (speaking engagements and guest appearances) these flashes, at present are minimal in comparison to the ones I experienced pre HS-pro. In my case I think if I eliminate caffeine and aspartame I would have even better results.
Menopause is manageable and not something to be ashamed of ...just proves that we women were made of pretty tough stuff...but sometimes even the toughest need a little help. Thank you Tony .. thank you so very very much.

Cindy V.