965. Instant Benefits of Ditching Sugar


Dr. Martin shares an article he enjoyed about the almost instant benefits of ditching sugar. From losing weight, to reducing the risk of diabetes, and to lowering your blood pressure, these are just some of the instant benefits.

Since the 1990s, we’ve seen a 300% increase in fatty liver. You get a fatty liver from sugar and the worst is fructose. High fructose corn syrup came into existence in the early 80’s and the world was forever changed. We now see that 93% of the population has some form of metabolic syndrome!

Join Dr. Martin in today’s episode to learn the other instant benefits of ditching sugar. Dr. Martin also shares a bonus benefit that he thinks is important.


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Dr. Martin: Hi everyone. How are you doing? Hope you're having a great afternoon. Okay, so I wanna bring you an article that was written in the last few weeks that I enjoyed very much. There were a couple of things in the article. One of them was the instant benefits of Ditching Sugar. And guys, if you do nothing else in your life, you know, I'm not into moderation, I'm into elimination. Somebody yesterday was on our Facebook page and was talking about fatty liver and red meat. I didn't pontificate, although I thought about it. And does red meat cause fatty liver? Well, it absolutely doesn't. But one of the points I like to make about fatty liver, you've probably heard me say this before, but do you know that when I was at school if you look at our textbooks in the 1970s, 1960s and seventies, there was no such thing as fatty liver. 

There was cirrhosis of the liver, but not fatty liver. And people were eating red meat in the seventies and the sixties. So to blame red meat for fatty liver is, in my opinion, complete silliness. There's no reason for it doesn't make any sense at all. Why do we see even since the 1990s, you know what we see a 300% increase in fatty liver. 300%! So red meat has nothing to do with fatty liver. As a matter of fact, if you eat red meat, that's guaranteed you'll never get fatty liver. 

You get fatty liver from sugar and the worst sugar is fructose. And like I said, since the 1990s, it's up over 300%. And remember that high fructose corn syrup came into existence in the early 1980s and the world has changed. And we see that 93% of the population have some form of metabolic syndrome. 

Folks, that is the elephant in the room. It's metabolic syndrome and its sugars. And of course, foods that turn to sugar rapidly. Now, this article was interesting. So they gave 10 almost instant benefits from ditching sugar. Weight loss, obviously, right? If you just cut out sugar. Now I'm gonna tell you something. If you're my age, you'll remember this. There used to be in Ontario, a grade 13, okay? And in grade 12, I weighed 220 pounds. And the only thing that I cut out of my diet, and I told you this story before because of my dad. My dad, I learned when I was in grade 12 that my father was a diabetic. I was in high school. His life completely changed. He never had another ounce of sugar in his life. It's funny because even today they'll give diabetics boost or ensure, full of sugar. 

How crazy is that? And my dad, who is a very smart man, I remember him telling me, I didn't know much about nutrition back then in high school, but my dad said, Look, I'm a diabetic, therefore I can no longer have sugar. And my father was probably the first guy ever that I met that drank diet pop. Okay? I'm not saying that's good for you, but my dad, I mean the diet pops in the 1960s. Think about this, 1968 or whatever it was, 67, 68, they had tab and I think fresca, if I'm not mistaken, that there wasn't even Diet Coke. It was terrible-tasting stuff. But my dad, you see, he was a smart guy, said I can't have sugar anymore. So when he wanted to treat himself to a soda, he would have a diet tab. It was awful stuff. Anyway, weight loss. 

So for my story in grade 13, I didn't do anything else. I just cut out sugar. I cut out sugar in my coffee cuz I was drinking coffee. Even back in grade 13, of course, I was smart. You know how good coffee is for you. So for me, what I did is I cut out sugar. I haven't had, and I mean this guys, I haven't had a chocolate bar or anything like it in over 50 years. Do I miss it? Of course not. I don't have a sweet tooth because like I said, I learned from my dad and I wanted to lose weight. I lost weight. I started running with my dad and jogging and nobody even jogged in those days. My dad 

was a trailblazer. So instant benefits of cutting out sugar, according to this article, weight loss, agree a million percent. For most people, all they have to do is cut off sugar and will lose weight. Decrease diabetes risk, of course.

So number two, and guys the best, and we talk about this a lot. What is the best test for insulin resistance? In my opinion? I mean, you can take fasting insulin or whatever, but the best test in my opinion is a1c. I love A1C because anything over 5.4 on the Richter scale of a1c 5.4 and up, 

you are a prediabetic. You might as well just admit it. My name is Tony and I'm a carbolic and I carbs and I, as much as I'd like them, I don't get along with them. Acknowledging that and eliminating as much as possible. Sugar will have a profound impact on your life, guys. 

Okay, Decrease blood pressure. We talk about this all the time. Part of metabolic syndrome is increased blood sugar and increased blood pressure. Now let me get to blood sugar just for a second. Diabetes, by the way, and blood sugar is a very, very lagging indicator. What do I mean by that? It's the last thing to go south is your blood sugar. So don't wait till you have high blood sugar. A lot of people, Oh doc, my blood sugar is normal. Yes. So what? That doesn't mean you're not in trouble. Let me see your a1c. That's really what I wanna look at. Okay? Your blood sugar is a

lagging indicator. The last thing that will happen in your body is that your blood sugar will go up. Your body is dedicated, dedicated to lowering insulin. Okay? It's dedicated to that. Now, decrease weight, decrease diabetes risk, decrease blood pressure, and decrease triglycerides. 

Of course, what's dangerous? What's dangerous as far as lipids go, Guys, you can send me your lipoproteins, you can send me your ldl, you can send me your cholesterol, you can send me your total cholesterol. I'm not looking at it. You can't convince me because I don't look at cholesterol the way medicine looks at cholesterol and I think they're wrong. And I try and explain to you guys the importance of facts in your blood, but not cholesterol. Cholesterol is the good guy. Even ldl cholesterol is the good guy. Total cholesterol is the good guy. What's bad? Bad is having high triglycerides fat balls, three fat balls. Those are dangerous and they're part of metabolic syndrome. They're part of what destroys your blood 

vessels and starts the process of atherosclerosis. Triglycerides are dangerous when they're high and especially when it's accompanied by low hdl. Okay? Now I always tell people it happens. 

There are exceptions to it, but for most people, if their triglycerides are low down here, their HDL will be up here just about for sure. It's like a teeter-totter. If your HDL is low, your triglycerides are gonna be high. Again, there are exceptions to that, but most people fall into that category. What is dangerous is triglycerides that are high and cholesterol, HDL being low again. Why? Why? Why? Why? Because when your 

body produces triglycerides and you don't have enough hdl, you don't have enough FedEx trucks on the highways. You don't have enough transport trucks on the highways and byways of your blood vessels. Folks, triglycerides are very, very damaging left in the bloodstream. What HDL does is it hitches its wagon to the triglycerides and it brings it back to the liver to be metabolized. So when the liver is full, one of the effects of that is high triglycerides and low hdl. 

I love looking at those numbers because they give me a whole story of insulin resistance, a1c. And when I look at triglycerides in hdl, I'm looking more, okay, They give you an idea of metabolic syndrome for sure, but more specifically, what's going on in the liver? The Costco parking lot is getting full. Getting full. Okay, so this is the article. I didn't write it, but I agree with everything they said. Decrease weight, the instant gratification, instant benefits of cutting out sugar in your diet. 

So beautiful about the reset. The reset. No sugar. No sugar. Not even any fruit for 30 days. Okay, you can do it. It's worth doing metabolically. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. There's nothing better than the reset. You can do intermittent fasting. Very good for you. You can do low carb, very good for you. But the best in terms of resetting your metabolism, resetting your liver, emptying your liver and resetting your pancreas, making your cells insulin sensitive. 

You want your cells to be sensitive to insulin, not resistant to insulin. You got that? The more your cells are sensitive, the less insulin you need. And this my friend has everything to do with ditching sugar and ditching sugar. Fewer headaches. Yep, fewer headaches. You see one of the things that happen when people insist on eating sugar, sugar is very, very hard on the kidneys. And when people insist on being carbolic and sugar hollings, their kidneys retain team sodium, You blow and your kidneys are stressed. And this is one of the ways you get high blood pressure and headaches. Very, very common people, find when they cut out sugar that they get much fewer headaches, they're much less dehydrated. Here's one of the reasons why they're less dehydrated, okay? Because headaches guys, the vast majority of headaches have to do with dehydration. Well doc, I drink a lot of water, but I gotta see your diet too. 

What are you eating? Because listen, sugar in the bloodstream makes the blood thick. Sugar in the bloodstream slows blood down. Sugar in the bloodstream is very dehydrated. It'll suck up water to make the river flow. You got 60,000 miles of blood vessels. You need flow. When you have sugar in the blood, it's too high, even if it's within normal limits, but it's still too high. What happens is that your body will suck out water from everywhere from your bowel. It'll suck it from your brain. It'll suck 

water from everywhere to make the blood flow dehydration. So sugar dehydrates your kidneys. And what happens in the bloodstream? The blood thickens up. You get mols for blood when you eat sugar. Think how damaging that is. Not only for headaches but for blood pressure. Your heart's gotta work harder. It's sucking you dry, my friend sucking. 

According to this article, less menstrual cramping, ladies, Isn't food important? And when you cut out that sugar, what happens? Less menstrual cramping, fewer PMs. I've seen it. Do you know how many young women over the years who had terrible horrors? I mean they had so much estrogen, it was incredible, the estrogen dominance they had. But it was amazing because I always started with diet, always, always, always started with the diet. I said, Look, you can control everything in life. I'm gonna give you a couple of supplements that are gonna help 

you. But the biggest thing that you gotta do when you get home is start eating properly. And the first thing I want you to do is cut out sugar. Cut out sugar. Can you do it? Ah, can you do it? You can do it. It takes three weeks to form my habit and you will lose that sweet tooth. But you gotta give it a shot. It's worth less menstrual, crampy, less anxiety and depression. 

Here we go with moods again, sugar dies. Well look, ask a teacher. Ask a teacher. Ask any parent, does sugar affect your kids? You don't have to be a PhD to understand. You know, don't give kids a boatload of sugar before going to bed. Are you kidding me? You don't wanna give them a boatload of sugar before they go to school. Cause the teachers pay. Holly moly, they're bouncing off of the walls. 

So you get less anxiety, less depression. Food's a big thing. Cut out the sugar, less add, adhd. It's not everything, but it's the big foundation of those conditions. Mood, anxiety, depression, cut out sugar, less brain fog and cognitive decline. The brain clears up. Your brain is headquarters guys, it's only really about 2% of your body, but it takes 25% of your nutrition headquarters. It's the federal government is up here. And when you insist on giving it sugar, it'll take it. The brain will take it. If that's all you're eating or if that's all you're drinking is sugar, your brain will say, Okay, I get 25% of that. Boy does that ever mess up. Sugar has a real effect. I've said this so many times. Sugar has a major effect on the brain, especially not only the hypothalamus where your hormones are, but the hippocampus. The memory center, the cognitive center in the brain, your memory, brain fog. 

Amazing. What happens when you cut out sugar, isn't it cognitive? Remember what we call Alzheimer's Type three diabetes, A real link to high blood sugar folks, A real link. Better sleep. Number nine, is better sleep. I wrote down 11 things, and they gave me 10, but I had to put one that they forgot. You get better sleep. And especially guys, when you cut out sugar at night to get a better sleep, sleep is almost like a perfect storm. Everything has to be just right to get a really good sleep. It's amazing. Over 70% of the population don't get a good sleep on a needly basis. Over 70% disaster in the bed. Like they just don't sleep well. It's worse than smoking. When you don't sleep, it's worse than smoking. I know that sounds crazy, but sugar really does help with a good sleep. 

Here's the 10th one in that article, and I'm gonna give you 11 10th one in that article. The UTIs, It makes sense, doesn't it? Because if you get a chronic recurring urinary tract infection, ladies, listen, it's yeast, not bacteria, it's not bacterial, it's yeast. And guess what? Sugar does? Sugar feeds yeast and a lot of people suffer with recurring urinary tract infections. Recurring. It's a fungus. Must stop the fungus uti. For the 11th one, I added it in just for today's program and I'll close with this.

The 11th one is better digestion and less acid reflux. Remember now I go to the bottom line guys, why do we see so much acid reflux today? One of the reasons is that we use it or lose it. What do I mean by that? Your stomach is so much more acidic than a cow's stomach. So much more acidic. Okay? And the reason your stomach is a cynic, very acidic because you have a very small intestine, first of all, comparatively, okay? But the reason your stomach is acidic is because you were meant to eat red meat. You were meant to eat meat. And you need high acidity to break meat down, eggs, and cheese.

When you stay away from the animal protein, especially red meat, your body's pH, your stomach pH gets changed and your body compensates. It tries to restore acidity if you insist on eating salad all the time. Okay, guys, I know you think I'm backwards, You wanna have a salad? Okay, you wanna have a salad? Enjoy it. Okay? But it's not the healthy food that you think it is. It really is far from it, okay? Your stomach was meant to eat red meat, not salad. Cows eat salad grass, they eat grass, you don't need much pH. Their pH is much higher. Cows phs, four or five human beings we're meant eat red meat steak. And if you don't eat it, you are going to get stomach problems. So, people that live on sugar, suffer almost invariably with acid reflux disorder. Their pH of their acidity changes cause you weren't meant to eat that. Not meant to eat that kind of crappy sugar, especially the high fructose corn syrup of nowadays. 

Interesting article, isn't it? Instant benefits of Ditching Sugar. I thought it was interesting. I can't disagree with any of the points they made in this article. I was happy to be able to do this this afternoon and thanks to you guys for coming on with us today. We really appreciate it. Okay? We really, really appreciate it. Big time. Okay guys, we love you. I will talk to you soon. 

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